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Metro Browser ($1.99 + free trial) has quickly gone through the ranks to become one of the best selling browser add-ons in the Marketplace. Hitting v2 and now v2.5, a lot of requested functionality has been integrated, including managing favorites (renaming, reordering), saving pictures, as well as adding a send link (Twitter, email, text).

We decided to give you folks a brief video tour to show off the usefulness of this browser as well as the added changes. Grab it here (opens Zune).

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  • What this needs is a faster way to switch tabs, can you set the arrow to go right to the tabs area and not the favorites area? That's pretty much the only thing I see as a problem when using it.
  • Love it.... wish I could default it!!! It's that' good.
  • Excellent browser but the lack of "open [link] in new tab" really cripples it for me.