Microsoft and Eve will answer your burning questions with a Reddit AMA on October 27 [Update: Now live]

Update 2: That's a wrap. The AMA is over, but you can still view all of the questions and answers of at Reddit.

Update: The AMA has officially kicked off! Head on over to Reddit to pose your questions to Eve and Microsoft!

This Thursday, October 27, Microsoft will be taking your questions in a Reddit AMA alongside Eve, the startup behind the crowd-developed 2-in-1 Eve V tablet. During the AMA, you'll get a chance to fire off questions to Eve co-founder and CEO Konstantinos Karatsevidis, along with Microsoft digital transformation lead Vesku Paananen.

Konstantinos Karatsevidis and Vesku Paanane

Given the AMA takes place just a day after Microsoft's big Windows 10 event, this would be a solid time to get in any burning questions you have about what is announced. Likewise, Eve is on the eve of launching its 2-in-1 "Surface killer" on Indiegogo in November, so the AMA should be a perfect time to eke out a little more information about the tablet ahead of launch.

Will you be tuning in for the AMA? Let us know in the comments!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Not sure I would go so far as to say "Surface killer", but certainly looks like it'll be a very worthy competitor, as long as they price it right.
  • I agree! I don't think it will "kill" it off, but in terms of the current surface pro it will probably be superior in specs for the price.
  • Exactly. The Eve V is shaping up to be an awesome device, to the point that I am strongly considering purchasing one. But being a lesser-known brand, there's just no way that this device will outsell the Surface Pro 4. However, given the right amount of support from Microsoft themselves, this could definitely be a big hit.
  • I want 10,8" new Surface 4 :'( (succesor to Surface 3).   Pro 4 is too big and too heavy. 
  • That would be great. I still want the Surface mini. I want both to have cellular connectivity.
  • Not enough people wanted to pay a premium price for budget specs. Maybe if they upped it to a Core M3 instead of Atom it would warrant the price. I know I'd pay for that.
  • Wouldn't they lose money on a 500$ Core M product?
  • Core M model would not be for 500$ :-) Maybe for 700
  • You can get a core M SP4 for about 700$ on Amazon right now.
  • As I said, Its too big and heavy. Something about 500/600g and 10/11" would be great (like Surface 3 non-pro)
  • "Not enough people wanted to pay a premium price for budget specs." Thats bullshit. Surface 3 sales have 21% of all surface devices, little less than Surface Pro 4. It's very high share
  • Not sure, but a lot of that may be the available LTE option.  You can get an S3 at the AT&T store, for example.
  • Yet another reason for have an update for that. At least one device to be offered, sold, supported by carriers.
  • Seriously thought that was a new phone with a integrated stand like the surface in the thumbnail. BOOM JUST THOUGHT OF A GREAT IDEA!
  • Your new idea is now in the public domain and is no longer your idea #justsayin
  • So stupid to call it a surface killer. It doesn't really offer anything that the Surface doesn't. It's not cheaper, thinner, or more powerful. How is it going to kill the surface? 
  • Hey Dan. A request if it's not too technically difficult. Is it possible to link in a calendar add anytime there is an event like this or a live broadcast? Thank you
  • Fantastic idea! This would apply to so many things, including WC's own Friday and Saturday events.
  • So Microsoft will eagerly answer questions about a third party's tablet but have virtually nothing to say about the future of their own mobile program?
  • What more do they need to say? They've said they're sticking with Windows 10 Mobile and supporting current Lumia but not making new ones.
  • Yeah, mobile is really working real good for them at the moment. Why change anything?
  • I asked you what you want them to say. They know they lost mobile, so should you. Seriously. It's a good OS that will be used on about 1% of devices. They will keep developing it alongside Windows 10. That's it. Nothing more for them to say right now.
  • The processor in this Eve tablet will be the lower end M processor from intel and not the core i series. It's the new Kaby Lake so it should show some improvements including better battery life but this won't be a tablet for creatives or gamers for sure. 
  • Not so sure which will be better for gaming - SP4 with the core I series processor or the Eve V with Kaby Lake M processor plus external GPU via Thunderbolt. The latter should probably crush the SP4 if they can overcome the remaining technical hurdles and really deliver a 2-1 with an working external, high end gpu.
  • What are the requirements for using an eGPU? Does it require Thunderbolt for example?
  • The CPU is KabyLake M3,i5 and i7 (aka ex M5,M7). It will have thunderbolt for the eGPU. The spec sheet is on the
  • I asked "why was the Band 2 discontinued?" followed by "will there be a Band 3?" Wonder if these questiond will be answered.
  • That AMA is a train wreck.  Why would you ask the digital transformation lead and a guy from a 3rd party company about Microsoft's mobile plan.  Neither can or would speak on those.  Asking makes you look like a jerk.  They're there to answer questions about the product and possibilities for future products from that company. 
  • It's like a WPCentral circle jerk sometimes! Mobile, mobile, mobile! I don't use my mobile phone at home, it's dirty!