Microsoft and Eve will answer your burning questions with a Reddit AMA on October 27 [Update: Now live]

Update 2: That's a wrap. The AMA is over, but you can still view all of the questions and answers of at Reddit.

Update: The AMA has officially kicked off! Head on over to Reddit to pose your questions to Eve and Microsoft!

This Thursday, October 27, Microsoft will be taking your questions in a Reddit AMA alongside Eve, the startup behind the crowd-developed 2-in-1 Eve V tablet. During the AMA, you'll get a chance to fire off questions to Eve co-founder and CEO Konstantinos Karatsevidis, along with Microsoft digital transformation lead Vesku Paananen.

Konstantinos Karatsevidis and Vesku Paanane

Given the AMA takes place just a day after Microsoft's big Windows 10 event, this would be a solid time to get in any burning questions you have about what is announced. Likewise, Eve is on the eve of launching its 2-in-1 "Surface killer" on Indiegogo in November, so the AMA should be a perfect time to eke out a little more information about the tablet ahead of launch.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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