Windows 8.1

Microsoft is not new to the concept of donating software for those in need; every year, the company uses DreamSpark, BizSpark, and their team devoted to “corporate citizenship” to donate software and services around the world to those in need. Microsoft has also been noted to donate to nonprofits and have kept Office 365 free of charge to those who qualify. Now, the team up in Redmond will be adding Windows 8.1 to that list.

Eligible nonprofit organizations (and even public libraries), can request a full copy of Windows 8.1 for free through Microsoft’s website. The offer is fulfilled through TechSoup, a company devoted to nonprofits. Those who are eligible for grabbing free copies of Windows 8.1 for their nonprofit organization can also sign up for a Windows 8.1 webinar to be hosted this November 14th at 11 AM Pacific Time (more details can be found at the link below).

If you think your organization may be eligible or to learn more, click here to learn more.

Source: Microsoft

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