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Microsoft and Samsung reach settlement over royalties dispute

Microsoft has announced that it has settled a contract dispute it has been having Samsung, which could signal an eventual arrival of new Windows Phone handsets from the Korean manufacturer in the future.

From Microsoft:

"Samsung and Microsoft are pleased to announce that they have ended their contract dispute in U.S. court as well as the ICC arbitration. Terms of the agreement are confidential."

For some background, last year, Microsoft filed legal action against Samsung after it refused to pay royalties it owed to the tech giant over patent licensing fees for its Android devices. Under the terms of their contract, Samsung would be required to share sensitive data with Microsoft, something the Korean manufacturer argued could violate U.S. antitrust laws after Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia.

As far as future Windows Phone handsets from Samsung are concerned, the company stated in early January of this year that it would consider building more of the devices if it could reach a settlement with Microsoft over the aforementioned licensing scuffle. Since the two companies appear to have agreed on settlement terms, the door is now open to more Windows Phone handsets from Samsung — something that could be pretty big since we haven't seen anything new from Samsung since the ATIV SE which was based on its Galaxy S4 Android handset.

Source: Microsoft

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  • Sweet. I want to see more Samsung Windows Phone devices in all price ranges.
  • Ativ S II?
  • I believe it’s the Ativ name that made those units not sell well. Everyone knows the Samsung galaxy and note names, nothing more.
  • Yeah,,, it couldn't have possibly had anything to do with marketing..... Lol❗❗❗
  • That's a part of it, but Ativ is an awful name.
  • That doesn't matter.... If Samsung dropped Galaxy, and uses Ativ, they would make it work.. If Apple, or Google used the Ativ name the product would sell....... You know why?????? Because they would market the living dust out of it, and you would feel like you are stupid for not buying it......
    There's no getting around it.. WP's biggest issue is marketing, and marketing is why WP sits under 5% WWMS... This is fact❗
  • Why don't you get a job in MS marketing department? Just saying.
  • Lol! If I could I would....
    ........ The question is what are YOU going to do about MS, and their poor marketing❓
  • Rodney, Nadela called, asked about you :) LOL How ya been man? :)
  • I've been doing good... Still spreading the good propaganda....
    If Nedela did then I would be on my way to Redmond ASAP❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ Terry M. Would be like "Rodney, will you STFU about marketing already""...... Lol.. Whatever it takes.
  • Terry will kick your ass about that lol. Imagine this convo: Terry: Rodney, will you STFU about marketing already. You: Well, if you did a good job at first place, we wouldn't have this conversation now, wouldn't we? Terry: Well ..... Oh, just shut up already
    You: Ok, so did i got the job?  LOL  
  • Lol❗❗❗❗ Yes, yes that's EXACTLY how it would go.
  • Terry: Sure our marketing interns are great and we have a good spot in the mail room. 
  • Exactly!
  • hey, you gotta start your way up from somewhere, lol
  • Exactly.
  • hes right though, win 8.1 is awsome phone, but xbox fiasco, windows 8 without start menu and windows rt oh and leaving windows phone 7 users out have killed microsofts reputation, and thats all to do with pr, hopefully they can change that but bringing out a developer prievew that wont start suport on their flagship phone is not a great start, but heres hoping.
  • The biggest problem is the Windows name. Why use it on a phone? The iPhone isn't called Apple OSX Phone.
  • No.. Marketing is the biggest problem.... Always❗
  • i 100% agree. For exp: if tomorrow, CrApple will have Tim cook's poop in an aluminum foil called ""iPOOP"", with CrApple's logo on it for sale for $2500+ and will create a hype through media like CNBC, and all the news media around the country, to just keep talking about this shiny and super smelly iPOOP, on every stinking channel your turn to,......... Create fake lines few months before goes on sale by their own employees, so iSHEEP can see and want to be the 1st one's t have this super iPOOP, no matter what it cost or take, even if they have to pay $10,000+ for it in black market.............................Oh wait they already have it, its called iPOOP6 and 6+ and other iPOOP products in an aluminum foil, with shinny logo(all it needs, is to smell and have the same texture like Tim Cook's Poop, then it will be perfect, then iSHEEP can smell and touch each others iPOOP). NOW THAT'S MARKET TING:-), why to go CrApple.
  • That means that Apple is very good at what they do, and that they are very good at marketing.. They should be commended for that, and I give credit where credit is dude...
    Now, in the real world Apple products are very good, and MS products are as well.... The difference is that in the last five years, unlike MS, Apple has done what it takes to convince people to buy their "poop".... The point is that if someone would buy a iPhone6+ then they should be at least considering a Lumia 1520... But, MS doesn't advertise WP as an OS, and depends on carriers, and OEM's, that don't care about WP, to do the work for them....... And, it never gets done...
    So, good job to Tim Cook, and his iPoop... Great company with a great product,, that actually knows how to get great products into the hands of a billion very smart, and hard working people who shouldn't be expected to spend their money on something that hasn't yet been proven to them to be a good product.... I would say that Apple is doing the world a service,, unlike MS who makes a very good smartwatch, and selfishly keeps it to themselves.... Good for Apple❗❗❗❗❗❗
    I only hope that MS starts to do the world justice, and let people know how great Lumia devices are... Satya should personally ask Tim for help,,,,, because they need it.
  • ok i agree with some of the things you said, EXCEPT for CrApple and their products are good, Tim GAY Cook doing a good job, CrApple is great comp,........... part. OH NO NOT ALL ALL and you are 100% WRONG on that. If you know CrApple and their PURE EVIL of practice, you would have NEVER said or even thought that. When a comp ABUSES,  LIES, MISLEAD, PRETENDS, BRAINWASH, FOOL,.............. ppl is NOT great, nor is moral, regardless, how much money they make or have. No human blood worth iCRAP/MacCrap devices. A company that is GREEDY, and always pretending they invented the freaking universe, and COPIES EVERYTHING they have from others, is ANYTHING but great. A company that has $160,000,000,000 CASH overseas, by ripping ppl off, and NEVER EVER pays 1 penny to ANY charitable organization, BESIDE ""GAY"" organization, is ANYTHING but great. When a company makes FUN of features used by other brands for YEARS, and in front of 100000s of ppl in MANY occasions(NFC, and Large Screen phns,.........just couple of examples), and then uses those same features, pretending they were 1st and they never made fun of anything, is ANYTHING but great. A comp that does NOT give a CRAP, about human life or the environment/Earth, that is been taking in China at Foxconn factories, dedicated CrApple section working 15 hrs a day, 7 days a week, by 12+ yrs old workers, sleeping in a 10x10 room along with 18 other workers, that forced 18 of them committed Suicide, which CrApple did not give a crap, nor paid any extra wages to help  those ppl, and all those who supply TIN to CrApple's suppliers ONLY, in Asia with CrApple's FULL knowledge, destroying the sea/ocean life by doing illegal mining, is ANYTHING but great(Watch BBC's documentary, 2014 Apple's Broken Promises, FULL 56 min long video). When a comp that COPIES EVERYTHING from others, and then FOOL ppl by doing BS lawsuits, and patent round edges and similar crap like that, just for sake of marketing stunt, to brainwash ppl's mind, is ANYTHING but great. When a comp that does NOT make ANYTHING WHATSOEVER themselves and its ALL 100% made by Chinese factories/workers, and its ONLY a brand, is anything but great. A comp that has devices that are 4 years BEHIND other brands technologies, and its ONLY around cuz of SAMSUNG, LG, SHARP, SONY,....................that are REAL manufactures and Makes All the  PARTS for their iJUNK and MacCrap devices, is anything but great. I'm proud of Microsoft, by NOT doing this EVIL practice/marketing to get ahead, like CrApple. Good lord gave us a brain(some a lot less like those iSHEEP, that buys iJUNK to say look i got one and i'm cool now), it up to us to use it and see what's WRONG and RIGHT, by NOT given to an EVIL comp like CrApple, and see right through them, and see their Overrated, Hyped-Up, Extremely Overpriced so iSHEEP thinks, they are getting something so much better, when it cost CrApple $50 to $120 (depending on model and storage), made by China, that is sold for $650 to $1200+, that Bends in your pockets, pure garbage battery, still 600~750 Res screen(except for iJUNK6+ finally), still ONLY 8 pix cam, NO FULL NFC, NO MicroSD slot, NO waterproof, NO wireless charging, NO rapid charging, No magmatic charging connector, NO Surround Sound recording, NO 4K recording, NO Gorilla 3 unbreakable Glass digitizer, NO 4k Screen, NO laser focuse, NO Curved Screen, No remote control Camera(Oppo N3), No rotating motorized Cam(Oppo N3), No thinnest phn(Oppo R5),...........................and sooooooooooooo many MORE features that NO iJUNK still has to this date, till they COPY it and FOOL iSHEEP, they were 1st. Well thank GOD, not all of us are brainless/brainwashed iSHEEP.      
  • That sounds like pure hatred for Apple.. A lot of Google fans, and Apple fans, have a similar hatred for MS that you do Apple.... I suggest you separate yourself from this kind if extreme biase because you sound just like them...
    Setting politics, and all that emotional nonsense aside, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, make terrific products, and services..... There's no way anyone can say that a iPhone 6 is a bad product. I've experienced one, and it was some of the best hardware, and software, I've ever set my eye on.... Don't let all that stupid competition between companies cloud your judgment... This isn't a game of battle ship.. It's just smartphones, and software... You're acting like your personal life is at stake here... Lol!
  • So, i guess BBC's documentary means nothing, made by the reporter that even uses iJUNK phn and laptop. I highly recommend you to find that video and watch it, and then tell me if MS and Google doing the same thing as this pure GAY evil comp. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Did you look at all the """""""FACTS""""", i gave you. tell me 1 comp in U.S. beside CrApple does that. """"FACTS"""", and """"TRUTH"""" is out there and its up to you to believe it, or just turn your head and ignore it. I did NOT getup one day, and started to hate CrApple. I OPENED my EYES, LOOK AT ALL THE FACTS, and the LIES CrApple was feeding ppl, and then made my conclusion. so you are 100% WRONG AGAIN. As for iJUNK crap, have you heard of #Bendgate?????? maybe you should watch some Video on YouTube about that, and how crappie is iJUNK is made. And yes i have tested and repaired many iJUNK phns, including the overrated iJUNK6/6+, and i can tell you, if it wasn't for Sony's design AGAIN, i don't know where Crapple would steal their design idea AGAIN, like they did with Original iJUNK.(Search,"""""apple copied Sony"""", and click on the images, and take a look at Sony's design they has YEARS before ijunk came out). Also FYI, My neighbor (also my friend), returned 3 iJUNK 6 phns, due to issues and BENDING, and got iJUNK6+ in their replacement. yeah, is that good. I'm sure his Overrated iJUNK 6+, is even MORE bend, as i have seen every single iJUNK6 and 6+ in EVERY store display, BENT, with crappie display and garbage battery. At 2015 CES, i saw many iSHEEP sitting around the floor charging their overrated, pieces of crap iJUNK6/6+. yeah its that good. NOT. NOT EVEN CLOSE.   
  • And, here we have MicroSheep.... You're no better...
    Bend gate..... Please.. None of my friends have had that happen... That's... Whatever. I don't like talking to sheep of any kind..... It's over, dude.
  • He makes gay sound like it's a crime.
  • to me the best phone and os in the world currently is 930 with win 8.1 but kid apple aint bad, my5-6 years on iphone was prety fantastic, theres a reson its the best selling phone even after nearly 10 years of selling, and thats because its been a great phone with a great rep and apple built on that.  I moved cause i was bored, i was shocked to find windows 8.1 so awsome, But windows has the oposite of iphone because of the above things.
  • Erm, that's because the iPhone uses iOS, not OSX. Windows Phone is called as such because it uses the NT kernel, which is also used by Windows on tablets, laptops, Xbox etc..
  • He knows that.. He's just trying to make a point about the name Windows Phone,, which isn't a bad name as long as MS keeps changing the perception of Windows... Which, the surface, and W10, are doing a pretty good job of.
  • personally windows should have kept the nokia name for 3-4 years cause it was helping people forget the bad stuff assosiated with microsoft.
  • But, that doesn't start to help people remember the good things that MS does....
    Microsoft doesn't want to be forgotten, rather remembered for their good products..... They know Lumia will continue to be great so they want their name on it.... Sooner than later people will associate MS with some of the best hardware available... That's gonna happen.
  • i for one already think windows phones are the best but i also like iphone, obviously you dont but then its a individual thing isnt it.
  • Who say's I don't like iPhones, and why is that obvious❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓
  • I couldn't disagree more with you, ATIV is a perfect name, you do know how they came with the name at first place right? Read backwards, it reads VITA, that means LIFE. ATIV is known branding from Samsung WP phones in the world. So, continuing this brand and announcing a flagship with the name ATIV S on it, it's the next logical step, people will recognize it right away, cuz ATIV  series was a flagship serie. I vote ATIV S series to continue the path. I can hope, right? :) The thing that this phone didn't sell that good is not cuz of the name, but cuz of the bad to none marketing of the product, but there is a huge ATIV S users base out there, including me) :) (oh btw, S doesn't stands for Speed, like in iPhone naming, here S means Series. Galaxy Series - Galaxy S, ATIV Series - ATIV S)
  • You're right... It has nothing to do with the name..... Well, other than nobody knowing the name exists....
  • I don't think so, ATIV S is better than to come up with a new name that no one will know it. ATIV S user base is not that big one, but it is not a small one either. :)
  • I agree.. But, for WP sake they should probably go the HTC route, and just say Galaxy with Windows, or Galaxy W... Something along those lines.... Galaxy Note 5 with W10.... People are more likely to buy that.....
    And, increase marketing:-)
  • Schmack
  • Huh? Schmack who? :)
  • So it's technically the Samsung Anti-Life? Cool.
  • lol, good thinking, but guess not, lol
  • Well here is an idea call it Galaxy W. That way cheaper to market, everyone knows the brand name and all they do its differentiate by the W for each windows version. Hopefully launched simultaneously with the android version so as to get biggest bang for buck at launch. Also means we may get some windows phones with up to date specs not 6 months to a year out of date, which would be nice.
  • Well, you have some fair points here, but i think that everyone knows about Samsung and if you say GALAXY, 9 out of 10 people will think ANDROID. :)
  • Exactly❗ And, for MS's sake that would be good❗❗❗❗❗❗... But, the reality is that it's probably more like 5/10 because the average consumer doesn't know what OS their phone is running,, much less which Galaxy version they have...
    And, even if WP had 20% market share today they still wouldn't know what it's running.... We'd just have millions of people saying "It's a Lumia something,,, IDK""".... They would just follow the crowd, and buy it because of the familiar interface, and because that's what they think a lot of younger people are getting...... THIS IS WHY MARKETING IS SO DAMN IMPORTANT VISUALLY, and names, version numbers, and designations, are squat.
  • Well VITA means life in italian, so you should also look for SVITA on an italian dictionary :)
  • unscrew? lol
  • Guess they will continue working on getting 8.1.1 out to the rest of devices they haven't updated due to technical problems
  • 2018
  • I hope they bring the note series over ASAP Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • That would be amazing❗❗
  • Exactly what I want to see, a Note 4 with WP
  • Note Edge ROCKS. i really like that phn, and note 4.
  • You can want all you like. Microsoft's lawyers talking with Samsung's scumbag lawyers most likely resulted in a purely financial outcome. Three Star can avoid ongoing royalties by selling Windows based phones, that is entirely separate from continuing to pump out cheap shitty phones full of Google's stolen technology.
  • Your comment makes the case for why an age limit needs to be put in place for people trying to post here.  The amount of "kids" posting here now is getting ridiculous. 
  • Actually part of their deal was already highlighted and that was some of the windows phone apps will be on the samsung phones , so im guessing they are parnering to nock a certain fruit of its high spot.
  • Sweet ativ s 5 would be great
  • Forget Samsung junk. Go Sony!!!
  • Samsung never launched any wp8 devices in India. Although we did saw the launch of Omnia series of wp7 devices.
    I think the ativ S was an excellent device to recommend people over the 920 with its gorgeous display, brushed aluminium finish and expandable memory
  • If it means a new flagship that will actually get advertising. I'm happy. :D
  • If its Samsung, id hardly call it a flagship. Their phones all reek of "cheap and nasty" to me.
  • The Ativ line was fantastic, people here hate everything that's not Nokia or Microsoft though. 
  • The problem I have with Samsung is they obviously half ass their windows phones by just rehashing last years android flagship and with no real marketing push. From previous reports it seems they only bother doing this as part of a deal to get a better royalty rate out of MS (which apparently they decided wasn't good enough to pay on time). All the while they suck MS resources to help develop their half ass releases.
  • Nah, its mainly the Lumia fanboys. I've seen tons of people enjoy Samsung phones. Although, I've seen an almost equal number of Android fanboys who also hate Samsung.
  • I'm not much of a lumia fanboy, but currently, they are the future proof phones, being able to reinstall your os/firmware is alone is a hugelu important thing to me, whil ill never by a samsung (i hate the company) I'd welcome others, I lvoe HTC as a brand, and i love their one, if wasnt worried about being able to future proof my phones i would definately of gotten that sexy htc one
  • I have to disagree with you. I love Samsung and what they bring. My first windows phone was the Samsung Focus S. Then I went to the Lumia 920. Now you can call us fan boys, but wouldn't you want to support the company that is pushing and trying to make windows phone something? If it were not for Nokia and AT&T Windows Phone would not be were it is today. Samsung is more worried about there Note and Galxy. If samsung would put as much work into there Windows phone like they do there Androids phone, then I would be more then happy to give them another shot. 
  • @Terry Mason IF Samsung... That's the story. I think they simply doesn't WANT to make and give proper marketing to anything Windows.
    Here in Norway they claimed the Ativ tab didn't sell... Well, being far from a Surface pro they set the price for about 7000,- nkr. That's about $1000,-
    Strange thing it didn't sell...
    But, IF they release a Windows (phone) with top notch hardware AND market it like those Galaxy's... Well, maybe I'll start believe in them again. Else, bah...
  • I completly agree with you. I really wish they would give Windows Phone a chance. Please correct me if I am wrong. I know  Samsung runs Android, but don't they add there own touch to the soft wear? Every Android device doesn't run the same Android OS. Like Windows were all the same.
  • My ATIV has no update. I'm still waiting 8.0 GDR2. No GDR 2 = no preview....
  • Read the opening post (first post) and then continue reading from page 50 (you have just 25 pages to browse through), maybe some of the comments there will help you get to official WP8.1.1 (Update 1) like i have on my ATIV S i8750 :)
  • No we just hate phones from crap OEMs such as HTC and Samsung :)
  • My ativ S is flawless, thank you
  • I love my ATIV S.  While Samsung phones aren't iphone-premium, they make great phones with tons of features, and having them make WP handsets is infinitely better than not.  We need more phones with more variety.  I would love a Galaxy W based on the S5, and a Galaxy Note W would be awesome for everyone.
  • Iyae, that's because their phones are cheap and nasty. Lol
  • As you said it yourself, to you but not to others. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The 1020 got advertising. I saw plenty of commercials for it
  • "Actually get advertising"..... That's the key❗❗ You're a rare breed, my son... A rare breed.
  • Rod, stop smoking whatever you're smoking and go apply for that marketing job at MS ;)
  • Lol.
  • Its probably would be too soon for a galaxy s6 for windows.
  • Yes, because "galaxy" is an android trademark.
  • True True but hey anything can happen you know.
  • Do you think Samsung will do the same with the Galaxy-line as HTC did with their One-line? They did made a WP version of the M8 in the One-line which was Android only
  • ...hmm Galaxy S5/6 for Windows???
    Just wish the Galaxy phones weren't cheap plastic...
  • It's just a shame that the M8 camera sucks ass. That's is the only reason I still have my 920.
  • The m9 is an improvement. Also, it is called, HIMA, some shit like that. But, there is a WP option.
  • Are we sure it's an Android trademark? I thought it was Samsung's domain. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • More correctly, it's a trademark that Samsung uses exclusively to indicate their Android range. Just like they exclusively use ATIV for their Windows range. Galaxy is wholly owned by Samsung to do with what they want, but smart marketing means they will keep it for Android only.
  • Because you know everything about Samsung and marketing? Please. A dual boot or even windows phone version of a galaxy is definitely a possibility, and that's a fact. Your opinions are not facts, try not to say them like they are.
  • It's a possibility, yes, but I agree with Nik Rolls. Making a Windows Galaxy phone is not smart marketing. The Galaxy brand has been around long enough, and promoted big enough that customers know what to expect, and can backlash if it changes. It'd be like if McDonalds released a "Big Mac with chicken"...much smarter to just give it a whole different name
  • I'm aware, but saying it's an Android trademark makes it sound like Google it's licensing it to Samsung.
  • It's not an Android trademark, no. It's Samsung's high-end Android line. It's like Galaxys are ford focuses and Ativs are ford fusions...if that helps any
  • HTC ONE?? If they can do it why not Samsung? They can call it the "Galaxy X", with the "X" meaning (Windows) 10. After all X=10 in Roman numerals.
  • Ye paid attention in class, or ye are still a wee lad in school...
  • How could Galaxy be an Android trademark? Google doesn't own Samsung
  • Ativ S6 lol
  • In a galaxy far far away
  • Samsung Ativ S6 would be a good naming for a Windows phone
  • Samsung Galaxy is same as HTC One line. There is One M7, One M8. Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6. Samsung uses/owns Galaxy. Google isn't involved.
  • I'd prefer for msft to get hard cold cash, than another (possibly) low end crappy Samsung WP, that won't be supported and customers will be unhappy.
  • Agree
  • that's closed minded mate. there are heaps of people who love Samsung as a brand. just buy what you want
  • Nah, its his opinion. Having an opinion isn't closed minded, and neither is stating it. I agree with him; Samsung phones are cheap and nasty looking. Yeah I'm sure some people like them, but some people like hookers and some people like heroin so that's not saying much is it?
  • You've never seen the AT&T ATIV S Neo. It's the second best looking WP behind the One and I'm not exaggerating. Pictures don't do it justice.
  • Hmm... That's your opinion and nothing else. The Lumia line is a lot better looking than that and any other Samsung I've ever seen - IMO. The One is a nice looking phone though, I'll agree with that bit.
  • Uh no. The Lumia line looks and feels better than the ativ s line. The one is a decent looking phone so I can give you that but there is nothing attractive about Samsung windows phones
  • Says the 9 year old fanboy with no friends. Right.
  • Yeah, but you are not MS and possibly MS know more than you of business.
  • "probably" LOL
  • "we won't charge you Android license fees if you dump it for windows" I can dream. Although at this point I think the average user has more brand association with Samsung than Android so who knows. If they released the GS6 in both Android and windows versions and gave them equal marketing push, it would be interesting to see the outcome.
  • Yes, and I actually have met people who didn't know their Samsung was an Android, lol :)
  • There's probably millions out there who are the same. Android is so diverse that people don't even think and just presume its a phone with some software made by X.
  • Yes indeed the same thing happens here. Ppl buy an Apple or a Samsung not android. So a galaxy W series would be nice and with transparent tile's ppl won't even notice.
  • Most people I talk to don't know what Android is unless you mean a Motorola Droid.
  • I remember when my wife got her Xperia P, it took some time and repeated quiestions (Do I have an Android phone?) before she got it.
  • Excellent. Now MSFT just need to settle things with Google to pave the way for W10.
  • Woah lets don't get crazy here. :D
  • LOL
  • There's no open dispute between Microsoft and Google. Google simply thinks that WP isn't worth spending any of their money or time on. As for the YouTube mess...well, they layed their ground rules. Microsoft didn't deliver. You can say they demanded from Microsoft things they themselves don't offer on their apps on Android and iOS. Fair enough. But that's their prerogative. It's their product after all. 
  • To be fair, it appears that Google changed the terms they gave Microsoft after already coming to an agreement. That was the unfair part. But it's really hard to know for sure.
  • According to Microsoft's own statement at the time, Google blocked the app 'cause they demanded the app to be all in HTML5, something that they don't do on their own Android/iOS apps and Microsoft didn't felt obligated to provide it as such (or something along these lines).
  • I think nowadays it's the other way around. Google needs to settle things with Microsoft. Because Microsoft has stopped with their anti-Google campaign called Scroogled. So it's Google's move now to play nice.
  • Yeah. You can dream about it.
  • Fuck Google. We don't need her
  • Unless they change their strategy of releasing phones and just abandoning them it ultimately wont make a difference. I wouldn't start dreaming of anything samsung related just yet.
  • The ATIV S Neo got updated late last year. If that's what you call abandonment, then you must have separation anxiety issues.
  • Hope Samsung can deliver many WP handsets this year. This will be extremely good for WP.
  • They released like a million phones last year if they released like 10% of that running Windows we would be set. If they advertise it.
  • They would only need to advertise the high-ends. Lots of Samsung's devices are low-end Androids that you just pick up at Wal-Mart. Though, advertising the flagships is necessary.
  • They would be to put their own spin on the UI. Introduce some new animations or tile sizes or something. Otherwise you can't tell one from the other.
  • That's the laziest complaint I've ever heard, and I thought the same when Huawei made that complaint. You can't customize the PC version if windows (except for pre-installing your own programs), but does that stop Samsung from differentiating their products? No. The hardware differentiates it. Just like HTC. Their hardware differentiates it from Lumias just fine.
  • That's right, because they are falling over themselves to create Windows Phones. I forgot.
  • Doesn't matter. My point still stands
  • And your point was what exactly? That a recycled Galaxy body with stock WP is gonna wooo?
  • No, my point was that saying the only way you can tell WP OEMs apart is to let them put their own spin on the UI is completely false
  • Maybe a Samsung ATIV SM????
  • Hoping galaxy note # whatever. I'll still likely buy Lumia but it might get more Droid converts that are Samsung loyalists.
  • Yeah, something tells me that the continued pluming in profits for Samsung has helped the "settlement".   Not that WP will make them recoup the money they're already losing to other Android OEMs, but it can't make them lose substantially more.
  • Also with Nokia gone Samsung can become the sales king of WP. Samsung has a followiong so with some advertising and support they may sell a high amount of phones. Also this may give Samsung the oppurtunity to decrease their dependence on Android for revenue in the mobile division since the Chinese brands are eating at their marketshare. This is my theory but anything is possible.
  • They had it going with the Focus and would've had a great jump on 8 if the ATIV S came out on time and worldwide. With the relaxed chassis and low to no WP license fees, I can see Samsung coming back.
  • Good point. As much as people may not like Samsung, WP sure could use them right now. Having them support WP could be the shot in the arm it needs.
  • I do not want Samsung to be the king of windows phone if all we have to look forward to is plastic hardware and a bunch of excess features that are half implemented lmao.
  • Well Samsung are making phones with metal now, note 4 and alpha and most likely galaxy 6.
    There are no skins in WP so there will be minimum lag but they can create their own apps.
  • And I'm guessing that it's the no skin "problem" that's causing a lot of the OEMs to back off from WP.
  • If they're going to make low end devices and not support or advertise them, then I'll pass.
  • Based on Samsung's record with Windows phones, I bet we get a WP version of that almost one-year old band-aid phone - there's probably a lot of those unsold in their storage facilities.
  • They should release the Galaxy S6 in two versions: Android and Windows. Put a good marketing there and the phone would be a hit.
  • Would be awesome. Unlikely, but awesome!
  • Please, they need to change that WP line name. ATIV doesn't seems right anymore. Never did actually.
  • they should be brave and make a note series for windows phone. I would buy it.
  • Agreed. Was just thinking the same. Something similar to Galaxy, if they're just gonna copy the hardware.
  • Could you imagine a Galaxy Note Edge for Windows? That would be amazing.
  • I agree, but they've doubled down with the name by releasing more windows laptops.
  • Why did they even change the Omnia name from Windows Mobile era
  • Bring on a Note 4 running WP!
  • Yeah would love the stylus with OneNote and Office
  • This!
  • This^^
  • Aaaww yis! Note 4 with WP, stylus on OneNote and Office would be one of the few reasons to switch from my 1520.
  • Good to hear :)
  • Confidential obviously because its trade secrets.
  • Microsoft makes a lot of money from patents.
  • Here's hoping that the settlement includes placing Windows 10 Mobile in a Galaxy S6/Note 5
  • Now is a good time to bend Samsung's arm, and it could see both Microsoft and Samsung benefit... just as long as they work together to promote their devices, they could break America like never before =)
  • I think the biggest problem in the US is the service providers, they do not give a damn about WP devices..
  • They will once more people start buying them
  • But most people won't start buying them when the sales people tell everyone Windows Phones are junk.
    The majority of people don't know shit about the phones they buy. They are at complete mercy to whatever the salesmen push that day.
  • I dont even think the salesmen know shit about Windows Phone either. They're probably poorly trained on it, and expect it to work just like Android or iOS, so they get frustrated and just say to hell with it. That's a lot of the problem with service providers. Lack of training and understanding, so they just make up crap about the devices they sell. Fortunately the AT&T store I go to the employees seem somewhat knowledgeable about WP, seeing as a few of them own one themselves. Plus they're not tucked away towards the back of the store. They actually have their own dedicated section right out in the open towards the front left of the store.
  • I would say nowadays for sales associates to ' make up crap' and get away with it is quite hard and quite easy to tell when they are bsing. I highly doubt there is any lack of training as Microsoft themselves offers a site dedicated simply for retail associates where they can go and get info/training on their products and they reward you for it too (called ExpertZone look it up) and the rewards are quite nice too, talking from experience. I have met plenty of sales associates from several retailers that have great things to say about WP. Usually it's brand perception of the customer and many times they come into retailers knowing what they want. Each individual has their idea of a good/bad phone and each retailer has a different focus but usually that focus is to sell whatever makes them money. Quite frankly WP doesn't sell enough for most retailers unfortunately. T-mobile for example has nothing but lower end WP like 635 521 Nokias. They carry the M8 for Windows but not in stores, online only it seems. Even Best Buy doesn't carry higher end WP besides the non-contract prepaid phones and associates working there have told me they feel WP is being undercut by these cheaper WP phones and not getting the exposure they deserve (I agree) but right now that's what's selling unfortunately. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah that's all true I suppose. I think the reason Microsoft is on this budget phone streak is to try to shove out more phones to carriers, which isn't boasting so well. I think they're just trying to catch up with the amount of phones that manufacturers have for Android that are budget phones as well, of which there are numerous ones to choose from. I can understand needing budget phones on the marketplace for people with lower incomes to be able to afford them, but to completely focus on that area for as long as they have been has been the wrong choice. They also need more mid to high end phones as well in order to compete. Though there's thousands of budget Android phones to choose from, the only real ones you see marketed to people are the Samsung Galaxy line and the Nexus line. You dont see commercials for a Kyocera DuraForce Android phone. I think that Microsoft needs to hop off of the "budget buggy" for awhile and step into some "flagship fastbacks." That's the only way they can hope to establish a stronger image for Windows 10 on their phones.
  • Because it simply doesn't make them money. Once WP starts to make them money, their additudes will change. Why do you think carriers in the US each have exclusives? It's the money talking... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The average Galaxy user is more enamored with the Samsung brand than the actual OS. I wouldn't be surprised if a large portion of them dont even know what Android is. Release a quality build Samsung with w10 and market it and you've definitely got a shot.
  • Android is such a generic term that most people are enamored with the branding than the OS. Why do you think there is a giant Apple on the backend of each iPhone? Microsoft has no idea how to sell the brand.
  • So you're saying windows mobile devices should have windows logo at back no matter the OEM? Not bad idea to promote the OS
  • Lol the back of my phone has a windows logo, a small one, under the giant HTC, but at least its there.
  • It would be a start. And what about that Surface? You can't even see the name on the device. And now with everyone coming out with a kick stand attachment keyboard it's not such a bright idea to monochrome the device name anymore. It's almost like Microsoft has an issue proudly displaying itself. Obscurity won't get you noticed.
  • My first WP was a Samsung, was very light compared to this pig Icon.
  • Another article about how Microsoft bought Nokia, these blogs..
  • You're right, someone should tell the author of this piece that Nokia is still a independent company. 
  • Good news
  • So what where the terms they agreed on?
  • "Terms of the agreement are confidential."
  • Both parties aren't at liberty to say. Its strictly between Microsoft and Samsung, nobody else. But if I had to guess what they'd be its probably something like MS would drop a large portion of the fees Samsung owes them, if not all of the fees, in exchange for decent quality Windows Phone devices to be produced for a set amount of time, whether its 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc. or until the remaining balance Samsung owes is paid off.
  • I feel like with w10 its a new start for windows phone. I know we heard this before. But this time I feel it, and that's what matters. Because im very in touch with things :)
  • Good... Lets see some positives from this agreement!!
  • Maybe its time for Samsung Ativ S2 with a snapdragon SD805-801 2gb ram 1080p SuperAmoled 5 inch and 13 Mp camera will be good
  • Oh great, more mid to low-end phones coming that will be born neglected orphans - from Samsung /S
  • Awesome! Haters gonna hate. Both Samsung offerings have been high end FYI. The Neos and SE. On the support side, more OEM apps than anyone else. Though I'd agree getting firmware updates faster would be nice. Samsung brought me to WP and depending on how well W10 does in the apps category, I'll be back. I'll give Android an honest shot this year. Microsoft is making it easy to stay with their Android support though. Picturesque and Outlook Preview are 2 great apps that come to mind. Especially now that I'm getting the hang of Outlook. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I just want the S6... Not something "based on the S6" :)
  • The Ativ SE is currently the best WP high end phone...... True story
  • I'd be interested to know what the outcome is. If Samsung had won, Microsoft would've lost all of their Android patent advantages.
  • I imagine it's something like, "We'll let the Android thing slide if you make an active effort to build and market Windows 10 devices." Hence the confidentiality, so other OEMs don't get excited thinking they can skimp out on the royalties. Just my pure speculation based on absolutely nothing of substance. Don't quote me on that, and take with a few dozen grains of salt.
  • Lol
  • Hey whatever gives MS some leverage I'm all for it lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm all for a new model from Samsung.  How about a Note 4 version running Windows Phone 10?
  • Funny I was at the airport and a girl noticed my phone she said what is I told a Nokia Lumia windows phone. She said what's that " really it's 2015 how sad.
  • Windows Phone running in a Exynos will be interesting to see the performance
  • I hope they had to pay what they owe and MS uses the resources to get up and market the next flagship.
  • They probably dropped how much they owe by a bit on the condition that they make a few W10 phones. That's what I would have done :P
  • Just have Samsung do the marketing for a Windows 10 phone. Theirs is usually better than MS, at least for phones. I mean everybody marketed the iPhone and while we all know why, having someone who is not MS push a MS phone would be greater than them releasing something half-assed.
  • Did the Samsung windows phones ativ etc... contian some of the same ui layer that their android phones have?
  • No, the only differentiator Samsung has on windows phone is apps. Most of which are for photography. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • One more thing Google and Apple need to worry about. If MS plays their cards right with W10 and everything else they have on the go, this could be their year.... Or their next couple of years
  • Give me a note variant with note features and I'll consider loving you and switching from Lumias. From his point on, I really don't see much innovation from the Lumia line in the near future anymore.
  • Me neither. I'm not saying the Lumia line is trash by any means. The hardware is very sleek and performs well, but to me all of the devices look more or less the same. The 1520 just looks like a larger and flatter version of the 920, they all use the same material, which is either the matte or glossy plastic shell, no styluses or other accessories are included with the phones, etc. Sure the hardware is better, but that doesn't make up for the great potential that the Lumia line still has. They could release a kickass device if they seriously wanted to. They have more than enough resources to do so, but all we've been getting so far is cheap low budget phones. I like my 1520, but if Samsung makes a Note variant of Windows Phone before Microsoft is able to, I would gladly take the Samsung anytime just for the sake of the innovation it is bringing to Windows Phone.
  • Awesome, now where's a new ATIV???
  • W10m Note please.
  • I wish 8.1 on my ativ se!!!
  • Get ready folks, we'll probably get from Samsung a WP version of that almost one-year old band-aid phone - there's probably a lot of those still lying unsold in their storage facilities.
  • Ativ S6 please! Or Ativ Note!!
  • Galaxy note or edge Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I want the Note running Windows 10!!
  • I hope they launch a Note 4 equivalent or any 5.7" device. Fingers crossed.
  • I doubt there will be any Samsung WP sometime soon. They lead Android and just started pushing Tizen.
  • Yes they still lead but profits are declining. The Chinese Androids are cutting into their pockets. Tizen support is diminishing as well. WP is the best bet.
  • As long as there's no touchwiz I'm good
  • Hahahahaha agreed lol
  • Great to hear!
    Hope this time Samsung actually put some effort into it & not half ass it like the Ativ.
  • Good if Samsung makes some new WP handsets and make meaningful attempts to market them... but I wont be buying any of their cheap tat phones ever
  • Had a note... No thanks. Bring something that isn't so plastic and cheap feeling, something that has substance that will stick out and then market the crap out of it. But please don't bring a new one every 30 days.... That is why you are losing market share. You can only sell the same phone with a different name so many times before people just go...uhhh nothing new
  • Guessing it wasn't a Note 4 then as that thing is sheer quality.
  • Now that Microsoft is making many Lumia apps available to everyone it could be possible for Samsung to build great Windows Phones if they would put in the effort for once.
  • Hopefully Samdung will go the HTSh1t route and put Windows on their Crapdriod flagship. #GeneralTheDestroyer
  • Windows phone by Samsung. Probably galaxy s6 with windows 10 mobile. Just like HTC m8 for windows.
  • If Microsoft would just come out with a Certified SURFACE Windows Phone that has the hardware for a super windows 10 phone.... It would set the tone, like the Surface 3 tablet did for other tablet companies to follow... Our they could get one of the phone mfgr's to build it for them... Something to get me excited and to upgrade from my Nokia 1520... Otherwise I might be inclined upgrade to another platform...
  • CEO wasn't a fan of buying Nokia's phone division. Don't see that happening
  • That wasn't his call at the time though, it was Ballmer's. I'm sure Nadella would love to sell off the Lumia divison, but doing so right now would practically kill Microsoft in the mobile market because nobody else is making Windows Phones for them.
  • Ahhhem..CoughDowngradeCough... Sorry had a frog in my throat :P
  • Owner of a Samsung ativ s since 3 years now. great phone and quality not bad. Not even a scratch on IT! (gorilla glass)
  • Flagship device, with choice of Android/Windows 10 launched the same day, advertised together...
  • I'd strongly consider an Ativ Note with comparable specs yo the Galaxy Note 4.
  • ^ this! I have a Note 4 but can't stand using Android on it.
  • MS should've made Samsung pay. All they will do is put out some half baked phone Then complain about the by sales, and site that as a reason not to make another phone.
  • I'm sure that could've been part of the terms of agreement between the two though. Samsung would have to make mid to high end phones running Windows Phone in order to avoid paying the fees Android caused them, and not just cheap crap that nobody wants.
  • Welcome back, now do something awesome
  • Cool. S6 Windows. If there's no Lumia 1030, I'd give it a go.
  • Maybe the Ativ S can get 8.1 in Canada now.
  • I expect a halfa$$ effort from Samsung. If they gave 1/10th of the money they put behind the Galaxy line on WP, I'd be shocked. I'm sticking with the Lumia line until Samsung earns back some respect.
  • Same here. I'm still anxious to see what kind of devices they'd have to offer though, if any at all. Whatever they throw out there will determine whether or not I stick with the Lumia line. I'd like to see some sort of Note variant. An "Ativ Scribe" perhaps?
  • God NO! They will just throw it out in the market without support. If they ever release it, do not release it in Asia. WP will lose more (product perception) than gain.
  • My 1st Windows Phone was a Samsung Focus. I was immensely impressed with it's sleek design and smoothness. Since then Samsung has just been indifferent about Windows Phones
  • don't go for samsung they wont show any dman interest in wp. get our royalties back. Microsoft. instead convince oems liks htc, acer, and lenovo to make phones.
  • Dont forget, the terms of agreement between their settlement were not revealed to us. It very well could've been a scenario that means Samsung has to be COMMITTED to Windows Phone for a set period of time in order to avoid having to pay all or some of their royalty fees. If they void that agreement, Microsoft can easily jump back at their throats and demand the royalty payments on the spot. Hell, if that is the case and Samsung ends up seeing popularity in their Windows Phone division, they may just as well dump Android entirely and avoid future royalty payments, but I doubt that will happen.
  • samsung really didn't know hpw tp make good phones the obky thinh they did was marketing and dumping. now samsung as a brand in phones is more or less of no use.
  • Omnia 7 was my first WP device which was fantastic. Even Ativ S was great but I chose Lumia 920 because Nokia was all over WP.
    Samsung's strategy is completely flawed. They are trying to reduce their dependence on Android by introduction of their own OS. Google has extraordinary control on Android which has monopolised an open source project. The amount of research put into Bada should have been diverted to development of WP line of devices. This will diversify Samsung's portfolio and less reliance on Google instead of starting all the work from zero by development of OS.
  • I hope that Samsung provides firmware updates for the ATIV S and ATIV SE so the devices can officially support WP8.1
  • I thought they anyway got updated to 8.1.1 have you been checking for updates?
  • Not all variants got it yet the sgh-t899m(which basically is the same as the neo under the hood) for example
  • Samsung did made an official firmware 8.1.1 for ATIV S, My ATIV S i8750 is running on it as we speak and this firmware (offical, not PfD) did reborn my phone again, I just love it. :) I posted this above but here is for you again, Read the opening post, you got all info you need there and then jump to page 50 and start reading from there. :)
  • Wasn't Samsung developing their own OS? They didn't want to rely on Android as much as they do now. I guess the windows phones will be a half hearted attempt.
  • From what ive herd that will mainly be used with gear & smart TVs
  • As far as I know they were, it was called Tizen or something like that. But I guess it was a flop sp they have to end up relying on Android for now. But depending on what the ToA was between Microsoft and Samsung they might jump from Android to Windows Phone altogether, but I doubt this is the case.
  • Cool
  • Samsung Omnia W was as cool as Nokia Lumia 800. Why doesn't Samsung make some mid range devices?
  • welcome back Samsung to best OS
  • I'm not interested to get a Samsung Windows Phone even if it would be the most beautiful or the highest spec'd Windows Phone in the market.
  • Well why? That just sounds very narrow-minded.
  • Samsung = Samesung. Unless they change the looks of the Galaxy and stop their TV's from automatically listening to your conversations then I'm not interested.
  • ATIV S is the best of the three 1st Gen flagships, it has SD support, bigger screen and bigger battery (and bonus: a physical home button) only the camera was better in the 920. I got it and it's a pretty good phone it only lacked support, special features to stand out and marketing.
    My primary phone now is the lumia 1520 but I still love it.
  • I have a Note 4 and hate it because of Android. Otherwise the hardware is fantastic. Would love it with Windows Phone running on it.
  • ATIV is such a stupid name. Go with Omnia...
  • They should stick with the galaxy name probably, since it's the most famous maybe they can call it Samsung galaxy w and galaxy w-note.
  • Still waiting on Sony...
  • I want a Windows phone with a Carl Zeiss camera, like those from Sony.
  • Awesome I would love any Samsung Windows phone
  • There are few if any low end Samsung phones available at Walmart these daya . Those would be ZTE phones. And even those are starting to have better specs like 1 gig of ram and small quadcores. Anywho.. l get tired of hearing ppl talk crap about Samsung. Some idiot always talking about cheap and plasticy. They ran over a Galaxy S5 with a garbage truck. The only damage was a cracked cam lens. Samsung's high end phones are awesome and even last years models would make great WP devices.
  • Ahhhhh well it doesn't matter what Samsung put out there... MSFT is more concern about what other people are doing, they don't give a shit about WP from the day they created WP,they are more concerned about the shareholders profits...BTW my 1520 is the best WP I had so far and I will upgrade it to another 1520 but this time in YELLOW!!!
  • Hopefully, Microsoft made them agree to releasing WP versions of the S6 and Note 5... and made them promise to at least try to market the damn things.
  • We need Windows 10 phns in the fallowing devices ASAP, which brings Win phns back on top, if that happens. So i hope we see several more windows phn brands at ""2015 WMC"" in Spain, in March. I'm hoping to see """LG Flex 2""" in Windows. That phone looked AWESOME and WOW at 2015 CES, which was running Android.(there would be only few phns i would leave my Lumia 1520 for. LG Flex 2, Oppo N3, Samsung Note 4 Edge, Sony Xperia Z, are the phns i would really have a hard time not to go with).        1. Oppo (R5 and N3 and all upcoming awesome devices, should come in Windows too) 2. Samsung (Current flagship phns, should also come in Windows) 3. LG (LG Flex 2 and G3 and G4) 4. HTC (continues with their lines as they are now with windows/android) 5. SONY (those idiots at Sony, need a kick in their Ass's to wake them up, going all android IS/WAS NOT an Answer, i thought i would NEVER say that about Sony, what is wrong with these ppl, all they do give their AWESOME design to CrApple to COPY from, so CrApple gets the glory) 6. ASUS  (their new line of phns with Intel CPU should come with Windows Too) 7. LENOVO ( Same here, i saw their Phns at 2015 CES, and they were AWESOME, MUST come in Windows too) 8. last but not least Microsoft LUMIA line, with some updated version of 1520, 1020, Icon/930,....... ppl want NEW flagship Lumia line phns. I personally LOVE my 1520, and its by far 1000000000000000x better than ALL CrApple iJUNK phns combined. However, I'm ready to upgrade to get another iJUNK killer device, so i can rub it in iSHEEP faces.
  • I don't care about Samsung anymore I want a surface phone I want to look like a surface only smaller altho built in kick stand could be sweet
  • Galaxy S6 for Windows :) Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • And, here we have MicroSheep.... You're no better...
    Bend gate..... Please.. None of my friends have had that happen... That's... Whatever. I don't like talking to sheep of any kind..... It's over, dude.