Microsoft apparently serious about ditching the Windows Mobile name

We've discussed as far back as February that Microsoft was likely sending the "Windows Mobile" moniker the way of the dinosaur and instead going with "Windows Phone." Looks like they haven't forgot.

According to The Inquirer (.net, not the tabloid) [via Giz], the change indeed is coming with Windows Mobile 6.5 — er, the next release of Windows Mobile — er, the next release of Microsoft's operating system for mobile phones. And as much as we loathe the idea of trying to discuss various versions of an OS without the handy numeral suffixes (never mind that our little site here is called WMExperts), we'll (hardly) be the first to say that things are in need of a reboot. Badly.

Says The Inquirer:

The name change also "reflects the upcoming desktop operating system release where people away from their PC can have the same experience everywhere," says Microsoft.

The My Phone service certainly seems to have begun that transition to a more seamless desktop-mobile experience.

But what say you, dear reader?

Phil Nickinson

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  • I put in the poll that the Windows Mobile moniker is played out, but ultimately its not about the name of the OS (sounds like they are copying Apple, but I think the change will help)its about how solid the OS is. Plain & simple.
  • Doen't seem like a bad idea to me.
  • I don't really understand why they'd change the name now. I mean Windows 7 and Windows Mobile 7 seem to go hand-in-hand. Not only that, but it's an already recognizable name, that hasn't had a bad rep. until recently because of its aged design. It seems kind of like they're looking at success of WebOS, when Palm's story of an operating system overhaul is the exception, not the rule. Still, as long as the operating system is good, I don't really care. Haha.
  • Personally, I would have preferred WinMo....
  • count me in for winmo two, two syllables very short. windows mobile was always way too long for me. (especially compared to android, blackberry, iphone)
  • "Windows Phone" only makes sense when referring to devices, not the platform in general. "I use a Windows phone" is clear enough (though I'd still say, "I use a Windows Mobile phone"), but a sentence like "I prefer Windows Phone(s) to Android" is awkard, especially since "Windows" is plural to begin with. In contrast, "BlackBerry" can easily be pluralized to represent multiple devices or the OS platform itself. MS needs to either live with Windows Mobile/WinMo, or go back to the drawing board. The Windows Phone moniker is a solution to a problem no one is having.
  • I don't care what they call it, they just need to hurry up and put something out there that is a game changer.
  • I say give the name a viking funeral and move on.
  • So instead of "WinMo", will have "WinP" (pronounced "wimpy"). Apple and Palm are happy. My preference is for Microsoft to strike any name that begins with the word "My", as in "My Phone. Putting "My" in front of something gives it boundary issues. Finally, has WMExperts registered
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