Microsoft: 88 percent of 'Meet Your Match' participants prefer Windows Phone

Ben Rudolph has revealed some interesting statistics from the "Meet Your Match" campaign Microsoft has been hosting across the US, UK, France and Germany. The challenges were kicked off a few weeks ago, which puts consumers against the Windows Phone team to see if their competitor hardware can beat Microsoft's platform. 

According to Rudolph, the team has carried out 75,000 challenges and demonstrations in all supported locations, which is quite an achievement. If that wasn't impressive enough, 88% of people who took part in the challenge and answered the survey afterwards believed that Windows Phone was a much better match for them then their current smartphone.

We visited the team at Westfield in Stratford, London and were concerned that the booth set up may not have the desired effect due to strong competitor presence, but at least Microsoft is continuing to show strong support for Windows Phone - that's the positive fact we walk away with.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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