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Microsoft Build apps for Android and iOS updated for 2018 conference

Microsoft is gearing up to kick off its Build 2018 conference next week in Seattle, which means it's time for attendees to start planning their days out. And if you'll be carrying an Android or iOS device around, you can now do just that from your phone.

Microsoft today updated its official Build apps for Android and iOS for the 2018 conference (via Neowin). Like last year's version, the updated app allows you to check out the list of sessions and speakers, build out your own schedule, check out maps of the venue, and check out important information about the event.

As for Windows users, the app is available on the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), but it still includes the Build 2017 schedule and information. It's likely it'll see an update before the conference starts, but there's no telling when.

In any case, you can pick up the Build 2018 app now for both Android and iOS from Google Play and the App Store, respectively. Be aware that you will have to sign in with the account you used to sign up for Build 2018 in order to access the app.

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  • I think this clearly shows why there’s absolutely no reason to attend BUILD 2018.
  • It hasn't sold out for a reason.
  • Yup, clear sign that Microsoft is dying under Nutella.
  • God give me strength. Are you really going to say Microsoft is "dying"? Have a look at the most recent published profits and come back to me on that one...
  • How come an app that helps participants organize their attendance be the reason not to attend?
  • First time in 4 years straight that I am not attending.
  • I went last year but with them not doing gifts anymore I just don't think it's worth the money.
  • This reads as if ms is on a path to being just another developer. Go you good thing nutella.
  • Why don't have in Windows store ?
  • Future developers are opting for an advertising company over Nutella's circus. But Nutella is getting his $8m bonus so he doesn't give two jits.
  • "As for Windows users, the app is available on the Microsoft Store, but it still includes the Build 2017 schedule and information." This pretty much says all you need to know.