Microsoft invests $3 million in Vietnamese YouthSpark program

Microsoft today announced the company plans to invest $3 million in Vietnam over the next three years, as part of the tech giant's YouthSpark program. YouthSpark enables aspiring young enthusiasts with education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

The YouthSpark program in Vietnam will focus on three areas: development of employees, broaden investment in youth across the country, and support young leaders. It's an interesting move, especially when one considers that Vietnam plays a major role in Microsoft's mobile device manufacturing.

"Microsoft will collaborate with VietNet-ICT to implement the Bac Ninh Province Training Roadshow on Basic Technology Skills and provide training to 1,200 young people. In addition, Microsoft will extend its existing commitment to train underserved youth and in partnership with VietNet-ICT aims to reach 16,500 young people in Bac Ninh, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh over the next three years."

Today's announcement is also part of Microsoft's long term commitment for Vietnam. Microsoft will offer numerous courses to young enthusiasts, as well as the YouthSpark hub, which we highly recommend you check out if you're interested in tech.

Source: Microsoft

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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