Microsoft also working on a Swift compiler for iOS developers to come to Windows 10

One of the big news stories to come out of Build 2015 was the Objective C tools that Microsoft is introducing to welcome iOS developers to Windows 10. This is amazing news, but there's a small elephant in the room, and that's Swift. Apple announced this at its WWDC 2014 developer conference, and is the newest way that iOS developers are building apps. But that doesn't mean Microsoft has forgotten about it. It's "going there."

The question was raised during the Q&A portion of one of Microsoft's Build sessions dedicated to Objective C. An iOS developer asked about Swift, since a lot of them are now starting to use this to build their apps for iPhone and iPad. The response was clear. Microsoft is going there, but one day at a time.

So this isn't some flash in the pan. Microsoft looks like its going to keep pushing at this and ensure the latest tools are available to enable developers to embrace Windows 10, whatever their preference. Check out the full session in the video below. The Swift information is around the 57:30 mark.

Thanks Martin for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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