Microsoft reveals more on Home Gold for the Xbox One, enables sharing games and benefits

Microsoft has posted details on how you will be able to share digital games on your Xbox One console as well as well as outlining the new Home Gold feature for Xbox Live Gold members that will let you share your membership benefits with others..

Marc Whitten, Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, explains that everyone in your home can share digital games with each other. The Xbox One will become a gaming library filled with the titles that different players in the house have purchased. Any player can select any digital game on the Xbox One console, sign in with their gamertag and play.

Additionally, you can share digital games when you are signed into another console and any games purchased on that console will also be available on your home Xbox One console.

As far as Xbox Live Gold is concerned, you will have a new benefit called Home Gold. Home Gold will enable any Xbox Live Gold member on Xbox One to extend many of the Gold membership features to others at no additional cost. Benefits including multiplayer gaming, Game DVR, SmartMatch and access to apps and experiences.

When at home, you can set up your Xbox One home console so anyone who uses that console will enjoy multiplayer gaming and access to entertainment apps regardless if you are logged in or not. Friends and family can create their own account and gamertag and enjoy these features. If they already have a gamertag, all they will need to do is log in and start playing.

While on the go you can log into a friend's console and everyone there can enjoy mutliplayer gaming and access to entertainment apps while you are logged in. Even if your friend isn't a Xbox Live Gold member, once you log into the console they will have access to these features.

If you are currently an Xbox Live Gold member on the Xbox 360, your membership will seamlessly be transferred to the Xbox One. You will still have access to your Gold benefits on either console but Home Gold benefits are exclusively for the Xbox One.

Source: Xbox Wire via: MajorNelson; Thanks, nathan, for the tip!

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