Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse vs. Surface Precision Mouse: Which is better?

Surface Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse
Surface Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse (Image credit: Microsoft)

Ultimately, the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse will be the preferable option for the vast majority of people since it's only a portion of the cost of the Surface Precision Mouse, yet still offers the same great performance and design. You should really only go for the Surface Precision Mouse if you care about having an extra programmable button or compatibility with MacOSX.

Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse vs. Surface Precision Mouse: Comparison and specs

When it comes to the performance of the Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse and the Surface Precision Mouse, they are pretty much identical. Both have equally accurate sensors that are very responsive, and both mice also have the same ergonomic design that makes them incredibly comfortable to use.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Bluetooth Ergonomic MouseSurface Precision Mouse
ConnectionBluetooth 4.0+Bluetooth 4.0+
Wireless frequency2.4 GHz2.4GHz
CompatibilityWindows 10/8.1Windows 10/8.1, MacOSX
Customizable buttons23
BatteryRechargable lithium ion, 3 months2x AAA, 15 months

Two major things give the Surface Precision Mouse a slight edge in terms of functionality: three customizable buttons instead of two, and compatibility with MacOSX, which is the operating system used by Apple in its computers. However, the Surface Precision Mouse is much more expensive compared to the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse, meaning that if you want these features, you'll have to pay a pretty penny for them. Overall, we feel that the benefit isn't worth the high cost, but you may feel differently. It's also worth noting that the Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse uses a rechargeable battery, while the Surface Precision Mouse uses AAA batteries. The former lasts a shorter amount of time on a full charge but can be recharged, while the latter lasts much longer but requires you to buy batteries.

Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse vs. Surface Precision Mouse: Which should you buy?

Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central The Surface Precision Mouse. (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

At the end of the day, the fact that you get near-identical performance to the Surface Precision Mouse with the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse for a much lower cost makes it too much of a value pick to pass up. This is why, for the vast majority of people, the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse is the best choice.

If you care a lot about having extra programmable buttons or compatibility with MacOSX, however, you'll want to go with the Surface Precision Mouse. It is a lot more expensive, but if you can make good use of the extra features it offers, it will be worth it to you.

If neither of these mice are a good fit for you, make sure to check out our full roundup of the best wireless mice available.

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