Microsoft launches new documentation portal for developers

Developers who use Microsoft software and services are used to accessing content on the company's TechNet and MSDN sites. Today, the company revealed that it has started revamping that content with the first phase of its http:// (opens in new tab) launch.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), Microsoft stated:

It was clear we needed to make a change and create a modern web experience for content. The first thing we did was evaluate our existing content infrastructure TechNet and MSDN. Both sites are built on a 10-15 year-old brittle codebase with an archaic publishing and deployment system that was never designed to run on the cloud.Our focus was not only on the experience, but also on the content we create and how each of you consume it. For years customers have told us to go beyond walls of text with feature-level content and help them implement solutions to their business problems. We knew that the content we delivered and the platform we built must make it easy for customers to learn and deploy solutions.

The first phase of the project is for Enterprise Mobility Documentation, and more documents will be moved to the new site in the months to come. Some of its features include adding an estimated reading time for each article, improvements in site navigation, a responsive design to accommodate smartphones, tablets and PCs, comment support and even a way to switch the site from a light to dark theme.

  • Msdn documentation was starting to get confusing with the different versions of Windows. Great news! -Mach 8 Solutions, LLC a software company.
  • I agree. With all the different versions and variations of .NET, I am constantly ending up at documentation that is not applicable to my scenario, making it much harder to find the right answer
  • No documentation can make managing Intune understandable.
  • True. Intune needs some serious work. Development is at glacial pace. Plus, EMS is horrible and funny they've chosen one of the worst parts fo their portfolio to showcase the news docs.  EMS is overpriced as well.
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  • So is this a revamp-in-progress or a replacement? Windows Central for Windows 10-Microsoft Lumia 640
  • They are transitioning. So, right now, you will have both the old and the new sites in place. I cannot even imagine the amount of documentation they must have gathered since the Windows 2000 days, or how far back it goes.
  • In progress looks like, personally I hope they keep MSDN around for a good long while, it may not be the best but I've gotten used to finding what I need there! Posted from my Lumia 950
  • At the bottom of every MSDN page is a place where others can contribute to the page.  Oddly, this feature was seldom used.  Instead we always have to head over to other top tech sites to find additional content that would have been way more valuable had it been placed on the respective MSDN page.  Examples, clarifications, gotchas, performance tips, alternatives, etc. I hope that the new solution is more appealing to contributors.  Lets work together to make the best documention anywhere!
  • This is a great improvement over the other which hard to navigate and hard to find particular scenarios