Microsoft acquires Movere, a company specializing in cloud migration

What you need to know

  • Microsoft acquired Movere, a company specializing in cloud migration.
  • Microsoft has worked with Movere since Movere's inception.
  • Movere will work alongside Azure Migrate and independent software vendor partners.

Microsoft acquired Movere, a company that specializes in cloud migration. Movere helps companies migrate to and optimize workloads in the cloud. Movere provides actionable data and insights by helping companies migrate to and use the cloud. Movere will work alongside Azure Migrate and an ecosystem of independent software vendor partners as part of Microsoft's cloud migration efforts.

Microsoft announced the acquisition in an Azure blog post, stating:

Movere's innovative discovery and assessment capabilities will complement Azure Migrate and our integrated partner solutions, making migration an easier process for our customers. We believe that successful cloud migrations enable business transformation, and this acquisition underscores our investments to make that happen.

Movere also shared a post about the acquisition. The post recounts Movere's history to cloud migration and its ongoing efforts with Microsoft.

From the beginning, the team at Microsoft has been some of our staunchest advocates and have brought together many of our customers and partners. With our growing and fabulous team focused on enabling the best possible customer outcomes, we continued to build on top of an already powerful platform; always driving to help customers enjoy the best migration experience possible.

Microsoft states that its goal is "to streamline our customers' journey to the cloud." This acquisition will enable companies to migrate to Azure more easily and to be able to work with Microsoft's cloud.

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