Sunrise Calendar

Update: Microsoft has now officially posted word that it has bought Sunrise and that video has gone live once again.

Original story: Microsoft has now confirmed earlier reports that it has acquired the Sunrise calendar app. The company did this via a video on its YouTube channel which has since been set as "private". It shows Pierre Valade, the co-founder of Sunrise, being interviewed by Microsoft's "chief storyteller" Steve Clayton. The video also features Javier Soltero, the co-founder of another company Microsoft recently acquired, Acompli, which created the new Outlook email app for iOS and Android.

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Microsoft private video

In the clip, Valade said that the goal in making the Sunrise calendar app was to create something much more useful in a product category that they felt was "underestimated" in some quarters. He feels that such an app could be used for every part of a person's life, rather than just for work.

Earlier reports claim that Microsoft paid about $100 million for Sunrise, but the company has not confirmed those estimates, nor has it issued any kind of official press release.

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Source: Microsoft (YouTube); Thanks to Stelios Pat for the tip!

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