These iOS apps from Microsoft all support iPhone X

Apple's shiny new iPhone X has a couple of defining features that require specific support from app developers: The "notch" at the top of the display and Face ID.

Updating apps takes time, even for big developers like Microsoft. Right now if you're using the iPhone X, you'll have a mix of apps that look awesome and support the phone properly. Then there are the apps that are letterboxed as if they're on one of the "normal" iPhones.

This list doesn't include all of Microsoft apps, and there are some you'll notice missing. But that'll change eventually, and as apps are given support we'll keep this list updated.

Below are the apps that currently support iPhone X and their download links for the iOS App Store.

If there are any we missed that were recently updated be sure to let us know in the comments.

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  • Microsoft Authenticator, Xbox and Mixer apps all support iPhone X.
  • Thanks. Hard enough figuring this out with an iPhone 8 Plus as it is ;-) Added those!
  • No problem! Here are some more that support iPhone X Microsoft Visio Viewer, Office Delve, Microsoft Teams
  • Surprised Face ID requires a code change - But maybe it's just bumping up the supported SDK version and re-publishing for that one
  • It's Apple. Even changing their screen size requires a code change ;-)
  • Skype for Business has not yet been updated for iPhone X
  • Wunderlist is updated too.
  • Wunderlist is being discontinued eventually so it won't really matter for Microsoft.
  • I don't have an iPhone, but I use office lens on Android, maybe check it out?
  • I have an iPhone X and sadly it's not optimized yet. 
  • Which of these apps can you set as default? Unfortunately not too many if any?
  • After I moved on from WP I decided to go with an iPhone. Not being able to change defaults hasn't actually been that much of a nuisance, my biggest gripe is notifications. 
  • Why would I ever want to use MS junk services as default? There was a time when Cortana was awesome...not anymore thanks to that bold moron.
  • Oh no, Do will Apple gonna cancel the iPhone X?
  • @Richard Devine: you forgot MileIQ