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Microsoft declares $0.31 per share quarterly dividend

Microsoft announced that its board of directors has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.31 per share, payable on March 12, 2015 to shraeholders of record on February 19, 2015. The company also amended its guidelines to highlight its commitment to diversity.

Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday announced that its board of directors declared a quarterly dividend of $0.31 per share. The dividend is payable March 12, 2015, to shareholders of record on Feb. 19, 2015. The ex-dividend date will be Feb. 17, 2015.The board also amended the Microsoft Corporate Governance Guidelines to make clear its commitment to diversity on the board by actively seeking out highly qualified women and individuals from minority groups to include in the pool from which board nominees are selected.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

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  • Great photo for the article!
  • It feels like deja vu reading the article.
  • Yes bad written article. No time was taken to write this at all. All three paragraphs say practically the same.
  • They had to race The Verge and Paul Thurrott to get this out, duh.
  • They no right good.
  • Hmm..
  • Yeah, I won't be impressed until I see what Apple, Samsung, and Google declare... Not that I'm familiar with these kinds of things, but MS, and it's fans, are known to celebrate small steps forward, while the others are making leaps, and huge stretches forward...
    Does anyone know where this sits relative to the others?
  • Seriously? This has literally NOTHING to do with the other companies. Complete apples to oranges to even attempt such a comparison based on one number. 31 cents is a very good distribution.
  • Are you a overly defensive MS fan?
    How is it not relative to other companies? Do they not pay out dividends as well? Honest question.
    ****** Update*****
    Looks as though it is relative... Im not saying that MS is not paying out as much, or bashing MS, I'm just saying that it's good to see what other stocks in this class are doing before we put MS on a pedestal...
    And, as far as basing a comparison on one number, what's wrong with that as long as its a direct comparison to the same variable as the competitors?... I sense bias in your comment.
  • Nope, just someone that invests a fair amount. But I'm happy you're sticking with your standard snap reaction. The information you ask is by, definition publicly available for publicly held companies, but to sum it up, Apple does not have a normal distribution, though has issued one time payments through its history, Samsung produces a dividend in the same range as Microsoft, 5-10%. Google does not pay a dividend. Please, do yourself a favor and do some research about this matter, it's really, and I mean, REALLY not a factor, just a difference of shareholder demographics and economics, and how stakeholders want their income.
  • Snap reaction? No, I'm nit interested in researching this. That's why I asked for peoples opinion in the first place... But, if you're going to have a pompous reply because someone doesn't know something you do then of course you should expect a fuck you type reply back... Don't be a smart ass then expect people to read the rest of your comment..
  • U got pwned
  • You are the idiot here. You made a very foolish comment only half-asking for input then criticize the input given. You come off looking like an ass. The response was very informative and accurate, so maybe just say thank you for the insight and then shut up.
  • Do you feel better now?.... Here's a pat on the back.. Is that what you're looking for?. Call your mother maybe she'll make you feel better.. IDK.. But, quit crying to me like a little bi##.. Really?
  • The part about MS taking small steps and others taking leaps kind of makes your comment a snap reaction. The dividend has to do with shareholders and nothing to do with the business. Steve Jobs never wanted to pay dividends and wanted to keep money for future investestments, which they rarely made, and that's why they have a huge cash horde. The new management is paying some dividends and started stock buybacks to raise the stock price. Microsoft has been paying dividends from around the time Bill Gates was about to step down as CEO. They had a huge one time dividend back then and have been paying regular dividends since then. This is really a management decision. If the company believes they can reinvest the money in their business or enter a new business and get a high return, they should pay a small or no dividend. If not, they should give the money to shareholders so they can invest the money themselves. Growing companies that are constantly reinvesting in their business usually have no dividend and mature companies that have a lot of free cash flow usually pay a dividend.
  • Read my other comments, and see if I care about what you just wrote... Or, just keep entertaining yourself.. Either way whine to someone else about it..
  • I'm surprised the article doesn't say whether that's a hold or an increase in the size of the dividend. Kind of basic info when talking about a dividend distribution. :-)
  • You pick some weird fights sometimes... FYI 31¢ a quarter is way above par
  • Not to mention MS has paid regular quarterly dividends for over a decade while Apple only recently started (2012) after being shamed into doing so.
  • Eggs-actly
  • I wasn't picking a fight, just asking a question... It's you overly biased, and defensive MS fans that are appalled at the idea that someone compare MS to the others.. Look at dudes first response..
    To even think that I'm picking a fight says a lot about how biased you are... SMDH
  • Oh here I am being very biased and defensive posting this and reading other posts USING AN ANDROID DEVICE. Check yourself before you wreck yourself cuz.
  • Cuz... Lol.
  • What was it before? The article provides no context. Is this an increase? A decrease? Is it too much to ask of journalists to provide the whole story?
  • I too noticed that. Seemed kind of empty in terms of journalistic reporting.
  • Exactly, what's the baseline here?
  • There are no journalists on this site. It is simply a fan site. Not passing judgment, just resetting expectations.
  • This is not a 'fan site'. It's one of the premiere professional Windows tech sites.
  • Ok, but there are no qualified journalists. The writers are simply MS fans. Rubino does have some inside sources and I do like the site and news reported. I'm just saying that the writers are not professional journalists.
  • Because the 'same variable' is not actually the same. If the shares and annual income of both companies were the same then it would, but if for example Apple's shares were twice the price, you would expect their dividend to be twice the price.
    In fact a much more accurate way to compare the dividend is: Annual Profit ÷ Total # of Shares × Annual Dividend. This is obvious to me and I'm not even an investor. And it still ignores many more less-than-obvious factors.
  • The way you compare the dividends is the dividend yield, dividend/stock price, which any financial site will show. This is how much money you are making on your investment and is similar to an interest rate. However, for a total return on your investment, you have to look at the stock appreciation plus the income you have been receiving.
  • Apples to oranges = Apples to Windows lol :)
  • Google does not pay a dividend.  Therefore the current dividend yield is 0% Microsoft's current yield 2.39% based on a full year payout of $1.24/share Apple's current yield is 1.59% based on a full year payout of $1.88/share Samsung is a different beast but it appears to have a payout ratio of 0%
  • Interesting, I found something different for Samsung, where did you pull the zero? I'm not familiar with the Korean exchange :-/
  • By, your reply here I guess my original comment is relevant... Looks like there's factors, and comparisons to actually be discussed... My original comment isn't as useless, and irrelevant, as you rudely made it out to be.. Either that or you're a hypocrite... Just saying.... Because, if it wasn't relevant then you wouldn't be talking now.. Watch how you come at me next time, dude.
  • Sorry rodney, your original comment wasn't truely about comparing dividend yields but about saying that Microsoft is always behind and that has nothing to do with Microsoft increasing its dividend. An increased dividend is usually an indication that the business is doing well and there is a lot of free cash flow and the company wants to distribute some of it to its investors.
  • Samsung on the Korean exchange shows a dividend but on Nasdaq shows 0% one place and 0.08% another. In short I don't know.
  • Thanks! That's the exact kind of awnswer I was looking for.. Thanks for your unbiased information,, unlike those jerks/sheep above...
  • Honestly you kind of brought it upon yourself. You just started ripping into these "defensive MS fans" when nothing of the sort was said and done. Additionally, Microsoft may have a fragmented culture in terms of products (I certainly agree with you there. They've been screwing launches up for a while now) but financially speaking, they're one of the best managed companies not only in the silicon valley but in the world. The record speaks for itself. They haven't missed a dividend yet and their profits have been higher every quarter despite their core business (Windows) taking a serious beating in terms of sales. Consider this, if you had started putting even $1000 down in Microsoft every month since it started paying out the dividend, your portfolio would easily be into the upper 6 digits or close to a million by now. Apple and Google, by contrast, have just started making people money and that's purely on stock valuation (though Apple gives out a dividend now). Samsung is hard to understand. Not an American company.
  • Dude, who the f### are you.. Try again... I was just asking a question?.... When someone's first word to me is "seriously" that's rude, and they can f##k off.. It's like saying "are you seriously asking that stupid question?"... Heck in my comment I even said that I don't know that much about this stuff.. Rude reply's aren't necessary in that case... But, if they want to take it to that level then I'm not gonna just sit back a coward down.... If you support them then sorry, dude. Screw you too... That's just how it is.. Sorry.
  • Lol you were not "just asking a question". Your first comment included "but MS, and it's fans, are known to celebrate small steps forward, while the others are making leaps, and huge stretches forward...", which if you were simply "asking a question", you wouldn't feel the need to describe
    MS fans and it's commentators.  Save us the defensive speech. Although, you're probably going to dismiss any criticism as "a bias MS fan", so I don't even know why I'm posting this.
  • I'd like to throw in a quote from Spock, but I'll refrain here.
  • Its obvious Steven missed/overlooked your lack of knowledge in stocks, I get your frustration there. But then you went on a tangent about how he and others are such biased sheep. That part, not cool bro. Take a breath relax. Be cool man.
  • Dude, you're still talking?
  • I was leveling with you dude, but since you missed that I'll get you some cranberry juice.
  • You do know that you're a dick at times right?
    Chill out man.
  • What kind of question is that?.. Just speak your mind, or don't speak at all.. Act like you're talking to men here... "You do know that you're"" Really? Thanks... SMDH..
  • Stop being an antagonizing prick, and you won't have to pay false victim about rude comments.
  • No.. But, thanks. Does that make you feel better?
  • And how is starting off a sentence with "Dude, who the f### are you" not rude?
  • Use your brain... Or ignore it.. But, I'm not here to awnswer your questions.. Go ask your mom for advice, but don't expect me to care about your emotional issues..
  • That's not true. Apple and Google have had considerable stock appreciation. You would have made more money buying Apple and Google stock from the point Microsoft started paying dividends because MS stock was flat for many years. Micorosft started paying dividends in 2003. Here is a comparison chart for that period Google only went public recently, but it looks like you would have a negative return if you invested during the initial offering.
  • Hate to break it...but Apple and Google are notorious for not paying much of anything out. Plus the fact that they have shares nearly 4-5x the stock value of's a pretty difficult comparison to make there.
  • Hate to break it to who?... Nobody is defending, well, I'm not defending anyone here... Just asking for some UNBIASED facts....
    Wait, you're defending MS.. But, that doesn't help..
  • +Rodneyej
    Just because someone thinks your being a dick and then posts about how your question is irrelevant, does not mean they are biased. If you take it that way than you are not open minded enough to see they have answered your question already but you ignorantly want to hear you are right in some way otherwise it isn't the right answer. Either that or that answer is bias in some way because you say so.
    Make sense?
    I'm sure you think you are real tough typing over a keyboard, you know "not backing down" and all, but a man would accept he is wrong at some point and be humbled. A true measure of a mans maturity is how much he is able to grow in wisdom to make right choices, not act like a gorilla pumping your chest for pride.
    Than again I am young but not at all talking down to you by way of mocking your manhood or experience. I'm just saying you are not making sense, you are not being faithful to your own words of "talking like men" because you keep this hate train going. Everytime you post again you post about how "idiots and bias jerks" were posting things you didn't want to hear. It is hard to look at yourself and see flaws, but eventually you will realize it. Until then you made yourself the dick here my friend.
  • Do you feel better about yourself now?... Do you think you touched me, John?... Sorry, you wasted all that time typing that.. Maybe you should explain all that to someone who cares... IOW, I don't give a rats ass about what you have to say... What would make you think I do? Try again..
  • This is funny... No ones talking about news but have created there own competition in here! Everyone's saying lol you're an ass shut up and this guys crying to Everyone f##k him f##k you f##k this f##k that. Tell me rod whatever who have said you windows central contains android or apple! So obviously here we have MS fans and fans don't look into biasing or whateva... If comes a good news then quietly cheer and go away... That's it stay easy dude... No ones got Time to research every other little big thing around the world
  • Are you happy now?.. Thanks for your opinion, but no thanks.. Not interested in what you have to say, so tell it to someone else.. Unless you're hard of understanding, then keep talking.
  • The fact that you're still here and responding shows that you care.
  • Typical.
  • Just giving unbiased facts. :-) and no, wasn't defending anyone or giving bias to any specific organization. It is the truth. Apple sits on a cash-pile of over $170B, with very-little, if anything, given back to shareholders, usually sitting on $500+ a share; same story with Google. The stocks are quite different because of the companies' solvency and what they use the money for. Microsoft invests heavily in R&D, while the other two instead feel patents give royalties out because of the companies' immense size. (Oh. And I have no reason to be angry or push negativity on here or anywhere on the Net. So before you assume that someone is "out to get you," per se, or whatever the reason is to come off negative, try asking polite, follow-up questions to get clarification and understanding so i can clarify my stance and facts to you, instead of attacking someone else's honest clarification. You cannot see me, and you cannot hear my tone; words are all you have to go off, so if meaning is unclear, simply ask. It helps your understanding, and I'm happy to give it, because facts matter. :) )
  • I also stand somewhat corrected, as Apple recently began offering a $2.65 share in 2013 that came after they faced a lawsuit for not paying out dividends. Still, they face increased scrutiny, in that they (and to a lesser degree, Google) sit on a stockpile of cash that holds higher than the federal government, and many on Wall Street wonder why that much cash in business terms cannot be paid out to investors, vendors, and shareholders.
  • Just one to point out that investors and shareholders are the same thing and you don't pay out vendors. You only pay vendors when they provide a product or service. The stockpile of cash is the amount after all the vendors have been paid. Google actually has a reason for the cash. Their business is a bit unstable as it relies on advertising that can fluctuate plus they are buying companies and investing in new products. Apple doesn't really have a good reason to keep that much money. They consistantly have a large positive cash flow and they don't make that much investments. They invested in increasing manufacturing capacity and made some small or moderate purchases of other companies. They don't invest that much in R&D. I think the cash stockpile is because Steve Jobs was remembered Apple almost going under and was very frugal with the money and was opposed to distributing it to shareholders. That changed after his death and activist shareholder's getting involved.
  • Ah! I stand by the stronger validity of your comments. Thank you! :) (and I now remember why I despise Apple as a company, sadly....)
  • Short answer: They don't even have regular yearly dividends, so they don't compare. :)
  • Heh, you guys made my morning! I'm with Steven on this one
  • Lol❕❕❕
  • Rodney you seem like a nice guy. But you need to hold your hands up on this one, what you said was dumb and provacative at the same time. The guy is right, if you really do want to understand something - the way to do that is research, not ask other people who don't much like most of the people who comment in this section :/ I would suggest:
    What is market cap What is a Dividend (and who gets it)
    Then look at the Forbes 100 and look at how these comapnies finances are structured. This is also a good article for your war:   Enjoy
  • You're actually still trying to tell me something? You haven't learned a thing... No thanks..
  • Look, I obviously didn't want to come off as rude or condescending but you honestly did bring it on yourself by being so abrasive about it. The point of defending "MS" didn't even come up until you brought it up - not exactly the best way to go about a serious discussion if that's what you are looking for. I even agreed with you about the shortcomings of Microsoft as a software company and in return you start saying things like "dude, who the fxxk are you?!" - I'm not taking a shot at you. Just letting you know what the issue is here.  But the main point here is that Microsoft is perhaps the best financially managed company in silicon valley. Their management firmly believes in returning value to shareholders and that means you can earn way more investing in Microsoft than you would in other companies (Apple and it's soaring share price being an exception). That's it
  • Ok. I apologize.. I was acting like a jerk.. You're being mature about the situation, so you deserve the same respect back... I understand your point, and I do agree... Thanks.
  • "I wont be impressed" "Ms fans celebrate small steps while other take leaps" " i just want to know Unbiased facts" "i am not a jerk"......
  • Funny isn't he? Wonder how anyone is still feeding this troll
  • I just gave him unbiased facts and then clarified how I worded the information he wanted. If he responds, I'll keep feeding it back to him: Unbiased, respectful information. :) (I love guys like him; it gets more fun the more I quote fact when clearly, someone just wants to cause an uproar.)
  • Spot on terrokkinit -- this is one of the reasons why I hardly visit this site -- too much bitching for my liking. Prime example is rodneyej's ranting. I mean, there's been many times he has replied in a similar fashion to others. Yet, when someone else does it to him, he 'spits his dummy out' by arrogantly saying they think they own the place. Therefore, rodneyej needs to chill out and look in the mirror once in while. Peace people -- keep smiling
  • Sounds like your feelings have been hurt.. Quit whining, and handle it like a man... SMDH..
  • He must have been having a bad day or something. His posts are usually light-hearted and humorous.
  • Lol!!!!!!!!! These guys are acting like women today... Too many sob stories...
    "please stop"
    "why are you being mean"
    "you know that was rude"... ⬅ That's the most pathetic... Since when did WC get all these soft ass babies.. Sick of their crying..
  • I miss Hit The Lights (and all his other screen names). Bro used to make me laugh out loud!!!
  • I think he's up at the top...
  • Dude, quit feeling sorry for yourself, it's ok... Here's a Kleenex.
  • You wonder... Ok. Keep sitting there scratching your head on that one... Lol❕
  • Did that hurt your feelings?... Quit acting like a baby. Grow up!
  • Only one I see throwing a tantrum is you. Maybe you should take your own advice.
  • Lol... Dude, you are a child.. Read your comment... "maybe you should take your own advice".... Lol.. Where'd you lead that, your older sister.. Please, with that weak BS..
    ....... "The only one I see throwing a tantrum is you" lol... What a geek.. LMFAO❗❗❗
  • "...actively seeking out highly qualified women and individuals from minority groups to include in the pool from which board nominees are selected." Reverse discrimination is still discrimination.
  • It's honestly worse because it applies to more people!
  • Hiring biased on gender or skin color is always wrong. A company should always just hire the most qualified man or woman no matter what they look like. On a side note, I don't think Microsoft hires enough gingers, perhaps its time to yell and scream.
  • Hiring biased on gender or skin color is always wrong.
    If we were operating in a vacuum then yes, this would be valid.  But we're not - we're pushing past a legacy of a heavily white male participation industry.  When young people of both sexes and varied backgrounds look and see an industry full of white men then some percentage of them that don't match this stereotype will be discouraged from entering that industry.  Some consideration has to be made so that they can also see women or people of an ethnic background in positions of authority and feel encouraged rather than discouraged to work towards those goals.  Who knows how many possibly more capable people don't actually make it into the stage where they can actually apply for these positions simply because they have been discouraged from striving for these companies because of their current demographics? It's a long, hard process, and one that will be impeded if some goals towards hiring diversity aren't implemented.  In the short term it's a form of 'reverse discrimination' sure, but it's working a long game towards a goal where discrimination will no longer be a factor.
  • We have been facing this problem for decades now. In India its a serious issue which is destroying the capable general caste people.
  • Please don't bring up India's caste issues here. They are a disgusting travesty on humanity.
  • Aye. Well said.
  • Yep, people won't think about it though.
  • Totally not surprised that it's Zimmerman saying this.
  • Yes. People should be hired *exclusively* on qualification, and gender and race should take absolutely no factor in the decision. The same applies for colleges. It is not fair for Asians like me when the average white person can get into the same college with a 200 point lower SAT score, and hispanics can get in with even lower than that.
  • It depends. On the one hand - yes, affirmative action is a form of a reverse descrimination. On the other hand, you have reports about how top US tech companies are behind the expected levels of women and other races in their senior leadership. This is corporate citizenship. As an industry leader, MS taking affirmative action will have positive effects - they will create senior leaders from these groups so that these senior leaders can eventually fill up positions in other companies in the industry, and so help to normalize the currently lop-sided demography. As long as these leaders have merit, why not take a chance and take them on (instead of, say, another WASP male)?
  • But why not hire the WASP? Because you are sexist/racist?
  • Reverse discrimination, doesn't reverse mean to undo, as in no discrimination? Also, is not affirmative action and nepotism the same? just food for thought for comments that were unwarranted to this article.
  • The comments are directly related to a paragraph within the article, as written by the author of the article. Therefore any comments about discrimination, because that IS what MS is doing in said paragraph, are completely warranted and legitimate.
  • They are expected based on what? Arbitrary numbers that don't take into account the actual number of qualified people that come through that particular company. There are so many mitigating factors that you can't say how many women need to be in any one position.
  • Expected levels? And who set those levels? I know a couple of clever girls in tech but in my first year in uni out of 1100 students only 70-80 were girls (IT school). It's not like they are forced to not go into tech, they just choose not to go. So where are we supposed to get those "expected levels" from?
  • The problem is that people look at representation as compared to the general population without looking at other factors. Historically, women have been underrepresented in the sciences. Therefore, a tech company will have a much smaller pool eligible female candidates to chose from. A better way to compare is to look at the number of minorities graduating from colledge with degrees the tech companies are looking for and see if the company has the expected level being represented.
  • People from different races and genders think differently. They are likely to come up with different solutions to problems. That's the value in a diverse team. 5 white guys from Harvard could struggle to find certain solutions, but a get a mix of qualified folks from different paths/etc and then you have something. Same thing goes for discussions and group work in college. Diversity in people == diversity in thought.
  • Now you're racist.
  • In today's world you aren't labeled racist if it is white men you are singling out. White male bashing is deemed acceptable in the USA and even praised amongst most liberals.
    Harry Reid bashed the Supreme Court as a bunch of white guys, even though there is a woman and black man on there, and he himself is white. That man is an idiot, but I digress.
  • +HTC One
  • I don't see what the problem is. I think you missed the key phrase, "highly qualified". There would only be a problem if they were hiring not as qualified minorities.
  • Inclusion is not discrimination. There is nothing wrong with activily including people you normally haven't included in the pool of candidates as long as you select the most qualified person at the end. The problem happens is that people feel pressure to select the minority candidate, even if they are not the most qualified, so that you don't appear to be discriminating. They have to be sure that at the end of the processes they can explain why the candidate they chose is better than the others. 
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  • I'm gonna roll around naked in my dividends!!
  • $20? All in dimes?
  • Hahaha dimes. He's got a new car to drive around in at least.
  • And you are proving to be a hypocrite dick. I regret ever being calm with you boy.
  • What is this mean?
  • Money is coming to me!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wish I bought those 500 shares! Good holiday bucks for a gift or two.
  • That was my old store I worked at at the PRU in Boston!
  • So,,, what do you want? A cookie?
  • I want a cookie.
  • Woah woah there. Settle down, fella.
  • Weren't you just blasting someone else for being rude?
  • Exactly! Isn't rodneyej just a hypocrite :D
  • You actually tried saying other people were rude jerks before? You are nuts.
  • I was going to ask which store it was because it looks like the one here in White Plains, NY. 
  • They all look almost exactly the same, because it also looks scarily close to the one here in Pentagon City. Or the one in Honolulu...
  • Definitely Boston! I guarantee it.
  • I bought stock in Nokia as soon as the rumors of the sale began to become an inevitability. MAN I wish they would've bought the whole company. Their stock still nearly tripled (even thought we're only talking low 3's to low 8's) but it would've been awesome if my lowly Nokia stock would've magically turned into MS stock. As soon as I complete this time machine I'm going back to buy Apple and MS stock.
  • Can't go wrong with good companies with strong balance sheets. Also pick up ExxonMobil while you're at it. Might be cheaper with the oil slump going on.
  • There's no oil slump, prices are low because USA has been out producing Saudi and Russia and have been able to import less oil (we do still import quite a bit).
  • Why exactly is this a story on this site?
  • My guess is as good as yours. I'm guessing because it has to do with Microsoft. Idk I'm just making an assumption here as it is WINDOWS Central. Why do you think it's on this site?
  • Because we're all rich now!
  • Fantastic. I'm now 74% increase in MSFT. 87% increase in NOK and the strong dividends are rolling in. Buy stock people! You can buy for less than the cost of a burrito (trade fee) and even if you buy just a few shares be patient with it and watch it grow.
  • Couldn't agree more. if you're looking for a good time to invest? NOW is that time. I just wish I had the money to do so....because it is about to skyrocket come next year.
  • I was thinking of buying some MS shares, guess I shoul've already.
  • I would, but the govt and ex-wife are taking all my money. I'm living the American dream, baby!!!
  • Shraeholders? Windows Central App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • shraeholders
  • Worst written article ever.
  • What this article mean##
  • I just read all your comments on our site. They're terrible and you should feel bad.
  • The people in the picture are all doing "Gangam Style".
  • Don't they always do this every quarter? I keep getting 21 cents from them.
  • "Diversity". Let's see if Microsoft can accomplish such a task without being discriminatory. It gets tiring to keep hearing such garble.
    If you achieve this diversity by means of exclusion, or quota based requirements and not basing your inclusion on quality, work ethic or skill. Just racial makeup, is no less racist then any other form.
    Do it right, Microsoft. Make your judgement on qualifications and not by appearances. It's a business not a 'We are the world' public service announcement. If that means more "diversity" than so be it, base your decisions on skills not race nor the applicants gender.
    Don't look at some paper and see to many white faces and automatically assume racism or sexism is involved.
  • It's getting tiring hearing all of the push back when there's talk of diversity. If the people being hired are highly qualified, like Microsoft said they're searching for, then what is the problem exaclty?
  • How do I buy in
  • You just have to sign up with a stock broker, it's harder than registering to a forum, but loads easier than registering for a new bank or something. There's loads around, if you're in the UK I use barclays stock brokers, but you'll likely get a better trade fee elsewhere. I'd recommend trying or having a read on or see what other people use. I'm not much of a trader, just interested like you so given a few companies a bit of a punt. Just like gambling though: ONLY trade with money you can afford to lose and are comfortable/willing to potentially lose! EDIT: To clarify there will probably be a fixed and % fee, so it may be like £10 plus 3% of what you buy, so to buy 100 shares at £1 each would cost you £100 + £10 + £3 (3%) = £113. Sometimes you only pay certain fees on selling, like house stamp duty. I can't remember exactly how it goes but that's the gist of it.
  • Seems faster!
  • Atleast try to write share instead of shrae...every para says d same..yuck..
  • Everytime I see this pic I think, "What a bunch of dickheads!"
  • I think, "What a sad and pathetic rip off of Apple." I long for the days when Microsoft didn't copy Apple.
  • That picture. I like it. It has a Eddie Winslow look alike.
  • Anyone familiar with SEO knows about "word fluff". People end up adding fluff text (repeating themselves over and over) just to improve SEO. Most articles can be be cut with 75%. Actually, with this one,  you just need to read the title.