Microsoft to bring Edge to the Windows 10 Store with Redstone 3

Microsoft has promised that it has plans to bring Edge, Microsoft's in-house web browser for Windows 10, to the Windows Store at some point. Microsoft has been saying that this is their goal for several months at this point, and today we may finally have some kind of time-frame to follow regarding when we can expect to see Microsoft Edge in the Windows Store

According to a report from Neowin, Microsoft is targeting Redstone 3 as the release of Windows 10 that brings Edge to the Windows Store. Windows Central can confirm that this is indeed accurate, however as with all internal plans, this plan can slip into the next release instead. We also heard that this was the plan for Redstone 2, but that ended up not happening in time for release.

Decoupling Microsoft Edge from the OS and bringing it to the Windows Store is a significant change, as it allows Microsoft to develop and release updates to the browser at a much faster cadence compared to currently. Browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox can already be updated whenever needed with new features, bug fixes and more. With Edge, updates are released bundled with every new "version" of Windows 10, meaning we only get two major Edge updates a year.

So, putting Edge in the Windows Store allows Microsoft to add new features and enhancements to the browser and release them via app updates in the Store, meaning Microsoft can develop faster and users can get access to new features quicker, without needing to wait for an entire new release of Windows 10.

As the report from Neowin states, Microsoft wants this change to be made in time for Redstone 3, and our sources can confirm that this is indeed accurate, but with a chance of this plan slipping into Redstone 4 if Microsoft isn't able to finish in time.

Hopefully Microsoft will talk more about Redstone 3 at build, and maybe announce that this change will finally be showing up before the years end. Let us know below what you think!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • FINALLY!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe feedback works after all!! I asked if they wanted to just be at the party or host it?..LOL!!!
  • If they actually meet the release date.
  • I don't like this. Built in apps works way much better than those which are not. Remember WP 7-8. Apps and hubs? All were perfect, fast, fluid, smooth. When they separated them for more often updates (especially music+ videos app in 8.1) they were much slower and with lots of bugs. Even now that app is crap and slow on my 930 (and PC)! I believe that is the reason why Windows 10 on mobile will never reach stability of WP 7-8. Built in core apps are the way to go. You can downvote me now!
  • I'm not going to downvote, but I really wonder how much performance issues were caused by decoupling from the core OS.
  • None. It was the fact that they re-wrote them at the same time that caused it.
  • It had nothing to do with being built-in or not. It had to do with the fact that they rewrote the apps badly. They could have put the apps in Store without rewriting them and nothing would have changed. Store is simply a delivery and update method. Edge is already UWP and nothing will change apart from how it is updated.
  • Yeah, but the payoff is worth it.... look at Groove compared to the ultra slow developing XBM..... Groove is awesome.
  • Yet they took off Artist picture with latest update, just because of blur effect (aka Neon). Hope they'll get it least as an option.
  • Yeah. I'm not sure what's going on with that, but now the performance of the app is much better. With that last update it actually plays my music, instead of skipping so many damn tracks.... It also still jumps to the next track when the song is 90% complete, but it's not as frequent.... Groove , and OneNote, are the best apps on my phone..... The worst apps are Facebook/Messenger, and the poor performing camera app. Outlook is pretty cool.... Overall, as a Mobile platform WM10CU is pretty good. If it had all the apps of the others, and some appealing devices, I can't see why the average consumer wouldn't like it.... It works fine now.
  • I like the Alarms app also XD Groove works with no problems on my 930. Don't have those issues. As for camera app it really sucks. I use Lumia camera app all the time cuz native W10 camera app freezes my phone and often leads to rebooting when taking many shots. Facebook apps weren't updated for 6 months, they store a lot of cache data and are so darn slow! But yeah, Groove and OneNote are among better Windows 10 apps.
  • If you really think about it we've never had a decent camera app on 7, 7.5, 8, 8.1, or 10.
  • Win 10 camera app is decent. It has all the features we need. Comparing to Android or IOS camera apps, ours is still the best with minimalistic UI and manual controls. It only lacks good performance.
  • Maybe I'm think about Photos, as well.. Why didn't they add all of the features of the desktop app??😬😬
  • Even if you don't think it is forward progress, it is progress. They are moving towards adding newer design elements and updating through the store allowed that to happen already were as before we would have to wait until a new release of windows.
  • I totally agree with you.
  • Going back to 8.1 now, the music and video apps actually work well with the latest updates. Seems like they had to rush the apps at the time for some reason. Maybe because of Windows 10? Just remember, Google Chrome.
  • It's clear you don't understand how Store apps work and how Edge in particular is built. To simplify, Edge is basically a Store app with UI controls and a webview control. This webview control is available to other UWP apps with possibly some unofficial APIs reserved for the Edge app. Currently the Edge app (UI) is delivered through Windows Update along with the Webview/rendering engine. AFAIK, what's planned is that the Edge app (UI) will be delivered through the Store while the Edge rendering engine will still be updated through WU with major OS updates. This is because the Universal Windows Platform relies on the Edge engine to render some of its apps (HTML5/JS based ones).
  • Now that Microsoft is pushing android, we need edge so I won't have to use Firefox.
  • Now that Microsoft is pushing android, we need edge so I won't have to use Firefox.
  • Bring it to the play store. That would be awesome.
  • I immediately thought of this. I upvoted it.
  • Freaking Finally
  • I'll be THAT guy and say I'm not looking forward to this as much as everyone else is.
    Putting Edge in the store wont change the main problem. They (Edge dev team) even said that they don't (at least currently) need to separate it because the twice-a-year method works well for them, that's how they'd update Edge even if they could do it more frequently. I don't know how important Edge is for MS, but I doubt that that team is as large as the Chrome team (so that's why they update less frequently, and major W10 updates align with Edge updates).
    So don't hold your breath for getting more features and quicker. The best I expect is more frequent bug fixes.
  • I'll believe it when I'll see it.
  • Finally!
  • What is the decoupling waiting for? Is it APIs? Or is it because Windows is built on the need for a web browser or something? Or something else? I am just curious :).
  • As far as I can tell Edge needed features that UWP didn't yet support, like drag & drop, multiple windows, extensions, etc. So it couldn't be in the Store until the UWP platform was updated to support these features. Now UWP supports them (and has done for a little while), they can migrate to a true UWP delivered via the Store.
  • Cool, thank you :).
  • F I N A L L Y . They should have done this already .
  • Great news. Besides the obvious advantage of allowing for faster updates, this will hopefully also lt will lead to more people giving it a try, since It should be promoted on the front page of the store.
  • Hopefully this means that Edge will be available for Android and iOS soon after.
  • Why you think that ?
  • True that
  • Considering it's included with all installs of Windows 10, I'm not sure how this will promote usage.
  • Good point
  • LOL, Everything is slipping for later releases and still they come with buggy crappy apps ! Typical Microsoft
  • At last
  • The person who has failed to master the incredible complexities of the caps lock key is criticizing others?
  • Or maybe he was yelling :/
  • Untill i see it or doesn't happen :D
  • I hope they plan to do something about the consistent crashing of the app.
  • I've genuinely not had that recently, had a big phase earlier in the year I discovered was related to early Malwarebytes 3.x releases but remarkably stable for me (honestly). I don't massively use tabs mind, probably no more than 8-10 max open and normally half that; nor extensions.
  • This is on my 640XL that it's crashing.
  • Ah ok, yep on mobile (950xl) getting a fair bit of that on creators too.
  • So it will be ready by Redstone 9... Jokes aside it's a good thing for quicker updates & maintenance. Let's see how many articles will be championing the removal of edge once it has been decoupled... Get your aluminum hats ready folks.
  • Deberían sacar Edge para Android y iOS.
    Should release Edge for Android and iOS.
  • No, they shouldn't.
  • Why not?
  • While Microsoft developers are at it...I hope they can improve Cortana to the stage that the digital assistant won't use Internet Explorer to open links anymore. This would mean that only Edge would be used for displaying web searches.
  • You have a setting flipped if that's happening. ...i forgot what it is but it's in setting>advance settings in edge I want to say "optimize taskbar web searches". If that setting is on, switch it to off.
    But don't quote me
  • I dunno, I've been testing this myself and still got freaking IE instead of Edge...Until I disabled that abhorrent browser and seemingly broke Cortana. I might try again, though I can just use Chrome which is significantly better anyway. :/
  • Seems to have helped significantly to disable the Screen Reader Optimization. It shouldn't be necessary to disable this, but apparently it is for the time being. Thank you, I can use Cortana for the quick searches again.
  • That's the thing, I've heard that before but I know others were off by default. It seems to vary from person to person. It's weird
  • I wished they would have done this already with the Creator Update. That gives more time to Chrome to be faster.
  • Didn't they lose an antitrust lawsuit over bundling the browser into the OS...
  • Technically, they lost an anti-trust lawsuit for having a monopoly on PC computers, a monopoly that excluded other companies from installing their operating systems on PCs. It is like filing an anti-trust lawsuit against Apple for having a monopoly of installing OSX on Mac computers and excluding competitors, or installing iOS on iPhones and excluding competitors.
  • Actually, "bundling the browser into the OS" is a more accurate description for their conviction. A monopoly isn't illegal if it is gained "organically" (i.e., through fairly and legally selling your product and customers preferring it over your competitors until you have monopoly market share) which is what Microsoft did with Windows. What is illegal is price gouging ("You don't want to pay that much for our OS? Then sell your computers without it, mwahaha!") and product tying/bundling to create another monopoly for the bundled product ("You want to install Windows on your computers? Then you have to make Internet Explorer the default web browser.") both of which they did and for which they were convicted. The difference now, is that it is clear that the bundling is not creating a monopoly in the browser market anymore, so the bundling is no longer an issue.
  • Sounds good to me, but I wouldn't mind if they would bring mobile extensions with it as well
  • I use Dvdremakepro to copy and modify the dvd (menus navigations, first play of the dvd, languages, subtitle and more) and after I use nero or dvdfab to master the backup copy of the dvd.
  • ^^^bringing
  • Hopefully we will get faster updates now. Edge is getting to be pretty reliable finally.
  • Edge of today is far far better than Edge of 2 years ago. Bringing it to the store will bring rapid development for sure!
  • True, Edge 15 is a tremendous leap over Edge 12, in stability and reliability. Though it's still not completely there yet. Maybe Edge 16.
  • Since it's Redstone 3 and beyond, and for full versions of W10 on ARM or Intel CPUs, if you're asking, "will this apply to my Lumia 950/ HP x3", the answer is probably NO.
  • Way overdue! Especially for a browser in its infancy stage. Living it in a stupidly buggy stage for several months will only paint another frustrating IE history. Here's hoping they've actually learned their lesson and deliver in RS3 instead of pushing it even further back.
  • Maybe 3rd time is the charm (RS3) because it damn sure ain't RS2....
  • Finally.
  • I see no reason to continue ie. i loved her but the old girlz out !! :-)
  • Microsoft has always said it is updatable through store already but not a single update has been released through store so far.
  • Why the hell the windows central UWP app is posting duplicate comments?
  • I find it more amusing the app is assigning people's avatars randomly to other people in the comments.
  • Hopefully this happens.
    Btw, I'm surprised this article is 24 hours late after Neowin and MSPoweruser posted it.
  • This may be a dumb question, but I don't really know the answer. With Edge being a UWP, will it work on WM8.1 or is 10 a requirement? I'm keeping 8.1 on my newly (to me) purchased L1520 because the swipe keyboard just works WAY better on 8.1 and I don't really use anything other than the built-in programs, but I do like Edge.
  • UWP is only  on Windows 10, the APIs aren't on 8.1  
  • MS better to bring the CU production public release build for mobile to the supporting phones before this move!....It's been seven (7) magical days now!
  • Is making edge a UWA/UWP more ideal than making it integrated to the OS itself? They are slow as hell in increasing its HTML5 score. Chrome is at 512 while edge is a smidge below Firefox
  • MS, if you're giving up on W20M please offer Edge mobile on Android.
  • Bring edge to Google Play and the App Store to! I would love to use edge on a iPad or Android device!
  • Why should Microsoft make Edge available on non Windows devices, Chrome doesn't exist on Windows 10 for ARM based phone devices and Safari doesn't exist on Windows at all.
  • If mobile is an imoortsnt future, and Microsoft lost mobile, having a say in web standards might be nice.
  • Because Microsoft is pushing Android and iOS as a viable companion device option next to a Windows 10 pc. I would like to sync all my browser history and favorite websites and such between my phone and my pc, making Edge available on all major platforms would make this possible! And especially when Microsoft would like Android users to start using Edge over Chrome then they need to do this!
  • Well, I suppose better late than never.
  • Finally...?
  • bring Edge to Play Store
  • Let me guess, this is gonna be PC only. All mobile will get is a new tab welcome page and a new download icon, and half of the currently supported phones will have to be dropped last minute. Am I right?
  • the bus is heading that way.
  • Does it mean we can finally get a decent ad blocker?
  • That doesn't have anything to do with Edge being in the Store or not. Plus, there's already Ublock Origin. 
  • Nice! Please release this in Google Play store too!
  • Should have been that way from the start. A program should never have been completely tied to the core OS.
  • For real. Google has Webview for Android, for basic app compatibility and Chrome that uses its own Webview. Microsoft should've done this from the beginning.
  • Sounds like a great idea.