Microsoft brings Surface, Lumia to Special Olympics in multimillion dollar partnership

Microsoft announced a three-year multimillion dollar partnership to contribute devices and cloud technology to the Special Olympics in a bid to modernize the non-profit's technology. As part of the deal, Microsoft will provide 800 Surface tablets and 1,200 Lumia smartphones to the organization to track events at the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles in addition to a financial donation.

Microsoft will also provide a cloud-based game management system with Azure.

"The Special Olympics' goal of creating a better world by fostering the acceptance and inclusion of all people is something we believe in here at Microsoft," said Lisa Brummel, Microsoft's executive vice president of Human Resources. "I am thrilled about our partnership with the Special Olympics over the next few years and our opportunity to contribute both technology and financial support to help them run their organization."

In addition to providing devices and services, Microsoft also pledged $1 million over the life of the partnership.

What do you think of Microsoft's latest act of kindness?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Microsoft News Center (opens in new tab)

Chuong Nguyen

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  • Give me some love too. Send me a Surface Pro 3.
  • Second that =]
  • Third that.
  • Fourth that. Fifth that.
  • Good publicity, good case, good products.
  • +1
  • "Microsoft, it's not all about profit margins" should be their slogan. Maybe other tech companies can learn a few things from them.
  • :) Nice
  • True...
  • Excellent point, and well said!
  • That's a great idea. There the only tech giant I can think of that wants to use there products to push the development of a better world
  • Not bad ms keep those surfaces moving they'll appreciate them big time!!!
  • This is awesome. Way to go Microsoft!
  • So it seems safe to say that Lumia will be around for at least another three years.  Yeah!
  • Good one:)
  • While it might be a significant cost initially, just getting as many surface and lumias out there into businesses and essential systems can bring more awareness and customers in the long run... assuming MS provides a really smooth, snappy system for the special olympics to run on.  If it runs like poo then it will have the opposite effect. 
  • That is the main objective there.
  • Running like poo?
  • Yes, this is good marketing. Seeing Surface labeled places increases awareness. I like the way they are using product placement lately too. Anyone else notice Lumias and surface in "agents of shield"? And better yet, when the "villain" smashes an iPad?
  • When is the sp3 coming to south Africa
  • Now this is type of publicity and marketing that should have been done since the introduction of the Surface and Lumia. Microsoft, please continue in this direction!!
  • Well done MS. ThIs is a great cause for a father of child who just happens to have Down syndrome. Mark Lumia 1020
  • Good Job Microsoft! Do it again and again in the same way.  
  • Real Madrid Football Club now has a Surface 3 Pro in all press conferences. Being the most important Club of the most important sport in the world, you can imagine how interesting this may be for Microsoft.