Microsoft Asia also takes to Twitter and pokes fun at Apple's new iPhone

What's that? The new iPhone 5C ships in multiple colours? That's cute, right? Microsoft thinks so too. We covered some humorous jabs yesterday, published by Nokia and Windows Phone UK on Twitter, but today we've been alerted to Microsoft Asia's attempt and we couldn't simply let this one slide on by without letting you guys know about it. It's pretty good.

"We’re feeling rather flattered today #Windowsphone #timetoswitch"

Apple may have the Mac vs. PC marketing videos under its belt, but these small jabs coming from Microsoft and Nokia around the world are just priceless. Fear not, we'll not cover each and every one of them that will surely be published, but it's fun to see how the companies are reacting. Be sure to check out some comparison coverage between the new iPhones and Lumia Windows Phones.

Source: Microsoft Asia (Twitter); thanks, JustAnotherAsianGuy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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