Microsoft’s Dancing Surface Movement feature is the best tablet ad this year?

Microsoft has just started its ramping up efforts to begin promotion of its upcoming Surface tablet. It kicked off in full with the Surface Movement ad that was aired during television show Dancing with the stars.

While many of us have wondered about the effectiveness of the ads it looks as though initial ad has scored high with consumers according to advertising analyst company Ace Metrix.

The ad, which scored 674, beats out both iPad and Samsung's attempts so far this year. Also of note is where it garners the most points, notably in the ‘change’, ‘desire’ and ‘attention’ areas of the survey. The ad, of course slots into a dance segment with a dance orientated theme, it’s a neat way to keep the already existing audience engaged. Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix had this to say about the results:

"iPhoria is wearing off in the tablet market, and the introduction of the Surface has given Microsoft quite a few 'cool' points among consumers. The new Surface ads have flipped the 'Mac vs. PC' campaign on its head introducing intense aspiration among consumers, as evidenced by very high 'change,' 'desire,' and 'attention' Ace scores."

It’s good that the results of the ad are positive, if consumers are switched on to the new tablet from Microsoft then the marketing is doing its job. The launch of Windows 8 and the Surface RT present a few problems for Microsoft, it’s a huge change both in what Windows will look and work like and it’s the first time they have made a computer. Concerns are already being raised at how Microsoft can make sure the average Joe on the street knows that a Surface RT device won’t allow them to install any existing programs in the way they have come to expect over the years.

When it comes to Windows launches, Microsoft hasn’t exactly had a good track record on getting its message across so it’s good to see they are getting some kudos for the start of the campaign. There is a huge story to tell consumers about the changes ahead and we’re expecting this is only the start. At present there are no ads showing here in the UK for Surface, even though it’s available and people are buying them. The iPad is going to prove a hugely difficult competitor so we’d assume Microsoft is about to unleash a concerted global effort rather than focusing only on the US market.

Pre-orders are now starting to run out, stocks are now gone in the US with Canada and the UK showing signs of depletion. There are now reports of delays to those pre-orders, I myself received notification this morning that my Surface will now arrive on the 2nd of November. It seems the Surface movement has started.

We’d like to know what you thought of the ad and how Microsoft could best convey its coming changes.

Source: MediaPost via Neowin

  • I saw this! It rocked! BTW, FIRST!!!
  • I figured the ad would do this. Not informative, but that wasnt it's job anyways, the job was to get attention! GJ MS!
  • The add id Brill, just need the real thing!!!
  • I thought the ad was brilliant in gathering interest while others thought it was silly. I guess the internets can be wrong!
  • People are just never satisfied .
  • +1
  • yea, it's really an amazing ad, I love surface, I love Lumia920! Glad to meet u, you can find me on via facebook by searching Mirala Chen. I'd like to make foreigh friends~~
  • I thought the article reached its target audience with its "Glee" theme; young consumers and even drew the attention of the 35-50 age group. Not saying that middle age people don't buy the iPad, but young people buy it more and that's how you infiltrate, from the inside out! I really think Apple is shooting itself in the foot with this connector fiasco; yes they're going to introduce a mini iPad, but they're also introducing the lightning connector for its latest iPad 3, how many people do you think are going to be pissed after already spending $500+? Many won't admit it, but I know a lot of people who've opted out of upgrading to the iPhone 5. I believe people will start to see Apple as a greedy company only interested in making more money at the consumers expense.
  • Thats the point of a company, to make money. Microsoft is no different than apple.
  • of course every company is out to make a profit, but people really wanted a drastically different design of the base iphone model the has spanned the iphone 4/4S/5. while it thinned & streched a bit, it's basically the same outside of maps, connector, extra row of icons, crystal camera lense. Dude, I'm a tech geek who owns phones with several different OS variants including the iphone 3/3GS/4/4S, so I'm speaking from experience, not hatred of Apple like many here. I do however use a Lumia 900 and a 1st Gen focus prior to it. I prefer WP now, but still keep up with the "Next Big Thing". I for one would be disappointed if I purchased an ipad 3 six months ago and now introducing the same model with the lighting connector when Apple knew all along they would be going this route and held out putting it on the ipad 3 to make a buck at my expense. C'mon Man! As stated above as and via some media outlets many people are disappointed about the connector and that the design didn't really change. I'm now waiting to see if MS makes a Surface phone even though I want the L920 & am impressed with the n8 HTC X series WP phone lineup
  • I'll be your side, and I love windows phone too. Too many iphones with the same color and shape cause beauty fatigue. The lumia series has a brilliant appearence and I love it so much, I swear that my next phone must be lumia~~
  • "Thats the point of a company, to make money"
    Yes, companies are out to make money.
    "Microsoft is no different than apple"
    No. Microsoft does their business differently. They don't "kill" standards. Actually, Windows is the furthest backwards compatible OS out there. It can run code written in the 90s.
    Did I mention that Surface has a full USB port and a micro SD slot?
  • Perfect audience to target. Look who has known about the surface. Males 25-34 and males 35-50. The ad was perfectly effective and perfectly placed to get the glee crowd informed of its existence males 18-24 females of all age groups. This was brilliant advertising.
  • I'm excited I did not get a delay email. I can't wait
  • Hope your delay email didn't get delayed... [trollface]
  • LOL +100 internetz
  • It's awesome.
  • Hell I have been talking to people about preordering one and they all have cited this commercial as their introduction to the Surface. The ad is obviously doing its job in garnering attention and helping shed the "uncool" tag from Microsoft. Now if only that sad little email I got last night didn't happen informing me that the shipping date for Surface has been pushed back to Nov 2. :(
  • If MS can keep up it's new ' cool ' image, this just might be MSs year.
  • .
  • My kids finally saw the ad during Revolution.  I usually just skip though them but I was away from the remote.  They said it was so cool.  I canceled my acer order and ordered the RT and it will ship on time, I am still going to order an Pro version of the surface or another vendor when they show that connected standby really works.
  • This add is super awesome! 
  • Microsoft store still sucks! Come on Microsoft you need to try and get better devs to come make apps. Like 90% of the apps suck or overpriced
  • Troll harder.
  • If BlueStacks (Android emulation) app works on Surface RT (As it does on Windows 8) then you can run the entire catalogue of Android Apps seamlessly on your Surface RT. And that would be a boatload of apps that nobody could complain about, not even trolls. 
  • That's a slippery slope, android apps are not that good. My galaxy tab was a waste of money, I preferred the iPad over galaxy tab. I'm looking forward to having my surface tab delivered. I think windows is far superior to android or apple ios and mac as well.
    Already running preview w8 on my main pc and ordered the upgrade to be delivered as well.
  • I guess so, but NES games don't compare much with today's games either but I still like to run an emulator every now and then to enjoy the nostalgia. Similarly, when Android dies away, we'll need an emulator to use some of the apps that some people have worked really hard on, diamonds in the rough so to speak.
    People can have their fears, but I think that with an app like BlueStacks, there is absolutely no reason to buy an Android Tablet. Windows will take control and devs will follow the market to native Windows code. The 500000 android apps are just a peice of history worth keeping access to like we do with all the emulator ROMS.
  • NES are totally epic, super hard and worth playing over and over again. No one designs levels to be so damn hard anymore, all this damn hand holding we get these days and way to much fmv.
  • The tune is nice! But the dancing stuff is really awkward and ridiculous. 
    I found the first Teaser about Surface WAAAAAAAY better. That was REALLY cool, cooler than any tech-ad I've seen this year. 
    Goddammit 500€ x'(
  • Dude, get with the times! There's so many singing and dancing show on television now the get the attention of millions of people, it's natural for MS to follow this trend. While the type of dance/ music might not grab your attention, there's millions it will. Dancing with the stars, So you think you can dance, American idol, The voice, are all example of the shows that are consuming millions of viewers.
  • The first teaser ad was cool, it was also wholly masculine. There are a lot of women buying ipads today and it does MS good to try and steal some of those sales from Apple. The new ad appeals to both sexes. Those magenta keyboards need to have buyers, right?
  • At least we know where the money is going...
  • This add is incredible!!
  • No. It's actually quite terrible. It doesn't say shit about what the tablet can actually do or why you should buy it. It's a good stage performance and an absolute crap commercial.

    That is a good commercial. It lists all the reasons why you would want to purchase and use a Surface. What does the above commercial tell you? Absolutely nothing.
  • Without the first commercial to catch their eye, people would fast through the commercial you posted.
  • Yeah, its a better one, but it's 1:37 long, that's practically an infomercial. You can't compare the two.
  • But it makes you go research then bam ur preording one that is the point
  • First, get their attention. Once you have their attention, that's your opportunity to inform. This ad was a great start, ads like you're proposing should/must follow at some point.
  • And that is precisely the point about tech commercials: the old way of trying to list specs doesn't cut it. People want fun and easy, not a boring spec list. Save that for after attention has been captured.
  • you seem to not understand the point of commercials.  They want to excite you or get you to wonder about the product so you go ahead and research it yourself.  Plus with the internet, all they need is the name of it and boom, go bing it google it or yahoo it.
  • I didn't like it... But looks like it was targeted at a young audience so it worked. I'm just happy MS is marketing...
  • I though it was mad cool!
  • I've debated tech journalists on this. They were saying the other "more informative & longer" ad was better but they missed the point. Your first ad has to make people notice and pay attention. Nobody is going to watch a minute and half of tv ads. This ad makes you watch it not get up and get something to drink.
  • Agreed. That's exactly what the marketing strategy should be - grab attention first, then inform. This should be only the first in a series of ads.
  • If you think a commercial is supposed to explain what a product does, you're mistaken. A commercials only purpose is to get you to go and investigate the product. At that point you can get all the info you need, buy it or show it to someone else
  • Is it just me, or has a lot of the buzz about MS Surface died down since they released the price. I think it is close to double than what most people were expecting. I also think that a lot of people will now wait until next year for the Pro's to come out. If they come in under $1k, then it is a better deal, especially considering it will be HD and the RT is not.
    - Roger
  • I dunno, it's still cheaper than a new smartphone. I'm considering puting off my 920 purchase for the Surface RT.
  • The tempo, the age group, the length of the commercial was perfect. It was a slick way that caught your attention even if you weren't looking at it when it first started, at the end it conveyed the feeling that something really cool and exciting wad coning from Microsoft called Surface. Would like to see more, than the very slow condescending tone of an Apple commercial that glorifies a single feature as if they had invented it and it also cures cancer. They are so full of themselves.
    Btw, great job Microsoft in putting people first in your commercial as well.
  • Agree.  That apple "cheese" commerical is so annoying.  I mean c'mon, a photo stiching function as one of its main highlights? :S
  • not a good tablet ad, a good ad for something
  • Maybe this award means that tech web site bloggers aren't the experts on every subject that they sometimes pretend to be. I love this website and others for the posts and the comments on tech issues and products, but when the staff here or ZD Net or, particularly the Verge, start opining on advertising, it is always funny because very few consumer electronic product ads have ever been designed to appeal to the people who read tech websites.
  • Have we ever talked about a WP commercial like this? Oh that's right, there really wasn't any worth talking about lol..
  • Most of the general public has no idea that was Windows 8 (RT) on the commercial. Within the first few moments of the commercial I knew what it was, and wanted one. My wife said plainly, "that was a stupid commercial, it did not show anything that it did or what it was." I agree. The commercial should have shown some instantly noticeable MS apps like Word or Excel and other high visibility apps like Angry Birds, Instagram or other consuming type app that will be available on day one.
  • It would had been nice to have the video link with this post.
  • You can watch the video from the official Surface Youtube channel.
  • The ad is very cool.  However, I wish they had not trimmed it down to the 30 second version.  The latter part of the ad and showing grandma and grandpa kissing and the kids dancing is the big bang to the ad campaign, which shows inclusiveness to everyone.  Hopefully they can buy a few more 60 second time slots for this ad again.  :)  PS.  THIS AD ROCKED!!!  Much better than the Windows 7 promo.
  • For all those who complain about the lack of content or mentioned features, have obviously not seen the new iPod commercials. No new features were mentioned, just transitions from the iPod to the nano, to the shuffle and back again.
    Not a big Apple fan, but their marketing has always been stellar. I'm glad that Microsoft took a page from the Apple marketing book. They should continue that trend (with their own flare, of course).
    I think the ad rocks and I'm outside of the 18-24 age range. It really got my attention.
  • Now that's a way do a tv commercial
  • Wow that was definitely awesome!!
  • You see apple....this is how a commercial should be
  • Showed it to my 9yr old and her 11yr old friend. They were impressed and had no problem in understanding the commercial was for a tablet.