Microsoft: 88 percent of 'Meet Your Match' participants prefer Windows Phone

Ben Rudolph has revealed some interesting statistics from the "Meet Your Match" campaign Microsoft has been hosting across the US, UK, France and Germany. The challenges were kicked off a few weeks ago, which puts consumers against the Windows Phone team to see if their competitor hardware can beat Microsoft's platform. 

According to Rudolph, the team has carried out 75,000 challenges and demonstrations in all supported locations, which is quite an achievement. If that wasn't impressive enough, 88% of people who took part in the challenge and answered the survey afterwards believed that Windows Phone was a much better match for them then their current smartphone.

We visited the team at Westfield in Stratford, London and were concerned that the booth set up may not have the desired effect due to strong competitor presence, but at least Microsoft is continuing to show strong support for Windows Phone - that's the positive fact we walk away with.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Windows phone is becoming much more known and that's good. A thing that is annoying is some keep mistakenly referring to it as windows 8 phone. Like really?
  • Bill Gates referred to WP8 as "Windows 8 Phone" in a recent interview..
  • That's what he definitely said. Hell, even I called WP7 "Windows 7 Phone". I still call WP8 "Windows 8 Phone".
  •   Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)
  • Well I simply just call it Windows Phone.
  • Same here.
  • Don't blame the public on Microsoft choosing a confusing name.  It would make more sense for it to be windows 8 phone
  • +1 especially since they have a shared core now
  • If we call it w8p, people may confuse that with w8 as wp8 and w8 are not the same.
  • I'm used to dealing with Windows servers: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, so I think Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, and Windows Phone 8 fit right in. Server 2008 and WIndows 7 share the same core. Granted it wasn't called Server 7 and Windows 7.
    The latest Office refresh has Office 2013, Exchange Server 2013, Project 2013, SharePoint Server 2013. Maybe Microsoft is aiming to get as much software as possible to use the same naming conventions. Maybe Phone, Desktop/Laptop, and Server, as operating systems will converge to one naming convention and the programs that run on top of an OS will have another naming convention.
  • It definitely would make more sense and illuminate the fact that it is actually Windows running on a phone.  WP7 was sort of, but WinCE is not full on Windows.  The fact that the phone is running the NT/RT kernel is a big deal.
  • I think the phones should be called just windows phone, without the number (like widows phone 8), and we can call the UI windows 8, that would be pretty simple and it would get the point across. Sure there could be other names but this one is simple, don't you guys think?
  • When I talk to people about my Lumia 920, I let them know it is the latest windows phone.
  • The phone shouldn't have the term "windows" in it at all, since the UI makes no use of windows. Also, calling it Windows gives the public a negative and old impression of it, especially if they have experience of Windows Mobile.
  • And how does the UI make no use of Windows? That's the new look of Windows.
  • Some people even refer to it as the Xbox Phone (Xbox Music/Video/Games)... I think once the gaming department gets their act together with the DirectX Games... U'll starts to see more people refer to it as the Xbox Phone.
  • My neighbor called me over to help her setup her new "iPhone" tonight.  When I got over there, I was surprised to see it was actually a new red Lumia 920!  Her husband got the black Lumia 920.  All night long, they kept calling it an "iPhone". I told them it was a Windows phone and she asked, "what's the difference?".  I avoided answering the question, and instead continued to help them setup their phones and their SkyDrive accounts.  Before I knew it they were sending photos to their friends and saying how easy it was.  But I have to wonder how many people walk into a store and ask for an "iPhone" when they actually mean Smartphone?
  • That's funny! I guess the iPhone is so much a part of culture that it's almost generic now. Like Colgate or Kleenex.
  • more like bandaid, very overpriced but gets the job done about the same as the one for half price.
  • I've never heard "colgate" being used generically... I thought everyone called it toothpaste. But yes, the English love to say Kleenex instead of tissue and Hoover instead of vacuum / vacuum-cleaner. The yanks like to say Xerox instead of photocopy. I find the practice a little strange, although I do say "coke" for any cola beverage (even pepsi) and I say Panadol for any type of paracetamol / aspirin / analgesic
  • In Sweden... A 4x4 is called a Jeep. :)
  • Yeah, that happens all the time... My grandmother has a HTC One X and calls it iPhone, and my Aunt has a Lumia 800 and calls both her's and my grandmother's One X iPhones! LOL
    My classmates do recognize the difference tho
  • Just call it Lumia :)
  • I had the same at work when Windows Phone 6 was around and we started getting business phones in. Everyone (and I mean everyone) reffered to every phone as a Blackberry.
  • If it was me when she asked " what's the difference" I would reply " the difference is that its not made by a fruit company, does not scratch nearly as easily, it has s better camera/screen/OS, etc and that Nokia finds it offensive to call their lumias iPhones"
  • Windows 8 phone makes it sound like it linked to the computer os. Which in a way it is but windows phone 8 makes it sound more diverse.
  • This is because everyone in Microsofts marketing needs fired. Using the windows name is their best and worst decision.  I think its the worst.  Ballmer talks about the need to change their image, changing the name would have been a great start.
  • I think they're trying to leverage the Windows name to gain some sort of familiarity with consumers. Now, its not remotely familiar in the slightest but that's marketing for you. If you look at how Apple marketed the first iPhone you may see some similarities. They had sold millions and millions of iPods and they wanted to leverage that user base to sell their phones so they marketed the iPhone as their 'best iPod yet.' I see what MS is doing but I don't think it makes too much sense in this instance.
  • that's great! The more the platform gets adopted, the more support we will receive not just from Microsoft but from other companies too! This is good news.
  • Seconded.
  • The satisfaction numbers are practically meaningless and seem to be more advertising spin. Afterall, who wouldn't prefer a HTC 8x or Lumia 920 over their old iPhone 3GS? Still, it's good to see Microsoft aggressively marketing Windows Phone.
  • Is there really a difference between iPhone 3 and 5 anyway? Other than Siri, the extra row of icons, and the broken map app?
  • While the interface is practically the same, the hardware is much improved. However I see your point, as I went from an iPhone 4 to a Lumia 920 due to the iPhone 5 offering me very little incentive to 'upgrade'. 
  • Same here..I was planning on getting an iphone5 at end of contract but I see the release as a huge flop all around and it was the extra push to give the win8 phone a chance. Got the yellow 920 and it rocks. Awesome phone, interesting OS and not just boring rows of icons. Nokia really takes the cake with the apps they offer up for free though. They are all awesome.
  • +1
  • I have the cyan Lumia 900 and waiting for a 3 month pregnant Lumia 900 with a pureview 40MP camera. Let's call it L940
  • You are going to be waiting a long time
  • What if I'm right?
  • What if no one knows what you're talking about? :P
  • 88% is great, sure.. But what % of that actually translates into sales?
  • And that is the million-dollar question.
  • I'm personally hoping it's the million-units-per-week question when the numbers come in! :D
  • I see your point. But It's better than 20%, and you know that less than 20% will adopt.
  • Yea and how much is 88% we don't even know how many people participated
  • 75k participants. So 88% of 75,000 roughly. I'm too lazy to give you exact # lol.
  • 66,000.
  • Article states 75,000
  • R.T.F.A. :D
  • Exposure is still objective #1.  Clearly everyone with skin in the WP8 game would love for sales to just go through the roof on their own, but reaching the majority of consumers (i.e. not people who read tech sites) takes more than good specs or a high megapixel camera.  It takes incessentant repetition of the brand.  The specs and features make a big difference, but so many people just buy what they hear.  Choosing to ignore it just means that your competitors take all the low hanging fruit
  • I did meet your match because I heard about it on windows phone news sites like this, and I wanted the coupon. My Lumia 920 had not arrived yet so I walked through the motions with my previous phone. Of course I prefer windows phone. Does that mean anything? Not really.
  • However it killed me when I had to hold myself back from answering questions about the other phones that the employee I was working with was unable to answer.
  • Anybody else think the picture was a screenshot from The Sims?
  • I did. I thought it was a screen shot from the Sims. Thought I was the only one.
  • lol!  I did too!
  • Windows 8 phone sounds better
  • On the other hand, the spam comments are getting worse.
  • How about going up against a Galaxy Note 2, HTC One S or even a Galaxy S3? Something more updated? Make it even.
  • My boss has the S3. And while he won't say it, I know he likes my Windows Phone 8X by HTC (its real name :p) just fine. Playing with both, I like the UI on the WP better. Both coming from IOS. Pretty nifty stuff. Beats the hell out of my iPhone 4.
  • You're implying that Samsungs are good phones, which they are not.
  • And that is a fact, hones? Sure. A Galaxy Note 2 runs circles around any phone out there. From battery life to real multitasking, multi windows, wacom digitizer. Really nothing like it.
  • That's because it's a tablet...
  • +1
  • A Phablet.......
  • Lol okay. If u consider 5.3 and 5.5 inches a tablet.
  • Well, that's a bit of FUD ain't it?
    My wife has been very happy with her company supplied GS3.  She would prefer a Windows Phone, but they don't offer that option.  But the Galaxy SIII has worked pretty well for her and seems like a durable, well made phone.
    When you slam good stuff just because it's not your preference you come off as some kind of zealot and people think you don't know what you're talking about.  Just a tip.
  • Sorry but the S3 is neither durable or well made as numerous drop tests have shown and your wife will find out once she drops it one or twice
  • Everything aside, I am having the worst luck with the Lumia 920s. My 3rd Lumia just died. It worked intermittently all day, exising out of apps, and now when I shut it down to restart it, it reaches the Nokia screen and get stuck there. My first two had speakerphone and rattle issues. This one died after two weeks.
  • Surely this must be related to something you have installed or your usage pattern?  Anything "strange" about those? 
  • YES yes yes...I just unbricked my 920 by flashing it....To anwser your question, my yellow nokia 920 arrived with a bad speakerphone right out of the box...returned within an hour of receiving it. The first red I bought had the worst rattle issue when it vibrated. The 3rd...that i am using now was giving me trouble all day with apps existing. so when i restarted, it got bricked...stuck on the Nokia logo. So I flashed it using Nokia's product support tool...thanks to Mr. Hamza Khalid of WPcentral.
  • I meant apps EXITING
  • Ya 3 for 3 is pretty near impossible.
  • Not really
  • Each one had a different issue. I think the third one started acting up once I filled 20 GB of space. Just guessing...
  • I installed a 64 GB memory card in my L822 a couple weeks ago. After 5 minutes of copying music the phone would lock and need a reset. I reformatted the card, but same problem. People that purchased the card on Amazon were reporting high defect rates. I replaced the card and was able to move my 50 GB of music onto the phone without a hitch. Maybe your latest L920 has a defective memory chip.
  • Now that I have made it to work again, I will copy over all the music files again. Lets see what happens.
  • I work for a cell carrier and u wouldn't believe how many people call smart phones iPhones. Or how many people think android and droids are two different phones. People do know about windows phone so when I show them their eyes light up but most don't want to take a chance on a two yr contract for a phone they don't know about. Its sad really, how many people don't even want to hear me talk about windows phone. Microsoft needs to change there marketing. instead of playing cool music and showing a phone, take time show what the phone can do. Talk about the great features. You see none of that and that's why no one knows about #wp8
  • I agree sometimes when I go to pay my bill at atnt I really want to answer all the questions that people ask the representatives in the store that sound so clueless
  • I also work for a carrier and it is a pain trying to sell the WP8 devices. Even when I recommend it to someone and show them my personal WP8 device....all they wanna here is "is this a Droid or iPhone?"...i feel like slapping them. I had a lady tell me "How do u get anything done one something that's not an iphone" ..i had to tell her "How do you go anywhere in a car that's not a BMW?." I get alot of satisfaction when I do get those few that make the switch from a Galaxy to Nokia/HTC. I got one guy who loves his 810...comes in every other week to ask about new apps and features. My point is ..that is definitely a tough sell...we don't need 500,000 apps....but we do need more mainstream apps and games.
  • WP. They're growing up so fast.
  • I hate all that "they're growing" No THEY ARE NOT GROWING! since 2010! I will only be satisfied if I see a report showing 20milion devices sold in a quarter if not then forget that WP will never sell. Really, I mean REALLY this campaign doesn't make any sense if phones are not selling. And personally I had 3 Windows Phones since 2010 and I have convinced just 5 people to get WP device, but I feel like I'm alone, WE all must educate people around about this ecosystem, instead of wasting that time on WPcentral.
  • I agree with your sentiment except maybe we don't need 20 million sold in a quarter. 10 million would be nice, though.
  • You went a bit preachy there at the end, but I see your point. Sales are sales. Anything else is just fluff.
  • "believed that Windows Phone was a much better match for them then their current smartphone."
    Should be "than", not "then".  "Than" is for comparisons, "then" is for a sequence....first I went to and then posted this comment.
    Better writing Rich Edmonds, come on!
  • Blazers - good luck with this one. One of the 'editors' here told me that due to the quantity they write, they don't have time to worry about the quality of how they write it.
  • It's nice to see that Windows is putting some effort in promoting their phones in some countries.
    Here in Austria it's nearly impossible to get a Windows Phone with contract. The Nokia phones will arrive somewhere in 2013 and the HTC phones are all sold out. Some guys preordered the 8x in October and still haven't recieved their phones yet. Although there are enough pieces without a contract at local stores, the mobile companies can't offer them with a contract....
    Hope this will change soon, otherwise they will miss the christmas sales.
  • On Contract for Christmas sale? really? 
    You get an phone on contract because your contract is running out but at christmas sale it should be phones w/o contract selling or did you ever give a contract as a christmas present? 
    Btw if you have the money it usually makes more sense to buy the phone and than get a cheaper contract from a network reseller (I don't know the name for these) like 1&1 which operates on vodafone network and sells Allnet-Flats for 24,99 a month (First year 19,99 second year 29,99 a month)
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  • Is it me or are the spam messages on WP forums getting worse?
  • They are getting worse.  Site is probably getting more hits now and with that followed the spam.  I find the work from home on my "ipad/imac" kind of funny since they are posting it in wpcentral.