Microsoft announces hosted Exchange plans

If you're still looking for a mobile push e-mail solution and none of our suggestions has worked out, Microsoft itself could be coming to the rescue.

The head of Redmond's business division this morning announced (opens in new tab) a slew of new hosted services, a direct shot across the bow of Google's free apps, including hosted Exchange access for as little as $3 per user per month.

Full hosted Exchange, Sharepoint access and other goodies will cost $15 a month per user, which is still within reason, and there are referral incentives for business partners as well.

However: It's not quite spelled out whether this is a business-only deal, or if the average consumer will be able to get in on the goodies.

WC Staff
  • Have been beta testing this service. Do not know yet if I will be able to keep it but I do like it, and $3 month per user is very nice. The other nice thing about this service is instead of the typical hosted exchange over https that you have to enter password every time you open outlook, they have an nice little signon tool that takes care of both configuring your profile and can be configured to start on windows login and minimize itself so you have just a little icon in the system tray. The frontbridge spam filter works very well. Have had maybe 5 false positives in the time I have been using it.
  • Is anyone using this service for personal use? I would like two accounts and the price seems right. I called MS and they were surprised when I told them this wasn't for business. They were to call me back but never did.
  • Am I the only one concerned at the security of services like this? Given the, ahem, cavalier attitude that many western governments seem to have to personal privacy in the last 7 years 1 day, the last place I would put all my client contact & calendar data is with an external hosting company without a cast-iron encryption guarantee.
    Then again, I can't understand why people reveal all on Facebook and the like...
  • I have nothing to hide. That's why I donlt care.
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