MeteoLens brings beautiful weather forecasts to Windows 10

MeteoLens is a simple and attractive weather app that has been around for some time and recently made the jump to Windows 10. The eye-catching app continues to provide weather forecast information to your Windows 10 PC and Mobile device.

The weather app offers the core forecast information for almost every part of the world, along with Live Tile and Lockscreen support. The free download for MeteoLens is a time-limited, fully functional version of the app. The full version of MeteoLens is based on a yearly subscription that is currently priced at $1.49 annually.

When you first launch MeteoLens, the app walks you through a series of set-up screens for your initial app settings. Here you choose the data format and forecast city of your liking. Once the initial set-up is complete, MeteoLens transitions to the app's primary forecast display.


From this display, you find your forecast city, current conditions and extended forecast information. At the bottom of the screen are buttons to refresh the forecast information, change your forecast location and a three-dot menu button to access the app's settings.

MeteoLens' settings contain options for data format, time format, weather icon packs, Live Tile settings and Lock Screen/Start Screen options. Locations can be set to a specific city or based on your current location. You can revisit recent locations through a button that appears at the bottom of the main display once you switch from location-based forecasts to manually entered locations.

Weather data includes temperatures (actual and feels like), humidity levels, wind speed/direction and sunrise/sunset times (at the very bottom of the display). There is a narrative to indicate weather conditions and extended forecasts cover the next 48 hours and the next seven days. Tapping on a particular date in the extended forecasts generates a pop-up window with a brief narrative of what to expect weather wise.


The background image is a generic, scenic image that illustrates your current conditions. Live Tile information includes your current weather data, a five-day forecast and what to expect over the next five hours.

The Windows 10 PC version of MeteoLens offers the same weather data, but the app takes advantage of the larger display and spreads the forecast information out a little. You have the same Live Tile, Lockscreen and Start screen support with the PC version as you do with the Mobile version of MeteoLens.


The $1.49 annual fee covers the weather service subscription and while it is a reasonable cost, I wish MeteoLens had a little more meat on the bone. It is a sharp-looking app, but it's only presenting basic weather forecast information. I think the app would have more appeal by adding severe weather alerts (currently available for limited regions) and weather radar to the mix.

MeteoLens is definitely worth trying. The weather information was as accurate as forecasts can get when predicting what Mother Nature has in store and MeteoLens does have that eye-catching appeal. Overall, MeteoLens is a solid weather app for delivering the basics to your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device. If you are on the fence about the annual fee, give the free version a try. You may find MeteoLens is the weather app you've been searching for.

Download MeteoLens from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)


George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Looks nice. We need a few more third-party weather apps that are Win10 based.
  • My 640 doesn't have anymore room. The app requires system drive. So I'll pass
  • Native one is better.
  • Few more quality weather apps to be precise. We have quite a handful of weather apps, I guess it's almost enough for one category.
  • can it be applied to the lock screen? an on the glance screen like the MSN weather app?
  • Just now I've noticed that they removed QR code reader, what's the recommended one preferably without advertising? 
  • Please search the site as we have covered that before and keep comments on topic. Thank you.
  • Let me help you bruh!
  • You're a good dude, wish EVERYBODY HERE was as helpful....
  • I use QR Scanner+, it's a very nice UWP app, with many great features, and really fast reading (on my 535, what's not so powerful :D ). It was free some days ago, but I'm not sure if the promotion still exists, or not.
  • It looks nice but won't consider buying with a subscription, a one off app purchase then I would consider it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I mean at $1.49 a year it's not exactly breaking the bank here...
  • No it wouldn't, but why pay for a subscription when a simple beautifully designed app is the same price? Who needs a weather subscription when there are numerous apps that have it for free? Not all of us get a salary to report on a platform we seem to hate to fans we despise....
  • I'm not going to get into personal issues with you, which is where you are dragging this, but I believe in supporting developers for their hard work. $1.49 a year for an app that you can trial to see if you like seems fair. If you try the app and don't like it, then there are no issues. The subscription is simply for people who don't mind paying for something they enjoy using every day. That is how markets work.
  • People here are expressing their point of view and here you are trying to change it. If he doesn't want to drop a nickel on an annual subscription let it be, it's somehow true, $1.49 a year ain't much I know, but also its true that there are apps that cost exactly that and are yours forever. Difference I guess would be features, but still you can enjoy them everyday. 3 people have written this so far and here you're down voting and writing something. Just let them be, they aren't wrong with their way of thinking. There isn't exactly a right way, these are just Different products for different people, only thing I'm glad is that we have choices...
  • People here are expressing their point of view and here you are trying to change it.
    You are aware comments here are for discussions, debates, and challenging assertions? Yes, you can express your viewpoint here and yes someone can question it. I think it's odd to debate $1.49 a year for an app you use everyday especially on a platform that needs support from its customers. Now if it were $10 a year that would be different. People are free to disagree with me and comment on it, just like you did.
  • As I stated above yes, I know, but still, I personally bought a weather app, for exactly that price since wp8 days 3-4 years ago, still is in the store and still working strong and updated thank god, and I use it daily and I'm happy with and don't pay yearly. During wp7 days I bought weather flow for $2 and look where it is, nowhere to be found. $1.49 ain't bad, but in this years I've mentioned, I would've already spent more in this one in 4 years with this app in comparison with those 2 apps I bought. Again, $1.49 not bad but still, it is what it is. Subscription vs Ownership... This app ties to this debate, and it is a topic for another day...
  • During wp7 days I bought weather flow for $2 and look where it is, nowhere to be found.
    I had this app as well and it dissapeared because of monetization issues. Also doubt there's really a debate for this, since there's freedom of choice. I don't mind spending 1-5 dollars a year if I help a developer support his/her app, thats about 0,004 cents per day. But like I said, freedom of choice.
  • That's why $1.49 per year makes sense. WeatherFlow was removed as the dev's chosen data provider raised their prices for API calls and therefore couldn't afford to keep the app running. I still have it installed on my 920 but it no longer updates to avoid the dev paying fees he couldn't justify without fresh income. Completely understandable and that's why subscription fees for licenced content (in this case weather data) make sense.   This app however won't cut it. I've just tried it and it's like many weather apps that don't have a seperate temperature toggle and combine it with the metric/imperial toggle. It probably only affects people like me from the UK who mainly use temperature in Celcius but use imperial measurements like mph for wind speeds (it;s not lost on me that we're unusual in using a hybrid of metric and imperial measurements but it's how we roll and how I prefer it). Those options need to be made independant, otherwise it won't be of any use to me and I'll stick with the native app (which supports independant switching).
  • Thanks for the feedback! I'll make sure this gets corrected in future update!
  • I agree with something like $0.99 or more a year (depending on the app). Not that i can afford to pay that much for 100 apps a year, but I feel there is not much incentive for developers to make an app for $0.99/user and that's all he gets while having to continously developing the app.   There are a few apps I use, and paid, and left abandoned. I don't blame the developer. 
  • LADIES! You're both beautiful.
  • My post stems from the earlier one, when a person asked about qr... It's annoying as hell to see you always act like a self entitled pretentious as#hat to people all the damn time! We all know there are rules and not everyone follows them.... But have you ever thought that not every person sits around or reads everything on this site? Do you realize the app is useless to search and the using the website is slow and not user friendly as well? Or that maybe this is a new user to the site or the platform.... Or this is someone completely new to the W10 due to the AU? My point is , his question may have not been exactly on point with what the article was about but did it not pertain about methods' of downloading it? I'm saying, it would be nice if those who elect to educate about the platform would be better ambassadors instead of sitting in the threads waiting to scold someone. How hard was it to post a link like the other guy who graciously did? But no, you seem to get off on being dbag to any and everyone who is not as brilliant as you think you are....
  • First one I've come across that shows wind speed in m/s and not km/h
  • He is doing subscription because he has to pay a reoccurring few to continually access the weather info this app uses. Otherwise, it would just eventually shut down once sales slow and he can't afford to pay for the info any longer.
  • I completely agree with you. $1.49 is not much, but looking at the bigger picture (the number of subscriptions that we likely all have), it adds up very, very quickly. I'd personally fork out three bucks in one go over subscribing on a yearly basis. At least I'd know I'm done paying for it.
  • Amazing Weather HD is still my go to on Win10 Mobile.
  • mine too. best weather app on any platform imo
  • My issue there is I want the same app on my Surface/PC/MateBook, etc. I only use Windows 10 apps as 8.1 ones feel outdated to me.
  • Agreed. The design language of win10 apps is really nice. I find it hard to go back to using 8.x apps. Just wish WhatsApp would give their app a full win10 UWP revamp (though that would probably require quite a bit of leg work on the back-end, as well, as thier service is really geared towards phones).
  • Mine too although I wish Amazing Weather HD had severe weather alerts and was a universal app.
  • I'm still sticking with the default MSN Weather app :D
  • I prefer Perfect Weather universal because of its themes and info it gives (on my mobile and Laptop), but may give this a try on my laptop. Think I may stick with my current weather app though due to the annual fee of this one :P
  • There's also Strawberry Weather by our local WC Dev. :) ^_^ I've heard good things about it. :) --W
  • Strawberry Weather is really good too. I really like the notifications. George will be reviewing soon.
  • Yes it really is good! I'm the dev of Strawberry Weather! ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Time-limited free version: For three days! Bad joke
  • Have you tried getting apps on iOS and Android where they don't even have trials and higher prices? Honestly, how much more time do you need to evaluate forking over $1.49 in your life? It's a weather app. If you don't know if you like it after 36 hours you must have very strict criteria for any life purchases. I mean, how do you really know if you will like that bread at the super market? /s
  • Agreed! Some users often underestimate Windows/WinApps. I like this app the most after MSN weather!
  • MSN weather is the most inaccurate pile I have ever used.
  • Exactly. My life would be harder and more annoying, if I'd always think about how much money it costs, every time I point my phone with a qr scanner on the coffee machine at my workplace :D Counting every penny / cent / forint is annoying as hell :D
  • And the third party weather apps on Windows are far better than the ones on Android. I have yet to find a beautiful weather app on Android. While on Windows, there are plenty of them! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes, you are a bad joke.
  • Not bad!
  • I'm using the MSN weather app on all my devices. Now on Xbox One to. It seems very accurate for my location in Plymouth, England. I dont feel the need to change. But nice that more are coming.
  • Just wish the MSN Weather app had a transparent tile. I find it to be the most battery efficient weather app (at least in my tests).
  • Daniel, have you tired Veather? It's by far my favorite WP app (not sure 2 they've got a W10 app yet). If you are familiar with it, how do you feel the two apps stack up against each other? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have used Viether. It's also a well-done app although I find the Live Tile is too busy for my Start screen. Pretty sure it's now Win10 built.
  • Looks really good. But more languages would be great.
  • Will it support Lock Screen? TIA
  • It can change the wallpaper on your Lock Screen and it has detailed weather info that can be displayed too.
  • Thanks!
  • many decent weather apps have not gone universal yet. Amazing weather(not active this year)
    Weather & surf Australia(inactive since 2013)
  • Forecast and Prognoza. Although Forecast is W10 UWP but not on Mobile. Dev said there was something with the livetiles not working and lockscreen not updating. But then again, lots of live tiles not updating in my case. think it's more an OS issue.
  • I'm using forecast beta it is ok now with tiles and lockscreen, write email to developer he will provvide you forecast beta
  • Just buy it . Well done developers. . Keep going this way .
  • I've been using this for a while and love it. The only thing that I feel it's missing are weather maps for doppler radar, temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, etc. The dev was really responsive with feedback when it was first released and I noticed an issue. Gotta love passionate indie developers!
  • Forecast app, which use the same weather data source as this apps also goes universal but for desktop at the moment, mobile version is coming soon, no yearly subscription.
  • Forecast also go universal, but for desktop at the moment. Mobile is coming soon, which uses same data source as this app
  • No real need to buy a weather App. You watch TV its there you listen to the radio its there. If your in the UK you will hear people talking about it before you get to work Microsoft do a good weather app for free.
  • Honestly, I've had enough of simple weather apps. I would like full featured app like WeatherPro from MeteoGroup to return to Windows. I still use its old version that is now removed from the store, but they continue to feed data to it.
  • Have a look at aurora weather, 3 way flip on the live tile plus terrific customisation, very accurate in the uk.
  • Looks great been back and forth between accuweather and the weather channel I may have to try this
  • Hi guys, app dev here. I want to say thanks to Windows Central team for reviewing my app and thanks to all the people that decided to try it out! I wanted to say a few words about the subscription model too. It was kind of a hard decision to make the app subscription-based, because I was sure that it will not be accepted well by many users. But I had to, because I need to pay for the data consumption on monthly basis and one-time payments would cover these expences only for limited time. That's what killed Weather Flow (I really loved that app!) :(
  • There are alot of us who appreciate the hard work that goes in to these apps. And are more than happy to pay a small amount such as yours to enjoy the privilege of a quality updated app. Maybe you could consider an advert version? And possibly even make it available to all windows 10 users, Xbox One? Just a kind thought. Congrats on the app review by the way.
  • Hey. Great job. I rejected the subscription and moved to the trial because I wanted to see what I was buying first. Anyhow, I love it. But now I don't see where I can go ahead and subscribe. How do I do that now?
  • You'll get asked once again soon, thanks for the nice words and considering subscription!
  • Awesome app! Keep it going!
  • Love it. Was looking for something to replace the MSN Weather app. Unfortunately, the day tile will show sunny, but when you look at that day in a hourly manner, it will show half the day being ran, as well as vice versa..just completely unreliable. Up to now, found nothing that was simple and professional looking. This looks to fit the bill. Very nice.
  • I'm still patiently waiting for a Weather App that integrates Australian Weather Data from as they are the only ones to get accurate Aussie forcasting, There used to be a couple from Win7 days but they all seem to have died :(
  • Have you tried Weather & surf Australia
  • I have given up on that app.. it's not been updated/touched since Windows Phone 7 and now not supported by the publishers  
  • Is that Amazing Weather accurate for Aussies? any words that we can expect a weather which gets data source from BOM? I need to suggest an accurate weather app for my aussie friend.
  • No weather app is accurate for forcasting, they all vary from 2 to 1o degrees (C) out. They do get current temps right most of the time. I don't know if anyone is working on adding BOM data to their apps, though I have asked many  
  • This app is far from beautiful. It looks too plain.
  • How does this app compare to the windows 10 native weather app in terms of design, accuracy, information and live tile?
  • I would like to see that beautiful wallpaper along with weather info on the LOCK SCREEN.
  • Microsoft reserved the upper part of the lock screen for the music controls, so that's why it's unlikely to see any new apps display data there. The lock screen detailed status is the place to get more info on weather on the lock screen and also on glance screen if your device supports it. You need to enable this in your device settings.
  • Try Prognoza app, it looks fine and works fine too! With modern and metro skin, live tile, lock screen etc. :)
  • It looks fantastic. Clean, efficient and well designed. And its cheap. 1.49 to enhance the appearance is worth it.