Microsoft Authenticator for iOS adds push notifications with latest update

Microsoft has updated its Authenticator app for iOS, adding in push notifications for personal Microsoft Accounts.

Here's what's included in the new 4.1.0 version of the iOS app:

We're pleased to announce a much-awaited feature – push notifications for your personal Microsoft account! You no longer need to open the app and copy codes, just approve your sign-in from the notification. With this change, we've also made it much easier to add your personal Microsoft account within the app itself, no need to track down that QR code!If you already have a personal Microsoft account set up in the app, you will have to add it again to take advantage of the new feature. Copy your 6-digit security code prior to starting the "add account" flow, as you will need it to complete setup.

The Windows 10 Mobile version of Microsoft Authenticator, which is still in beta, already has push notification support.

Thanks to Libby Brown for the tip!

QR: microsoft authenticator

John Callaham
  • I just wish they'd update the beta to use the azure stuff so I don't have to keep two apps for mfa. The beta works great for MSA just needs the AAD portion too.
  • I was told this month for that, so should be in the next week.
  • That is awesome I can't wait
  • I was just going to ask about that - last article I saw from WC had the final version of Microsoft Authenticator releasing September 15, which is now past. Thanks!
  • Thanks for sharing, I though I had read sitting along those lines, bit couldn't remember.
  • MS wants all the Windows users to migrate to ios? ;)
  • It seems so.... :(
    But i hate apple
  • Don't hate, Microsoft certainly doesn't.
  • Everybody has to understand onething.. If your team has put in so many months of effort to write an app and is used only by 1 million people, or if downloaded and used by 40-50 million people, which scenario makes your team happy?? and boost their productivity and the other benefits that come with it?? this is what we are seeing with Microsoft now. Infact every developer wants that..    
  • Of course not! They have an authenticator app for Android too. It has had push notifications for as long as I've been using it. They don't always work, but most of the time they do. 
  • Yeah, Android, then iOS, then WP
  • Did you read the article?
  • You realise that the Beta Authenticator app for win10m has had Push notifications for months now right? For this app at least, its more WP first then iOS, them Android Download the beta authenticator app from the link at the bottom of the article and see for yourself
  • The Win10m app already has Push Notifications, which was added months agi, so in terms of relativeness to this app, the answer is "no" :P
  • We have this feature for months in Windows. So no.
  • BoreOS!
  • itactuallyworksOS
  • Is this mspu or wc? :D
  • Suggestion: an article on how to use MS Authenticator to push login.
  • Wow a Microsoft app that already had a feature on windows mobile before ios! Unbelievable... This is a day of days.
  • Did we have push notifications? I remember copying a code last time I used it.
  • It's in the new Win10m beta app. Has been for months :) (Link to it is in the bottom of the article). It's not in the 8.1 app listed on the store as... Well its an old app. When you log in, it comes up with "Awaiting verification from app [Random characters]" then it comes up with a notification on your phone showing [Random Characters] (to make sure they match above ^) and the option to Accept or Deny. The verification responds a few seconds after you accept/deny. Takes a few seconds to use but very secure. No more copying Codes. (However the app still generates 30 second codes when the app is open as well, mostly just as a backup, and for apps like Google account and FB that still use codes)
  • Thanks... I thought I remembered something about the old app being updated... Going to the link I remember now that I never downloaded it because it wasn't doing MS accounts yet.
  • I think the old app has been updated and rebranded but it's not as good as the Beta app which hopefully will be finished soon for W10M, been using it for a while and works great
  • It also bumps the login code from 6 digits to 8 digits. Weird. 
  • I noticed the same thing. 
  • Still waiting for Windows 10 Mobile
  • We already have it in Windows.
  • The full release, not the beta, I should have specified. My fault. Downloaded the beta anyway
  • This is pretty neat, I think I saw something similar in an Android where the app detected the code in the SMS that just arrived. This does that, doesn't it?