Mehdoh Twitter app being discontinued for good

We broke the news back at the beginning of December that the wildly popular Twitter app Mehdoh had disappeared from the Marketplace. More ominous was the closing of the Twitter account and a Tweet from the developer, Chris Field, that working on the app was no longer enjoyable. Within a few hours though, all was back to normal and there were even a steady flow of solid updates, culminating with version 1.9 which will go live in the next few hours.

Yet all is not well. The app will be permanently discontinued very soon and pulled from the Marketplace. If you have it, it will continue to work for the foreseeable future, but we will no longer see any updates. From the Mehdoh website:

"Due to various reasons, at the start of December we took the decision to close our App Hub Windows Phone development account with Microsoft. Since then the request has been going through the various departments, and via GeoTrust (who digitally sign the application). It now looks like that process is coming to an end.This will mean that Mehdoh will eventually be disappearing (unfortunately for good this time) from the Marketplace. You may be aware that we recently submitted 1.9 for certification... we are seeking clarification if this will make it to the marketplace or not.We believe that removing the application from the marketplace is best for users in the long run, as it means they will not end up downloading an application that is no longer under development, or being supported. For everyone who uses Mehdoh, and especially those that bought it, we thank you greatly for your support - You will still have a fully functional application to use and enjoy. Also a big thank you to everyone else who has supported Mehdoh, even when they don't actually use it themselves!"

We're going to save our tirade and disappointment for next week's podcast, but for now, we'll go with what Tyler L. said when he tipped us on this: "This seems to me like a middle finger to all its users". Indeed.

Small update: Seems as if v1.9 has some problems with settings screen. A supplemental update may try to be submitted to the Marketplace and in the meantime, the developer has made the XAP available for those who can side load.

Daniel Rubino

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