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Microsoft delivering Focus v1.4 update, details mysterious 7740 OS patch

Microsoft just announced that the Samsung Focus v1.4, always the redheaded step-child of the Windows Phone family, is finally getting  its well deserved "Mango" update. Let us know in comments if you're seeing the update notification--it shouldn't be too much longer if not. In addition, Omnia 7 users on Telefonica Spain, the only other phone not to get Mango, is also now getting that update delivered too. Better late than never? Hopefully those users will finally be happy now, though we admit it's been a long wait.

Microsoft's Eric Hautala also mentions those firmware updates. While no specifics are given as to what they do, they are of course recommended for installation as they'll make your phone better. Some how. We always like firmware updates, so we agree.

Finally, Microsoft has has given some details on the out-of-the-blue Windows Phone 7.5 7740 update we saw yesterday. It fixes what we previously covered, namely a voicemail notification issue and an Exchange 2003 email problem we've detailed before. Turns out it's aimed at European and some Asian markets and is being handled/distributed by carriers themselves:

"In that spirit, customers of Vodafone, Orange, and Deutsche Telekom in Europe will start seeing notifications for a new Windows Phone service release called 7740 that fixes an issue with new voice mail notifications not appearing for customers on some European and Asian networks under certain conditions. It also fixes an email issue associated with Exchange Server 2003. This service release is being assessed by other mobile operators. You can learn more about it here."

So there you go. Though a day late, Microsoft is once again being very transparent on the matter of updates, for which we're appreciative.

Source: Windows Phone Blog; Thanks, drankurn, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Great.  Now what about a fix for us Americans who've had their phones crippled as business tools?
    I'm close to abandoning WP7.5 because of this one issue with Exchange Server.  I write over 50 business emails a day, and can no longer do so from my phone, eliminating one of the major reasons I have a smart phone.
  • "It also fixes an email issue associated with Exchange Server 2003."
  • "on some European and Asian networks."
  • No.  The Exchange server fix is for everybody.
  • Yeah it is for everyone but not if the US carrier don't choose to release it.  I'm hoping we'll see that update rolled out in the next few days/weeks.  The blog post only said it was being asses by other operators.  Let's hope the US ones are part of the group.
  • then the problem with the stupid us carriers who doesn't want users to get their windows phone updates not the os
  • No.  The problem is with Mango breaking compatibility with Exchange 2003 in the first place.  Crazy that iOS and Android play nice with Exchange 2003 (I know, because these devices are used in my workplace without problems) and Microsoft cannot even ensure compatibility with their own devices.
    Fortunately, my office is getting a brand new Exchange/Citrix server next week, so it won't matter for me anymore.  But still...
  • From MS's own website (link in the article): "This update is available only in certain markets."
    i.e. NOT everyone.
    Reading is fundamental.
  • AGREED.... except for the ditching wp7 part ive not been using my visual voicemail which i happen to get alot of and its causing me to have to go in and deal with the automated pos that is that machine voice its maddening fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it
  • Visual Voicemail is ready.  AT&T is currently still "testing" it.  Start hounding them.
  • Ha.  I was just about to post that same snippit from the blog on the comments where the 7740 update was first mentioned.  I guess us US'ers are out of luck on that one.
  • I don't know whether to be sad or happy about these constant updates for the Focus right after I upgraded to a Focus S.  Maybe it's a good thing that the Focus S doesn't need much fixing :P
  • The DVP on at&t still hasnt got Mango, so its not all gravy just yet.
  • Ohh my god! I am installing now! The first update has installed, and now it is working toward Mango! I am so shocked!
  • Now u can stop trolling
  • Now u can stop trolling
  • Congratulations!
  • From france :
    mise à jour effectuée jeudi matin, sans forcer, sur Omnia7
    Mais pas de quoi se rouler par terre...
    SE 7.10.7720.68
    MICROPROGRAMME 2424.11.9.2
    VER.LOG.RADIO 2424.11.9.1
  • Still not getting the firmware update for unbranded samsung omnia 7..
  • Same here - which is bloody annoying. I suspect it will happen only when Telefonica in Spain will change to 'delivering'.
  • My phone says that there is no update. Will the force update trick work for this?
  • I've been trying it since yesterday afternoon and it hasn't worked yet.
  • They really need to push this to US!!
    I dont care for it, but my wife's company still uses Exch 2003, and she does a lot of work email on her T-mo HD7.
    i did try forcing update, no luck... but i did get some HTC update.
    No luck on my Verizon Trophy either (no htc update too)
  • Forced the update on my wife's Focus 1.4 yesterday.. worked great!! Finally.. :)
    The forcing method also worked on my Trophy a couple of months ago... (Both unlocked tho..). I live in Paraguay.
    Good luck..
  • If you are a Focus 1.4 user who de-branded your Focus (changed your carrier string from ATT-US to 000-88) you may need to change it back in order to get the updates.  I kept getting the "Your phone is up to date v7.0 7392" message until I changed my Carrier string back to the default.  I am updating right now and will post back here (or in the Mango 1.4 "No Love" thread) with my post-update thoughts.
  • I'm really pissed off with Microsoft...They have totally abandoned open market phones...First, we had a major error with Mango update, that made some people to flash a new official rom in order to get it. I never got a tethering update for my open LG and now I don't even get the latest official 7740 update. I don't f$%^ care about carriers. I bought an officially OPEN device and I demand support, or else  they can stop selling us illusions...
  • you know im a wp7 supporter but i actually have to agree with you on this one my friend its like either other countries get preferred devices other carriers get preferred devices certain updates go to preferred people its actually quite aggravating and i am by no means an apple supporter but guess what they are getting this right updates on point devices to pretty much anyone except tmo cuz who cares about tmo fuck tmo apparently apple isnt the only one who thinks so microsoft better stop giving the carriers and oems so much power over their stuff otherwise we have another damn android i think microsoft should let oems and carriers advertise products nothing more...... and more free apps for the love of all things sexy and beautiful
  • This is a slap in the face. I am from Canada,, i am an early adopter, and I am a regestered phone developer. I use the phone for work and personal. I can no longer use the phone for work related emails because of this bug. To release the update to select markets maqkes me winder if something else is going on. I am a huge Microsoft supporter and I always have an argument for none wp users. However because of the lack of word, news, or any sort of communication from Microsoft is making me feel that the "People First" is garbage. I am very unhappy. I feel let down as I always gave them the benifit of the doubt. Thanks.