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Outlook Mail now renders email styles properly in latest Windows 10 Mobile update

One of the longest running complaints about the Windows 10 Mobile version of Outlook Email & Calendar appears to have been fixed by Microsoft. In our preliminary tests, it now seems that HTML emails will now correctly format to fit the phone's display.

Mail & Calendar build 17.6769.40522 is now rolling out to select Windows 10 Mobile phones. That's a bump from the last x.40332 release a few weeks ago.

However, we are currently only seeing the update on our Lumia 950 with the production release. To make matters confusing, our Lumia 650 on production release has build 17.6568.46332 for Email and our Lumia 950 XL (Redstone) has 17.6769.40322. Neither phones are seeing the Email update detailed here, and it likely has to do with which Insider release ring those phones are registered under.

Rendering failure history

Back in December we criticized the Windows 10 Mobile app for its improper formatting. Images were not represented correctly with sizing being wrong or not positioned properly, and the email itself spilled over the edge of the screen resulting in a lot of scrolling.

In February, a new update to Outlook seemingly fixed the graphics area of HTML emails with proper rendering. However, emails were still 'zoomed in' when first opened requiring the user to pinch-to-shrink the email down to fit the display (or you would have to pan over to see more information).

At least for us, today's update appears to fix that new zoom issue. In the above images, you can see a comparison between the two builds of emails opened for the first time on each device. Clearly the ones on the right are much nicer looking and easier to read.

Finally, although we hate to do it, we are also going to throw in performance improvements with this update. Yes, the app seems faster in every area from opening the app to opening an email.

All in all, Outlook Mail & Calendar is feeling rather robust these days and today's update is the icing on the cake.

Let us know if the update and new rendering are working for you in comments.

Download Mail & Calendar for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: outlook

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Finally!
  • Finally l, I love the new Outlook! To hell with all that zooming Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    on My surface phone
  • I know right! He'll with it! The app is just amazing! I love it!
    Especially when you have that white theme on, you should see the app. It is sexy! Plus it has been working exactly the way i want it to! Its awesome!
  • Red & White or Orange & White! So sexy! ^^
  • I would like if MS gives us reading mode type of feature in the app. Reading some emails is pain on small screens. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's still not 100%. Some mail that was looking ok is now tiny and there's still the odd one that expands beyond the screen.
  • Its working for me on my lumia 730
  • You've checked every single email in your mail folders? It's working for me too, for 98% of them.
  • Exactly my Point. When we Zoom, it expands beyond screen and we have to scroll right-left to read every line. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • i checked about 10 e-mails , half of them still renders bad , i have to swip left and right to see the full e-mail .
  • The app still works better in iOS and Andriod, should we really be happy as in general the apps works better in the other platforms?
  • Still progress. If we can't be happy about progress we'd might as well move on to a different platform.
  • No update for me on 830/slow ring :/
  • Me neither - 830 on .164, fast ring
  • My Lumia 830 running 8.1 doesn't show the windows 10 update as being available.
  • If you mean "windows 10 update" as in phone update, make sure your phone is in the official list of supported phones. If you mean the app itself, you can't get Win10Mobile apps on Winphone8.1 +640 on Win10Mobile
  • You need to use Upgrade Advisor first
  • Omg55, you will never get the update, unless you download the update advisor app, and then accept for windows 10 update. Once you do that, then only you will get the update in settings update and check for update.
    Download update advisor.
    I use 830. In India. I have the update on my phone.
    After using it on my 720, i was cared to upgrade to 10. But gotta say, on the devices with 1Gb ram, it has been working like a charm! Never ever ever lagged! Most surprisingly, in 3 days, i saw the loading screen just once. Yet to see the resuming screen. XD
    I love my 830 more than ever. Best update.
    Update it soon. Please. It is awesome.
  • A happy customer ☺ Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Are you by chance having problem running the mail app? Since the last OS/Outlook update the app won't open at all for me (including calendar). Occasionally the Store page for mail & calendar shows the "install" button, after pressing which its shows up in the downloads as "completed". Tried all forum suggested remedies except hard reset... Nothing :/ Posted from Windows Central App
    Lumia 830/Win10Mobile
  • Me too. But at least it's fixed. Now wait for Redstone to get this update.
  • Me neither 950... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Me Neither. Lumia 830 India, Production W10
  • Me neither. Lumia 730. India. Production Windows 10 mobile. ~ Sent from my Lumia 730
  • I still haven't got the update that has the 'Move to Junk' option. I'm running the latest insider build 10.0.14291.1001
  • It took me a while to find it, but I found it by long-pressing on an e-mail.  I was looking for a button along the navbar.  Do you still not have it if you long-press a message?
  • Nope nothing. I wave it on my 930 running production build but not my 950XL running latest fast ring build.
  • Strange... I've got move to junk option on same 950xl build as you, maybe it's regional, or A/B testing perhaps? Not showing this most recent update yet though.
  • Scratch that, just got this update too.
  • The long press for options needs fixed on w10m. The box never appears until you remove your finger. Sometimes you don't know how long to hold it down.  
  • It's funny you mention that because that behavior was actually changed with this update.
  • This ^ the same issue applies for OneNote app too. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • 1520 on att latest M10M build just downloaded and downloaded started and almost instantly done
  • Same here.
  • Thanks! Great work.
  • Finally!, it is a shame that I am no longer able to see that "improvement", I have no Windows 10 Mobile device.
  • Way to comment for no reason.
  • Exactly.
  • TLTR
  • Can't see the update yet Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 with a Nokia Lumia 730
  • No update for L535
  • Fix the ugly email count on the live tile and the inaccuracies been the tile, the lock screen, and the notification center.
  • They should also fix the issues when selecting on an account, you have to do it twice. I noticed it in PC version as well.
  • I only get that while the red 'undo' bar is being displayed
  • I have been expierencing this issue on the latest build of outlook and it has been bugging the hell out of me. I have 4 emails linked to my account and need to switch all the time. I have a 950xl and I hope this next update fixes this!
  • Don't have that issue here. What device are you using? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10
  • I have an issue where I select an email from the notification area and it opens the Outlook ap, but not the email.  Lumia 830 on the newest build (.164?)  Anyone else see this?
  • So, all these updates are not yet available on official build?
  • Its not available on the latest insider 'Fast' build either.
  • So do we need an app to find updated apps?
  • I've gotten it on a 1520 and 950XL, both on latest threshold/redstone respectively.
  • Same here too, and a flood of emails that almost freeze my phone.
  • I have it in the latest insider fast build. 950XL
  • Amazing - sky's the limit now that MS has figured out this whole HTML thing!!
  • Bahahahaha.
  • No update for 950XL 
  • Nothing here with unlocked 950xl in USA but will keep checking as I'm looking forward to this.
  • Not seeing the update on my 950 uk.... yet.
  • Me neither on my xl, i'm still having to scroll left to right on them... Not long now by the sounds of it !!!
  • Though there hasn't seem to be update but this is the most requested fix for outlook mails, am happy this has finally come, ms is doing great job lately, seems they re listening to feedback afterall Posted from windows central for windows 10 mobile
  • The rendering fix is great, but now my email counter doesn't update no matter the different ways that I try to get it to reset to zero. 
  • Try to send email from another acccount to your account...i believe old count will disappear..
  • same here.. tried Bolot_malih suggestion but it didn't work
  • Soft reset (holding down volume down, power keys together) the phone
  • Thank the maker! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is that you threepio?
  • Awesome! Now waiting for notifications for custom folders and also not being forced to tap the email accounts twice after deleting emails from the current section.
  • This, in addition. But just selecting an account twice, too.
  • Not seeing the update here yet.
    (Alcatel XL)
    Glad to see it fixed.
  • The Microsoft Store links never redirect me to the Store app on my phone. They get stuck at login[dot]live[dot]com. I'm sure I'm logged in to my Microsoft account on edge too, still... :(
  • Try clearing your browsing history in edge.
  • And deleting the cookies. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Check also that edge is set to show mobile version of webpages and not the desktop version..
  • Not seeing the update on my Lumia 930. But then I think my device has been locked out of the build updates by a previous build, or it just isn't avalible for the Lumia 930.   EDIT: Nevermind, I just read the article properly. Seems it is build locked/device locked.
  • I got it on my 930 build 164. I simply clicked the download arrow from within the article.
  • I tried the link as well. However, the update was there for me when I just checked, so the update must have just not yet fully rolled out before.
  • I have 46332 on my 950XL non-insider.
  • Seems faster.
  • It is faster.
  • I have not see this on L1520. However, I hope they fix one problem happened a few builds earlier, i.e. tap email notification does not open the email, it just open the outlook, and even not the email account the email should go to. I have 1 single account inbox and one linked inbox with 3 accounts.
  • Still haven't received the latest photo & camera apps you reported earlier. But those don't matter too much, I want to see my emails rendered properly, I am not an insider... Posted from Windows Central App for Windows 10 on Lumia 950
  • Basic things like this just getting fixed yet some would have you believe this OS is ready for primetime.....
  • It is not for everybody but this is not a show stopping bug. It is an very big annoyance and it is fixed now. Also, the rate of updates is relatively fast with new features popping up left and right. There will always be bugs but the major ones will be squashed eventually.
  • Do you see ios and Android updating there os's every other day? No. Why? Because they are smart enough to release an os that is finished. Not almost finished.
  • Sooooo, you'd rather they not fix anything? Geesh...people complain when it's broken and then complain when they fix it. 
  • 100% agreed, theefman.
  • select Windows 10 Mobile phones
    ... such is the life of us, peasants, owners of pesky lumia 1020's, etc. This, and so many bugfixes we are not getting :( Thanks, Obama!
  • Well, still waiting for it on my 830 w/ the latest Win10 for the 830. Hoping I get an update on my Fast Ring Surface. The latest Mail there keeps rendering some images crazy small or offset in strange ways. The latest Mail on WM10 830 renders things well most times, but some e-mails are horribly formatted.
  • Congratulations Microsoft, but I feel that this has been absolutely way too long to fix something so basic.
  • Agreed, but I'll be happy once I see the update available.
  • Yeah, it's odd. You'd think another MS team, the Edge team, would help out with integrating the HTML render engine into the app some way. It would be a win to use the same base code. Also, didn't MS's CEO want to remove barriers between internal departments?
  • I believe the Outlook on WM10 used Word's engine which caused the rendering issues. They wanted to use the Word engine for formatting options (B,I U etc.) which are not avaibable on other Outlooks apps (Android & iOS) since they use their respective browsers' engines.
  • Somehow my Outlook on my 950 refuses to sync and pull my mail... hmm...
  • My 920 is doing the same. Happened a while ago. It is also crashing
  • Finally! :D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wow!  Emails render correctly now!  Big freaking deal.... so behind the times it's pathetic.
  • It's fixed in time for the general release, not behind at all.
  • Got the update! 950XL
  • No update for lumia 830 & lumia 930 Post from Windows Central Windows 10
  • No update for lumia 830 &lumia 930 Post from Windows Central Windows 10
  • I got for L830 but not for 950xl 
  • Could you please share the Outlook Mail app from your L830? (link) Posted from Windows Central App
    Lumia 830/Win10Mobile
  • 950 on production ring. No sign of update yet. 
  • So sad that it took this long. My Icon better get the official windows 10 mobile
  • Gabe has tweeted that looking into the icon. Issues with resolution or something.
  • That's BS. Im running the review on my phone right nowm
  • Don't shoot the messenger! Go see for yourself....
  • I don't hold much hope for this one. Still haven't got the photo ones. 950xl in UK
  • No update here on a 950 xl with production .164
  • Now I'm just waiting for them to fix email aliases. For some reason all the emails I send are sent from my alias that is first in alphabetical order rather than my default email address.
  • There a many reports of this in the feedback app. It is nuts that they broke this a few versions back on both W10 mail and W10M mail. I have sent a number of tweets to GabeAul about this and all I get back are crickets.
  • This appears to be fixed in the updates for both W10M and W10!
  • I went through the other day and upvoted every single one of them.
  • got this as well as facebook beta update too. i really wanted this fixed. thank you MSFT
  • So much better but still not quite right. Seems to still not work for some emails, they still render the old style, maybe they are just poorly designed by the sender. Also it seems to only work intermittently, sometimes ones that work stop working.
  • Doesn't make any difference. Outlook for iOS is WAY ahead of Windows version.
  • Oh really, sunshine? Pray tell me, how do you insert a table on Outlook for iOS then? I'm all ears! :) Posted from Bikini Bottom via my ShellPhone 950 XL
  • Different use cases. For me, the iOS version is actually better. It's quicker and easier to navigate, the mails render properly and they arrive in a timely manner. Only time will tell which team is the fastest at bringing new Outlook functionality and bug fixes.
  • I don't see how that invalidates my point. The emails render properly on my 950 XL, they arrive according to my refresh intervals, and navigation is a breeze, too. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my ShellPhone 950 XL
  • This is great news! I don't have Windows 10 Mobile yet, but this was one of my annoyances with WP 8.1 Mail. Just before going to bed, I would often check the "Daily Deals" email from Newegg that used to arrive at midnight. The task would be:
    1) Open email
    2) Click image placeholder to load images. (Also great that this can now be enabled by default in W10M, just like the desktop version.)
    3) Wait for page to load... (Don't pinch to zoom out yet because...)
    4) Images begin to load, then the whole page will reload again, zooming you back in to where you started.
    5) Wait for page to finish loading the second time.
    6) Pinch to zoom out.
    7) Now view the full email with images.
  • I feel your pain ^^ Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Still no Focused inbox like in iOS and Android.
  • Not yet received the updates.
  • So, is this another Redstone only update? This **** is ridiculous. Everyone has w10m who wants it, app preview should not be going to just redstone phones. These WINDOWS apps are better on ios and Android, and they aren't even ready for the w10m release. How and the **** does that happen? Says my version of Outlook Mail is .46332.0, anybody else?  
  • I see now. Didn't see the top of the post.
  • Not redstone only, I'm on build .164 on my 640 and I got the update..
  • Well it's a day later, and I still haven't gotten it. This is bonkers.
  • They have really been polishing things up lately. I love it. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Just updated and all I can say is FINALLY! Can't believe it took them so long to fix it, annoyed the hell out of me.
  • I'm not getting any of these updates. Photos, camera and outlook. I have official windows 10 mobile on lumia 640. Or are these updates only for lumia 950?
  • No, only for Insiders for the moment. They'll eventually be released to everyone.
  • Wrong. It's random. Some people have been getting it others haven't. Does not matter what ring you are in. Slow, fast, preview, or production. I've switched to each and no update for mail. Although my phone did re-update to .164 each time switched.
  • Switch to production ring, reboot and check for updates on the store. I got it on a Lumia 830 with .164 Sent from somewhere in the world on a Lumia 830 on Windows 10 Mobile
  • Tried that. It is now updating my phone to .164 again. For the third time after switching rings earlier for a different update. These releases/updates are a cluster ****. God I miss stability of 8.1.
  • This is stupid. My phone re-updated to .164 because I switched rings. Still no update.   I give up.
  • Such a great update. Rendering is awesome Sent from somewhere in the world on a Lumia 830 on Windows 10 Mobile
  • Changed my Lumia 735 from Fast ring to Prerelease Preview ring and got the Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar update. Also got update to 17.6769.40521 on W10 desktop build 14291.
  • Just check the store for update and I got it. Works great. Posted from windows central for windows 10 Lumia 920
  • It's not entirely fixed. Some emails got zoom at the information bar. Hope that there will be another bug fix update :)
  • I just received it on my 950XL running the latest fast ring build 14291.1001
  • When you click to download images, for example, rendering won't work properly
  • Better but still needs work. Costco, Harbor Freight, and Fry's Electronics still don't get the zoom correct and it runs off the edge.