Match any color, anywhere with the Cube Portable Color Digitizer

Have you ever been in the process of re-decorating your home and found the perfect color for your new living room out in the real world? It's not convenient to always carry around those flip books of paint color samples, but that's where some modern technology comes in to save the day!

Sample all the brilliant colors in your world!

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Maybe you've seen the CUBE Portable Color Digitizer before! It's a brilliant little gadget that removes the guess-work from color-matching and makes it easy to save and work with the colors in the world around you. You can store up to 20 sampled color within the app, so you can compare, mix and match.

The Cube itself is simple to use: simply hold the base against the colorful object you want to sample, then press the button on the top. The color information is instantly sent to the accompanying smartphone app, where you can not only find the RGB, HEX, and CMYK values for your captured colors, but also match your sampled colors to popular paint brands. Usually, this handy cube sells for $139, but you can save 28% for a limited time thanks to Windows Central Digital Offers.

Get your own Cube Portable Color Digitizer $99.99!

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Cube is the perfect creative companion for graphic designers, photographers, fashion designers, interior designers, painters, home renovators and more! Now available for only $99, you won't want to miss out on this deal!

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