Microsoft's Cube is a Kinect-powered virtual party

While the Xbox One and other Microsoft products provide entertainment and functionality to make lives that little bit easier, the brains behind said tech also have the time to create some fairly awesome projects like the Cube. Not to be mistaken with the TV game show), the Cube is actually a virtual party, enabling folk to dance with one another using Kinect ad interacting with a virtual world.

A combination of four Kinects and five computers produce the end result captured in the above video. The Cube itself was created for the Decibel Festival in Seattle and to show just how Microsoft tech can be used in unique ways. An interesting feature of the Cube is are the screens, which are formed of projection material and clear acrylic (instead of LCD).

We're still figuring out a way to get one of these in our office. Check Microsoft's blog post for more details.

Via: Neowin

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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