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Microsoft delivers new email formatting to all Windows 10 Mobile devices with Outlook update

Earlier this week, Microsoft pushed out a limited app update to Outlook Email & Calendar to Windows 10 Mobile devices. We noted, at the time, that the biggest new feature was the proper formatting of email to fit adequately on the display without the need to scroll or pan.

The problem was Microsoft appeared to be testing feedback on the app, so not everyone received it including our Lumia 650 on production build. Also, we had for a while, at least, three different Outlook versions installed on three different phones.

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Today that appears to all have been resolved. Build 17.6769.40622 should now be live for many of you on mobile (at least on our three test devices).

That update is a change from the x.40522 one earlier this week that brought new formatting. In addition, everyone should be able to get the update including those on Redstone builds (14291) or production (10586.164).

In addition, overall program performance should be much improved with faster opening of the app and of emails too.

No new features are visible. However, there are likely further adjustments made to the new formatting ability and other general improvements. Grab the update and let us know what you think or if you cannot update to this build.

Download Mail & Calendar for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: outlook

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Wow, email finally formats correctly.  Welcome to 1997 Microsoft
  • Was just a nasty scaling bug, that's all.
  • Just?  C'mon, this is basic stuff here... 
  • Probably not even that, More of a UA issue. Sites weren't detecting a mobile device in the email so it displayed the desktop version.
  • Site detection has nothing to do with it, the rendering is done in the app and this is actually the first time Ive heard of a desktop vs mobile email version.
  • Actually, is because they are using Word Engine :(
  • really nasty, took them more than a year to fix
  • A year? Since Windows 8... at least..  
  • At least somebody's got this new version. I can't even get it!  I'm beginning to hate this goddammed lame ass platform. Slow ring, fast ring, no ring, no update, yes update, it's available, no it's not....on and on and on the confusion goes. I really don't need this. Seriously. Thanks for continuing to fuckup my phones microsoft you aholes!!!!!
  • Interestingly (here is some useful information, rather than whining which seems to be most of the negative ninny comments on this thread) Rendering HTML mails seems to be better than iPhone and worse in some cases. UK users can verify this by looking at something like the Richer Sounds mailer and the Xbox Spring Sale mailer. Here is what to look for: On the Richer Sounds email, under top product advertised, MS correctly line up the price box, and "find out more" on the right hand side. On the iPhone it shifts that to a row below. WIN for MS. Here is the irony. iPhone render the Xbox mailer better. (oh brother) Not only does the iPhone mail program fill the width of the screen with the Xbox email black background, it also correct displays the "Explore the sale" box. Windows 10 mail goofs and makes the box text split over two lines.   WIN for Apple. I love my iPhone 6s. And my Lumia 950. But neither are perfect. But Apple is currently more perfect, and Apple Pay makes it ahead at this point.
  • I'm with you on this one. There is so much to like about Windows 10 Mobile, but man-oh-man did they really screw up a lot of the simple stuff. As a developer, it's mind numbing that they let so much of their stuff out with so many glaring UI and user experience issues. Bugs are one thing, but obvious game breaking stuff that's apparent to anyone who even opens the app should never get out the door. <snark>How can I champion this platform and show off to my friends when so much of the simple stuff is broken?</snark> 
  • No kidding.  Still, better late than never. Now just get rid of the darned hamburger menu and email on W10M won't be totally miserable anymore!
  • exactly... some ass thought it matters more to comfortably reach account settings (with one hand) than to change acc/folder... UI designing master class :(
  • It's funny, too, now that Android it's slightly doing away with the hamburger menu and going ellipses, like it was a good idea. I doing mind either way, the menu so make the OS look good and able to each with either hand's thumb.
  • The ellipses is the way go.  It wouldn't be surprise if Android eventally go all in with ellipses.  Microsoft is just too weak to believe in their own vision.  It seems they go the direction the wind blows.
  • Took some time, but finally email is usable again. Still, not sure why zooming the email also zooms the mail-data (accounts, time, subject). 
  • I think you mean now, not not.
  • After the last build the app stoped from opening properly nothing is showing!! Posted from here, 1520.
  • Seems faster
  • Thank god for these update announcements, I don't get any update prompts from the store now, even if I click check for updates
  • Now that needs to be addressed in the feedback hub, and one that I totally agree with. In order to check for updates, I keep Windows central on close eye or hit the "Check for Updates" button. Although, I like to know what was updated but that shouldn't be my job to keep my apps and phone updated.
  • I already upvoted many feedbacks about this, also I just received latest Camera update today its late but Im impressed with the performance thats make my day :) Posted from Lumia 640 XL
    Build 10.0.586.164
  • Opsss... Wrong send... Posted from Lumia 640 XL DS
    Build 10.0.586.164
  • I'm finding usually the store has already auto updated the app by the time I see any announcement. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • No update here. Lumia 730 DS .164
  • Same here. ~ Sent from my Lumia 730
  • Same here for L640 on Insider Release Preview. I'm still on 17.6568.46331.0 (both phone and non-Insider Surface 3)...
  • 640LTE on 10.0.14291.1001 release, and Outlook Mail and Calendar 17.6568.46322.0 Went to the MS Store to check for updates and it says I am up to date.
  • Not seeing it on my two production build devices. Hope soon...
  • Funny, on my 950XL I got the fix to formatting like a day or two ago, and this morning I got another Outlook update that seems to have reverted back to the old bad formatting, but only for some emails.
  • It's not really funny though is it ;( Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Not on my Lumia 950XL Non-Insider.
  • Lumia 950 Dual Sim here direct from Microsoft.  Still on old Outlook rendering here - no update when checking the link.
  • Same thing here.
  • Same here, but I have a dual sim 950XL
  • No update for my 640 with .164 OS.
  • Same here on my 640 XL, no Outlook update. Only Netflix, Windows clock and alarm, and microsoft photos.
  • Can anyone tell me how to update? I'm not finding any update in the Store!
  • No update for lumia 930
  • I don't have update too on 930
  • Weird. I just got that update. Check again later.
  • not here as well. just checked now
  • No update here (Indiana) 950XL .164
  • It is weird, my phones are scheduled to check every night for updates ( as I suspect all of yours are too), but it never updates overnight.  If I manually check, like I did today, it found 12 updates and proceeded to download & update all of them.   Something just isn't working right yet in their auto-update logic...
  • Perhaps you disallowed the Store to run in background?
  • Photo app just got updated too on my 950xl dual sim. 16.323.15012.0
  • Updates are broken for me.... Randomly as of the last few days. 950XL 164
  • Ya I have gotten a Get Started app update everyday now this week, really annoying. Is it actually updating now or what is going on. Posted from Crappy Old Laptop
  • For me it doesn`t show the update, but got a Photos update instead. About photos, am I the only one who gets a lower quality pic and after half a second the picture gest much sharper ? It bothers me since I never had this issue in the past.
  • If an image is beyond a certain size, it may take a moment to load. The photos app is rendering a cached thumbail meanwhile.
  • I understand this, the thing is the app didn`t do this in the past, or i just didn`t noticed this before... this is why i`m asking.
  • It has always done it for me, since the inception of W10M, so I am guessing you simply didn't notice it. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Shell XPS 13
  • No update for me. AT&T 950 on .164 and latest firmware
  • No update here on 950XL on .164
  • Nah i didnt get any update. Im still at 332.
  • Not seeing update fo my Icon.
  • Nothing for Lumia 730 yet.
  • No updates on my AT&T 950.. Posted from Windows Central App for Windows 10 on Lumia 950
  • Still no luck for me. Lumia 640 XL, Redstone with Outlook mail version17.6568.46332.0. Did get a Netflix, Alarms & Clock and a Photos update.
  • Same here for Mail & Calendar, build 10586.164 (Release_Preview Ring). Not sure WTF's going on, oh well...
  • Got the update this morning, and it looks and works the same, still does not fit the screen.
  • I just got the update too. No changes too. Probably its because my update jumps from 322 to 362 not 622. Check yours..
  • No update yet on my 950XL
  • Still on 40322.
  • Finally!!
  • No Update for me: Lumia 1020 built .164 slow ring IT
  • Mail app update un my second Lumia 620... Nothing for 1020 (also after HR...) built .164 slow ring IT
  • It didn't show up on my 535 on .164 yet. Posted from the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on Lumia 535
  • A lot of smoke lately,but no cigar..... L950 on Rs
  • No updates yet lumia 1520 - 10586.164
  • HI, i have a sync problem with my live account, any suggestion
  • Yes, go to the forums or search on the internet
  • You can add one more version to the list, mine is 17.6769.40622.0 Formating is acceptable, comparable to PC.  
  • Don't tempt us with those Verizon email screenshots if our phones don't even qualify for future W10M builds.
  • Yeah. Not so fast. I got the update but emails are still not formated correctly (most better, but not all). Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Outlook on Windows Phone finally catches up to Outlook on iOS. But still late, as always.
  • Better late than never ;)
  • Still no update here. Lumia 1520 .164 rtm build. Mail says 17.6568.46332.0 "Today that appears to all have been resolved." No!!!
  • OK, I seem to have lost the ability to figure out which version of the app I have installed. Can someone tell me where to find this information, please? W10M, 10586.164, L1520 Thanks.
  • Go to settings then about, usually at the bottom and u will find the app build number there
  • I'm still using 17.6568.46332.0 no update on store :( Posted from Lumia 640 XL
    Build 10.0.586.164
  • Not there for my Lumia 640 Insider.164
  • Not on my Icon yet. Will check again later on...
  • I'm not seeing this build in the store, my 950 is still on 17.6568.46332.0. That is they build listed for the 650 though. I'm confused... :-/
  • Same here, Nada, 950 latest slow ring build.
  • Yup - 46332 fo me as well, and no update. I wonder if a hard reset with the updated WDRT would work?
  • No updates...whats wrong with MS store updates,
    Not got the Mail, Camera, Photos, Msn apps updates.
    The problem is only with the MS apps, else I'm receiving all other thirdparty updates. Seen on Lumia 640 Xl-India
  • +1
  • Same here .. UAE
  • Same here....not sure what the deal is with the MS apps.
  • Still not getting it! Lumia 950XL production build latest update. UAE
  • No update here in Germany on 930 with .164. Posted with awesome WC app on SP2
  • Finally
  • Downloaded the update to my 950xl. Brings me to 40622.0. It's much faster to start up and do anything within, almost like a new app.
  • I havent seen any formatting change.. Still the html not adjusted to window size.. Taking the example of one of the mails from windows central ( lumia 640 insiders preview slow)
  • Also received updates for Office products for the 2nd time this week.. Dont know the changes
  • Got the photo's and other updates but still none for outlook. Lumia 640 on 164 production in uk
  • My 920 in US got it automatically earlier today. I noticed some junk mail was formatted correctly, some still was not. Still waiting for an update history for all installed aps.
  • Meanwhile I'm still on 17.6568.46332 on my 950XL (Insider Release Preview .164).. God damned crappy f'ing phone and OS. Took well over a week for the "new" messaging app to roll out to me too. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Still a few emails that don't render correctly, like those trom TNW, but probably just bad HTML I would suspect.
  • No update 950XL DS insider release branch :(
  • Nothing on my 535 on official version Posted with @¥€~-^£¥*%$#£¥_#%&*-?"!!!
  • will this be also released to devices that were left behind? My Lumia 925 on 164 did not get it (yet) :(
  • In the business of sending renewal notice email to subscribers. Coding for Outlook Mail was a nightmare. Microsoft programmers did nothing "good", they simply undid their "bad". No pluses here.
  • Didn't get any update L640 DS running on official Windows 10 build .164
  • For some reason my version of the app is 17.6568.46332.0 and no update?any thoughts????
  • Still not getting the Update on my Lumia 735 on production ring here in Mexico.
  • Still not getting this app update on my Lumia 950 running the latest public build.
  • My 1520 on the Slow ring got the update while my 950XL on the Production ring has not received it yet.
  • No update here in India!! Lumia 730 on .164
  • No update on UK unlocked / SIM Free Lumia 950 XL
  • Still ain't got my Windows 10 update I really enjoyed my 4 years with the Windows phone but its time to move on just ordered the Samsung galaxy S7 I look forward to this new chapter of my life..keep your updates
  • Nothing here on AT&T branded 950 with official 10586.167 OS, latest firmware...received Camera update v:2016.128.141.0, but no Outlook Mail or Photo app updates...hmmm, wait and see...:(
  • Not received this on the slow ring insider on 950xl
  • I'm finally getting this on my AT&T 950.  Actually, my phone is doing 13 updates all right now!! PowerPoint
    Microsoft Photos
    MSN News
    Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar
    MSN Weather
    Windows Camera
    Get Started
    MSN Sports
    MSN Money I wonder if there was something wrong with the update system. Hmmmm....
  • Still ... Till now i am not getting the Outlook update nor the Photo update on my Lumia 950XL. Like i said it before .. I gave Microsoft a chance this year to get their act together. After that, i am going for other OS, most likely android. I have been supporting this OS
    for years now. So enough is enough
  • Ok, just received my Outlook Mail update on my AT&T branded 10586.164 OS- Production now states: ver: 17.6568.46362.0   ??  Have not checked if this fixes the rendering issues, or syncing issues....yikes going to bed!  Are others with a AT&T branded 950 on the above OS...also getting this version??  Thanks
  • Still nothing on my 950 .164... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I got that version a few days ago. Same phone and setup as you.
  • No update yet on 1520, regular W10, Germany. Also didn't get the Office and MSN suite updates.
  • The particular version referred in the article is not showing in Ireland. How many versions are currently in use ?
  • Got the update this morning on my Lumia 650 and still no change. Thinking of abandoning Windows platform. Oh I'm also having trouble with groove music I save all my downloaded music to my sd card and it's a top of the range one too. Groove music doesn't always play songs it will skip one track then play that one and won't continuously play track after track etc it goes haywire.
  • I still can get the new email update am on build 14927 Sent from windows 10 mobile
  • Build 14291 but still can find the update anyone experiencing same? Sent from windows 10 mobile
  • No update here for my 920.....oh, nevermind, I don't get Windows 10
  • Just had the update finally only to find version 17.6568.46362.0 is installed. I'm not convinced the update checks are working too well of late. I've had three photos update and the WhatsApp and Facebook ones too nearly a week to show up. Anyone from the UK manage to get the advertised version installed? I'm using 950XL unlocked Microsoft phone.
  • On insider preview ring at mo .164
  • Exactly the same here, update finally came through but its the version u mention not the version stated in the artical? 640 uk on 164
  • Lumia 950 on AT&T.  Running .164 and latest firmware - not on insider.  Got the same update last night (.46362.0), but it doesn't solve the rendering problem.  Not sure what the deal is with the MS app updates.  I've yet to get the photos update and the mail update is not the one referenced in this article.  I do have an 830 that is on the .164 build, but is running on the release preview ring, and it got the update Daniel references a couple days ago.  They are staging this rollout in a very confusing fashion.
  • @VineRider, ok thanks for this confirmation of very perplexing, confusing MS server updates (recently) on Windows 10 Mobile devices!  I see other parts of world (UK, Ireland, UAE) are also experiencing the same completely irritatating issues...
  • My laptop (Windows 10 Pro/PC) just received Outlook Mail update: version: Still have yet to get the Photos app update on Windows 10 Mobile with AT&T branded 950 on 10586.164-Production OS.....but it did update a couple of days ago, when I was on Insider Preview Release-Production Ring...had updated Photos app: v16.317.14282, but now after utilizing WDRT to go back to AT&T branded OS....Photos app v16.201.16372... Hell, I may join Windows Insider-Release Preview-Production Ring...again and see what excitement I get!  
  • Same here, 17.6568.46362 on L640 W10M 14295.
  • Recieved the update this AM. Mail version 17.6568.46362.0, on Fierce XL production 10586.164. HTML rendering issue still exits.
  • Still not on my Lumia 950 AT&T on .164 I don't think it's out there for everyone
  • Me too... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Daniel, look like a lot of users from 164 insider only got 362 update from outlook.
  • My L640 on 14295 received version 17.6568.46362.