Microsoft Build 2022 event set for May 24 through 26, will be digital

Microsoft logo at Ignite
Microsoft logo at Ignite (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Build 2022 is going digital (again) and will take place from May 24-26.
  • This year's event slate advertises market-specific content for certain EU nations as well as others.
  • Registration will be available in late April and will be free.

You can register for this year's Microsoft Build in late April for the low price of nothing (it's free to register, virtually attend, and enjoy). The 2022 iteration of Build will be digital as it was in 2021 and take place from May 24 to May 26.

Microsoft advertises this event as being development (and by extension, developer) focused. Here are the three big items the company is centering this year's Build around, as stated on the event's announcement page:

  • Learn about the latest tech and developer innovations with announcements, news, and tutorials.
  • New for this year, experience market-specific content and connection opportunities for France, Germany, Japan, Latin America, and the UK.
  • ​​Ask Microsoft subject matter experts your technical questions and network with others in your area through live, interactive sessions.

In order words, nothing out of the ordinary. Expect a Build 2022 session schedule to go up soon detailing what talks are happening and when. Though the event is largely developer-focused and will appeal most to those building tools, apps, and services, there are sometimes nuggets of info at Build that appeal to general consumers, such as Microsoft Teams news. Also expect fresh information for products like Visual Studio, and news pertaining to projects associated with Windows and Azure.

You can attend Build firsthand (in a virtual capacity) or wait for us to report on any big developer-related or consumer-facing announcements, as we'll be reporting on the major scoops when the event rolls around on May 24.

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