Microsoft will likely discuss Windows 11 app development at second event on June 24

Windows 11 Leak
Windows 11 Leak (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft will hold a second event on June 24, 2021.
  • The second event will likely be about developing apps for Windows 11.
  • Microsoft's bigger event is at 11 AM, at which Microsoft will unveil the "next generation of Windows."

The biggest event from Microsoft on June 24 will be the one that showcases the "next generation of Windows," which we now know is called Windows 11. While that event will garner the most headlines, Microsoft will hold a second event later in the day that focuses on app development. The Windows Developer Twitter account announced the event on Twitter recently.

The tweet doesn't share much in terms of details. It simply states, "Tune in to see what we have in store for developers" and the timing of the event, June 24, 3 PM ET. There's a chance that the use of the word "store" is a hint about changes to the Microsoft Store, but that's a fairly common expression, so it could just be a coincidence.

The link within the tweet directs to a YouTube event titled "App Development: Community Standup Hold."

While a leaked build of Windows 11 showed off a lot of the operating system's new interface, it's far from the complete picture. As explained by our executive editor Daniel Rubino, we know that Windows 11 is more than just a new Start menu.

Our senior editor Zac Bowden highlighted changes coming to the Microsoft Store before the Windows 11 name was confirmed.

In addition to what we've already seen, Windows 11 will also have a new Store experience, new inbox apps such as Mail, new media control overlays, a more consistent dark mode, and a Wake on Touch feature. Most of those sound like features Windows developers would be interested in, so it makes sense that Microsoft would hold a developer-focused event after it unveils Windows 11.

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