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Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update begins phased rollout for supported handsets

Acer Jade Primo
Acer Jade Primo

Slightly late, the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update has finally begun its official rollout for supported handsets. If you're using one of the few devices that are supported by Microsoft, you can now head to Windows Update to download the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile for your smartphone, if it's available in your region.

The Creators Update for Mobile is oddly named, as there aren't really any new features for "creators." The update is a minor one, featuring mostly under-the-hood improvements and fixes which make the overall experience with the OS far more fluid.

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If you're using a device that isn't supported by Microsoft anymore, you unfortunately won't get the Creators Update officially. You'll remain on the Anniversary Update, and will likely receive security patches if needed for the foreseeable future.

Here's a list of supported devices.

Devices that are eligible for the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update

  • HP Elite x3
  • Microsoft Lumia 550
  • Microsoft Lumia 640
  • Microsoft Lumia 640 XL
  • Microsoft Lumia 650
  • Microsoft Lumia 950
  • Microsoft Lumia 950 XL
  • Alcatel IDOL 4s
  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
  • SoftBank 503LV
  • VAIO Phone Biz
  • MouseComputer MADOSMA Q601
  • Trinity NuAns NEO

Microsoft says the update is rolling out in waves, so if you don't see the Creators Update for your supported handset just yet, don't worry. Update availability can also depend on the manufacturer, model, country or region, mobile operator or service provider, or the specific installed software.

Make sure you to check our in-depth Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update review for a full rundown on what's new. Let us know below if you've got the update on your handset yet!

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I feel very confident in mobiles future when release is announced on twitter by a single person twitter's account :)
  • Me too
  • Is that sarcasm or are you actually happy?!
  • sarcasm of course
  • Is this sarcasm?
  • Is that sarcasm?
  • No. This is Sparta!
  • We need a sarcasm font.
  • Really?
  • What's sarcasm?
  • Its when people say they like you i guess
  • If it's good enough for the president shouldn't it be good enough for Microsoft. Twitter is the media of the new millennium.
  • I have a 640 and yet, this makes me feel like Charlie Brown...
  • Even that single person may be using Android or iOS behind the scenes. XD
  • Ya installed it ,now want to stop insider program on my lumia 640 pls help
  • Settings » Update & security » Windows Insider Program » Stop Insider Preview builds.
  • For those ? Like we are slaves . Not kings . Cuz the customer is the king
  • I don't think anyone is forcing you to use Windows...
  • Also it is unclear why those that are on .138 are not getting .251. Do you have any information on that? Can somebody ask Microsoft officially on this?
  • Hey noo,i was on 138 , n i got this build
  • I didn't I got two 930s from different regions and both are carrier free.
  • Are you on release preview?
  • Yes.
  • 930 is NOT on the list of supported phones, that's probably why...
  • (facepalm) I know that is not on the list of supported devices. Microsoft says that those phones who were supported with AU can get CU if they switch to release preview ring. My 930's have the CU but they are on .138 but they are not getting .251 . They are basically not getting the latest update for Creators Update but they should be getting it since I am on Release preview ring.
  • Same here.
  • Same here.  I have an Icon on .138 and there's no update available on the RP.  I tried stopping Insider builds and then re-joining but still nothing.
  • Same here
  • It's weird isn't it. The message from MS was that unsupported handsets already on CU will need to switch to the RP ring in order to get the update. For some reason unsupported phones on AU are able to get the update when switching to the RP ring, but not users who are already on CU. There appears to be no upgrade path for 'unsupported' handsets on 15063.138.
  • It all sounds like they wake up in the morning, drank their coffee and someone started to think: what was that thing we needed to do today? hmmm... There are bunch of folks on twitter saying that we should have released Mobile creators update today. Ah yes we should release. How was that done? etc.
  • Spot on
  • I got .251 on my Lumia 950xl.
  • In which region??
  • How to stop insider program m on release preview ring ,with this build
  • Settings » Update & security » Windows Insider Program » Stop Insider Preview builds. I think after hitting this option your phone will need to restart, and you'll be done!😉
  • Hey garsia it shows 3 option,
  • It shows three options in the listbox, but you have the Stop Insider Preview builds button about which too should hit.
  • Customer focus in Microsoft is very selective.
  • Hmm.. Checking for updates, 1 update : Localization for Danish.
  • What the hell ☹ ,pls anybody tell me how to stop insider program now m on lumia 640 ,with this build
  • Just roll beck to 8.1 then download upgrade advisor app and u can official download the w10m creator update, ur lumia 640 is supported device so no need for insider program for u
  • Do you know how long it takes to do all of that? Lol
  • Settings>update and security>insider program>stop insider builds
  • .
  • Because lumia 1520 is toooo old ,now it's die ,and no company gives support for lifetime,lumia 1520 was released with (windows 8) so it's enough now!
  • My 2012 iPhone 5 (work phone) rockin' the latest iOS 10 disagrees
  • If the hardware can run the OS well why shouldn't it receive the update? A PC can run any OS you want as long as it's powerful enough. Why shouldn't this also be true for the handheld PC? The only persons that wouldn't want this to be true are companies who profit from phone sales.
  • Also Nokia branded :)
  • Sooooo, when windows on ARM launches do you think it'll be reasonable for those devices to only get 2-3 years of updates as well while Intel and AMD PCs get much longer support?
  • It will depend on how well those devices sell. If it is flop, they will be dropped like Surface RT.
  • Unfortunately that's the nature of the beast.
  • Surface 2 user, or wife is on 8.1 RT, she only uses it for streaming video, but she loves it.
  • Me too very much disappointed with my 1520 2gb ram 32 rom,
  • Because they only keep supporting Lumia devices with the Microsoft brand on it, did you not realize this? They stopped the support for any non MS branded Lumia device.
  • lumia 535 is MS branded Lumia. But no update for 535
  • Lumia 435 is MS branded as well... (to be fair is just an outdated phone as well as the L535). 
  • From my understanding, it's all about the specs.
  • Why not IOS on 1520 😉
  • And make it a router?
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • I spent 72€ on battery replacement and usb slot fix of my Lumia 1520. Did a post here which got deleted (without warning) asking Microsoft what the hell they are smoking putting the 1520 out of support, and what future mobile 10 awaits... The deletion tells me a lot. I should be really worried and stop hoping.  Millions of insiders without rewards... Including me... Wasted hours testing the 1520 in the insider program.  
  • Me too.
  • Spotlight on the Acer Primo on the picture, that didn't even receive the Anniversary update :P
  • Acer Liquid Jade Primo (ACERINC S58) is now officially supported by Microsoft on Anniversary Update:
  • Waiting
    ..waiting... Lumia 640XL.. India
  • It's available raja ,check for updates
  • not available on my 640xl too.
  • Me too.
  • Lumia 735 here. Any advice friends ?
  • No, I've checked many times.. It says my phone is up to date
  • Nothing here yet for my 640......Sent from the Desert(Rajasthan,India)
  • Exactly same. Not available for my 640. India. 
    Don't want to switch to Release Preview for just an update Even 520s and 635s (512MB RAM devices) are receiving this update via Release Preview today
  • Lumia 950XL US (non insider) still waiting, anyone received it ?
  • I got it (insider)
  • No update found for my unlocked 950 this morning (also US non-insider).
  • My phone rebooted last night got the update UK, 950 xl
  • Nothing for me on sim free unbranded UK 950xl. Is yours sim free or network branded?
  • I too have the 950xl sim free in the UK and received the update last night, hope you're received yours.
  • Nope, not on my unbranded UK 950xl.
  • There was an update on my 950, but I don't think it was THE update. Felt way too fast.
  • Same experience for me.
  • Fourteen minutes ago? I'll check it.
    Edit: Nothing here, Argentina :/
  • No update for 640 in india
  • It will come don't worry 😊
  • Okay. Nothing yet in The Netherlands on T-Mobile. But I am in no hurry 👦
  • Got it on my Lumia 950 from 15063.138 this morning. (Italy)
    I think it's rolling out in batches. Not sure why, considering there are like just a few thousands people out there who can install it, but still.
  • I m from India and using Lumia 950. Still no creator update... i m not registered any release previews... Waiting.....
  • Dona is head of insider's program right? Is that what the mobile division is reduced to at mobile. Brandon Leblanc couldn't give info on cu release bc he had no idea according to his twitter conversation with Zac. Take the writing of the wall and put it on the blog. If it's dead, it's dead. If it's not it's not. There needs to be some insightful news about w10m plans at build... Not ms mobile intentions...specifically w10m news
  • Totally agree. Been with Microsoft mobile software since Windows CE 1.0 so will be sad 😢 to leave but unless Microsoft give us some answers I'll be off.
  • I've already decided. Well to be honest the decision was made for us. I just want the next gen type of device. It's not like ios or android is much better but at least it's more widely supported for getting the same thing.
    We see Ms's potential in the consumer market but we just aren't their target audience.
    For example, a switch-esque modular mobile Xbox device with w10m ui, telephony stack, continuum 2.0, which is really w10c with cshell, would be it. Covers mobile computing, gaming, Edu...but nope ms is ms.
    Or something simple but very capable of being done, band 3 with w10.
    Or the Cortana cube talking for ever to come. It's like they don't see the results of moving at a snails pace.. The snails dry up from taking too much heat and Microsoft is surely under fire.
  • I think that's all we're asking for.  Microsoft needs to tell us what direction they are going and show some commitment.
  • Nothing in the UK for mine and my wife's Lumia 950. Hope it comes soon.
  • no update available on lumia 640xl. India
  • Got it! Lumia 650 South Africa. Updating from .138 after changing from slow to release preview
  • Yeah did the same on my 950 last night. Not waiting on our slow operators.
  • W10m is independent of operators I believe.
  • Well time to update kind of miss using Windows on phone.
  • Pro Tip. Grab it from the release preview ring. Same thing really. No?
    (I'm not waiting on my operator to release it in a month or two)
  • Pro Tip. One of the notable distinguished features of w10m vs wp was the ability to update bypassing carrier approval for os updates
  • Or never
  • I'll wait until CU comes available through Device Recovery tool for a fresh install.
  • Meee tooo.
  • At the moment, the device recovery tool for 950XL still shows 10586 - so it's still not possible to get back to Anniversary Update yet. Wonder if this will happen in the next few weeks.
  • Although I already have the Creators Update, I will probably do this as well.
  • Can you guys help me a bit? So if I want to do a fresh install thru the recovery tool, I'll have to wait until the CU is up there and then I'll be able to install that first without going back to the original software version and then keep reinstalling stuff?? I don't have any apps on my micro SD card but I have music and photos, will it be recognized by my phone after or do I have to format it?
  • Please add ability for Lumia 930 gets the Creators Update. If not, I will say goodbye to Windows Phone for good. It's a question of respect for the old loyal Microsoft customers.
  • Just use the Insider Program -> Release Preview.
  • Use insider program or use registry editor to change your device to 950. You'll get whatever the 950 devices get then
  • Hey no update in my Lumia 650 still now. And I'm not on insider preview
  • Looks like one fell through the cracks.  Microsoft will soon send an extraction team your way.  :p
  • How the FU*K does the 640/640 XL get the update but the 730/735 doesn't??? It's the same fu*king hardware!!! I'm beyond mad right now. First they wrote off my 630 with no W10M update and now they are writing off my 735 as well?
  • I would love to see them reply to this as well
  • It isn't​ worth Microsoft's time to update the 7 or 8 they sold. They sold a bunch of L640 though.
  • Yeah! The most recent figures state the 640 is the most used device right now
  • Same here. I love my Lumia 735. But this lack of updates is driving me mad.
  • No update on my unlocked 🔓 950xl uk
  • Hmm... Compared specs 930 vs 550 vs 640 and it seems that only possible reason of exclusion of Lumia 930 is that they wasn't able to test old smartphone themselves for some reason or thermal throttling and performance issues linked with it. What bugs you've experienced on 930? Just wanna pinpoint future possible strategy. On paper 930 has more memory, better CPU instruction set, etc.
  • Microsoft is killing their line of Lumia range gradually and slowly. It quite unfortunate. Besides, I passionately love my Lumia 640XL.
  • Loved mines too but one fatal flaw with that phone is the 8gb storage. I always had issues with getting updates even when my phone said i had more than enough free storage to receive the updates
  • I remember someone mentioning the type of screens being used on the unsupported devices.  Not sure if it's true though.
  • I use Lumia Icon (basically the Verizon version of the 930) and it works great with Windows 10 all the way through CU (via Insider's Program). Just join Insider's and grab it. Use the "Release Preview" ring if you don't really want to be a guinea pig. That's pretty much the same as the release version (slgihtly earlier, so a bit more risk), but bypassing carrier approval.
  • I got the update, but it's not called Creators update, it's called "April 2017 Update for Windows 10 Version 10.0.15063.251 for arm-based Phone Devices", so all fine in setting the expectations:)
  • Even the Anniversary Update wasn't called so on the update screen.
  • Preview for how long MS
  • When it available in India?
  • K
  • also still waiting for the update 😊
    lumia 640xl......Bangladesh.
  • Got it installed in the Netherlands (950XL)
  • Is it locked sim?
  • is it also rolling out for dual sim devices?
  • Yes. I got it yesterday on my 950xl ds.
  • Nothing here yet Lumia 950 (Egypt)
  • In other words, they forgot about us on release preview... :-)
  • I guess they met their 4/25 midnight 🕛 deadline on PST zone. Thanks for giving us red eyes 👀....
  • LOL 👍
  • T
  • not yet Lumia 950.. India :-(
  • Same here not yet for Lumia 950 in India
  • Worth noting this is the best W10M has ever ran. It's not as minor compared to PC as some people make out as both have only a few new features that really make a difference. I'm not counting Paint 3D as a feature, it's also an app that wouldn't run on mobile very well anyway (try it on a Surface 3 and witness the performance issues). Not defending it just saying it is what it is and there are perf improvements that make the OS noticeably better on my 950 and W10M really needed a boost in that area. The branch thing is weird but get on with your lives and wait and see what happens. Probably not recommended to buy a W10M now unless you get it cheap but no need to rush out and buy another phone unless you really need one (I.E getting one just because you're butt hurt is a waste of money)
  • I agree. My 950xl seems to run a lot better with this update. Faster and smoother. A lot of the lag is gone. The phone doesn't get hot any more. The one issue I had is that it took almost 4 hours to update after it started installing. Usually it is only an hour or so.
  • What is your region
  • hmmmm...mine was pretty quick. maybe 15 min
  • just did buy one cheap. A lumia 950 for £140. Replaced a faulty one. One thing I love is the seemless way you can log into a new windows phone and all apps and settings happen automatically
  • Lumia 950 XL Australia - same here
  • When creator update available download for lumia 640xl in india?
  • Not yet in Brazil. Lumia 650
  • not yet in the netherlands (lumia950 XL)
  • Regardless of sentiment, this update has given new life to my Lumia 950XL. I mean near BUTTERY smoothness! Reminds me of the polish windows 8.1 was; so glad W10M is finally on par. Also, they weren't kidding when they said windows hello was much improved :)! I recommend a hard reset before/after installation though, to ensure that you get the full experience.
  • You mean hardware reset before AND after upgrade?
  • Hey . What about insider s running rs2 on unsuported phones . I m running latest rs2 build on lumia 535
  • Lumia 950 in Portugal, done. Release Preview.
  • Any truth to the rumors of windows 10 Mobile running on Samsung Galaxy S8?????
  • Just rumors that's likely not true....i hope there's some truth to it but it doesn't look like it
  • Still no Creator Update for me..... :'(
  • I got it late last night
  • doesnt affect us since we are not on the list
  • They should have included L735. If L640 can run anniversary update, 735 sure can. There is something fishy going on.
  • Same here (India) ☹ I m not giving up my 735 though.
  • Knowing at&t, I'm probably going to have to wait another 3 months 😒
  • Bearing in mind that the official Creators Update for mobile is being rolling out in waves, for those who live in Hawaii will get it first? Hauhauhauahuahua
  • Lol :)
  • So release preview was less than a day early...... Wowwww....
  • It's probably a shorter wait on mobile because PC's have to support more hardware combinations.
  • Only 14393.1066 came this morning on our (non-Insider) factory unlocked 650's in Canada. Will keep checking for new updates
  • No update for my 950/US-at&t yet 😪
  • This was an underwhelming update....
  • No update for both Vodafone (950 XL) as KPN (950) in The Netherlands. But I am in no hurry ☺.
  • When in India?
  • I got it this morning on my L950xl
  • Not here for Lumia 950 in India
  • Still waiting for L950, Croatia, unlocked.
  • So they have a phased rollout because why? Are they afraid the billions of W10m users that are supported will crash the rollout server? Or are they afraid the server will crash regardless because they put the rollout program on an old Pentium server running the best version of server ever...NT (obviously brought out from the museum case)? So many little interest...oh dear oh dear...
  • The latter...
  • Is there a way to force the update like update assistant on PC
  • If your phone is locked to your carrier, you'll have to wait and see or consider the closest option, Insider Release Preview.
  • I tried that and it didn't work...
  • What about Microsoft Lumia 540.....?
  • No
  • Reading all comments above... non-receivers pain and agony while no enthusiasm from receivers. What MS does not do is subject to criticism while what MS does is taken as granted!!!
  • Its rolling out for lumia 550. Then why not to 540?? Whats the difference??
  • 550 is newer.
  • No update here Lumia 640 India
  • Same here for my L640 India
  • Hoping that we will get it by tonight 😐
  • Me toooo
    Lumia 640 xl
  • Same here....(Zim)
  • I won't be getting the Creators Update. Due to Microsoft just letting Mobile hang without a clue if it's going to continue or not I'm now using an Android Phone. Way to push people away Microsoft. Bad!!!
  • Because they are killing the platform.
  • Still no update in the UK for our unlocked Lumia 950's. Come on Microsoft.
  • Can anyone confirm the size of the update?
  • It seems more stable on my L1020 (Release Preview). I hoped that unlocking the device gets faster with CU, but I think I have to accept it as is it on this old hardware.
  • Anyone got creators on lumia 950 xl in Serbia yet?
  • Lumia 950 xl, still waiting in Greece, there is so many Windows Phones that they rolling out the update in slow waves 😂.
  • Is it available in India yet? I am using a Lumia 640 XL and it doesn't seem to get the Update yet. :(
  • 730 😪
  • Wow, phased rollout for the 11 devices out there that get the update. I'm quite impressed! That must be huge waves!
  • huge waves...of disappointment?
  • No update in Turkey. 950 XL
  • How about the Dual SIM variants of 640/950?
  • Have both of those and nothing yet in us pacific....🙃
  • Oddly, Acer Jade Primo is not on the list for Creators Update. Can anyone who owns this device confirm if they get the Creators Update?
  • Acer Liquid Jade Primo (ACERINC S58) is now officially supported by Microsoft on Anniversary Update:
  • So this means, no creators update or? I don't quite understand those numbers, sorry :)
  • I hope that it means that it is possible to get the Creators Update by installing first the Anniversary Update, which should now be available, and joining the Insider program and Release Preview Ring.
  • I correct that one should join the Insider Program in the Fast or the Slow Ring and advance first to build 15063, and then switch to the RP Ring to get 15063.251 and future cumulative updates.
  • keep calm and customer is the king .
  • Can anyone tell me the availability in India.
  • Still no update here (950XL - Portugal)
  • I am sorry but, what creators update?????? If I remember correctly, there was only a feature 2 update and no creators update, is that correct?
  • Feature 2 is for updates following the creators update.
  • Nothing happen here in HK. Mine is 950XL.
  • Not seeing CU for 950 XL in USA as of 10 AM Central
  • Same for Iowa
  • The supporting devices decreased in number while the rollouts for assigned devices increased in time!?
  • Please release updates for unsupported lumias atleast yearly once.....
  • Still waiting. I haven't received it. I'm currently running 14393.1066
  • Can someone help clarify if GATT support is in this build?  Everyone talked about it leading up to the release and now none of the articles, this included, mention it.  I really need notifications on my wrist ever since Microsoft crushed my soul by taking the Band away. 
  • I'm really curious about GATT too. I bought a Vivoactive HR after my Band 2 and I'm really happy with it. From my understanding there's support in CU for GATT and now Fitbit and Garmin need to update and tinker with their apps for notifications to finally work on a Windows phone
  • How do you get rid of yellow "some settings are managed by your organization" in the phone update screen?
  • It goes away after rebooting.
  • Still nothing for my 950XL...SE USA., however my FierceXL got it last night. Go figure. The 950XL is on .138
  • Its pretty amazing how the Lumia 550 and 640's are able to get this yet many higher end Lumia's that are older cannot.
  • I just hope this fixes my one big gripe with my Lumia 550, the text and funtionality of some web pages, it's rediculous.!Ak83Vw_Z13GFhtJMruiq72Z6NeS3-g
  • Drear Microsoft,
    think you don't need to run as a corporate firm for only 13 devices. I'll give you a place near any coffee shop...
    My worst decision in my life is. Bought a windows phone. Sucks...
  • So what is the actual build number supposed to be? I have 15207.0 (feature2) downloading right now. 950XL dual sim.
  • How is your experience with new icons and lots of feedback stuff on creators update for W10M? oh its a little smoother though than anniversary update but nothing new👍 such a big update😂
  • From INDIA using Lumia 550 (Non-insider). It's showing that 'phone is upto date' when I check for a update......! 😭.. Waiting for Creators Update...............
  • Right
  • I am actually surprised they have to do a rollout for this. With the number of decreasing and glooming Windows 10 Mobile users. The least they could do with so much of Microsoft's cloud resources, I'm very sure they can afford to release to everyone at once at the same time. Especially with those devices who have higher number of users, (I assume the 950s). Oh god this is starting to get embarrassing.
  • Any one got Creators update on Lumia 640 XL in India.
  • No
  • nopes.. nothing yet.. tried many times.
  • Nope
  • I fail why people are getting so psyched about these updates. If some one asks me, i would want to roll back back to the good old days. Nothing is phenomenal with these updates.
  • * i fail to understand...
  • I hope to get my bugs fixed with these updates. If not, I'll have to send it to repair. That's why I want this update fast.
  • Elite x3 here, went to insider release preview from "nothing" last night to get Creators update. That went just fine and no problems afterwards. Today when CU went public I opted out of insider totally, least 5 unsuspected reboots during the day..tried softreset and same thing all over again. So I guess I have to hardreset ☹
    Strange issue or anyone else seen the same?
  • Yes I have had the same experience on the elite x3. Waiting for production release to see the behaviour.
  • using lumia 640xl. (India) creators update still not available. checked 10 times but nothing happnd.
  • Any luck for At&t 950 in US?
  • No update for my unlocked Lumia 950 dual sim phone 📞 here in Jamaica as at 12:18 pm est.
  • In Jamaica as well bro.... Lumia 650 still waiting...
  • Non supported devices can be upgraded to the release preview ring that went out last night IF they were AU. Rollback to AU join fast to the latest support CU update and then join RP and you will get the RP build from last night. Tried in both 930 and 830 and worked.
  • Ok might have just made a liar of myself. AU to .138. From there no further updates on Fast or RP. 930 and 830 stuck in .138. Might need to give it sometime to register with insider program. Will try again later.
  • Working!!! Thx!!! :)
  • I haven't heard of anyone downloading it on here yet.. What's that about?
  • Well, some consider this update a disappointment, including myself. I understand it's not available in most regions, as some people are commenting here but, still not available «at home» in the US? This is even more disappointing as Dona tweeted 13 hours ago the roll out as started. - All right, but where? UK only?
  • Microsoft only fools the people
  • No luck for 950XL unlocked US either
  • 15:12 PM in Argentina... Lumia 950 unlocked. Nothing yet... tired of waiting... fffffoo...
  • La primera vez que encuentro un argentino lol. Tal vez llegue por estos lados mañana jueves. Así me pasó con la AU... Aunque no tengo el maquinón ese 950 sino un modesto 640 libre. Saludos!
  • Next time they should announce release date with time & time zone. I'm very tired by clicking this update button.
  • Anyone?? Anywhere??? No update as yet???
  • Can i change my region to get it?
  • Just installed creators update on my 950XL UK now see how it goes
  • Is your phone locked or unlocked?
  • Unlocked
  • Can anyone tell me when I get creators update for 950xl in India?
  • Is already some region with distribution over Production Ring?
  • Nothing here, Sweden L950, 650, 550...
  • i can't wait much longer for the creators update aaaaaaaa33333 #lumia950xl
  • Why?
  • I have not received the update yet, Lumia 950 India.
  • Same here for Lumia 950 in India
  • same for me too my 950 (India)  
  • Come on! How long do we have to wait in the US. It's not like your server don't have the power to manage the little bit of fans you have left MS.
  • amin!
  • Haha so true, nothing in Canada yet
  • Are you sure? The last remaining remaining W10M deployment server is probably a 286 box stuffed in a utility closet running Windows for Workgroups 3.11
  • You probably right. At this point there won't be an update today lol.
  • Nor a week later, apparently. I have a feeling rollout actually goes by when the user first signs in and activates the device. Going by the region-model method, I likely would have been one of the first to get the update. But I didn't buy my 950XL until last summer, long after the device had already been on the market, so to me it looks like roll-out goes by a first activation date method. Edit: Well, what do you know... 10.0.15063.251 just started downloading. The week-long wait for me is consistent with the last major update. 950XL-DS unlocked US
  • Nothing in Colorado..
  • Hey, MS, let me decide if I want to run this update on my device that you won't update. I am willing to risk it.
  • Love it!! Windows 10 is awesome!! can't wait for full Windows this fall.
  • I have lumia 650 and no update until now in middle east .
    when we will get the creator
    update update
  • I wonder if we will get the update when the clock strikes 5 pm in Jamaica.
  • Most likely next week
  • I wonder if we will get the update when the clock strikes 5
    pm in Jamaica.
  • Nothing still here in Egypt, Lumia 950, come Microsoft!!
  • Unlocked 950 here in Colorado, still no update.
  • My Lunia 1520 weeps, not being invited to the party.
  • No update in the US (CT) yet 😪 - 950 AT&T
  • I'm guessing someone forgot to press the button
  • Creators Update? Sure, maybe next month, or....
    If you clean your room or office, take your dog out for a walk or clean your cat's litter, help your mother or wife, do your homework or clean the kitchen, then you'll get the update! :)
  • Still nothing on my Lumia 650 in Greece
  • — Dona Sarkar (@donasarkar) 26 April 2017 via Twitter for iPhone So Funny!!!
  • Lol
  • I guess I know what happened: Someone took the Red Button from Dona Sarkar's desk. She can't find it. :)
  • Phased??? Wow all 123 folks will be bumbed.
  • Installing on my 1520 now.
  • Sooooooo no one still till this hour haven't received the update?
  • Nop im still waiting
  • Jeez, everyone just relax. It will come. I am installing it on my Icon right now. Don't be in such a panic. For "unsupported" Lumias (Icon, 1520, etc.) go to Release Preview mode in Windows Insider and reboot. It will appear after a few hours. My 950XL is already beyond CU. It has 15207.0.
  • Still waiting for lumia 640 xl in india.
  • sorry to say but....after giving so much false hopes,now they are giving false news too,it seems creator is out for only release ring.
  • <p>Checked today at 7:11 am, nothing new, update for my lumia 640 lte.</p>
  • Still no update for Lumia 950 in India
  • Still waiting for an update for my Lumia 950 🤔
  • So is that 10.0.15063?
  • So is that 10.0.15063?
  • still not received 950xl(EU)
  • No CU update... Sweden L950, 650...
  • The last hurrah, the swan-song, signing-off...
  • I have got on my Lumia 535 via insider...
  • Looks like we'll have to go somewhere else to get Windows news.
    This kind of reporting and premature pronounces of Windows Phone fate is fake news at best.
  • Really MS? How many of these 13 eligible phones are in use? Couple million? 2 days later and most users aren't getting it yet?
  • Kind a waves in empty glas?
  • Is the update still coming??
    -950xl KSA
  • Hey guys any of you got the creator update?? Ax still no sign of update in my Lumia 650. Actually any of my friend haven't the update till now.
  • Not yet :/
  • Devices not on this list will not officially receive the Windows 10
    Creators Update nor will they receive any future builds from our
    Development Branch that we release as part of the Windows Insider
    Program. However, Windows Insiders who have devices not on this list can
    still keep these devices on the Windows 10 Creators Update at their own
    risk knowing that it’s unsupported.     Hi I am Shanmuga Subramanian from India I am having Lumia 730 DS I updated Windows 10
    Creators Update my DELL Laptop 2012 model but I am will not get this update into Lumia 730 DS (2015 Model) I am not understand What Microsoft concept ? They will not give update for older mobile They will not come with New Phone (Surface Phone)    
  • Did someone get update? Anyone?
  • Does anyone in the UK on a 950 actually have this update yet? I know a few people with them and so far no one has it.
  • Not yet
  • I've got a 950xl and I've not had the update yet
  • The update wave for my unlocked Lumia 950 dual sim phone hasn't yet reached Jamaica as at 8:12 am.
  • Hey Indians! I just had a chat with B2X support.
    I was informed that in India the CU has been released only for PCs. For Windows 10 Mobile the update is still under testing for our region. Still do not know how is the CU going to affect countrywise release. Regards,
    Rohitdas Mallya B.
  • Thanks
  • *sigh* Day 3.. Still no update here (Philadelphia suburbs) on my Elite x3 or 950XL...
  • So I´ve been on the Insider Program for a while with many different phones. I now have a Lumia 535. A little old but very dependable. I was on the slow ring with .138 and finally saw the only way to get .251 was switch to preview release. Got the update immediately and installed great. I honestly have to say I´m a huge techy and get why older devices should be phased out because it´s impossible to support every device ever but this runs even better than previous builds on my device. So, with all that being said does anyone know the right branch to be on to keep getting new builds? Can I go back to the slow ring or do I need to stay on the PR?
  • PR!
  • thx. after this I found the answer and also posted a link on here with info.
  • Do anyone know When will be creators update rolling out for my Lumia 950 hear in India?
  • Nothing here... Lumia 950, Argentina, 1:00 PM ... WTF? I've checked since yesterday!!! I don't know why my 950 doesn't found any updates still... :(
  • Nothing yet??
  • I just tweeted Dona...
  • Good luck getting an answer out of her..
  • She will just ignore you or give you one of her arrogant answers.... Sadly she's the only face and way to contact Micro$oft about the Mobile brand. It is just stupid that a company as big as this acts like this instead having an official and friendly account. Totally hating Micro$oft, Nadella & Sarkar.
  • still no update for Lumia 950 xl ☹
  • No update here in Germany (April 27th, 18:52h). Neither on an unbranded 950 XL in release ring nor on an unbranded 1520 in release preview ring.
  • so I answered my own question. if anyone is on an unsupported device not with release of Creators Update this should help.
  • She just replied!
    "Actually there are many regions getting it now. It'll show up!" .... That's she's tweeted.
  • Hmmm... Does anybody know how much space is required for the update? It isn't coming to devices with less than 1GB of free internal storage, is it?
  • Still nothing for 950XL unlocked, unbranded currently on .138 in the SE USA. Not really sure what the logic is to this rollout...then again, it really seems that there is none. How in the world does a company expect to maintain any reasonable level of loyalty from it's user base when it can't even distribute an update in a straight forward manner. Personaly, I feel that this is the MS way of saying to the Windows Mobile community "FU" your on your own from this point forward. Good luck, cause we're moving toward Android. I said it before, and I'll say it again...What a Cluster.
  • Nothing in Sweden...
  • I still didn't get "Creators" Update on my phone Lumia 650... :( that's sad because there is not too much Windows Mobile phones compared to PCs but Microsoft says millions running Creators Update
  • Nothing yet for Lumia 950 unlocked UK. Non-insider. I am still waiting for the update. 😑
  • Nothing in the uk on 02 hopefully 🤞 coming soon
  • On my L950 and L650, nothing yet. On my L830 I did this... That being said, here’s what you can do if you’re on an unsupported device.
     If you are on an unsupported device and already on the Windows 10 Creators Update (Build 15063): Go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider Program and move to the Release Preview ring in order to continue receiving Cumulative Updates for Build 15063. Your device should pick up Build 15063.251 today.
     If you are on an unsupported device not on the Windows 10 Creators Update (Build 15063): To get to Build 15063, join the Windows Insider Program on your device and get into the Fast or Slow ring. Once in the Fast or Slow ring, your device will begin taking multiple “hops” to get to Build 15063. Older devices will likely have to take the Windows 10 November Update (Build 10586) and Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 14393) in order to get to Build 15063. Once you get to Build 15063 on your device, make sure you go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider Program and move to the Release Preview ring in order to continue receiving Cumulative Updates for Build 15063.
     If you are on an unsupported device and want to return your device to a supported state: You will need to remove your device from the Windows Insider Program by using the Windows Device Recovery Tool to re-flash your device and use the Upgrade Advisor app to get back to Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 14393). From there, your device will receive the latest Cumulative Updates for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update going forward.
    To be clear, Microsoft isn’t stopping you from getting to the Creators Update – and you will in fact get Cumulative Updates for your Windows phone on there. For users of devices like the 930 and 1520, this should come as a relief, allowing older users to squeeze a few more months of life out of the nearly half decade old devices. Microsoft has learned a few lessons from its initial Windows 10 Mobile rollout it seems, and it isn’t cutting devices off whole sale this time. Working 100%.
  • How is it that I have an unlocked L950XL DS and still no CrU as yet and it's 2days after the reported rollout. What's MS really doing. U mean to tell me, the few left and you're vexing them as well.
  • It's the third day...
  • Buddy 25+ 2 = 27 ok, hence 2 days later not 3.
  • Neither of my Lumia 950 XLs (both currently on live ring, 14393.1066) - Denmark, carrier unlocked.
  • Nice! But I noticed that they added new ringtones and tones but removed some of the older ones that I've used since Windows Phone 7 (Classic ringtone and tones) Is there a way to get those back? Or download them off of my older phones? 
  • Have anyone tried to install the Creators Update on a Nokia 1520 yet?
  • Yes, my 1520 is my backup to my 950xl, my 1520 got initial CU release via slow ring last week, and final build via Release Preview yesterday. Works very well.
  • Yes, another day with no official release (unlocked 950XL - Portugal). For those who don't remember, this happened in previous releases in the past. - It's a Microsoft thing. This is one of many reasons they lose people to other platforms and, do they care? I think they don't. Believe me, I love Microsoft and I'm feeling a bit frustrated. Apparently, Dona says some regions are getting the update... But where? On the Moon? Mars? Reading a few comments, it's very easy to understand that no one around the world is getting the Creators Update public release. I think there might be some problems related to this public release and MS is still addressing them, maybe some Firmware related issues, I don't know. It would be nice that Dona (or someone else) come and say that this update is being delayed due to "whatever"... Anyway, I prefer to wait some more days and get a stable release, and maybe this one will come with a firmware update too, who knows?
    That's why I'm not getting the Insider's version for now.
  • Apologies if this has been posted before someplace...
    After the latest update in the release preview on my 950, I cannot open websites that were pinned with icons to my start screen before. I'm talking about those nice screenshot icons that I created with my Lumia 920 while on 8.1. I restored a backup of that device back to my 950.
    Great, since Edge on W10m cannot create these. And they used to open the linked URL without a problem.
    Now I'm just getting a bing error when opening, the underlying shortcut cannot be resolved anymore.
    What a pity. Newly pinned shortcut-icons look awful and all basically the same. I used some third party apps but that's not as good as the original from 8.1 times.
    Anybody else who noticed this?
  • No update in Aus but got it switching over to preview builds in the insider, went straight from Anniversary too Creators straight away, took a while to do It's thing but works a treat on my 950xl
  • Can you see all sensors using Aida64?
  • Nothing here in Greece... Third day and nothing... Maybe millions of phones had already received the update in other galaxy !!
  • In Hungary, nothing yet. I think they just said. 1-2 weeks later when they get more feedback from the insider ring.
  • Epic fake Update! SOmeone has received CU? oO
  • Installed it from release preview on my Lumia 435, but not in my Lumia 650 yet, so far everything looks good on my 435
  • I am so done with Windows phones! this is pathetic now
  • Anyone in US west coast getting the update? If yes, what model is your phone?
  • Still no update for Lumia 950 in India
  • Didn't know India is part of us west coast!
  • Cali here with 950 and still no ☹
  • I'm in AZ and still no update on Lumia 950XL unlocked on AT&T
  • FWIW, east coast here. 950XL DS. Nothing as of 2AM EST.
  • Thanks rotkod. That worked like a charm on my L735.
  • Installed via insider preview on my Lumia 950 xl. Battery life and temperature are much better, but half of sensors are missing, compass, proximity, etc. carrier free, Serbia.
  • Got CA using insider preview., Attempting to call or answer restarts the phone!
  • No CU - Lumia 950, AU, unlocked, production ring. Poland.
  • only one person has got creators update and it's Dona Sarkar ! still no updates very poor service form Microsoft.
  • I think a delay could be carriers related. After installing CU via insider preview and hard reset, my Lumia 950 xl, had lost a half of sensors, compass etc. Than I figured i cannot make or answer calls, so I went to fast ring to try with 15207, and no result. My phone even had problem to boot at all!!!!!
    Think, Microsoft had made a big mess somewhere. Carriers seems had forgotten on windows platform at all?
  • Does anyone in the UK on a 950 actually have this update yet? I know a few people with them and so far no one has it.
  • In the uk. Still nothing on my 950xl.
  • Still no update after 3 days 950xl production ring, unlocked from Microsoft store, Ireland
  • Nothing in Brazil too...
  • Anyone getting the update yet?
  • Still can't get update😑 in lumia 650 dual sim in india🙄
  • I am also from India.i also don't get update using 640 xl LTE 😐
  • I received the Creators update yesterday lunchtime BST on my 930 through insider on release preview. No issues & I must admit my phone seams to run smoother 😃
  • try turning off some background apps from the privacy section in the settings.. i'm having alot of screen freez issues when I do that..
  • 640 in Chicagoland. Production (not insider) CU not here yet.
  • Well, so much for that. Never got CU on my 950XL...but am currently downloading 15208.0 (feature2) on it. Guess they decided to jump the shark and the build, at least for me.
  • There are no visual upgrades nor improvements in w10m over years. There is nothing new nor ipmrovements in CU but I really waited this and every update in hope to finally get something new to see some change and feel like windows mobile is coming back. As I see Microsoft doesn't care about remainig fans of windows mobile, so dear Microsoft good luck with that! I'm moving on Android : )))
  • Nothing in Sweden...
  • Sir I am using Lumia 640XL LTE in India.After 4 days, i don't get creators update in my mobile
  • Lumia 550. Poland, still nothing ;/
  • Same here mate, my 650 Dual SIM hasn't picked anything up.
  • Lumia 950XL in Portugal = nada, rien, niets, mitään, τίποτα δεν, कुछ भी नहीं, semmi sem, intet, nothing!
    There is a hole forming in my phone's screen, on top of "Check for updates" button...
    I could read somewhere that some regions on the Moon and Mars already received the Creators Update, but Earth.
  • Lumia 650, India. Still didn't get Creators update.
  • CU is rolling out now in india
  • Yup
  • Agree cu is rolling out in India however there seems to be a big problem with update while updating my 640xl I am receiving error code 080070570 with the message some update files are missing ir have problems will try to update later. And my phone when on wifi has tried to update at least 5 times without any success.
  • Something is wrong with Microsoft on this rollout....and neither WC nor MS report it....!!!?
  • I agree. They threw update for insiders due to testing. It seems CU for mobile is some kind of a buggy. If they have problems that's ok but Microsoft has to tell us something. I'm so disappointed with windows phone. They could have done so much more...
  • Possibly, there are firmware related issues. I believe this public release will come anytime from next tuesday (May 2), with a firmware update for some of the supported devices, and will be anything greater than 15063.251
  • So I just downloaded from the insider release and then stopped the builds, enough is enough. It is very stable. I can finally get notifications on my Fitbit now!
  • If you do this are you able to keep getting updates from the production ring while keeping the CU?
  • Yes
  • What is the number version of the official release? it's 10.0.15063.251???
  • yes!
  • I have opted to download it as an Insider. It's donwloading now, .251... I hope everything works fine/better. I'm on a Lumia 950.
  • i tried and using now a release preview.. it has some problems.. video recording.. background apps toggle options takes ages to toggle.. screen freezes and a lot of issues.. and a lot of issues
  • It seems like the update won't reach us until May 2, 2017.
  • Is this pure speculation on your part? Any source/sources?!?!?
  • I have decided to check my unlocked Lumia 950 dual sim phone @10 pm est. (Jamaican time). Lo and behold, Creators Update wave has finally hit the shores of my phone.
  • Congratulation!
  • When the creator update was release. I didn't get for Lumia 650
  • Not yet rolling in India.
  • Did anyone noticed that screen timeout is not working in creators update in release preview?
  • Which region are you in??.. I'm in Germany and still didn't get it on my 950xl
  • Any suggestions??
  • The only suggestion we can do is wait...
  • Hello Muhammad,
    I'm from India. For testing purpose I installed the CU using insider in Release Preview Ring, and I noticed that there are so many bugs in CU. Immediately I have reset my phone using recovery tool and back to production 14393.1066 now it's working fine :-)
  • Hmmm.. :/ well I think I would prefer not to leave the production ring on my primary device...
  • I understand that, but I'm like whatever right now.
  • Same here, however I have a 650 Dual SIM and I'm in Poland
  • Noticed hello is worse than it was? Market place isn't working as it should no wonder they haven't released it
  • I would just wait till the production release insider not up to scratch
  • Release preview has a lot of problems. i couldn't wait for the public release in india and installed release preview recently and having many problems with it.. and mostly screen freeze issues.. I didn't notice any screen timeout issue.. but screen freezing still happens a lot even after two hard resets..
  • Are they ******* fooling us ?? No region has got the update yet??
    I guess it's the same with every release date with Microsoft.. They simply lie and discover they can't fix the **** they get themselves in
  • I think that the creators update will be released a bit later because there may be some bugs. I have a Lumia 640 LTE from AT&T and I still didn't get the update. I unlocked my phone and I'm using it in India. For the Anniversary update, it took twenty two days for the update to be available(received on 24, August, 2016). So I think Creators update may also release after a few days. AT&T customers, U might need to wait a few days(after updates get released to non-carrier users)to download the update. I wanted to change my model number from RM- 1073 to RM-1074 but I'm a bit scared that it might brick Lumia.
  • Yup i m using 640 xl. I have not got the update too... And i m from nepal.
  • Also what are the Regions which Support this update? In this article they said "If you're using one of the few devices that are supported by Microsoft, you can now head to Windows Update to download the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile for your smartphone, if it's available in your region" What are those Regions which Support this update?
  • Aliens regions!!
  • I second that....Where are these regions?!!
    I thought transparency was one of MS mission statements! If the anniversary update took three (3) weeks to reach its region destination as mentioned by Sandeep, then MS shall publish all the regions with approximate time/day of rollouts to them to save us some wasted time....
  • Dona Sarkar has mentioned in her tweet "the one in which she announced the release of CU" that they're starting to roll the update in waves across the regions.. That means the update will be eventually available in ALL regions but not at the same time.. The difference can be from couple of hours to couple of days and for carriers maybe weeks
  • We'll wait and see
  • I haven't received the update. How do I get it on my Idol 4s?
  • Newerland?
  • Newerland?
  • Only 10% of PCs are on creators update, so many PCs may be updating causing Mobile users to get it a bit late.
  • Nothing yet here (Denmark - 950XL Dual Sim)
  • I just went to the Release Preview I couldn't wait anymore
  • Got the update for the Lumia 950 At&t in the US. How? Go to release preview insider ring, get 15063.251 and install, then switch back to production ring. It runs perfectly. Smooth, Windows Hello is fast, apps and notifications work! Follow this and you won't have to wait. It's perfectly stable as well.
  • I just jumped into the Release Preview Ring
  • I think the update is only for Insiders. . .I'm not seeing official announcement on . .so anyone who is not an INSIDER and was able to get the Creators Update for Win10Mobile, show up pls?? TY
  • 640xl is supported device... Today is april 30 and i have not got a updates of creators update... Why ??
  • 5 days from official launch, I haven't got mine upgraded until now ... ☹
  • unlocked 640 dual sim in UK (bought from french microsoft store) - still nothing here yet!
  • Nothing received on my Lumia 650 in UK
  • I haven't received windows 10 mobile creators update on Lumia 950. Can anybody help?
  • Hi All, No Updates received yet for My 950XL Dual SIM as well as my Laptop running on Windows 10. How long are we supposed to wait? Has anyone received the updates without switching to Fast Ring?   Regards, Rohitdas Mallya B. India
  • not yet in my 950 as well  
  • Lumia 640 LTE here, Indonesia net yet available...already a week since rollout, what happen guys?
  • This is finland, creetings!
    Yesterday i get update 10.0.15063.251 to my Lumia 550 i think that it is Beta.
    Lumia 550 not shows what updates are availble so i updateted it, not to know what i get,
    so i get 10.0.15063.251 update.
    I don`t understand meaning of 10.0.15063.251 is it good or bad?
    Did anybody know if final version is coming in future?
  • It's not beta. It's the Creators update. Is it the final version of Windows 10 version 1703 ? Only Microsoft knows.
  • Poland, 550 lumia here. Still nothing
  • Anyone NOT getting the update yet? Still nothing on my 950.
  • Still nothing in UK on unlocked 640. Only way is to go for insider option, but I think there may be problems with this update and that's why it is not on public release. The latest update for PC caused a problem with my desktop,had to contact MS to sort it out. Think I will wait for public release.
  • On which planet has the roll out started? Or, do I have to doubt on myself that I don't live on earth!?
  • Lol
  • Hey Rahul!   Rolled out in India today! I got it on my 950XL. 5AM IST.
  • Already May 1st and also still nothing here in Germany for our Lumias 650 and 950 (both unlocked, no provider devices):-( Only a few supported devices left on earth and it's such a big deal to distribute this Creators Update?? Unbelievable!
  • Lumia 950XL, Poland - still nothing both on mine and brother's one.
  • when going to get update for my 950XL(DS) in KSA still waiting ..........   Hey MS its ALREADY ( 2 may 2017 )   !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well, I've got it on my Lumia 950XL.  Mostly it's OK.  However, Settings>System>Notifications is very slow and tends to hang when configuring notification behavior on individual apps.  Also infrequently, the phone just dies, and it must be rebooted -- that never used to happen.
  • Downloading in india now...after 8days finally its arrived
  • Available in India now
  • Confirmed, C.U. available and downloading now on my 950XL Portugal.
  • I'm just downloading it now 950XL UK (unlocked)
  • Finally! Lumia 550, Poland.
    15063.251 is finally here!
  • Lumia 950 XL - Denmark. Downloading. And yes, finally.
  • Something is downloading to my 950XL right now. 10.0.15063.251
  • Creator's Update is installing to me officially 😊.Lumia 950 xl.
  • Where r u?
  • Finally! Downloading now on unlocked 950 in Canada. I will point out it is an ATT branded device. Will try on my daily driver today 950 bought in CND MS Store.
  • It's about time Microsoft.......
    Downloading now on my L950 DS in California....
    It only took seven days!
  • Update available in the Netherlands #950 #production
  • Not arrived in the UK on 02 just have to have patience
  • Finally got official CU, lumia 950 xl still has a half of sensors lost, compass for example
  • I lost the people app round tile pictures on my 950 dual sim!?
  • Rollin in Bulgaria!
  • Reaching 650 in Sweden now.
  • CU available for download on Lumia 950XL dual sim unlocked, I'm in Chicago, US
  • CU finally available... I'm in Chicago, US, on a Lumia 950XL, unlocked version
  • Finally got it today in New Orleans for L950XL.
  • Just started rolling out here in Colorado. Unlocked 950
  • Mine just got updated in Colorado. Unlocked 950
  • Just got it in Colorado, 950 unlocked
  • Looks like Microsoft released lots of goodies today for their #EDU event..including CU for my 950XL :-) Getting it in Chicago,US on my unlocked dual sim
  • Hey!! CU hits my 950XL. India! Download in progress.   Regards, Rohitdas Mallya B.
  • Finally, Downloading the Creator update. Lumia 650, India.
  • Got the update in india
  • What About Microsoft Lumia 540....Doe it get Creators Update ???
  • No Lumia 540 is not supported.  
  • CU 15063.251 is now rolling out in india. Lumia 640
  • Is it the AT&T version or unlocked version?
  • Got the update in india..lumia 650
  • Got the update in india..lumia 650
  • Just installed on my 950xl in US, everything seems to be working fine so far...
  • Got it now..lumia 950.. India..15063.251
  • Has any AT&T User received the creators update?
    I Still didn't get it. My Device:
    Lumia 640 LTE from AT&T(Unlocked and I'm using it in India)
  • I'm Trying to change phone region to US and other Settings to US.....
  • Still did not get it.....
  • Update has arrived here in Denmark, on my 950XL
  • Weird, it's not on Windows Device Recovery Tool, when I connect my Danish 950XL.. (I'm on a later Insider build, that broke Bluetooth, so I want to roll back)
  • Got the update yesterday the 2nd of May here in Colorado. 950 unlocked.
  • It's the 3rd may, has anyone in the UK had the cu update yet (I am on o2 with a 950),?
  • On Vodafone in the UK with a Lumia 950, no update as of yet!
  • Arrived in the UK yesterday, all seems fine......
  • Still waiting whens it coming to South Africa?
  • The upgrade made my 950XL hang for a bit, and performance definitely seems worse. What did they do under the hood? :(
  • Not yet on Phone.....India.....Lumia 640 LTE.....AT&T........ :(
  • Does anyone notice screen flicking issue in video play... Its return.... Again
  • This update making my phone (950xl) run slower than before, and also screen got freezing for a few times
  • I know it is not the best place to post it because of my phone model, but I think someone else could be experiencing it too. Unfortunately my L930 is behaving much worse with RS2 than with RS1, even after upgrading it to the lastest firmware available in I will enumerate what I remember: 1 - The double tap to wake most of the time works only after two attempts because in the first the screen just blinks.
    2 - In Twitter, back to timeline after viewing a twitt takes several seconds and the scrolling of the screen is choppy, laggy, and sometimes does not work at all, making me having to wait several seconds to the timeline to became "browsable".
    3 - Enable or disable a program from running in background takes from several seconds to several minutes each,and some of them, mainly from MS, can even hang the system, demanding me to force reset, and of course I have to re-do all the on/off settings again, taking care to no touch in such "bugged" programs before the others.
    4 - Sometimes the webpages reloads randonly, even with no other program in the background.
    5 - When the camera is opened the screen blinks before you can use the program, and:
    5.1 - There is a lag when you press the button and the app taking the photo.
    5.2 - There is a lag in photo-to-photo that prevents you from taken photos of non-statical things without getting a blurry photo.
    5.3 - The focus is slow, what I think is the culprit of the two sittuations above.
    5.4 - The itens 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 are the same that some users says that occurs in the Xiaomi Mi4 with W10.
    6 - The alarm and the ring tone sometimes gets very distorted.
    7 - Switching youtube to full screen or changing the orientation results in blank screen for a second or two. I am really sad about that, because I bought a used L930 to replace my broken L635 and enjoy a upgrade that was being praised as the fastest W10 version until now.
    If this situation does not change after the next Patch Tuesday (05/09), where the version 15063.296 (or later) can be released, I am going back to RS1, where the version 14393.1198 (or later) can be released.
  • Any issues with the Outlook Calendar and Cortana Reminders? If I try to edit a Cortana Reminder within an Outlook Calendar, the reminder does not open sometimes.
  • I do not use Cortana or Outlook Calender, so I am afraid to say I can not answer you. But... Good news for me! I solved or at least mitigate the problems described with a very "think out of the box" measure: I downgreaded the firmware. I was using the latest firmware not bounded to carriers (02540.00019.15236.54008, RM-1045 VAR LTA BR CV) and as a last and desperate attempt to fix my problems I thought "Why not try this? What I have nothing to loose." So using WDRT I downgreaded it to the latest carrier-bounded firmware (02540.00019.15234.50004, VAR LTA BR CLARO WHITE) and immediatelly after the reboot I felt the phone was behaving different. I will list what happened to the issues described: 1 - Fixed. 2 - Not totally fixed, sometimes occurs. Is the Twitter app the culprit? I have not tested in W8.1, just in Win10 RS2. 3 - Fixed. 4 - Fixed. 5 - Continues. 5.1 - Fixed. 5.2 - Fixed. 5.3 - Fixed. 6 - Fixed 7 - Continues. 8 - Before, the phone heated a lot, even using Edge and mainly during games. Now at maximum it becames warm. I am happy with the result but confused this the solution. I still love the "look and feel" of my L930 but I would love to have an 950/XL or an HP X3.
  • Got it here in Colorado on my 950 unlocked Tuesday
  • Finally getting the CU update on my lumia 950, busy downloading now 15063.297 in South Africa.
  • Got the update on my AT&T Lumia 640 LTE. AT&T users, if you haven't got the update, then I recommend you to check for updates. I got 10.0.15063.297.
  • I just got it too. Any issues with the Outlook Calendar and Cortana Reminders? If I try to edit a Cortana Reminder within an Outlook Calendar, the reminder does not open sometimes.