Microsoft is bringing its regional Lumia Instagram accounts under one roof

Just as it has started doing for its Twitter and Facebook Lumia accounts, Microsoft has announced it will begin shutting down its regional Lumia Instagram accounts, opting instead to consolidate them under one global account. The official Lumia account will soon be @MicrosoftLumia for all regions once the region-specific accounts shut down.

The announcement on both the U.S. and UK accounts (via MSPU) reads as follows:

Our Instagram account will soon be @MicrosoftLumia. Don't worry, you don't need to do anything and you'll still get beautiful images shot on a #Lumia straight to your feed. This is all to make it easier for you to be part of our international, larger, Microsoft family.

Both posts then refer to the same FAQ page as the previous Twitter and Facebook announcements to further explain what's going on.

Neither Instagram post says when followers can expect the change, but Microsoft previously noted that the change would hit its various regional Twitter accounts on September 1. It's likely that the Instagram rollover will happen around the same time.

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  • Forgot about Canada ;)
  • Beliebers not allowed XD
  • Ha!
  • Haha
  • Sensible plan...
  • It already happened, today these accounts posted their last posts :/
  • It's something that should have been done. The sparse accounts were just littering and created un-centralized focus.
  • Unrelated, but I love how Joe Belfiore's Twitter links to an obsolete Windows Phone Twitter account.
  • I know when Joe Belfiore went on his sabbatical, a lot was made about him really being "fired" or "let go".  Was there ever a confirmation of him being involved in the Microsoft sphere of things?
  • Where's he these days? Modelling hair products?
  • On the love boat Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He said in May that he will return to MS late summer. That should be now.
  • He took his one year sabbatical October last year, I think. So presumably October this year is when he will return
  • What next with the lumia brands...... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumia is no more I would guess. I think its tied in with the poisoned chalice that is WP. It's a brand that is probably tainted, in the eyes of those who think they are superior to us W10M users. If MS are retrenching, then I guess to give yourself the best chance, you need to drop the 'perceived' bad news and start again. Maybe, just maybe, this is where the rumours of a mythical device hold some form of hope. Maybe, it won't be a hugely spec'd device, but a quality item, on a par with the elite x3, that wears the 'surface' badge, which, as we all know, created a whole new genre in mobile computing, and has been a real success story.
  • there bringing every thing together just like apple and Android whats wrong with that ?
  • Too many "leaks" coming from all those accounts haha
  • updates stuck due to battery saver turned on while its not....please help
  • Try rebooting....?!?
  • Take battery out and restart again. Restart the device if update stuck. Don't worry the download will start from where you stopped.
  • the problem solved with a restart...thanks for the concern.
  • Honestly, I think I will be leaving after I've grown tired of my Lumia 640. Which should be by the end of the year. I see no successor in sight for a midrange, and I don't like the 650 enough to buy it, and no us carrier has any other models either. I don't feel like paying full price for a 950 either.
  • Goodbye
  • 950 half the price now. So it now cost the same as a mid range, but with the power of a high end
  • Welcome development
  • I get a bit confused by these items. When it was reported, a couple of days ago, there were a torrent of the usual angry brigade posts. Can they not see beyond the end of their noses?? This just makes sense in a global standpoint.
  • I thought the Lumia brand was done for and buried along with the Windows Phone brand. Is Microsoft cleaning up and consolidating its various Lumia accounts in a a last effort to try to resurrect and bring back its ill-fated Lumia brand and phones?
  • Not likely...more probable view would be that now all of the people who did handle the accounts and coming from Nokia have now been eliminated and they have minimal team handling this.
  • Excess accounts not needed, can consolidate into fewer accounts and then more people can run these accounts making them available 24/7 and quicker responses, no point in having several duplicated help services. Also as Lumia as a brand seems to be being retired in favour of Surface phone. Surface has a good reputation and Lumia no longer does. It makes sense for the high-spec phones to be surface branded