Microsoft has announced today tool kits for their Windows Azure cloud that are available for both the iPhone and Windows phone, with a preview for Android. 

The tool kits will allow developers to create applications across the major platforms on the Azure cloud and companies like Groupon are already taking full advantage of the "cloud-to-mobile" user experience. Not to mention the simplicity in supporting multiple devices with common requirements, such as; device notifications, authentication and storage.

For Windows Phone:

Originally released last month, new developer features available in the next two weeks include integration with the Windows Azure Access Control Service (e.g., a wizard, automatic setup, tooling and code), full support for Windows Azure Storage Queues and an updated user interface for the supporting Web application.

You can check out the toolkit for Windows Phone at Codeplex, along with info on/links to the tool kits for other platforms in the link below.

Source: Microsoft Blog