Microsoft announces the affordable Nokia 222, powered by Series 30+

Microsoft has announced the Nokia 222, as well as a dual-SIM variant. This new phone is powered by Nokia Series 30+ and offers limited connectivity to the internet at an affordable price. Utilizing both Opera Mini and Bing, Microsoft has bundled a variety of services on the Nokia 222.

The Nokia 222 sports a 2.4-inch QVGA display, 2MP main camera, can use MicroSD cards of up to 32GB, and a 1,100mAh battery. There's also SLAM support, enabling owners to easily send files with other supported products. Owners of the Nokia 222 also get a free Gameloft title each month for a year.

The phones (both the single and dual-SIM versions) will be available in both glossy black and white colors with matching keyboards. Availability is planned for September with prices looking to be set at just $37.

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}

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  • Whoa thats some serious battery life. I think thats a perfect back up for anyone
  • But does it support hspa?
  • Edge only
  • Slow and reliable edge. Ah the memories :) Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • 520 XL ?!?!?
  • Maybe he meant 525. :D
  • I want activesync support.
  • Agreed! Is this tri band? (can't open web page from windows central app on 1520 for some reason)
  • Sorry Off-topic: How to make WiFi Hotspot on Windows 10(native option like W10 Mobile).  I want to internet connection on my PC with clean installed Windows 10 with my mobile, i have used Connectify before but its showing problem now, might be not supported W10 drivers untill. Is there a native way of sharing internet in PC as present in Windows 10 Mobile as both share same core now. PS: i don't wanna use the cmd-netsh method & want a user friendly way so others can use it also.   I Have Already tried the forums thats why asking here.
  • The hotspot is currently broken in both Windows 10 Mobile, as well as Windows 10 Desktop (Build 10525) at the moment. There is no way. :/
  • You can create hotspots in Windows 10 using command prompt, I think (works in 8 and 8.1). Google it or better yet Bing it.
  • Try searching wireless hosted network
  • I am currently using 160WiFi and it has served me well so far. I can't comment much about it since I've only had it for a week but you could try it.
  • Try mHotspot
  • Use the contact support app to contact Microsoft answer deck. They will do a remote session and get you running in no time, I use it three times now and the results are great.
  • It's a little bit cumbersome. Google "netsh wlan start hostednetwork" for some instructions
  • That phone gets free Gameloft games... Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I got my Lumia 520 for $29..
  • Not at its release though. ;). I got mine absolutely free. Think I paid $30-40 for my 630. Deals are certainly out there on Lumia low end models. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And i paid $200 for 630 :(
  • 190$ for Lumia 640 XL
  • Bought mine at $99, in 2015. Price regulations for old phone doesn't apply here. New 920 still cost like $449-499 in Nokia store (yes it still Nokia store)
  • The day the 520 was released in the UK I bought it for £120.
  • The Lumia 520/521 was their one truly successful device here in the US. Microsoft should be smart and make a Lumia 520/1 XL and milk the name a bit. Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • I got my 930 with a contract and traded it for a 1520 xD like literally 3 days later .. Fluffin Vodafone to not support 1520 :(
  • I got my Lumia 520 for 150$
  • That's how much I paid for my 1520
  • No or low data charges. There are more costs to a smartphone than just the phone Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ugh go away with your affordable phones Microsoft! I want a phone I need a 2nd Mortgage for
  • This phone isn't for you!
  • Considering the price.. I think it's for everyone. Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • 520 xl You're optimistic, so am I
  • I'm with you my friend. We must wait though... so much waiting. It should be worth it.
  • Windows 10 mobile?
  • You must be too lazy to read... :P. It's running S30+.
  • Bet it has Cortana. /troll Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just create whatsapp for this phone and It'll nail the market.
  • Yup and a Facebook messenger and boom! who needs touchscreens? Buttons are the future! Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • It should be able to get Whatsapp.
  • Nokia X2-01 is also s30 and it has WhatsApp .and very amazing phone too.
  • It's funny how Series 30 is in better shape today than the latest version of Symbian in the Nokia 808.
  • No one would have ever thought that s60 and s40 would die and s30 would live longer !!
  • I want one. But they never sell this in the US.
  • Same. Grandparents and Father love these kind of phones and I would totally buy them one each Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • I would seriously consider this if they did.  If I could swap SIMs with my Lumia easily, it would be a no brainer to have as a backup and alternate phone when you just want a phone with some other basic functions.
  • Would be a hit for the drug cartel! Expand your target audience Microsoft xD Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • Eh....Nokia??
  • Unless buying this as a cheap backup device, I suppose the people this phone is aimed at already use a feature phone, which is quite likely a Nokia, and so people already associate the brand with good feature phones
  • Microsoft are allowed to use the Nokia branding on feature phones like this for some time. They couldn't on Lumia, however, hence why it's switched to Microsoft on the top of the devices.
  • I didn't realise they could continue using the Nokia name on these devices. I guess they are allowed to use the name up until whatever date in 2016 that Nokia are able to re-enter the phone market though.
  • On feature phones, they can use Nokia for next 10 years(if I am not wrong) till 2016 was for Smartphones(Lumia) only.
  • Wah, that's clever. No one will buy features phone with Microsoft branding
  • I would but then again I'm a suckrr for Microsoft products. Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • Something like that.
  • The flagship we all have been waiting for!
  • And it will help increase W10M market share!
  • I kind of want one of these for a backup/second phone. Wonder how tough it will be to import to the US for use on AT&T.
  • My Nokia N9 much better :p
  • These s30+ phones really sucks. You cant download any java apps on this phone. Only 2-3 gameloft games and nothing else. Nokia 206, 208 were much better at least we can download java apps in it.
  • If you wanted to download apps, of any kind, onto an affordable phone then surely you would be the kind of person best suited to a budget smartphone?
  • Why? When Symbian has one of the biggest app libraries?
  • I don't use that phone I carry a Android and Windows Phone. My Neighbour Brought Nokia 225 for ₹3000 which run a s30+ as a secondary phone. She want to install Nimbuzz, m-Indicator app on it. When we tried to download these app only jar file was download it doesn't install on it. Then she sold it next day and brought Nokia 208 for ₹2800 which has s40 OS now she has WhatsApp, Nimbuzz and many other java app installed on it. Now she can install apps on a phone which is ₹200 cheaper. So you must think about it what you had said to me
  • Flagship!
  • Oh this is a ship alright. Call it Titanic. Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • Why release this garbage...
    Again and again, how many entry level do we need
  • It's for 3rd world countries mainly. Durable & battery lasts for weeks.
  • Does anyone know if there's any way this would run on AT&T? I'd really like to use this.
  • Almost any phone can run on ATT just make sure its unlocked. Put the correctly sized sim and done. Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • I guess this is their answer for the budget class? :P.
  • Remember when they called the Lumia 830 the affordable flagship lol. Shit costed more than the Xbox One and wasn't no flagship Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • Microsoft have no idea.
  • Woohoo!  Another budget phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What's the point? They should be boosting W10 smh
  • That's because Microsoft have still not made up their minds regarding which direction they should go in the mobile market. They have yet to decide if they should kill off Windows 10 Mobile and instead concentrate on their apps on iOS and Android. Anything is possible since W10M is still under development.
  • Finally, the flagship!
  • They should increase the screen resolution to at least 720p and battery to 2500 mAH. They could also put a faster processor with at least 1 GB DDR3 RAM. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol dafuq? Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • I'm guessing this phone was already in, and well along, the pipeline before the recent strategy changes.  It makes absolutely no sense otherwise. Or...I've missed something....    
  • This is feature phone. Strategy change was about smartphones. Yet I would be surprised if MM still makes feature phones in coming years.
  • Just another Mastermind move from the amazing Nadella..
  • the ultimate hipster phone
  • Meanwhile Lumia 635's have been on clearance sale for $25. Why develop a whole new phone when you could just concentrate on making the 1000X better 635 more affordable to produce?
  • Good, we were running low on budget junk. Can't announce flagships, too much effort.
  • It would be great if these phones had WhatsApp support...
  • My granddad would love that phone he can't live without buttons!!!
  • The homescreen looks more like iOS then WP.
  • Oh, look...yet another cheap, nasty, bottom feeding phone from the good folk at Redmond....yippee, woot woot, hurrah, etc,'s now confirmed, Steve Jobs died of laughter watching Microsoft try to break into the mobile market :|       
  • Cool phone :)
  • Tho thing should be about $10 or at least $20 bucks why would someone buy this at this price
  • This must be the tiny phones the birds use in the verizon commercial.
  • Is this an Asha phone?
  • Ugh.. why still nokia branding? -_-
  • I liked it.. Cute little phone.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He should have skipped it off the ground to her for a durability promo. Pretty good t9 typers there Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I like the fact that every writer at windowscentral is now deleting my comments from all posts. This shows the respect and power of truth. Truth wins.yeee
  • This phone looks perfect to me as a feature phone. What carriers will be selling this phone?
  • And here I thought that Microsoft was done with feature phones and that they were just going to focus on their Lumia line.