Microsoft delivering Focus v1.4 update, details mysterious 7740 OS patch

Microsoft just announced that the Samsung Focus v1.4, always the redheaded step-child of the Windows Phone family, is finally getting  its well deserved "Mango" update. Let us know in comments if you're seeing the update notification--it shouldn't be too much longer if not. In addition, Omnia 7 users on Telefonica Spain, the only other phone not to get Mango, is also now getting that update delivered too. Better late than never? Hopefully those users will finally be happy now, though we admit it's been a long wait.

Microsoft's Eric Hautala also mentions those firmware updates. While no specifics are given as to what they do, they are of course recommended for installation as they'll make your phone better. Some how. We always like firmware updates, so we agree.

Finally, Microsoft has has given some details on the out-of-the-blue Windows Phone 7.5 7740 update we saw yesterday. It fixes what we previously covered, namely a voicemail notification issue and an Exchange 2003 email problem we've detailed before. Turns out it's aimed at European and some Asian markets and is being handled/distributed by carriers themselves:

"In that spirit, customers of Vodafone, Orange, and Deutsche Telekom in Europe will start seeing notifications for a new Windows Phone service release called 7740 that fixes an issue with new voice mail notifications not appearing for customers on some European and Asian networks under certain conditions. It also fixes an email issue associated with Exchange Server 2003. This service release is being assessed by other mobile operators. You can learn more about it here."

So there you go. Though a day late, Microsoft is once again being very transparent on the matter of updates, for which we're appreciative.

Source: Windows Phone Blog; Thanks, drankurn, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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