Microsoft is currently dealing with Xbox Live friends list issues [Update: Fixed]

Update: It appears that the friends list issue on Xbox Live has been fixed.

Original story: If you are having problems finding friends on Xbox Live, you are not alone, Microsoft is currently in the middle of dealing with an issue that's affecting friends lists on the online gaming service. The problems span the company's Xbox consoles along with other devices, including Windows 10.

According to a message on the company's Xbox Live status page:

"Are you having trouble viewing the activity of your Friends list? We are aware of this issue and are working hard to get this fixed ASAP! Thank you for being patient while we work. We'll post another update when more information becomes available."

We will also update this post when this problem has been resolved.

Source: Xbox Live Status (opens in new tab)

  • It kicked me off, I cannot even sign in.
  • Looks like quite a few xbox problems are going on. It sucks that these things seem to occur so frequently on weekends.
  • I wonder if this is related to my issue. Just bought an Elite console and when I try to set it up with my account, it doesn't recognize my hotmail and is trying to force me to create a new account. I have 8 windows devices all signed in with my account including a new Surface with no problem at all, but the Xbox one will not recognize my account. Hope this is related and will be fixed. If it's not, does anyone have any other ideas?
  • Change from Hotmail to live account problem solved
  • YouTube app not launching either.
  • My YouTube app hasn't launched for months. :(
  • Lol the 360 app seems to accelerate xbox 360 dieing sooner
  • Works fine for me on both XB1 and 360. Try uninstalling and reinstalling it. I had to do that on one of my Xbox Ones after an update.
  • Uninstall/reinstall worked!!! Thx Zero!
  • None of my phone games have been able to connect to live all day.
  • This doesn't surprise me at all.  The NXOE drove me off of Xbox One.
  • A) the 2 are unrelated, B) no one really cares any more, just sell it and get on with your life complaining about other things.
  • Just wait till Christmas. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I shudder to think about it that hack was inconvenient last year that I made full use of time by playing ssb
  • Yea Christmas will be a nightmare. A whole bunch of XO's signing in at the same time Christmas day :(
    Posted via No One Cares
  • Well the fact that many publishers went the ea route & setup servers between the golden gate of xbl I wouldn't doubt their up to MS standards
  • I honestly don't know why they don't use Microsofts to host the xbox versions of games... The servers are free! :'(
  • Well it ****** me off when I was trying to play Elements:Epic Heroes
  • well, it doesn't let me play fifa online and says on the xbox live status page that gaming is affected on all platforms :/   so basically, nothing is fixed ^^
  • same here, tried to hop on black ops 3 earlier and it couldn't sync my save data after a few minutes of signing into my friends account(he wanted to make sure that no one hacked it as it wasn't signing in for him)
  • Blame Lizard Squad for all this! Wait till Christmas. Steam, PSN and Xbox services going to hit! ******* kids! :/
  • Yea me too. This happened earlier today, went back up pretty quick, even the Xbox app was down , didn't show avatar or G points.