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Microsoft Asia also takes to Twitter and pokes fun at Apple's new iPhone

What's that? The new iPhone 5C ships in multiple colours? That's cute, right? Microsoft thinks so too. We covered some humorous jabs yesterday, published by Nokia and Windows Phone UK on Twitter, but today we've been alerted to Microsoft Asia's attempt and we couldn't simply let this one slide on by without letting you guys know about it. It's pretty good.

"We’re feeling rather flattered today #Windowsphone #timetoswitch"

Apple may have the Mac vs. PC marketing videos under its belt, but these small jabs coming from Microsoft and Nokia around the world are just priceless. Fear not, we'll not cover each and every one of them that will surely be published, but it's fun to see how the companies are reacting. Be sure to check out some comparison coverage between the new iPhones and Lumia Windows Phones.

Source: Microsoft Asia (Twitter); thanks, JustAnotherAsianGuy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • This keeps getting better and better!!!
  • Eh. I don't really find it that funny (at this point, it's like beating a dead hourse with a stick). Apple's no longer the force it was a year or two ago, they should be doing this kind of thing with HTC (HTC One/Butterfly 1/2), Motorola (Moto X), LG (G2), and Samsung (Note 3), too.
  • No one sells more smartphones then Apple
  • Nokia sells more than Apple in many EU countries (Germany for example)
  • I feel like the point is more so that while conglamorates of other companies may sell more smartphones than Apple, they have set the "golden standard" (or so they'd like the world to believe) for smartphones. To have them copy you (as they seem to have, at least conceptually) is rather flattering.
  • How does it get better? All I'm seeing is a free ad for Apple in case you don't know it comes in new colors. Love that it says Nokia or WP in areas of the ad you won't be looking.
  • Free ad for Nokia on the big news day for Apple. The tweet images are getting shown everywhere, and they're all talking about Nokia!
  • There is nothing more obvious than the live tiles on that phones screen? I am not sure what you meant with "Love that it says Nokia or WP in areas of the ad you won't be looking" and the hastag #SwitchtoWP lol
  • I love this stuff
  • Why? You think eroding away at a business relationship is a good idea? Microsoft is not in a position to do that right now with anyone concerning Windows Phone. I don't find value in this at all.
  • I happen to find this funny. Although I must agree with you that Microsoft should really quit with the small bickering and get real stuff done soon! Then again, if Microsoft is the one doing these stuff, who am I (and you) to do with anything?
  • I think Microsoft and Nokia should stop getting jealous from Apple and the New iPhone and better focus on their own operating system which looks to be far behind from iOS and Android specially because of Apps.
    - Lumia 620 Owner
  • I don't think the people responsible for these twitter post can do much about the Windows Phone OS. These are great tweets, but I also hope they do a lot more with the OS and I am looking forward to GDR3 and WP 8.1
    - Another Nokia Lumia 620 owner
  • I really do hope WP8.1 brings many magical goodies, just like Mango did for WP7. This way or that, we could really use a good file management system. For starters. :) -Yet another Lumia 620 owner :)
  • Agreed, I am really excited to see what Microsoft is going to do in the next couple years now that they have acquired Nokia Devices. 
    -Lumia 928 Owner
  • Can't realy say much, switched from Symbian S60v5. Going from 128 to 512 Mb of RAM is quite noticeable :D Regarding the post, wonder how long 'till Apple starts suing others for using colors? :D
    - And yet another Lumia 620 owner (seriously) :D
  • And all I hope is that all of us 620 owners do get the 8.1 update !! :)
  • I have green, black, yellow, cyan and white shells for my lumia, iphone cant compare to these colour options. As for updates, i got gdr2, but missing double tap, hoping for it in next update.
    - die hard lumia 620 owner
  •   As much as I like my Yellow 620, I'm definitely getting a Cyan one in the near future. Ohhhhh that gorgeous blue... - one of many Lumia 620 owners
  • Seriously same here, even i love cyan after the my sexy yellow lumia 620 ;)
  • Yep digging dual shot cyan on my L620 right now, something about it works so well!
  • Such as?
  • They're not jealous. They have no reason to be jealous. Windows Phone sales and market share have increased greatly, many of them have NFC while iPhone does not, Windows Phones came in multiple colors long before yesterday's announcement...and by the way, the apps thing is just dumb. Just because a store has tons of items vs a store that has less items does not make the less items any less valuable. Most of the apps in the WP store are of good quality, and they cover just about all the bases. There's an Instagram app (6tag), so people can just stop complaining about that now. Also, Microsoft has tried to make some Google apps because Google is being jerks and won't port their apps to the Windows Phone, and keep stopping MS every time they try to make an app that utilizes their services.
    Android users can brag about their huge list of apps, but fact of the matter is quite a few of their apps are low quality or virus-ridden. And honestly, you can't possibly want 50 different flashlight apps, 50 different platformer games that do the same thing, 50 different versions of Fruit Ninja, etc. If you had a couple of each to shop around with, that'd be fine (which Windows Phone does have a few of just about any app you'd want, aside from Google stuff).
  • Lol are you serious? I owned a Nexus 4 before Lumia 620. And there are hundreds and hundreds of apps on Android that are rated 5 stars and i've used them, the quality is great. And virus raided? Are you serious? There are no viruses that can harm Android or WP. I never use those idiotic antivirus apps even on Android. And if you head over to WP Market place and open the Best Rated tab, you'll find very few 5 star rated apps. I like WP but that just doesn't mean to not accept the weaknesses of this OS.
  • "There are no viruses that can harm Android or WP"
    Well, none that can harm WP at least......:
    Live under a rock do we?
  • You beat me to it :)
  • There are no freaking viruses in Android that i've found in my 3 years of experience with Android without any Antivirus App.
  • Viruses are not created to be visible and entertain you. Even best antiviruses can not guarantee full protection.
  • Good to hear. Either you have good downloading practices, or have been really lucky. However, they exist, and just because you've not encountered them doesn't mean they're not there.
  • I haven't had a virus on my PC in years, so I guess that means that PCs are virus-proof too, right?
  • ^this xD bang on:D
  • The apps in the WP store are put in the best rated area based on good rating AND amount of ratings. Unless you perform miracles, there's no way you can perfectly please 100's and 1000's of people to the point where they'll all 5-star your app. If you read my post again, I did not say all Android apps are low quality. What I am saying is there's a lot of applications in the Play Store that are of low quality, because for one it's free to post apps to the Android store so you don't lose anything if your app sucks, and for two because Google was nowhere near as strict when they allow apps into their store. Microsoft doesn't allow just any app into the WP store (wish they did that initially with the RT store), but you have to follow EXTREMELY strict guidelines to get your app published, AND have to pay to publish as well, so you want to make good quality to make your money back plus some. Ask any WP dev this, and they'll agree.
  • Have you used all those hundreds and hundreds of apps (duplicate) ..??!!! :O
    i mean i use an iphone4 with IOS6 as my work phone(company phone) and i have a cheap crapoid (backup) too...besides my Lumia820 (Awesome)..and i hardy use them except for sending work mails.
    I mean having mellions of app available and using them all is all togeather different things...!! and the fact that it took ihone and android 6-7 yeaRS too gether all these apps.... i think Wp is doing really good and things will be really different and great after we get official wp8.1 blue early next year.
  • I guess you yourself don't even know what you are trying to say.
  • I'm having a hard time reading your comment, but I believe we're agreeing on the same points. It doesn't really matter how many apps you have, but how many of them you actually use, and whether the device you're using gives you all the functionality you want and need.
  • This ^^
  • There are virtually no high quality chess apps on WP, unfortunately. No Shredder or Droidfish equivalents, and ICC still don't have a WP app, etc. There is no way to follow live tournaments like with the app, leaving me with webpages not suitable for mobile. Android and IOS have the app store depth to cater to niche interests like this, and WP isn't there yet. Other than this, I am exceedingly happy with my WP experience so far.
  • request apps from those sites, that's all we can do.
  • Sounds like your next mission in life, learn how and make it happen!
  • There's Chess by Post. You play against anonymous people online. The games are ranked. You can play multiple games. It uses a live tile and push notifications. The more you win, the better your rank, till you can hardly win. It is the best chess app I have used on any platform. There's chatting too.
  • 4.5/5 stars...i'm gonna check it out. Thanks for the heads up!
  • Thanks, WP7.5 support too?
  • Yes, i too am waitng for good chess apps on WP. I use on PC, have you tried it using BING on wp?
  • Man u that lonely that u have to play chess online, with your phone, tell u what get a life, get out and play chess with a real board and person and you might even find a friend or something, life to short :P.
  • We already had enough controversy on this forum before you came in and started flaming. If he wants to play chess on his phone, that's his privilege as a free man. He doesn't need to live up to your standards of what life should be like.
  • Ok my bad dude was trying to be nice and give some life advice but F-It now, just go git a ShitDroid or Crapple and play your chess and get F outta here!!!
  • Whether you were trying to be nice or not, you're coming off as extremely mean. I'm not gonna be yelled at by anyone, so good day to you sir.
  • Michael Bowman just showed the difference between a literate and illiterate person.
  • Ppl moaning bout chess apps, etc. On a WP forum talking bout another OS has this and that when they're free to get the platform to suite their needs and I'm the illiterate one, Right :P
  • You may be misunderstanding the definition of illiterate. I would suggest a search for the definition of the word, and you may see why that doesn't seem to apply to people who want to play chess on their windows phones.
  • 'Np chess' for chess dot com, its cool and minimal
  • +920
  • Who is getting jealous from the other?
  • It's not jealousy really. It's more like returning the favour ;-)
  • if.
  • Well why don't you get off your lazy butt and go after the lazy developers that won't make your apps because they feel like you don't matter? Its not the OS, its the market...
  • 1st control your pathetic language. 2nd Android and iOS users don't need to 'get off their lazy butts' and beg the developers to make an for them. We are not getting WindowsPhones for free that we should compromise and do such things.
  • Oh hsn97 at it again! If you are not careful your mom is going to spank you and take away your phone. Once she finds out you have been lying and acting a fool then you are in big trouble little guy.
  • What the actual **** are you trying to say?
  • I am pretty sure microsoft has enough people.working for them they can focus on not only windows phone, but Xbox, office, CRM, SharePoint....get my point. Grow up
  • Erm os and applications are not one and the same dude!
  • I think they are missing the issue if iwork coming with all new iPad and iPhone purchases. That is worrying.
  • They're not. You did see the latest news where MS makes their own tablet and bought rights to make their own phone, right? They know they can't survive on software alone anymore. With LibreOffice, OpenOffice, iWork, etc., you can't survive on software alone anymore. There's just too much good competition.
  • That just means Microsoft needs to reinforce the fact that RT and WP8 come with Office, a suite people are familiar with from their work PCs.
    I understand if people want to use iWork, Google Sheets, or whatever for personal stuff, but Office still dominates the enterprise, Microsoft has the upper hand there and it'll be hard for anyone to put a dent in that.
  • Just so funny :P
    Can't wait till they "invent" NFC
  • And then they're going to sue everyone for patent infringement.
  • Or polymer phones...
  • I'm also waiting for them to "invent" wireless charging. Just like they "invented" the fingerprint scanner on a phone. *waiting for an iFan to come say "they didn't invent it, but they do it better!"*
  • also like how they invented that polycarbonate back covers for their iphone5c:DDDD
  • This is good. Though I don't see the "gangsters don't have gold phones" one being topped.
  • Seriously best one yet. Someone should make it go viral... Post it on 9gag or something
  • Lol
  • :P
  • Hilarious :D
  • I like it. But I don't think Nokia are the first to do coloured phones. Right?
  • You would think not, but they are. They've been making colored phones before Apple even took off, before Samsung made anything substantial and before Motorola became relevant. Then they stopped for whatever reason. And now they were the first to make modern smartphone in different colors.
  • Saw this article and kinda piss me off.
  • if u really pissed at the article.... read the user comments below... ;) you will just love it.... :)
  • if you remeber the nokia 5110. i think that will answer your question.
  • All I can say is this - Nokia 5110
  • This is phenomenal
  • Nokia France just trolled the iPhone 5C too.
    It says "We didn't wait 2013 to see the life in colors. But nice try Apple"
  • Nokia should come out with a limited edition "gold 1020" just to say "hey, we can copy ideas too!"
  • But... Make it real gold. ;) At least 14k.
  • But real gangsters don't use gold phones...
  • That should be a gold 925 dude. :)
  • I think think the marketing of recent by Microsoft is spot on. I've never been a fan of the company until WP either. The iPad vs. Surface commercials are their best comeback to the Mac vs. PC ads. Siri's voice is so aggravating in those. "Do you think I'm pretty?"
  • They got me on board once I found out they made Xbox. Despite the failings of Vista, I could at least see that they were trying to shake the crust off their stuff and through the growing pains of Seven across their products along with the surge of Metro, it has been quite stirring to see. =D
  • Personally speaking, I've had zero issues with Vista since the time i used it(2007-2011)........
  • Nokia been made everything under the sun from red and blue like the 6000 series to gold and silver plated like 8000 series. Carbonate etc. They just recent started making bright colored phones that people like iPhone users said they hated but now will be the first to get those.
  • My $144 off contract Lumia 521 does as much as Apple's $500 "cheap" iPhone. Plus I don't have to look at those outdated tiles.
  • I’m just going to start calling the 5C the iLumia – it’s the phone Nokia would have released if they lowered their standards.  
  • ...or if they paid any attention to those weirdos that wanted them to go Android blechh... =[~)
  • I like this :)
  • Meh
  • I so love this kinda stuff!!
  • You are years behind Microsoft, less talking and more doing.
  • They seem plenty busy to me...its developers who are behind. =/
  • I just hope to fix some bugs,like microphone issue. I just buy Lumia 1020 and suddenly people cand hear me.if I do not open loudspeaker on. They only hear me with loudspeaker or with handset. That's a bug I think from gdr2.
  • Now the copycat is not Samsung its apple hahaha.......
  • Look, I'm a Windows phone owner and fan boy, but am I the only one who realizes that Apple isn't a stranger to color? I mean they were selling iPods in different colors before Windows phone even existed. These tweets just seem a little immature to me
  • We're talking about phones not iPod. And if you will take a closer look at their new iPhone, yes, they look like Lumia.
  • It isn't about maturity or even accuracy. It is about disruption and visibility. And considering the fairly substantial response in terms of retweets, I'd say that they also struck a chord with many people.
  • Its still amazes me that 160,000 apps are considered no apps when lets says around 3yrs ago Virusdroid was in the same boat and yet ppl flooded to it.
  • Alot of official apps are missing. The only two I care about is NFL Fantasy and Yahoo Fantasy.
  • Nokia shouldn't be bashing the iPhone.
  • The US stock market spoke today. Several downgrades after the announcement of the new Apple phones. However, while poking fun at Apple is entertaining, they still maintain the best app ecosystem. Forget games and social apps...were ok there. Most companies in the US looking to make a mobile app companion for their product or offering still almost without fail, defaults to iOS. My company did it. First we considered iOS and Android release together, then after realizing the cost, decided to start with iOS and then see if there was enough customer demand for Android. Other mobile platforms were on the bottom of the backlog. Then after the release of our iOS app, investments shifted and now there are no plans in the near future to do anything further in mobile. But we can still claim mobile support for our software. Multiply this situation across thousands of companies and it says alot about what MS needs to do. And I believe they are working on's just going to be a long road. But I'm on's fun to watch the change.
  • I'm an iphone user and fan too not just WP and I find it very funny.
  • Reading previous comments I would also like to add my thoughts
    well let me be frank that every individual has his or her own oppinions about thier tastes and preferences and if u find WP funny its fine not a big deal
    but what I really wanna talk about here is ive ussed an iPhone 4 2 years back and then shifted to nokia N900 which I really liked and then I had shifted completely to android
    well I observed there wer plenty of apps and a hell lot of devlopers etc etc and apple had a very good store where I would be happy with any app I downloaded
    but since I shifted with windows ive fallen in love with thier quality they may not have nmbr of apps like IOS and Android have but lemme be frank I like downloading 30 apps which work well.
    I am even ussing a HTC one V and a motorolla XT910 and even an optimus black and I have the S3 at my natives place, what I want to say is I have these many android devices but I still prefer my Lumia over them and it is because I like everything about it
    ive had a very bad time with those phones, they hung up offten they slowed down like shith but till date windows has worked very good
    Iam not satin WP may be better than both but for ppl like me who like simplicity I feel WP does its job better than the rest and lets not foget its not that WP has nothing in its phone it has quite many of features in it.
    every phone and OS had its own USP(unique selling points) so I feel it depends user to user.
    -A Lumia 820 user
  • Wait, did I read it wrong last week? I thought Microsoft bought Nokia, not Apple!
  • Microsoft bought Nokia not Apple
  • Appreciate the info. One could have been confused given the iPhone 5C.
    BTW, I was just trying to be funny. May not have succeeded. :)
  • So I'm confused. There are two "new" iPhones right? The Nokia iPhone and the iPhone Lumia, correct?
  • Lol sorry to ruin it then :P
    cheers to u too
  • What I do note about the new colorful Apple phones, is that the buttons are of co-ordinating colors.   I would like to see Nokia/MS do the same thing.   It's an attention to detail that is of more significance than one might think.
  • I don't really have an opinion on this, I guess it's funny but not commenting on it at all probably would have said a lot more.  I am sort of bumming for Apple 5c buyers just because those colors really leave me meh.  I am sure there will be many users who love them, but I enjoy the vibrancy of Nokia's (and HTC's) lines a lot more.  Even if my phone is white! 
  • Is it true that you can have a 50% discount for a 5s from NSA if you log in with your fingerprint :) ?
  • The Above Comment Made My Day!!! :D
  • This is better than suing another company
  • If Nokia had put patent on this...
  • At least iPhone 5 owners will get IOS 7 unlike AT&T Lumia 920 owners who cannot even get GDR2 and will never get 8.1.