MetroSpec updated to 1.5, adds support for Windows Phone 8 Live Tiles and more

The developer of MetroSpec, a ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows Phone, has released an update for both the free and premium versions of the app. What's in version 1.5? It's a fairly important refresh since we're talking about large Live Tile support for Windows Phone 7.8 and 8, as well as a bunch of improvements.

If you're not familiar with MetroSpec, it's an emulator for those who still enjoy playing ZX Spectrum titles while on the move, with the ability to synchronise save states across multiple devices.

Version 1.5 of MetroSpec introduces support for wide tiles on both Windows Phone 7.8 and 8, as well poke (cheat support) integration in every game. The ability to search World of Spectrum (, a popular destination for those interested in expanding their collection is now included. Unfortunately no download functionality is present due to third-party and copyright issues.

The cheats (or "pokes") can be enabled mid-game and remembered for each title they're connected to. Integration with TipShop is also present for help and tips on progressing through games. As well as a number of improvements detailed above, the developer has also bundled multiple bug fixes. Tilt and motion control have both been fixed (bugs that appeared in version 1.4).


A motion calibration screen is included when playing games using motion control. SkyDrive import has also been improved and the import of games will now attempt to extract year of release and publisher for each title. It's quite the update, one we're sure users will take advantage of.

So what's next on the horizon for MetroSpec? 128K Spectrum support, as well as versions launching for both Windows 8 (Windows RT) and Windows Phone 8. We've followed the development of the app since launch and have continued to be impressed with how the emulator is progressing.

You can download Metrospec for $0.99 (and the free version - left QR code) from the Windows Phone.

QR: ZX Spectrum

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • First? Plus I wanted to say the image of the article....well that phone looks badass! Is that a concept or what?
  • Ativ S
  • Interesting...didn't look like it because you can't see the search and back touch sensors/buttons..
  • Hi All, It's Glenn here from Starquake Mobile, author of MetroSpec. Just to mention, and set people's expectations, the ability to download directly from within the World of Spectrum search integration is not available due to copyright, and 3rd party issues. MetroSpec cannot promote piracy, and to import and use games in MetroSpec you should legally own the game before doing so. There's a new V1.5.1982.1 update on the way, as there's an error if you search for a game in the WoS database, go to the game details, and then save the artwork for a game that doesn't have all 3 of inlay, loading screen, and in game artwork. A game that has 3 won't error when saving the artwork to your picture library. A silly error on my part, but a fix has already been submitted. Many Regards, Glenn
  • Its an awesome emulator.  Its great to have classics like Chaos, Rebelstar Raiders or Lasersquad on the move again :)
  • I used spectrum +k when i was s boy in 1984. IT was awesome those Times, and then commadore 64 and next amiga came. But i still have my sinclair... I love this app, thanks...
  • Just to let everyone know that two new versions of MetroSpec are on their way. The second of which is a very very important update for those of you who are on slower 1st gen devices such as Omnia 7, HTC Focus, HTC Mozart etc, where performance in MetroSpec suffered due to the lower spec CPU. Previously the only way to overcome this issue was to disable sound, or reduce the frame rate. V1.5.1982.1 -- This fixes a minor issue with the WoS search integration, when saving artwork to your picture library from a game detail page. V1.5.1982.2 -- This fixes the performance issue with slower 1st gen devices. Users should have no issues running any software on these devices now. Fixes an audio issue in the Manic Miner intro music where low notes weren't played. This likely affected other games too. Fixed an issue with the emulation of a rarely used Z80 instruction. This was causing Chase HQ to crash when started. This has now been fixed, and likely fixes issues in other games too. Raised the 1 minute, per game session, audio limit to 5 minutes in MetroSpec Free