The Microsoft Comfort Headset is surprisingly good for 15 Euros

The Comfort Headset is a low-cost pair of earbuds designed for, well, comfort, while still offering a good quality sound. There's a choice of black, white or orange. They're a little different to look at compared to most 'regular' earbuds, but that does make a difference when you're wearing them.

Some specs, first, for those that are curious.

  • Speaker impedance: 32 ohm
  • Frequency response: 20 - 20 000 Hz
  • Weight: 12g
  • Standard 3.5mm connector
  • Earpiece type: Semi canal
  • Button to pause music or answer/end calls

At first glance the Comfort Headset reminds somewhat of Apple's Earpods. But, the key differentiator, at least in my experience, is that the Comfort Headset is much more comfortable in the ear.

Here's some of Microsoft's words on why:

"Unlike many other headsets, the earpieces match the shape of the human ear. They are designed to sit securely in the ear while maintaining maximum comfort – it's a great fit for most people's ears.""The earpieces direct sound deeper in the ear for minimum sound loss. Ergonomic design and a perfectly placed earpiece speaker create a super-comfortable, high-quality listening experience."

There's almost no weight to the Comfort Headset when you're wearing it, as such it's possible to wear for long periods without irritation. I wore it for a 2 hour train ride without really feeling it was even there.

Of course, if you're looking for anything fancy like noise cancellation, look elsewhere and spend some more money. The sound quality is much better honestly than I was expecting. While they're not horrible, it's clear upon picking them up this is a low-priced item, but once you start using them any preconceptions go away.

The Comfort Headset would be perfect bundled with a new Lumia. Alas, that doesn't seem to be the case and as I write this finding a set to buy seems pretty impossible. But if you're looking for a decent pair of 'buds without breaking the bank, definitely check out the Comfort Headset when you can.

At 15 Euros it's a no-brainer.

Comfort Headset

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  • Seems faster ;)
  • Yeah fuck it's faster. Apple watch line is getting longer.
  • These or Coloud Pops?
  • Never buy a coloud pop
  • why? coz im planning between to get either a coloud or an urbanears so it'll be great for some insights
  • Simply because Coloud Pop are the worst earpods I have ever had. Uncomfortable, always slipping out of my ear and on top of that they have weird cables and when you're on the move you hear those cables move more than actual music.
  • And how would the Pops compare to Nokia WH-208 (the basic Nokia in-ears)? I have those and they seemed ok, but after a year and a half the the wire near the plug has disintegrated, the button doesn't even work anymore, so now I'm looking for new ones
  • These comfort headset are amazing. Its worth to give it a try.
  • The coloud pops are honestly the worst ear buds I've ever purchased. Seriously, you'll be happier with $8 ear buds from Wal-Mart.
  • Still using my Coloud pops. Never an issue for me, sound great and comfortable
  • How about TYLT Tunz Stereo Headphone?
  • Where can I get them..
  • If I knew I'd tell you. As I wrote in the post, they're pretty impossible to find right now. Microsoft gave us this set.
  • Well then I guess Microsoft make these stuffs just to show off :p
  • So they can't be bought anywhere, and they're not bundled with anything? :( My old Lumia 1020 earbuds died a while back, and I didn't get any new ones with my 930, so I really want a pair that has the answer/hang up/Cortana button as well as (presumably) a microphone on the cables. Wish these were available as they look like they fit the bill.
  • From what they said yesterday its a matter of time. Should be available soon.
  • That word again 'SOON'.. Seems faster is better than Coming Soon!
  • I hope that we are informed when they go on sale. I will instantly get one. Buy I hope they will be available not only online , buy on stores and everywhere.
  • If you don't want to wait, there are always alternatives with the bottoms, but they might cost more.
  • These were set to be released in March. I want a pair!
  • Will it be available in the states?
  • In india!
  • What in India?
  • I missed 'when'
  • Seriously when in Stores ? And when in Ind yeah ?
  • I hate those. I remember the iPod ones always falling out of my ears. Refuse to buy the ones that "hang". $10 skullcandy are all you need people. Good highs which is non-existent in Beats and good mids and bass. Bose sucks too. Money isn't everything. Common sense is. Pay for the brand or pay for good sound? O n skullcandy even has lifetime warranty. Any set. Crush them, send em in, get a free pair. Simple. So simple I wonder why people are dumb enough to still buy beats and bose. .
  • How about Bose?
  • The bose in ear are a but price but well worth it. The "made for android" model work perfectly button commands and all.
  • I have a pair of Skullcandy and they were decent. The only major drawback was that there was alot of "cord noise". I ended up getting a pair of bluetooth earbuds anyway since I didn't like having to untangle the earbuds all the time.
  • I never had any problem I have 2 skullcandy and works perfects!
  • What's wrong with bose? They last forever, and I can say they sound much better than my skullcandy ear buds, and they have buttons for controlling all you need without taking your phone out.
  • Wish they'd bundle them with their phones.
  • I use Sony cheap MDR(i know minus control). I need build and sound quality of that if possible with music control. Anyone have recomendation?
  • Bose
  • Sennheiser
  • The MDR-110ap is a very good option, good quality and sound, nice design and very affordable (like $10us)
  • Wish they were in Green too. Could match my 930; of course if they were available also. :-/
  • "Ears on it."
  • Looks like Apple Earpod but with better+beautiful design. I want one lol..
  • Better design? Lol.
  • What's so funny about it? He is correct.
  • I don't see how.
  • More comfortable.
  • I'm waiting for the new Hoop by Coloud.
  • LP <3 Crawling...\m/ (^_^) \m/
  • I use soundmagic..good worth for money
  • Wp have good sound output but not have good headset...hope that this could be have blast sound output
  • They just copied the iphone's earphones, really Microsoft you're coping now like Samsung?!
  • The design is probably the best for sound quality (at least, at that price). It just happens to be an optimum shape for earphones, Apple simply used that shape first?
  • That's right.
  • No, they didn't. It was done before already.  
  • No, they didn't. Nokia had earphones like this before. So it's rather apple copying Nokia. Even so, you could buy earphones likes this to from other companies. So, really, cut the stuppid apple copy remarks like you don't know better?!
  • Hrm 15€ in Canadian is, well, not in-expensive.  On the other hand $12 CDN, I'd buy !
  • When in india? :D
  • Wen*
  • When can this be availble in the Philippines?
  • Hoops by Coloud?
  • Why r all headsets looking like apple earpods?? Microsoft should come up with new designs! The gold color has been copied already by many companies including microsoft for smartphones! stop copying apple!
  • Because this design clearly has proven to result in better sound quality and comfort. It's like when BMW make cars with four wheels, they are not copying Ford who also have four wheeled cars - its just known as the best way to make a car. Microsoft aren't directly copying, they're just using a design that is proven to be better than what they offered before. Apple simply used that 'optimum' design first.
  • Yes true, but they could do with a new design!
  • Why re-invent the wheel, if you can stick to something tried and true? This design is proven to work, so why risk it?
  • No volume control, are they planning to play catch-up in everything?!
  • Nothing will beat my soundmagics on my w995 with custom hacked audio settings
  • When in India? xD
  • Would love it if in line headphone controls controlled all windows devices. Hell if surface 3 supported it I'd be a happy camper.
  • That song in the background though.
  • I was lucky enough to win a set of these last month through Lumia Conversations, I didn't realise they weren't really available yet! Maybe I was one of the first in the world?! I got the black pair, and they are very nice. The sound quality is very good for what they're being sold at. I've only really used headphones that come with my devices, before I wasn't that fussed over sound quality, but I can definitely say that these are much better and more comfortable than the ones they package with Lumia's. I am very grateful for being given the chance to own a pair, I probably would have dismissed them before but now I've had a chance to use them I know I would happily pay the money for them in the future.
  • Linkin Park!!! Glad to know somebody else still listens to them in 2015.
  • Is it too hard for MS to offer these kinds of things in more colors? Like green, yellow, cyan, etc? You know Lumia colors!
  • not to much impedance for earphones like those?
  • They are really 15€ here in Austria and already available for shipping. I wonder if the sound comes close to the excellent Apple Earpods. I might try and order a pair. 
  • I like your beard, :-*
  • Too bad,I can't use them most of the times even if I bought them.
  • Richard needs a shower.
  • Seems cozier
  • where can we get those earphones ?? any idea??
  • As this post is about earphones,plz someone suggest me earphone for my Lumia 625,should I buy bh 505,is it worth buying . Or should I go for senhiser,
  • Expansys UK has them for pre order at £11.99. I've had my eye on an orange pair for a while, pretty sure they originally had them listed at £15. But they are under Nokia not Microsoft.
  • Or Microsoft has black or white in stock for £12.99. No orange :(
  • how am i supose to insert them properly? when i insert them like normal earbuds its super comfortable but sound isnt as great as when i insert them slightly deeper in ear but than they are nothing close to comfortable after a while O.O