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5 reasons Microsoft's Outlook on iOS is annoyingly better than Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile

I've used Outlook on iOS, and it annoyed me that it's better than Outlook on Microsoft's own platform, Windows 10 Mobile. Shouldn't it be the other way around? I'll show 5 reasons why Outlook for iOS is better than Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile.

1. Formatting

I'll start with my biggest issue with Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile. The formatting is terrible. Most of the emails don't look right with odd formatting. Sometimes emails show up zoomed out, or there's an insane amount of padding.

Take a look at these screenshots below. iOS on the left and Windows 10 Mobile on the right.

Notice that the image of the boombox looks normal on the left? What happened on the right? Here's another example:

2. Focused Inbox

Outlook for iOS has a cool feature called Focused Inbox. It automatically detects important emails and show them in your Focused Inbox, while the rest remain easily accessible in another tab — but out of the way. If you move email in or out of your Focused Inbox, Outlook learns this about you and gets even more tailored to your priorities. This is very useful for those who receive an insane amount of emails. Focused Inbox is not yet available on Windows 10 Mobile.

3. Files

Outlook for iOS lets you easily attach files to your emails using your accounts from the cloud on OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile is more exclusive, letting you attach files from your OneDrive account, but not other cloud services.


Outlook on iOS can automatically detect emails with event invitations. The "event" icon appears in these emails that you can RSVP right from your inbox. This feature is currently not available on Windows 10 Mobile.

5. Alias address

Outlook on iOS lets you send messages from an alias. For example, I give a different Mobile Nations email address to Public Relations (PR) companies depending on what I'm covering. If it's Android-related, I tell them it's If it's Windows-related, I give them If it's Apple-related, I say All the emails go to one account: When I create work emails, I like being able to change the email address in the "from:" field in Outlook. I can do that in Outlook for iOS, but I can't do that on Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile.

Outlook Mail iOS alias

Why is this happening?

Why is the Windows 10 Mobile version of Outlook not as good as Outlook on iOS? Part of it is history. Whereas Outlook on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile is very new, Outlook on iOS is technically an older app (Acompli) rebranded. Many of those features had existed on iOS before Microsoft took over the app, so the hard work was already done. In other words, many of these characteristics will likely come to Windows 10, but as usual, they have to catch up first.

Even if you have no use for alias address, Focused inbox, or attachments, it's inexcusable that the formatting on Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile does not align properly.

How do you feel about this? What is your biggest pet peeve about Outlook? Let us know what you think in the comments! Also, don't forget to use Microsoft's Windows Feedback app found on your phone. Remember, it's not enough to just complain here, let them know too!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • We'll just have to port all of MS's apps to WP to have equal apps.
    Btw I like the wp app but maybe because I don't use IOS I don't know what I'm missing. :/
  • Yes! With islandwood they could port outlook mail, Cortana and Age of empires from ios to WP. That way we'd have quality apps.
  • Why in the world would they port Cortana from iOS?
  • Because on iOS and Android Cortana is a better experience. Lol but it's the truth. Welcome to windows for phones.
  • Cortana on WP 8.1 is still in beta form.
  • Microsoft has little respect for its own fanboys.  That's why. 
  • You should thank that Microsoft is upadating Lumia 520 a 2013 phone does android OEMs do that. If so then I am badly informed
  • Unfortunately, this is exactly why I had to abandon Windows Phone.  I've recently purchased the Nexus 6P and was AMAZED at the difference in the app functionality.  Facebook on Android has twice the functionality as WP.  Word with Friends offers so much more on Android.  Twitter has more functionality on Andorid.  Even the MS Office apps are better on Andorid (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Calendar, OneDrive, OneNote, Translator), heck, I even have Cortana on Android (although it's the one app that isn't as good on Android).  And the fact that ALL of these Microsoft apps are available on my Android phone, really! (NOTE TO MICROSOFT HERE), what exactly am I missing by getting an Android phone over a Windows phone if I can get all the Microsoft apps on my Android phone and access to millions of other apps not available on Windows Phone?  I found it extremely irritating as a Windows Phone fanboy that I can get all these Microsoft apps on an Android device, yet I can't get any of the Google apps on my Windows Phone.  I don't see how Microsoft doesn't get that.  People won't buy Windows Phones because they can't get Google apps, yet Microsoft throws their apps at Android.  Why doesn't Microsoft pull all their apps from Android like Google has with their apps on Windows Phone.  I would have stayed with Windows Phone if I wasn't able to get the MS apps on Android.  As it is now though, I can't see anything I've really lost by switching to Android from Windows Phone.  But I can sure see a LOT of apps and functionality I've gained.  Sorry Microsoft, but you really need to rethink your business practices.  Instead of trying to pull buyers from iOS and Android by giving away your apps, maybe you should work harder on your own devices and making them the BETTER device and people will come based on that alone (and the exclusivity of the MS apps only on MS devices as well).  I mean think about it, people buy PCs because programs are better (and only available) on Windows devices than on MacOX or Chrome devices.  Do the same with the Windows Phones and maybe people will switch to Windows Phone by word of mouth.  Even I might come back to Windows Phone once all this mess gets straightened out.
  • I don't ask for much.  We still don't have voice calling on Facebook, on WP.  Until we can get that much I'm not sure I care much for what else happens on this platform. It is aggrevating.  I really love WP UI, but I hate the apps. 
  • I agree with your post 100%. APP gap is a problem and so is Feature-Parity in apps that do not fall in the gap. Hoping and Waiting is the name of the game here in Microsoft land.
  • I totally agree. I just switched to a Nexus 6p as well from my 1520 and I don't regret it. The difference in quality of the same apps is astounding. Besides cortana all of the MS apps are more feature complete on Android. I'd love to come back to windows phone but until MS can get their basic apps equivalent to the other platforms I'll just keep android and my surface pro. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows 8.1? That's *so* last year! Oh sure, Microsoft will support it untit 2020, but if you're expecting they'll keep on supporting the apps or improving it, think again. As an example, compare the Maps app in Windows 10 and in Windows 8.1. For more on this see Windows Phone 7, where they'v essentially stopped updating the apps as soon as WP 8 was released.
  • id agree on that with every other app thats on both platforms but Cortana for ios. The ios app doesnt even have the same amount of features or capiablity, Maybe on android tho
  • Cortana is way better than siri Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Only on rooted android. Otherwise Cortana on Android is more limited than Cortana on Windows Phone. Not all of us Root our phones.
  • No, it's not.
  • Absolutely disagree re: Cortana on Android. Nowhere near as good as on WP. Using both (work/personal)
  • I see what you did there! Well if ever actually happens(though looks like it) it would be a boo... To Microsoft. GUYS BIGGEST JOKE IS THAT EVEN INTERNET EXPLORER CRASHES IN MY LUMIA...!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL LIKE FUUUUUUUUUCCCCC.....
  • Huh? I didn't do anything. MSFT did it themselves. Im a die hard MSFT fan for life. In fact Im buying the 950 soon. I dont why but i will. But lately I hate what MSFT is doing. Truth is Apple and Android rules mobile. And it is evident everywhere that MSFT is throwing up the white flag on mobile. "Look I said Mobile". Doesn't mean MSFT is out businesses but meaning mobile is on MSFT back burner.
  • Android only wins on sales volume. On experience its way below WP and iPhone.
  • "ONLY wins on sales volume" I know right?! What business should care about sales volume?!  Pfft!  
  • Well, the key part is *margin*, not volume. Volume is important if you have a small margin. And if you have a negative margin, high volume will kill your bussiness. Remember those online shops that sold stuff at a loss but argued they'd make it up with volume? Yeah, me neither. (And if your're wondering how Amazon does it, the Amazon online store isn't their money maker, the money makers are the logistics services and, especially, the cloud services.) Of course, if you can combine high volume with high margin, well, then you've found a license to print money. But that's incredibly rare, the iPhone is one of the few products to do that.
  • Skinned Android is below iOS and Windows but stock Android on a Nexus is up there with iOS and WP. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Subjective.
    You should try an Android phone.
  • I got a email from outlook about their app on iOS and Android. There was no mention of windows phone or mobile
  • "MSFT did it themselves". Yep, also have been WP proponent, however seriously considering leaving for Sony Android (despite my distaste for nefarious Google). So many relevant apps I have been twiddling my thumbs waiting for that have never materialized. And one final straw is to see MS own apps on other platforms. Life is too short for this.
  • Lol... Edge is so much more annoying than IE ever was, for mobile.
  • Edge is terrible.  Microsoft never should've released it in the unfinished, unpolished form that they did. Edge makes IE seem great. lol
  • Exactly.. They should've left IE, and added edge as an option..
  • Edge is not yet ready.. I was happy with IE11 .. And they took it away..and I'm left with nothing... Idiots..
  • So far, they've released a lot of unfinished products to the point where they apologized (I'm sure they're really sorry) for the software flaws with new surfaces.
  • It is a cluster F#$@k to save anything from edge. Hello! Save to default folder!!! Wtf! And where is Here Drive? The built in navigation SUCKS!!!
  • But, if you speak the truth around here,,,, you shall be shunned..
  • Truth was they had a true following with WP8. Takes a special group of people to believe W10M is superior to iOS and Android. What do you call delusional sheep?
  • IPhone users
  • Islanwood is a no go for Outlook Mobile. The reason being, at the moment Islanwood is made to port mobile apps as mobile apps and the Windows version is a universal one. For me personaly the windows version does pretty good job. I stopped using my work e-mail on the phone and have more time for me (instead of checking it every 30 mins....).
  • Project Islandwood is to port iOS apps to Universal Windows Platform, both mobile and PC.
  • "at the moment Islanwood is made to port mobile apps​"
  • I give up with phones i don't want to be an ad like they showed in south park!!gonna have my new 950 til Iget bored and then I really don't care!!
  • i think Project islandwood port supports very old APIs set of IOS, like of IOS 6 APIs whereas current IOS apps can be using the latest APIs provided in current IOS 9.2
  • And what about Skype? Skype on Windows Mobile is joke compared to iOS version.
  • Outlook, Skype, there's a lot that's better on iOS
  • Yeah Skype.... Still the worst app. No notification to slow.. Worst app
  • It's also joke compared to android and android people are switching to Viber and Imo....
  • Look what days have come.....Microsoft needs to port their own apps from some different OS,to thier own OS!and that too from Apple.Isn't it horrible for windows phone?And we expect from other devs
  • I agree with the MS concept of their apps on all platforms. Still waiting for them to deliver on the best experience is on their platforms...
  • If MS wants people to buy the new phones, there is no excuse how bad the formatting is in mails
  • Try yahoo webmail. Recently they fudged it up now I have to look for the html address(if included) to see a non-zoomed in html e-mail
  • If only yahoo could port they w8 app
  • The formatting in Outlook is because it uses the Word engine instead of an HTML renderer to display email. They thought this would be a great idea so that people could insert tables and do columns in stuff in their phone email program. Who cares about things like proper layout, linked inboxes or good UI if you can run Word macros???
  • There is sooo much **** broken in Winmo10 it's not funny.
  • Agree upto an extent.. W10M is not even close to the clean and smooth experience of WP8.1 ( except Loading/Resuming issue )..W10M needs more polish.. And Consistency in UI is very much needed.. I hope it will be taken care of before official roll out with the specific firware
  • Firmware* ( thanks to WC app , it's not showing the 'edit' icon ...sigh )
  • yeah we also need Firmware to optimize Windows 10 Mobile for our devices, but would Microsoft gonna release them after nokia
  • Glad you confirmed that, and it's not just my 1520.. Lol.
  • I never had Android or iPhone. Only smartphone I have own is Windowsphone. Maybe I'm missing sometime? Maybe im not? I enjoy using WP & W10M. It's little frustrating that W10M has some bugs still (i know beta) but overall the concept is just great! Apps don't bother me because mainly phone is just "phone" for me. I check emails with it and check twitter and stuff. I don't play mobile games so much and don't have instagram. :)
  • What a joke!
  • Do not, I mean DO NOT, get me started...
    This deserves a big fat..... S--M--D--H
  • :D agreed... Even I'm frustrated.. Just not showing it.. Because I'll make already confusing condition of W10M worse for the WC readers.. Let's wait till the surface phone+red stone update... I have a feeling that both of those will coincide.. :)
  • Yes! Waiting for this Surface phone,and hoping they have one at least 6"......
  • Even though I have a small palm, after using a 5" device for long.. When I see a 4.7" screen, it's ridiculously small.. I can't blame those who owns the 1520 complaining about the .3" reduction in the L950XL.. There should be a 5.2" and 6" Surface Phone..
  • He'll, yes! You said it... I wish more understood that even 1/10 less is noticeable, less known than 3/10ths.. SMDH.
  • Redstone, Surface Phone, blah blah blah You'll see. You'll all see. Soon...™  
  • Redstone, Surface Phone, blah blah blah You'll see. You'll all see. Soon...™  
  • actually a 5" and 6", need some real differentiation but both being "high-end"
  • lol.. And after using a 6.4 incher phone , 6" looks small. :P
  • Did you really just give another "coming soon" excuse? Weren't we waiting for Windows 10 to fix everything, now its Redstone and the Surface Phone? I guess there will always be an excuse for Microsoft's poor focus on their own mobile platform....
  • Lol.. Actually, we were trying to be positive (for once),, but you're right...
    What were we thinking...
  • Well.. I'm trying my best not to hurt anyone's heart.. But I gotta say.. That's the fact.. 5 years of catching up can't be done within 5 months with a unified OS.. One thing is sure.. MS is on the right path.. But just late to find the path.. We shouldn't have kept our hopes up for W10.. There's more to it than skipping the number 9..
  • @theefman I was not giving any excuse.. I love windows... That's why I'm here.. I'm not here just to support the platform.. I'm here to criticize it for it's own best.. As I said.. As a WP fan .. Even I'm frustrated because of 5 years of catching up.. But I have faith .. That been said, there is no excuse for the current situation.. It's just that MS can't go back in time and change it.. Unified OS , Universal Apps, Continuum, Hololens, and Surface Phone.. This is the right way to go.. Two more years we got to struggle... And let's hope for a better future... Even though it's silly to talk about an OS so seriously... But hey... We only have one life... And operating systems are a big part of the only life we have.. So it's not that silly... ;) ... And it's always good to be in a growing platform than a fully grown one.. We complain.. We curse.. We fight... And when a nice feature is added..we rejoice.. This is more fun .. :D
  • Waiting eh......
  • Quote of the year right here!
  • It was designed for the Windows fans. This is actually on our"flagship" phone in the wild. Good lord. Everything Microsoft is better on Ios and Android apparently.
  • Lol.
  • :D
  • Hahaha
  • Lol I wonder why they make these type of articles knowing it is going to rile people up and get them talking about leaving. It would be better to have mentioned that outlook for ios is simply a rebranded app thus it is more mature at the start of the article not the end lmao
  • Exactly. It should have mentioned at the beginning not the end.
  • I completely agree... Lol.
  • I completely
  • You deleted those comments because people disagreed with you?
    What was against the policy in those comments? People have the right to tell you they disagree with you, and they have the right to call out your attitude, as long as it's not derogatory... You call out others attitudes, and we can't do the same? I guess that's your way of setting the example.... Are you saying your behavior is representative of mobile nations?... I'm sorry Daniel;; I'm not trying to get myself in trouble, but it doesn't seem fair.
  • Windows central has been getting pretty draconian like lately....sigh.
  • Lol.... Not the same.
  • That's what baffles me about Daniel. He doesn't hesitate to call people out on here but doesn't want the same treatment. I expect people with his type of attitude (sarcastic) don't mind criticism or even take it with humor. I tend to be sarcastic and when people reply in kind, I just roll with it, but not Daniel.
  • I came back to see if there was a response to the discussion and my comment is gone. I guess I just have to take screen clippings.
  • Its worth noting the accompli guy was recently put in charge of this so there is a convergence happening.
  • Sometimes we need to fire up loyal fans to its love so to make it better otherwise it will be on its own and end up being some random crap OS which is history.
  • Right, so basically massage the truth to make some people feel better, awesome journalistic instincts you have there!
  • No, you weren't here earlier......
  • I love these type of artciles.  It's truthful and honest, coming from a site devoted mainly to one platform.  It shows objectivity!  Keep 'em comin!  You're always going to get riled up people anyways...
  • Exactly... I hate the fact that everyone here wants false praise, sugar coating, and overly positive BS... Some of us have been here from the beginning, and we know that things are jacked up... We don't enjoy it that way, rather it is what it is... We'd like to go back to the old days, and have a positive outlook, but positive things were fueling that... I refuse to not speak my mind every chance I get when things are going Jacked... This age in MS's mobile history isn't time for fanboi crap... I can't stand that. MS needs to see passion in fans attitudes, or they won't do anything to help the situation... We know this because we've seen MS slack before, and do better once we uprise... I'm sorry, but these happy go lucky %%%% make me sick.
  • While what you say is indeed true ...such articles could possibly also catch Microsoft's attention(whether the article or comments), which inturn could press MS to get their apps/OS together.
    Such articles mean bad press for MS, which they surely dont want or need, so in such a case, they are more likely to act on these articles, than user comments (since most users on here just complain about everything and anything). So I'm glad a large Windows dedicated website with a large user base, it's honest and writes such articles because MS really needs to get this stuff together.
    Why are other devs supposed to put effort into WMobile if MS themselves cant seem to develope their own apps, at the very least, to have them on par with iOS/Android. MS needs to be setting the example by encouraging devs to create apps through their own apps, not give them [devs] a reason to point the finger at them. It's really odd.
  • Sure users can vent but there isn't much we can do when microsoft is more interested in their products on apple devices than their own products.
  • To "rile people up", that is the only reason. They get paid by advertising. The more people click on a blog post, the more ad revenue they generate. So they purposefully try and create drama.
  • "Rile people up". Welcome to journalism.
  • MS and all the cenile fanboys deserve to hear the truth.
  • Yes, site about Windows wants users to leave and go to other platforms.
  • LOL. Your comments always amuse me. Anything negative said about Microsoft makes you wanna throw a tantrum.... get a grip, this is life. Everything has its pros and cons.  And by the way, it is just a phone!
  • No I don't think it is just cos the ios version has been for long it is better than w10m, yes it is one of the reasons. I think that's why they don't highlight it. look at skype app on w10m and WP. it has been around for ages but still way inferior compared to ios version. We should all accept this annoying truth that none of the apps are better on Windows platforms yet including MS apps. Although I am optimistic that it will get better by time.
  • Please vote... Windows-Feedback:?contextid=259&feedbackid=a4ec0e4d-a299-4b19-9f44-dd85fc7c3d93&form=2&src=2
  • Agreed. Most whiners won't even read to the end before wading in with complaints. An inflammatory article.
  • If the facts are inflammatory, so be it. I say bring 'em on, not cover it up. Besides, some fan boys enjoy a good whine lol. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You're walking a very fine line here, Mark. I completely agree with you and have voiced my opinions in the past, but most WC readers wanted fire and brimestoe to consume me for speaking the truth. 
  • Well the some people is becoming like iSheep unfortunately.
  • Fanboys only want to hear the good things about their divine company. Sadly they're on every platform and there's nothing we can do about it.
  • Be nice to hear a response from the outlook team about this, there is no excuse for something like this, they should just port the ios app
  • I second this.  Now that there is a written piece about the glaring difference, it'd be nice to hear reasoning from the Outlook team.  Even if their reason is stupid, I'd want to hear what they have to say and it'll show that they are aware that we're aware.
  • Read the last part of the article, that's the excuse and it's a good one.
  • Good old MS not caring about WP anymore
  • Not exactly their fault if this app already existed before they were brought.
  • So they invested money in iOS and bought a matured email client to modify for outlook. That's still a problem. Microsoft has its own client on Windows that isn't as good as iOS outlook. Why not develop a Windows variant? We all know how that doesn't happen. 
  • What are you talking about? The current Outlook client on W10M is the Windows variant
  • 100% their fault. They bought that company over a year ago. They should have taken the best features form there and moved it throughout every platform that Outlook runs on. This is what Microsoft is becoming, more software than hardward / OS based. They want people in their ecosystem. Having a shared experiance between products is the first place to start. Now IF someone moves from using Outlook on iOS to Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile it is a completly diffrent experiance, and for the most part, not a better experiance. IMO, it doesn't help that they are still using Word to display HTML pages in Outlook than the new Edge Engine.  
  • Microsoft has always been more software based. They are primarily a software company. They relases Microsoft Business Pack (predecessor to Office) for Macintosh in 1985; years before Office came out for Windows. Microsoft sells software. Deal with it.
  • Please vote: Windows-Feedback:?contextid=259&feedbackid=a4ec0e4d-a299-4b19-9f44-dd85fc7c3d93&form=2&src=2
  • Why wouldn't MS just use the bridge to port the app? Show that bridge actually works. 
  • ^This! The comment about MS using thr bridge, it would be a perfect way to entice devs to actually use these bridges to port their apps.
  • So you didn't read the article?
  • They don't care too much.... I think the team cares, but MS doesn't care about the team.
  • Well said.. MS is busy working on W10 and W10M basic features and bug fixes.. And they're keeping these kind of things for "soon be fixed" list.. Its the problem MS facing for not acting smart 5 years ago.. There are 5 years of catching up to do..
  • Its really unfortunate is that history repeats in Microsoft efforts. This situation is been like years of "Soon...", waiting for the heavens to bring the features and other stuff to happen, making platforms better and to catch up. This is the reason why the market share didn't grow that much at all despite the positive predictions before, Microsoft is just too slow to the trend and if they finally make some good progress, they remove some at the same time. This is why some people switch o other platforms because of the frustration. At the moment W10M is promising but at the moment, there are still tons of things left to do and worse, OS is riddled with bugs, features gone and the lack of polish. Now we are trapped again with faith on Redstone release date. We are indeed in the bottom of the cycle and hopefully it will pays off in the right time or it will miss the opportunity again.
  • That's the truth behind all these.. We can't move forward without accepting these facts.. Let's be honest.. We are here because we love Windows/Windows Phone [Tiles] ... And we are sticking to it even though other platforms are far ahead.. It's because, we never change our soccer team just because they were not able to win two consecutive cups... Let's have faith and support our team and lead them to the trophy.. That's the only thing we can do.. I love Windows Phone ... But trust me.. We got to be patient for two more years... To see the results of Redstone update, Surface Phone, and Continuum ( hopefully that would be the end of catching up story)
  • Well said..... NIST! HE SAID IT EXACTLY RIGHT!!
  • Right! 5 years almost wasted... The only thing they accomplished was he few developers that they do have...
  • It still long journey even to fix basic feature :o
  • One of many reasons I abandoned ship. Microsoft simply does not prioritize Windows phone/Mobile. Not AT ALL. Posted via Android because Windows 10 Mobile is trash.
  • Again how is thos Microsoft fault if this is simply a rebranded app that is on ios already and not a native app. Lmao you jump ship but still posting on windows phone articles to let us know you abandoned ship
  • A rebranded app that they could have ported to WP long ago and simply decided not to. But, of course, you being you will refuse to accept anything that crashes your fantasy world in which Microsoft actually ever gave two sh*ts about WP.
  • You are such an idi0t.
  • Yes, DJCBS thinks that its simple to take someone elses iOS app - probably ObjectiveC, using its own UI kit, its own design pattern, using its goodness knows what libraries, and just "port it". Like its a lunchtime gig. To think where MS have got to with UWP, wasted on these people.
  • Accompli was acquired by MS over a year ago.
  • True, good point.
  • DJCBS has a point. The fantasy mentality just makes anyone who adopts that mindset an enabler for Microsoft's poor showing.
  • Maybe he actually like the concept of Windows Mobile.... He's smart for jumping ship.. MS has a chance to get him back if they put fourth some **** effort towards mobile.
  • You are so right, Rodney. MS has to EARN our support. Blindly trusting them is no longer an option. "Too little, too late", hollow excuses and vague promises are no longer acceptable. Thank you Mark, for a "real" assessment and strong no nonsense report.
  • Forget the outlook app. What about skype? Heck even office was crap in wp 8.1. There are so many.
  • OK fanyboy, what is the excuse for Skype? It is better on iOS.  What is the excuse for Smartglass? I have it on both platforms. I do not even bother with the Windows 10 Mobile version.  What is the excuse for OneDrive working better on iOS?  Face it. A thousand excuses will not change the fact that Microsoft can't afford to put out sub par products 90 percent of smartphone users out there. Now, the 3 percent of "enthusiasts" that use WP? We get exactly what we deserve. And, I can't say I blame them. And I don't care, I still love my phone. I am just amused at all you fanboys that still lie to yourselves and get upset over trivial things like this.   
  • But it's not just the Outlook app damnit. It's every app! Almost every MS app is better on the two competing platforms. And Skype, for example, has been better on iOS and Android for a loooong time.. I seriously do not understand why the higher ups at MS do this. **** them, seriously. It is beyond dumb, and a spit in the face on their loyal customers.
  • Learn to read the article.
  • Same
  • Thank you. You're exactly right... And I AGREE!
  • Missed one - multi-touch swipe to delete. On iOS I can swipe left on multiple messages to delete them at the same time using different finger tips. WP only does one at a time (and has that animation of the dropping trash bin which looks like a glitch)
  • iOS lacks a select all button and Windows too. Plus, I don't like how you have to reselect messages. KEEP THE MESSAGES SELECTED UNTIL I'M DONE WITH ALL MY ACTIONS. It's not that hard to include. End rant.
  • @CamiKitti:  No, actually there is a select all button in the Windows 10 Mobile version.
  • If you're referring to Outlook on iOS, there's actually a "Select All" option. Tap and hold on any of the email/messages to get the option to edit/select all:      
  • A multi-touch swipe to close apps would be nice too.
  • Another "it's coming" excuse. Story of our lives.
  • I think #1 and #3 are not the fault of Outlook. #1: Isn't this the fault of the W10M default HTML renderer and not Outlook? (Is it Edge?) #3: Don't apps have to register something somewhere in the OS or Outlook to appear in the list of services where files can be uploaded for attachment? I mean Outlook isn't going to have a new version each time a cloud service surfaces. Like I said, I THINK.
  • #1: I would second this opinion as html is rendered differently based on the engine and how the html document is formatted to suit each engine.
  • Outlook Mail uses Microsoft Word for rendering, not Edge. In WP8 it used IE Mobile, which was far better. The Word engine has a bad history of HTML/CSS rendering since Outlook 2007 on the desktop. There is an on-going community effort, particularly within the email development community to try and get it changed.
  • They switched to Word because stats showed most people were actually using Word to layout more complex mails. This of course being home users, not professional template builders. It's a tough call to make, but then I don't do email templates so it's easy for me to say. Anyway, the first point is kinda moot alright. And if the email was made by a more responsible team (ie people that check in different clients) the problem wouldn't arise.
  • It's far more important that emails are rendered properly than some ridiculous Word support. Not once have I encountered anyone in my career who uses Word for creating emails. It's insane to think that someone at Microsoft actually thought that was a good idea.
  • The UI of iOS apps is much cooler then windows 10 mobile, i just can't afford buying an iPhone, its the real smartphone
  • That's your personal opinion, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Mine, I like Windows 10 more.  You could get the previous iPhone model at a cheaper price.
  • This is sad... I used to have so much hope for WP... I used to try and convince everyone to switch to WP.. Made me, and thousands of other naive fans, look stupid...
    Last time I'll ever do that..
  • Same here.. Not doing it any time soon.. At least till the app gap is closed.. ( not just in numbers.. In quality ) ... WP users are not very much app centric.. We know how to live with the apps we have..
    """But for those who are switching from other platforms to W10M .. The Store is either a GRAVEYARD or a PAWNSHOP.. ""
  • Lol.. Exactly!!
  • IPhones are too limited. Can you remove pinned icons on your home screen? No you cant, you can only move it to another screen. At least with Windows Phone you can have customization.
  • I'll wait one more year and see what the Surface Phone is capable of. If things won't get any better (x86 app support would be a true gem) I'll turn to Apple. But that switch possibility saddens me the most...
  • What would x86 apps on a phone accomplish except taking up space since they would only be usable in continuum?
  • I'm a software engineer. Having a fully fledged portable PC in a phone package would make my life much easier. Continuum in its current form is useless to me.
  • Can you give us an example of some software that you've engineered?
  • I don't know. It seems like half a solution to have a phone that you can load full desktop programs on which can only be used in a specific way since they would be useless on a small screen.
  • Sad days... SMDH.
    WP could've been so awesome if Nokia had the resources to take it over, and keep it going..
    Just imagine if Nokia had the funds that MS had to make WP work. We wouldn't be in this situation right now...
    Windows 10 is our only hope.
  • not disagreeing with you mark but I have to say that  outlook on WP is getting better and better
  • Agreed. I'm glad they recently added Linked inboxes
  • Linked in boxes... IDK. Mark, isn't this a one step forward, two steps back,, kinda situation? Honestly.
  • Mark, what you wrote needed to be written. We have to start holding MS accountable.
  • As a windows phone user I don't mind that Microsoft makes apps for rival platforms, I get it honestly. What I really don't understand is why it's apps for other platforms are often better than or not available on windows. I'm really behind Microsoft and windows phone and have just bought a 950 but this is the sort of thing that will make me leave if it's not sorter by the time the iPhone 7 comes out. Just want the official apps to be as good as on rival platforms and to have all of them
  • This. 100% this.
  • Indeed, there is no issue that they make apps to other platform. It's perfectly fine. The gripe always is why their own platforms is lagging behind and feels like an 3rd-class. Not just features, even the app is well polished while our own feels like we still use pre-beta apps even though W10M is shipped with new Lumias. My uncle just downloaded Outlook for iOS (my recommendation) because they use Exchange in their company. As I tested it was great, well thought app and it feels they put much effort on it. On my W10M, its good but the issues and lack of features makes it me wonder if I'm actually using Microsoft platform.
  • Simple: they want other people to use their services. Because on iOS and Android if they go with the current MS apps they will gain even more bad reputation. WP fans will always stay close. They have to change other people's minds that MS delivers good services. WP fans will easily get back once Windows is reliable and polished because we all know the WP experience is top notch when it's fined tuned. I've been to many conferences (UX, Tech, Data, etc.) and everyone makes fun of MS services and IE. Microsoft is a dinossaur in the tech industry and they need to reinvent. Although I don't think they'll ever be the tech company they once were.
  • I think with the case of W10M it's largely because they are still testing and trying to figure out what they want to do with it. The design inconsistencies throughout the OS are testament to this. Very little consistency in UI/UX across the OS, Microsoft apps, etc. Just look at how the hamburger menus and ellipse are all over the place. In one app it does one thing, in another app is does another, in yet another they do another, etc. It's frustrating to no end.
  • iPhone is ****
  • iPhone, and many Android devices, are awsome!.... Can we say that about ANY WP/WM device?...
    What can our platform do that the others can't? And, don't say fail, because that's obvious.
  • Nope the iPhone is overpriced junk and gets wrecked by the 950/XL
  • You're off your rocker.. The iPhone is freekin awesome... What you're saying is strictly delusion.... The 950/XL isn't even as cool as my 1520, or NIST 1020... No, those are, well could've been, some real iPhone killers. But, not without apps... Never without apps...
    So, if the 1520 is way cooler than the joke 950/XL and neither one can beat the iPhone in functionality,,, where does that put your 950?... Scrap yard... Yep. Lol.
    Please... Now, the 950 is nowhere near a bad device, although we do like the older devices better... It's definitely not bad, could make a good phone for someone who doesn't expect more... With that said, without apps no WP/WM fan has any room to talk about any device on any platform...... THAT'S THE POINT!....
    What? WHAT? WHAT?
  • Whatever C U N T go back to sucking Tim Cooks C O C K
  • I've converted many... many people into using windows phone. And many more along the years into using everything Microsoft. Always get asked if I get commission from what I do. Thing is, if I didn't hate apple I would get an iPhone cause MS keeps ******* me off whenever I spend half a minute to consider facts like this article. Which I am always well aware of. Then again, here I am about to order an MS Band 2...
  • I jumped off the flaming WP freight train of misery a few weeks ago for my first iOS device, and now I float on above aboard my helicopter of joy filming unflinchingly as it heads down the hill towards the orphanage, helpless to save anyone but somehow loving it. 
  • lmao
  • Got to admit for your average iOS comment on a Windows fan site, this amused me. Interesting analogy.
  • Haha, exactly what happens to me.
  • I have also converted many to windows phone, but more and more keep jumping ship. It also agree if I didn't hate the inflated apple prices I might be tempted to go. It's the simple things that annoy me like the email formatting issues
  • Lol. Awesome. We all feel like we tried our best to help WP flourish...... In vein
  • Happy I got an iPhone. I love the outlook app. 
  • You're the only one happy here...
    What's crazy is all of the disgust here even after an all new OS, and two new high end devices, were just released...... It could be a fact that not only does MS have a small fan base, but they may have no fan base left...
    This is the largest channel for WP fans, and everyone here has lost faith, is jumping ship, or seriously disappointed... Me, personally? I'm ******!
  • I've been used to Microsoft's services being better on Android than WP. It's been that way even when Microsoft had a supposedly stable OS - WP8.1.   The fact is, users of their services on Android and iOS are probably more than all the remaining WP users. So it's obvious they'll divert more resources. WP flopped, W10M will be DOA and Microsoft is just covering their basis by having their services work flawlessly on other platforms so that when they pull the plug, WP users will be able to move to other OSs and keep their experience intact.   Although I must also add, the app that Microsoft had before they renamed that Acompli one was WAY better than Acompli ever was. So while the Outlook experience on Android is better than on WP, it has been better in the past than it is now. 
  • That is a good point. W10M is a good exit step if they really are winding down support now. MS bought existing apps on Android and iOS instead of developing from scratch, so that has led to everyone, including yourself, pointing out how much more complete and mature the same app feels on iOS and Android. Its not because MS has invested more on those platforms, MS just cheated sort of lol. On Windows, however, every app is built from scratch. That means a longer lead time for feature parity. Since most people are not interested in why, MS takes a hit for buying existing apps. If the PR is so bad, maybe they should stop buying apps and just build from scratch on all platforms.
  • Even though DCJB's points sounds like a real thing.. I have to say.. NOT YET... Let's wait for the Game changing Surface Phone.. If it's also a flop even after second generations of surface phones.. Then I'm afraid .. iOS is the way to go for us.. Still, my secondary device would be a L550/650 ... If MS pulls the plug.. It'll break my heart.. Can't think of a phone without tiles on the start screen.. :D
  • THIS.
  • Yet another great point by DJCBS.... It helps to be on the outside looking in...
    Hope this doesn't get deleted..
  • #1 is everything for me. I hate the mail app on windows 10 mobile. Just cannot stand the formatting. That said, the Outlook on iOS/Android don't seem to notify of emails in sub-folders still so they're equally as useless to me (I have to use default mail app on iOS, and Nine for Exchange on Android).
  • To be honest the only thing that annoys me of outlook app on WP10 is the html formatting. I am really happy of the rest of it.
  • Same here
  • Yep, this is the major reason why I went Android.  MS is prioritizing Android & iOS over their own platform.  Why should I support it when they don't?  
  • Did you read the final part of the article?
  • But that doesn't explain the other apps that Microsoft built on other platforms, now does it. Don't make excuses for a company who doesn't even know your name .
  • About buying apps?
    What about Skype?
  • +1
  • The formatting has been the biggest issue for me with the mail app. The other items are important to make windows phone equal.
  • I've wanted replying from aliases for ages. At the moment I gave to log into Live with a web browser if I want to use an alias. Very annoying. Also, I briefly used outlook on Android and loved the focused inbox. Great feature.
  • What. this again? I mean ser.. whoa! this isnt WMPU.
  • Microsoft could just stick their iOS app thru Project Islandwood.
  • I do love people not reading the article. HA!
  • it is these things why i moved away from WP to iOS.
  • I 100% agree with the formatting issue.  It's insane how horrible emails look in W10 Outlook. I can understand the ned for the other points listed even though I don't have a need for them.  The expanded attachment source selection would be nice too.  Maybe Microsoft could use their own bridges and port the iOS app to W10.  I'd prefer a built from the ground up solution, but for now I'll take almost anything.
  • Nothing new to see here. Just Windows Phone playing the catch up game as always.
  •   is there any Mail app that will work on my 950 that uses aliases...Metromail doesn't work with on window 10  
  • it is all part of Microsoft's, or should I say Nadella's "bigger and best on other platforms" policy.  If this isn't proof that he is trying to kill Windows Phone, I don't know what is.  I just switched Android and guess what, Office (and Outlook) is by far better than Android than on Windows Phone.
  • mvierling - Office and Outlook on Android is not better than Office and Outlook on W10M. I fact the Android version of Excel is the only version of Excel that currently does not let you auto fill cells as fast as I am aware.
  • Written with an apple filter. Why not focus on the app's strengths on W10 mobile? We buy Microsoft and don't care about iOS. So stop comparing.
  • Are alias and properly formatted emails really under an "Apple filter"? This is what it has come to?
  • Daniel, creating an email that renders properly in all mail clients is almost impossible. Over the years people got used to using some tricks and hacks to make them play nice with Thunderbird, genuine Outlook, Apple Mail (using safari as a renderer) etc. Since outlook uses built in browser and edge dropped a lot from their rendering engine this is the price for going modern. HTML standards for coding mails is very poor and have not improved over the past years compared to web adoption of HTML 5. So it's not just Microsoft's fault that mails look crap.
  • Has your microsoft account email been upgraded to outlook (mail) preview? When I try to read my emails in the internet explorer browser on windows phone (8.1) its a terrible buggy unusable experience. Its slow, freezes, can't click on links within email, can't forward emails, shuts down when trying to read an email, emails don't format correctly. Its not fair that this outlook (mail) preview was forced onto unsuspecting users.
  • It has "come to this" Daniel. And it's very sad. Most of the people (myself included) who are angry and frustrated are not haters. We had come to love the platform and the platform is no longer earning that love.
  • imo NO... Microsofts 1st party apps should be ON PAR, or BETTER than on any other platform PERIOD. I totally agree with the author...
  • Really? So we have to choose blindly follow despite the obvious weakness? Then we are not better than iSheeps then. If we want the platform to improve and be the best, then criticism is needed (constructive ones). There is the reason we can compare so why not compare it. Especially that there are some issues that are not publicly known and left unfixed because many of us didn't know about it. We need be informed, not propaganda.
  • Actually file attachment is a strength side of WM, but it is listed as a weekness, cause Mark dosn't know how it works in WM and haven't even tried it. How is it sonstructive?
  • It looks like a port from DOS
  • I've always wondered that. Thanks for anwering my question.
  • I never had any problems with the outlook app (aside from the formatting, but it doesn't bother me), but I understand your frustration Mark.
    I was under the impression that the Outlook app was a port from Acompli ... Apparently not.
  • I've griped about it repeatedly. The mail app on Windows 10 (PC and Mobile) is garbage. They've made some huge improvements in recent weeks but it's still a mess that should be considered alpha-quality rather than a shipping product.
  • Try using outlook (mail) preview in the browser. Its absolute garbage particularly in the browser on windows phone. It was forced onto me as a user and its a buggy mess. I wish i could go back to the previous version.
  • The poor formatting is my biggest complaint, as well. Everything else is fine, for what I use Outlook for.
  • Ahhhhh, so as formerly Accompli, they're basically different apps! So the W10M one was built from scratch, probably by a different team. In that case it's almost understandable. It's different if the two apps were created at the same time.
  • Even OneDrive is better on IOS.
  • Formatting is my biggest gripe. I don't even like opening the app anymore it's so bad, I'll just read the headlines from notifications.
  • To answer your question: I feel like being abandoned bit by bit with every article I read about Microsoft on other platforms
  • This makes me sad
  • OWA on iOS is still my favorite.  With it I can view the calendar of other people who have given me access...which I cannot do from any other app.      
  • The formatting of emails is terrible. One of, if not, the worst user experience on WP. I agree that it is inexcusable.
  • I sometimes fear that all this is due to a limitation in the API, which would mean that W10 is a big mess, even for Microsoft. This thought makes me inconfortable.
  • I dont get #3... I can attach files from, say, Dropbox just fine. Press the attach button at the bottom of an email and choose Dropbox from the list of apps/storage facilities available. No sweat... Or am I misunderstanding the issue being presented?
  • There is no dropbox client installed out of the box. But after you add it, Yes you can attach from there.
  • It makes that a poor complaint on  the platform then that it's written with an open api whee then is actually a good app for it then...
  • So, it's not really a problem then... 'Cause if you want to attach a file from Dropbox, it's because you're using Dropbox, and if you're using Dropbox, you've got it installed.
  • I couldn't disagree with you more. For work nothing can beat Outlook on a Windows 10 Mobile device when syncing with my company's Outlook servers. We do not send or receive graphic laden emails in the office. In fact they are frowned upon because of the download time and file size limits (10 mb) when sending or receiving emails. Everything that is sent to my company email address looks exactly the same on my Lumia 950 (ir 1520 and 1020) as they do on my PC. Exact same fonts and font colors and recognizes, rtf, html or txt formats when I view or respond to an email. My attachments are neatly shown at the top along with a small icon for each file type (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, pdf, etc). And responding to a meeting invite is simple....all I need to do is reply with acceptance, declination, or suggestion for a new time. Maybe for spam or emails full of graphics there may be issues, but for down-and-dirty text dominated emails I have found nothing that compares and love the experience.
  • I agree with you. Productive wise, Microsoft is the best even though they have their issues, but they need to impress the kids(trend) also. I fear that if they run after the second rabbit they will loose the caught one (business) also.
  • My thoughts exactly. I hate graphics in emails, takes longer to load, harder to find topic of email, just like garbage on websites trying to tempt you to click on bait. I have pictures blocked also on my desktop mail client.
  • A question: does the iOS or Android version of Outlook give you "Select All / Mark As Read"?  I'm still rocking a 1020 on 8.1 Denim, so I don't know if the W10M Outlook has that.  Probably the only real gripe I have with Outlook, and that's been a pain point for me since WP7 :-(
  • It's there.
  • Formatting, for sure.  The latest version of Outlook for W10M does include Dropbox as well as quick access to the device and media card files.   I don't want or need my software to "focus" my emails for me, at least not since I've been able to pin individual mail account inboxes to the homescreen. 
  • I am often annoyed by #4, not being able to open calendar event files. They really need to get that one figured out.
  • We all just need to get iPhones.
  • That's what am talking about
  • I really only care about the first one as it is really hurting how we read email. Its mostly edge-related i think, but its not something that is impossible to fix. I just think that it will take weeks to get it right and not expect an update soon. Most of my emails are way too narrow. Not sure why but it seems problematic. Also sites are not displaying correctly when browsing in mobile-mode. I think its just broken right now.
  • We , the owners of the 950 and 950XL phones, are the idiots. We are like the abused/battered wife that never files for divorce..... I'm commiting to MS phones for 1 more year in hopes that WM 10 matures.....otherwise, I will be back to my Palm 3....   :-)
  • In order for the Microsoft strategy of software as a service and continuous release of product to succeed, you have to buy into the notion that the product is never finished. It creates the mindset that the next great feature is right around the corner and sets the expectation that software is always in a state of flux. This is not much different than the Apple and Android models. The difference is that Apple has a better marketing and PR group, and Android fans are a bit more complacent than the group you find here. It also follows the hardware model, where every year there is a device just like the one you have, just a little bit newer, shinier, faster, and better.  
  • There is a visionary and there is an illisionary. You fall in the latter. Microsoft is unable to develop bug free WIndows these days and 'continuous development' is just a masking strategy which unfortunately is being fed as a marketing strategy. More unfortunately, some people are even buying this 'strategy'. LOL
  • It's funny. Even with MS apps we don't even have the best experience on windows.
  • Have you used both, or all three for that matter (Android)?
  • I used the app on android recently. I like the windows 10 mobile one better
  • I can't use the Outlook app on iOS or Android BC it does not support active sync. So my org blocks it.
  • The formatting is really... really bad.
  • W10M's design language is at fault.
  • Not really, the design language is nothing to do about these issues. That's totally different story,
  • I meant that Outlook on W10M looks cluttered unlike its iOS counterpart. I had read that the Acompli app had been updated to become Outlook and hence, it has those features. So, probably, I didn't mean what you understood it to be.
  • That's quite normal. Just part of Satya's "iOS first, Android first" startegy. You know the one that involves cancelling Lumias, releasing apps on rival platforms first and deploying Windows Phone exclusive apps to rival platforms thereby reducing WP's advantage to zero. "Yeah, Yeah, WP has fewer apps in general, but it has exclusives like,,, {crickets}".    
  • That's horrible
  • You should have also listed the 5 reasons it's better on Windows phone. Outlook on iOS is completely useless to me because it doesn't support POP accounts.
  • You should compare how windows phone 8.1 renders vs ios and windows 10. This is probably related to the web rendering engine, and hopefully this is not some new broken functionality introduced with ms edge
  • The Outlook app on Windows 10 Mobile is better than the iOS app in other ways.  1) It has linked inboxes, which is a must have for me.  The iOS app lets you view all your accounts together, but I can't have multiple personal accounts linked together while keeping my work account separate.  2) The Win10Mobile app allows individual and linked accounts to be individually pinned to the Start Screen.  I don't have to dig into the app to see which accounts the unread messages are from.  And I can go directly to the account or linked inbox I want by clicking on a Live Tile without having to mess with a hamburger button within the app. 3) The Win10Mobile app shows the number of unread emails on the Start Screen since the last time you viewed the account.  The iOS version forever shows hundreds of unread emails on the Home screen even though I glanced over some of them and decided not to read them.  (No I don't keep a clean inbox and the iOS app shouldn't require me to.) The layout issue should be fixed, but I prefer the advantages of the Win10Mobile app over the features of the iOS app.  
  • These Points should be added to the article.. We gotta look at both sides ...
  • still lame that they have advantages, I would pay to see anyone mention an advantage of office for mac vs pc
  • Good point! Though the 1 and 2 point is more of the OS functionality that makes it happen than the app itself, of course you can't do that on other platforms since Live Tiles is OS specific features that you can replicate. But yeah, I agree as I tested the iOS Outlook App, they don't have Linked Inboxes. Still those features mentioned in the article especially the Alias is something that W10M should've have in the first place. Alias is Outlook specific feature that is available on other platforms except Windows app. Categories is also needed in the app too (which is fair that its not availble also in Android and iOS), annoyingly we have to go back and use the web app to take advantage of that feature. The RSVP is little feature but a very useful one, I didn't know that it actually exist on iOS (I don't have Outlook app on my retired iPhone 4) and I've been submitting this feature in the feedback several months ago. Lastly, the formatting issue is really needs to get fixed as this is critical.
  • 4) You can attach files from everywhere.
  • Keep up these kind of articles. We need to have the platform fully compared to the others.
  • We are here to support WP.. And we have the right to question whenever we see some faults ... And our OS should be compared to other platforms regularly.. I don't wanna be like an Apple fan boy ... We are better than that ... And do add the plus points we have when using it in a WP
  • Yup, blindly defending will do more harm then good. We need app feature parity, like yesterday.
    Yes the windows phone app has a plus points such as linked inboxes, beyond that I can't really say as they have been playing jenga with the features. Plus I haven't spent much time on the insider programme for phones.
  • Its a 50/50 situation as far as OS stability is concerned... The OS is usable.. And for some it's smooth as well.. But not ready for roll out yet.. I'm not taking about the bugs.. That will be taken care of.. It's about small UI glitches ( eg. When we lock the phone when using an app and unlock the device and drag down the Action Centre to view notifications that we missed, suddenly the app we left open loads and it closes the Action Centre.. It happens in just matter of seconds.. But it reduces the user comfort... I hope MS is working on such issues... A long way to go... iOS is a smooth OS i can say.. I have rarely seen such issues.. WP8.1 was also good other than the "Loading/Resuming" issues
  • On the Alias question? Why don't you create an Outlook Account for each one and then link them together? This will give you more filtering options and when replying makes sure your are sending the reply from the correct account...
  • Another great article raising a question that most Windows Mobile, nee phone, fans think. Can e not pose this and the string of other similar queries to the boss man big, SN?
  • I've been using Outlook for iOS since it was initially launched under the MS brand and I can say that the feature set was nowhere near what it is today at launch. The application has moved leaps and bounds with weekly or bi-weekly updates and constant bug fixes and new features. The application also exists on Android and although it is not quite like-for-like in features, it is fairly complete on that platform too. I was frustrated when I finally got to use the Windows 10 version on Phone, after claims from MS at the device launches in September where they say that it was going to be "the best Outlook experience on a phone" and find out that it just wasn't. Heck, in the first RTM build of Win 10 there wasn't even unified mailboxes. I spent quite a lot of time today using my Lumia 930 with the latest Windows 10 insider preview and I love the UI, keyboard, navigation, Cortana and all that, but on the application side MS is not offering anything for me to migrate from my iOS device with full set of Microsoft apps.
  • Yeah, the formatting issue is annoying as ****!! The focused is inbox is of no use to me - I actually turned it off when I was using my mum's Moto G. Since I don't use Dropbox, nor Google Drive, so the files is issue is non existent to me. All that said, I still think the Outlook mail on Windows 10 is better than the competition , especially visually.
  • This does hurt a bit. You do feel jealous when you look at another platform that has outlook and it's better than ours. It hurts a lot! Hopefully we will get there.
  • Outlook on wp works great for me sorry not to rant but.. Really!? I get emails and it displays them I get meeting request and it puts it in my calendar. Job done
  • If WP is bad because Outlook on iOS beats the default email app, then doesn't that mean that iOS is bad because Outlook on iOS beats the default email app?
  • So you're saying it's laziness...great. No wonder MS can't make any inroads on the mobile side of things. FWIW, I had a friend switch from WP back to iOS. One of the reasons...he preferred the interface to the Office apps on iOS to the WP interface. Go figure. You would think MS would want their BEST in their own platform no matter how "hard" it is.
  • So Microsoft own employees don't believe in windows mobile, and that means the managers above the employees and who knows how above the chain is go
  • so what, are you threating to leave us mr mark? we know that wont happen
  • Outlook on Android is annoyingly better as well! And I agree with you. First MS has to get emails formatted properly! I've reported this through Windows feedback multiple times already.
  • My biggest peeve, about Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile, is that it doesn't always let me choose a name or e-mail address from People.
    There is one person, in particular, that I have in People.
    If I start typing her name, it gives no results.
    If I start typing her e-mail address, it gives no results.
    I can open People, tap on her name, and her e-mail address is right there.
    I can tap the address and e-mail her.
    But, if I open Outlook first, I have to type her whole e-mail address.
  • Copy and paste it, that may force it to remember. I had that glitch waaaay back in 2013.
  • I have been complaining in feedback for the ability to change the from email address and for sending to groups since start on win 10.
  • If only someone had tool that helped developers port iOS code...
  • Welcome to the World of 'Worst and Last' on Windows, you'll get used to it. We all 'get' how they go where the people are, but seriously, have they only got a couple of Interns stuck in a dark corner basement working on these things? *thinks Milton from Office Space*  
  • Hopefully project Islandwood will let Microsoft port the superior iOS version to WM10. Its always hard to get the developers motivated though. [/sarcasm]
  • 100% in agreement. Posted via.........deez nutz!!!!!!
  • funny part is that after trying numerous mail apps on Android I moved off to my new 950 XL because the email app just works so much better with Exchange based corporate email.  I agree that some of the features make sense, but day to day email reading, replying and calendar (look at calendar request, accept, forward calendar, etc) functionality just works on Windows 10 Mobile.  I never mind more features as long as I can disable them (such as focus mail), but I hope they don't just replacing the windows 10 mail app.
  • Second this
  • Great read!  I love when Windows Central (and other sites) are objective and can offer up unbiased critiques, even if it doesn't shine MS in the best of light. 
  • Agreed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's why I prefer windows central over other sites. Either they are wearing rose tinted glasses or just too deeply embedded in their own bias.
  • Actually that one was biased.
  • If MS wont even take the time to port their own app, why would developers?  hahahaha
  • When apps that i love are far better on other platforms than on windows, then it's time for me to switch platform. Galaxy edge is maybe my new phone
  • Yet another reason to leave WP. They are failing in both the hardware and software for mobile. If Panos' phone doesn't hit a home run, I'm 100% out.
  • 100% whit you. Wp is going to die. Ugly new flagships phones are out whit beta software, apps are disappearing from the store and all focus from Ms is still in America where they keep losing ground.
  • Worst of all is that the web browser can't load all internet sites like of the biggest sites in Sweden)
  • You're right.  I don't care about any of that other junk.  The formatting is annoying.  The fact that there's no way to tag thing as Junk is annoying.  The fact that regardless of how many times, how many emails I TAG as junk via the web version of Outlook, I STILL GET THE JUNK.  You'd think that it would see some common components of items I routinely flag as junk and it would remove them in the future.  But, nope.
  • This is not the only example of Microsoft offering superior products/functionality on platforms other than their own. 
  • So what does this tell you about Microsoft. They don't give a **** about Windows Phone!! Or the people that have stuck with it hoping for things to improve. What a ******* joke..
  • My outlook email was updated to outlook (mail) preview and its just terrible and no longer useable particularly in the browser (ie) on my windows phone 8.1. Outlook (mail) preview is slow, freezes, can't click on links within email, can't forward emails and its basically a heap of junk. I wasn't given an option as the whether I would change to outlook (mail) preview. I was just automatically put on a buggy non final release and using my email has been a nightmare ever since. This article tells me that microsoft are more interested in making their products spectacular on apple and stuffing around users that actually use microsoft products.
  • Also, opening attachments that are emails...
  • Its amazing to see the same people complain tons of times and even say im going back to ios or android every time on these posts.... Im just saying, instead of complaining and keep saying that u are going back to ios or android, actually DO IT like yall claim to do it. If not stop whining and sit the windowsphone ride out. It doesnt make u special for saying and not doing it. Its called seeking attention of fake importance.
    Also win10 outlook on windowsphone has points that are better over ios and android, cant look from one side and not the other.
  • A new phone is like 600$ so chill out. Many(including me) will switch after the contract is out. I still love Wp design tho
  • The formating is annoying indeed.
  • Sadly you could write this same article for many Microsoft apps on iOS. Skype being the biggest offender in my book. I have to live in Skype all day long and it's shameful state in Windows 10 Mobile is partly what forced my hand in getting an iPhone 6s over the 950.
  • Skype is growing.. But for the time being.. Skype is the worst one when we are comparing MS services in WP and Other platforms.. "Soon" everything will be all right.. I hope..
    As a side note..iPhone 6s is a great device... WPs are my secondary device... Even if I jump to Android leaving iOS.. Never gonna leave my favourite Live Tile OS ;)
  • Yes, I very much miss live tiles. iOS is quite boring. But the hardware is great and I enjoy being able to use my phone like an actual smartphone. Skype on WM10 was pitiful. Everyone was communicating to me in the new Mojis and all I could see was a big "Unsupported content in this message". It was embarrassing having to say "I need you to convey whatever you just sent me in words since I'm unable to view whatever you just sent me".
  • Hahaha... But don't worry... Once the skype integration in W10 is complete.. Others would be jealous.. And you will be more than satisfied.. All WP fans needs to practice YOGA.. To have some patience till everything comes together... :D
  • Landscape mode? Dialogs fast-switching? W10M skype app is my favourite now. Mojis din't even existed half a year ago, it's not a core functionality.
  • But it's a functionality people are using that prevents your ability to communicate effectivley, which last I checked was Skype's primary purpose. Whether you use them or not, a lot of people are, for those to be absent on Microsoft's own platform on day one is unacceptable.
  • MS thinks their primary platform for Skype is Windows desktop. Personally I have desktop to mobile installs rate of 4 to 1.  
  • Even though I still use my 822 to play around with Windows 10 Mobile, there is no way in **** I could go back to that OS. To me, Microsoft has ruined the email and calendar apps very badly; both are painful to use. Sticking with my Note 4 and using Nine email and DigiCal. Hope Microsoft gets its **** together.
  • Will buy an 950 xl in Jan and i hope that the jump from WP 8.1 will be pleasant and outlook on my WP is great. Having set up a lot of coworkers account that muat have an iPhone because everybody else has I and some other androids. Well maybe the apps are ok but the phones according to me sux. If WP goes down I will buy and old Nokia with no touch and use a pad for everything else. Never Droid or apple. For you that switched wtf are you here? Wanna feel good about your selves or diss us who still use WP? Really strange behavior.. Btw wc should make an interview with the WP boss!!
  • 6. Because Nadella actually uses an iPhone as Windows phone is not as good.
  • If I was to start, I would end up typing a novel. So I better not go into to it.
  • Don't really care. I know Windows is still in its early stages, such differences are normal. I do hope Windows will catch up.
  • Formating formating formating. It's total disaster on Windows 10,for phones.
  • I see what you say and agree with a couple. I tried outlook for android. The focused unbox was nice, but kinda confusing as I don't want it learning a dog gone thing. It was hiding emails from me. I had to go to my regular inboxes just to find it anyhow... Very annoying. I like in favor the linked inboxes and pinned tiles... Although now I only have one pinned tile with windows 10, whereas before I had 3. Now my default account the one with linked inboxes. That's fantastic as I can go to my other work emails quickly when needed. No silly focused emails, just list them in conversation order and I'm done :D Attaching is awesome in outlook for windows phone. I can use OneDrive... Yeah "one drive" in the cloud... Although I have google, box, Dropbox, and other accounts... I never use them. I have over a TB of space in OneDrive and even after the change I am entitled to all the free space that Waa previously given n's I will have a few hundred that does not expire for a couple years. OneDrive and windows 10 is so awesome, who needs the others... O don't... But I get others may. But you didn't mention how awesome using local storage is on iOS... Yeah... Exactly. That is a premiere feature I have on my windows phone. I can download anything online from anywhere, maybe even other cloud storage accounts from the browser to my phone. I can use my phone as a flash drive to get files from.other sources to email... That point was almost useless honestly... To me ;) Email formatting does suck... Sometimes I don't even see the photo... Mostly from emails from ios devices. I agree here 100%. Man... Why do we not get to use our aliases?! They are amazing... Tired having to login online to use them... When I saw the on my android phone, I was like YUP!!!! Came back to my WP and got mad, lol! I don't remember your other point,, lol. Good article. Hopefully we get the changes we see elsewhere. Thing for me, I like and love the features I have in windows 10 on my 640 than I miss or see different. I cannot believe how good w10 is. I used a mottoe with lollipop while I upgraded to w10. Android is so nice... I was blown away... I knew I was moving on. During that week, I began missing windows 8.1 more and more. Came back to windows 10 and was amazed. I mean all doubt I Waa having Waa being lessoned b the day. Now I know am staying and cannot wait for more . Still
  • Good article, hope MS is reading it...
  • Skype and OneNote is much better on IOS than on Windows Mobile. Go figure!!!
  • As someone who's just jumped back into the iOS camp with a new iPhone 6S Plus after a 3 generation stint with Windows Phone (920,1020, 1520), can confirm; there's a LOT that's better on iOS. I do miss my Glance screen though... and double tap to wake, and separate ringer/media volume control, and customizing my Start screen, and the Live Tiles.. I think that's it.
  • Bottom line is that Microsoft now owns Acompli,. They acquried the company Dec 2014.  Just like they used the software acquired to turn the Acompli app into the Outlook for iOS app, they can do the same for Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile.  But, they haven't (yet?). Why, if it is a better app, and better experience, giving us everything the previous Outlook app did plus more, would they not make this the Outlook standard? Hopefully, these features will be "rolled into" the W10M app soon.  I personally would appreciate those features, as I use solely Outlook (web,desktop, app) for my email needs.
  • I kind of feel like some of these are also an effect of no one else but Microsoft making anything work for Microsoft, despite the very obvious fact that they appear not to any longer, but it's also tied to other's ambivalence... It's higher hurdles to make these things work, I'm a sense. Not an excuse but it's a theory
  • Alias address is the biggest thing I need right now. I use two accounts, one personal, and one for my business.
  • Why don't you just create two seperate outlook mail accounts? it takes 2 clicks to change from which account you are sending and gives you the option to have seperate inboxes even if you link the inboxes it will always use the account it was sent to when replying...
  • As many have mentioned glossy photo emails don,t see my inbox but it is important for people with fruit theme toys as they don't use their phones email account for much else, that 'Focused" inbox is right up their street as well. Microsofts business is Enterprise first and foremost solid stable intergration into the outlook exchange envoirement 1st,  glossy & ponsey bits 2nd that is how they have always operated. It is a bit cheeky mind but most people who use the phones for business would never know they exist and wouldn't care too much either...
  • My thoughts exactly. Just depends on usage. For my work WP is great, integration with Exchange is good, similar to desktop. That is what I want.
  • i do use alias so the formatting not aligned and lack of alias looks rly bad for me... not focusing on w10m -.-
  • I had a rant earlier about Cortana. She is able to show local news, nearby places on my wife's Android but not on my WP. Even though were in the Caribbean her android Cortana works well....mine doesn't.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's not formating that is the problem. As the e-mails are an almost normal HTML documents, they are rendered by the webview provider of each platform. As to why there are differences between Safari & Edge support - there are many other topics.
  • Outlook on the desktop has the same formatting issues with html emails.
  • This is happening because wm10 isnt finished. Also, Focused email is the worst thing about outlook on ios imo, i also like wm10 look better but agree the formatting isnt as good as on ios.
  • Totally agree. It's not just Windows 10 mobile thought, I regularly use Oulook on iOS and Android and even the android outlook is far behind that of iOS.  All the features are there on android but the formatting, menus, and overall organization is just off.  Also, and as usual, the app works much more smoothly on iOS than on Android.  
  • That does it. Foxtrot uniform Charlie kilo you little MS sugar honey ice tea.
  • The inabilitty to use an Alias address makes me go F'ing MAD. I literally need to use Edge to log into outlook (online version) then send the email from there. MSFT needs to fix ASAP!!!!  
  • I'm still extremely thrilled with outlook for Windows 10 mobile after suffering on Windows phone 8 for over three years.
  • Well windows mobile is the worst in the entire world
  • Why would you mess about with alias when you can just create an account for each email address?
  • Why ask a ? knowing the WP users here hate the experiences on WP where IOS and Android reap the rewards only because those two OSes have more customers. Ever wonder why BB never made anything theirs better on any rival OS? MS is a joke and I'll continue asking why do those zombies who attend their conferences sit there and NEVER ask why do they talk as if they care or want to improve and do the complete opposite.
  • Cool I'm gonna leave Lumia and buy iPhone
  • That is Microsofts plan attract the professionals away from ios and dump the nokia fanbois on apple, it seems to be working...
  • Good choice! I'm planning to so so as well. No point investing more on a dying platform like windows phone.
  • Same
  • Panos has a ton of pull right now, and has to get on someone's *** about this.
  • If this was for WP, I would understand, but since we're talking about W10M, this is completely ridiculous. Microsoft should be embarrassed and deserve all the criticism they get.
  • We don't have the same standards as Apple does when it comes to look and feel and I can't be sure there is any agreement in the MS mobile world as to what the standard should be.  What we seem to spend too much time on is putting out fires. Once MS project managers find something they could all agree to, then we can spend more time adding features that fit those standards. Having said that, I think MS will get there soon.
  • So Outlook is a better experience and Skype is a better experience tell me again why I should buy a windows phone?
  • No you shouldn't. With the price, go for a better Android or iPhone instead. Just let windows phone die away slowly.
  • IPhone... Not langydroids
  • There's only one reason: Microsoft cares more about iOS than Windows Phone.
  • I just read this article and to add insult to injury got an e mail from outlook on my lumia 950 advertising all the great functions on the apple and android version of the app .....and it didn't scale properly when it opened. They got a fair bit of feedback on that!
  • Disgraceful. That's it.
  • While I love the new outlook app on my 950XL it still won't download a pdf attachment. Feedback has been sent so hopefully it will be fixed in one of the many updates.
  • This is an excellent example of what I called - APPS GAPS! Not just we are missing some nice apps from other platforms, even the current ones are outdated and unpolished! Years after years, this app gaps issue keeps on bugging us, the WP users. W10M is here, so are Universal apps. No improvements at all. Now some of us are looking forward to iOS apps port-over?? Do you guys still believe that miracles will happen??? Not me.... Leaving Windows phone soon and for good. I will dare to say that i will NEVER look back when I leave this pathetic platform.
  • Bye bye
  • You take care too.
  • I'm so happy you touched on this. The android outlook has the sane features as iOS as well. Formatting really sucks' on WP. I thought it was just me.
  • Coming soon™
  • The article makes the point that the IOS version is actually another product that Microsoft aquired and therefore the features were already there. That is all well and good, but Microsoft has been using the Outlook mail client since the mid 90's. There were versions of it for DOS and Windows 3.1. Outlook itself evolved from Microsoft Mail, which was released in 1991. I understand that these versions are all for PC, and this discussion is about a mobile app, but it's not like Microsoft has no history here. What makes this worse is the notion that moving PC, mobile, and Xbox to one platform is supposed to alleviate these issues. How is it possible that the mobile mail client based on their flagship corporate program Office 365 is so crippled then?
  • Not just the Microsoft Outlook app, lotsa other apps works better on Android/iOS then on their very own Windows 10 Mobile.
  • The two divisions I hate the most from Microsoft are Office and Skype because they are treating us "Windows enthusiasts" as second class citizens, heck that's why I cancelled my subscriptions for both Office 365 & Skype. I think the current CEO is so weak and not brave enough to compete in this tough market, soon he'll put Xbox in the same fade as Windows mobile.
  • I have a 950 and this type of behavior almost got me to leave before. I was on the edge of picking up an IPhone, but thought I will give them one last chance (my Brother-in-law, a Verizon rep, told my wife to talk me out of a Windows phone so that helped me stay too) before I move on. Microsoft's new policy of half-baked OS and apps for their featured product, is why I don't like Google/Android. Taking the worst features of a company is what will push them into a bad reputation. Microsoft is (or was)  about it's products having smooth stable OS/Application. I feel like this 950 is 1/2 finished. the Camera is great, but I don't want to wait for "Finishing touches" before I can edit them. Then when I save, I cannot over-write like I could in 8.1, I have to make another copy (aka Waste more space/ not a big deal except if you have OneDrive backup now you have 2 of the same) The keyboard on W10M had a Microphone on it when I first got the phone... it is now disappeared. I have always been told always wait until Service pack 1 to come out before a MS OS is good, but with Phone/mobile OS there is only a .1 and that don't happen until 1 year  after a product is released, even then MS Mobile OS's feel unfinished. I hope that I don't have to wait a year to enjoy the finished product and I hope it is soon otherwise I'll be toting a new iPhone come my next upgrade. 
  • Ahhh that's deep..
  • Inconceivable! The email formatting REALLY annoys me!
  • I don't care about outlook, it's better than old one. First update Skype on phones you morons...... That's what I'll say
  • I reckon how much time Microsoft need to catch up..... Forever?
  • When does microsoft not disappoint their own fans anyway??? I'm used to it. Not surprised.
  • OK, so the edit icon is not working, just wanted to say it's sad to see windows mobile lag and die some day
  • I think were crazy picky on here. I honestly have no issues with it and it works great. My Lumia 735 runs hands down better than any Android phone I've ever had. I switched near August to this phone and I love it. For apps I'm missing, I just link the web page to my home screen and that works just fine for me. My wife got another Motorola droid and it started doing what droid does, run slow and buggy. I'm sorry but doing factory resests every few months ****** me off. I love the windows os with W10. Is it perfect no....... But I feel there is a renewed focus this time and I think the improvement will be fast and noticeable.
  • So, this was again a 'give Microsoft a chance' post. They have been given many chances so I'll pass.
  • 1 and 3 are most required in outlook.... Stupid Microsoft why are the issue not resolved in windows phone......
  • The formatting is terrible
  • Not all of the issues has to do with the app itself.  Most apps seem to run better on iOS, even when compared to their Android/MS counterparts.  The animations being better (as someone mentioned earlier) are mostly due to the pre-coded SDK/APIs that is provided by Apple to it's developers.  The MS team that makes outlook does not set out and start writing eveything from scratch for each platform.  Most of the animations, selection tools, etc are uniformly provided by Apple.  That is why you will see similar methods of navigation, selection, animations,etc on most apps on the same platform.  Let's take outlook for example, when you swipe to delete a message on windows mobile you can only wipe one message at a time.. but on iOS if your finger/thumb overlaps two or even three messages you can swipe all off them at once.  This is not something the different outlook teams just wrote code for and forgot to include in the windows version.  It exists on iOS because Apple has that particular code available for developers.  MS doesnt.  Most app developers will use the TOOLS given to them by the company that makes the platform.  MS need to have a more robust SDK/API package to allow for these things.  One they do, the apps will have mre fit and finish akin to iOS.  In this case the developer is also the maker of the platform, but the same can be said for so many other 3rd party apps on windows mobile that cannot compete with their iOS (and android at time) couterparts.  
  • The formatting of emails in Outlook on Windows (including the web version, Outlook 2007+ desktop apps, Outlook Mail app, etc.) has always been an issue since they switched from using the browser's rendering engine to Word's rendering engine in Outlook 2007.  Emails are typically designed in HTML (same code as websites), but they changed the rendering engine to Word so general consumers can design emails really easily in Outlook... BUT many email professional designers/developers have complained about this since that change because emails don't render great anymore.  It's sad they haven't changed it since then.  Outlook on iOS I'm guessing uses the browser's rendering engine like it should instead of the Word engine, which would explain why it renders okay there.  I hope the Outlook team see's this article.
  • Yeah! It's frustrating to see emails with weird format!
  •  I said it before they released windows 10, and I will say it again: Microsoft should've waited until their apps were fully baked to release windows 10 mobile. The bad press simply is not worth it. And the apps were not fully baked. I am not saying that they will not make the apps on WM10 catch-up with their apps on other platforms, but by releasing before they had fully baked the apps they had to know that they would get this bad press
  • Yep, you can attach files from DropBox without an issue.
  • 1. Render engines, which Win is better most of the time, is what drives the differences not outlook   2. Win users are smart enough to use exchange rules to manage inboxes.  You can pin any mailbox to the start screen to track it which ios can't, which alters the usefulness of what you miss.  Probably they will add the focus to Windows after they get other bigger issues addressed.  3. Google is not playing nice because they are afraid of where the platform might go.  But dropbox is already a welcome Office storage option, so these options, like calendars are just a matter of time and priorities.  4. I don't need a button to accept meetings to clutter up my inbox space.  But you do.  5. I send from aliases all the time.  Add the email alias äs an email account.  You don't have to do anything with it.  But then the system can give you the option of what box to send from.  The old way in Win 8.1 was better with drop down pick.  Hope they add the drop down back when they have time.  
  • 3 You can use Gdrive too.
  • Is it same for android?? Or just ios?
  • For me, Outlook mail is a major step up from WP 8.1, and you can see the places where its lacking but also the places where work might be going on already behind Microsoft's doors, things like changing the from email field might come soon-ish I think. Although still sub-par wrt iOS outlook, the email rendering is much better
  • We need these kind of articles comming, to remind MS to make sure that MS services should be better on windows platform.
  • The formatting issue is actually all over the OS. If you use MS news app, the pics in the news article are too big. I think it is a Edge issue and not just email issue.
  • Formatting to me it's the major trouble in all my emails the problem is major I'm newsletters mails and also the curse that can't select from what e mail account send a message, of Microsoft don't offer the Same experience that can offer in IOS then the new mobile phones just will be a greeting to the banner only.
  • These reasons are one of these why I leaving WP in half a year... It's a shame for MS
  • Tag this article to 'REAL APP GAP' ' Why no quality app'
  • Microsoft prefers to feed the iOS and Android devices with his applications rather on his own platform.
    They know, they'll have more downloads and growth market. This fact kill Windows Phone, and it's annoying.
  • I left Windows Phone a year ago, and I wont come back before/if Microsoft get their act together. When I left, I felt the platform only could get better, but it's getting worse. I guess Microsoft has given up on mobile, and hope the universal plattform is going to save them, without needing to give any effort on the mobile platform. Nothing happens by itself.
  • Islandwood anyone?
  • "Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile is more exclusive, letting you attach files from your OneDrive account, but not other cloud services." This is so untrue, lol. In Windows Mobile you can attach files from EVERYWHERE. You just need apps installed that are registered as file providers. (that tells secretely that you are not using WP as a main phone and do not have dropbox client installed on your phone) When you install dropbox client - it will be in the list as a source to attach. FTP client - you can attach from FTP. There are apps that can attach files from any WebDAV supporting cloud. Stop spending you time dreaming of Surface Phones and look deeper into W10M. There are a lot of things still uncovered by press.
  • All I can say is that they need to focus more and work faster on windows 10 mobile which they aren't at all.
  • I am tired of this kind of articles. As a app designer myself I worked with developers all the time. So lets get this straight: Focused third party apps > core first party apps: This always had been like this, specially with email clients. Apple's Mail is garbage compared with their current equivalents on time like Sparrow, Mailbox and others. Apple sucks making most of their software compared with third party developers. Safari, iTunes, iWork are examples of terrible software been beaten by other independent developers. Google's Android native mail app sucks too compared with focused mail clients in the Google Play Store. So what's gonna be different here? MS bought Acompli, a focused development mail client only for Android and iOS, performs better and got better features! YOU DON'T SAY! Is different from an small company making a focused app only than a whole team making a mail client that needs to be in match with the rest of the teams making a whole universal operating system across millions of devices! Give a break! Google is not even near this colossal work of development on Android, not even mention Apple. Microsoft code lenguages are more limited but more balanced than others: This is something you can notice using Android, iPhone and WP device. Apps on iOS get a lot of fancy stuff, animations and OMG that smooth experience... until the next iDevice comes out and yours start to lag. Android (I have a S6, lags anytime without reason, doesn't matter how much power you get) most developers can get smooth animations and experiences but need a powerful hardware to do so. In the other hand, there are Windows Devices. They rely on the ability of the developer most of the time. Remember Poki for Pocket? one of the best apps on the store and one of the better designer/developed app ever. Smooth on a Snapdragon 400 phone or on a Windows 10 Intel Core i7 laptop.  But smooth,beautiful apps are not a common joy on Windows. Look at Flipboard, and app that doesn't flip. The animations can't be made yet for their team (they can actually) but overall Windows 8.1 (W10 soon) can manage better their resources of speed, smoothness and battery life. The code lenguages or the tools or the developers are more limited than android or iOS but that balance is one of the things I like, My S6 is a powerful and fast horse that gets tired really soon, but I may prefer a horse with big lumbs and nice horseshoe for a long ride. Both apps are different developments, can't be compared: Acompli and Outlook team are working together until recently. If the same Outlook app from IOS and Android were made by the same team of the Outlook on WP then you can compare just right. That's something you can do with 6Wunderkinder, with their Windows 10 app and their iOS and Android Apps.    
  • I really like what you wrote but... If I compare maybe not perfect coded Garmin Connect vs. NOTHING on WP... What is the reason for WP? Perfect system but without apps... I wrote this as L930 user... Probably my last WP phone... In a half year I change the phone... If MS don't do something with app gap I will leave WP.
  • Don't worry everyone! Windows Blue will sort out everything! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's unacceptable that the company doesn't watch out for his customers my opinion is that at least all the windows an Microsoft apps should be 2 steps ahead of the other platforms.We paid to support MS and i get really mad with instances like this or the sell out of the only advantages windows have compared to IOS or Android (excel,word,OneDrive etc) if Microsoft doesn't take care of it's customer nothing keeps them to jump to other platforms
  • Now I'm jealous
  • Just throwing this out there, I know it's ben touched on but.... If MS own Accompli which is basically what the IOS version of Outlook is, and the Islandwood bridge works as demonstrated with Candy Crush etc, surely they should just run the IOS version through Islandwood and bring the Windows 10 version into parity. Please forgive me if I am talking complete rubbish as I am not a programmer but this just seems to make sense to me.
  • I think #3 is mainly because of the strategy Microsoft is using with sharing files across apps. With Windows 10 you can open the OneDrive, File Explorer or Photos apps to share to another app--Dropbox and other services simply haven't updated their apps to support sharing files that way.
    I'm sure in most cases, that app has a download option or an option to share with Outlook Mail within the Share extension, but not the other way around by browsing your cloud files within Outlook. Everything else is inexcusable...
  • Dropbox is working actually. And you can add other cloud services with other apps. This part is completely misleading.
  • I have outlook on an android phone and it works flawlessly yet my Hotmail account won't work on windows phone
  • 1- the formatting is because the browser engine webkit vs edge ... most part of web developers sucks and optimizie it only for webkit 2- the rest of functions is because they're already integrated with MS recent acquisition (I don't remeber the name)... later will come to windows mobile because needs to be written from scratch
  • The formatting issue has nothing to do with WebKit. For some reason, the W10M Outlook client is using the MS Word rendering engine to display the email instead of a browser engine.
  • What I find truly and utterly absurd is that Microsoft has said that you can change a 'bit of code' from an ios or Android app and it'll run on WP. So, WHY DONT THEY DO IT WITH THIS? Msft is smart but dumb at exactly the same time.
  • Formatting and not being able to send mail from aliases befuddles me.
  • 3 is wrong
  • My favorite feature of mail on WP is linked inboxes. I've met some members from the Outlook Mobile for Android team recently and they said that feature doesn't make much sense without the live tiles (I actually think it still does). That feature is more important to me personally than anything you listed but I have several work/personal email accounts and because my email already gets sorted well enough that I don't care for features like Focused (or Clutter). I do think Outlook on my Android is better than any other mail app I've used on that platform
  • Look what Outlook on WP10 does to a "share" of this Windows Central post. Still needs some work. Hey%20check%20out%20this%20article%20I%20found%20on%20Windows%20Central%3A%20%0A%0AI've%20used%20Outlook%20on%20iOS%2C%20and%20it%20annoyed%20me%20that%20it's%20better%20than%20Outlook%20on%20Microsoft's%20own%20platform%2C%20Windows%2010%20Mobile.%20Shouldn't%20it%20be%20the%20other%20way%20around%3F%20I'll%20show%205%20reasons%20why%20Outlook%20for%20iOS%20is%20better%20than%20Outlook%20for%20Windows%2010%20Mobile.%0D%0A%0D%0A1.%20Formatting%0D%0A%0D%0AI'll%20start%20with%20my%20biggest%20issue%20with%20Outlook%20on%20Windows%2010%20Mobile.%20The%
  • The main reason why the M$'s app on Android /IOS platform is better than WP is because of Android /IOS is more reliable and more matures then WP or WM10!  WM10 is too young and UWP is too young too !   So I think M$ isn't want WM10 dead, but all servcies /app is "WM10 first" it will let M$ dead slowly ...
  • It's telling that the 950 and the 950XL in stores are never on and running... Actually quite embarassing the state they've released this in. ALL microsoft apps are currently better on the competitions phones, my partner was soo disappointed updating from the 930 the 950XL and has an iPhone 6 as her company phone. She's been asking if I can get her a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ instead, as it's way more impressive and from reviews is a very good phone. She can't stand the battery life and the phone has restarted twice on her. Die hard WM fans reduced to wanting Android... The problem isn't just the OS, but also the hardware is hardly revolutionary. What I will say is the screen and camera are better... But that's all. IRIS is a gimmick, albeit it works quite well I still rather type in my password as I'm quicker...
  • Did anyone ACTUALLY expect anything less ?
  • They should port all the MS apps from iOS using islandwood... Hopefully Skype, Office & outlook apps would atlest be full featured, even if buggy & slow... We are used to Buggy/Slow... having features would be a nice touch...
  • The odd formatting problem is not just with Outlook. Rather it's in the entire OS. I updated my Lumia730 to W10 and boy I hate every bit it in this still unfinished "RTM" OS and I really hate to say this :(  
  • Apps are modeled on real world things. Sometimes I think MS designers and engineers are just too young to actually know what those things really are. Phonebook comes to mind.
  • I got z5 Sony, outlook is way better than my windows phone Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can't attach any file from your device in Android version but you can do that in WP with a file picker. This is the real deal for me.
  • Outlook in iOS has encoding problems too. In Windows Mobile it has, and it's very annoying....
  • Sometime I d like to have Ballmer back.... Satya is killing Microsoft this way...
  • This is why I am getting rid of my Lumia 950. Ive been on this path with mediocre apps, and poor phone performance. Even microsofts own apps run better on other phones their their own phones! I am tired of being left in the dust.
  • Aaah
  • Is the rendering engine taken from Edge or does Outlook have its own Engine? That could be the cause of the issues with formatting if emails have been formatted for Safari (what I am assuming the iOS version is using).
  • Good article. I wasn't even aware that email could look so good on a phone... I hope Microsoft can fix this soon. The send as alias is another big one for me too. At least we got linked inboxes back with the .29 update.
  • I love the new update to outlook on iOS. It works and feels great
  • At a guess, number 1 is more to do with how Edge on W10M renders styling etc. The rest ... is coming.
  • I have problem with set up microsoft exchange mail account on windows mobile, it works fine on android and ios. Anyone have that kind of problem? It's seems that it is easy to use microsoft apps on other platforms.....:(
  • Embarassing quite frankly that any Microsoft branded app would be better on another platform than its own.
  • Actually iOS version is less logical and clean than W10 version. Yes, adding multiple accounts for files sharing is nice but it iOS version lacks some features like always send with cc: to myself. Also the app seems to much packed, too chaotic. Nevertheless the point is that other OSes users should look into Windows users to see what will come to their versions in the future and not opposite like it is know.
  • Alias is a big issue for me as well and not even their default desktop mail app supports it in Windows 10 and I'm forced to use the web version when I need to use the feature which is laughable, really
  • I don't have any issues with my outlook on W10mobile on my 640 , absolutely none of the issues you've pointed out. I read this same crap on znet yesterday
  • It's for very reason , even though I am wp user and fan , I buy iPhone or android phone for my mom and other relatives. Even skype is better in android than windows ! I am repeatedly claiming SN is great for windows but is extremely harmful to WP, though we fans don't realize !
  • To be honest, I don't even know why u bothered to write all this article. It is the zillionth time that a Microsoft service is better on iOS/Android than on Windows Phone/10 mobile. Microsoft didn't bother to make the windows outlook client on a parity with other platforms' clients, let alone better, so u should not have bothered to write this article. Go enjoy Microsoft services on other platforms instead of wasting time counting how many services or features of services windows phone lacks.
  • The facts listed are there but the conclusion is completely wrong. Outlook in W10M is better than ios. I can link several inboxes (selective) to one i.e. leaving my work account alone and linking all my personel account in one, and I can pin them to home screen individually. I can attach local files to email which IOS cannot. You get desktop mail experience if you adjust the display scalling or to place the phone in landscape mode. I do not like focused inbox, it make me more difficult. Of course if the missing feature should be implement into W10M Outlook app, however, as I mentioned, Outlook in IOS is missing features too comparing to W10M version. From my point of view, Outlook on W10m is better.  
  • Not a new story, everything is better on iOS! Big deal!
  • I agree 100%+! It seems like everything Microsoft related works better on iOS vs Win10M. If it wasn't for the "few" customization perks you get on Win10M, I would have moved to iOS completely but because of finances and buy my phone outright I'm settling with my L1520 until the holiday season is over to replenish funds so that I can afford the $1000 iPhone, iPad upgrade and Pc to Mac upgrade. Microsoft is a software company that is greedy for Apple enthusiasts money and give little quirks to satisfy the 500k or so Windows fans. I for one am fed up and looking forward to what little innovation surprise Apple has in store for 2016. Yes, small updates are petty but at least I will know my devices are good for 3 to 4 years with the next upgrade being well worth it!
  • Very frustrating that I just wrote a detailed post and it's not available for viewing. I've noticed a lot of my posts not showing up or being deleted. Frustrated with this trash A app like I am Microsoft!
  • I only have box installed on my phone, but when I send email using the outlook client in W10 Mobile, it does allow me to use box.  So...
  •    This isn't that surprising. I mean, it ****** me off but this is what Microsoft has been doing the last few years, pushing things out on COMPETING platforms first (Skype, the new Age of Empires game, etc.) because of the installed user base and letting it eventually trickle down to the people that have been LOYAL to them through thick and thin. Why would anyone switch from iOS and Android to WP/W10M when you can get a better experience Microsoft's own services (and faster) on the competition? If there's anything that Microsoft needs to change, it's this.
  • Just I want to say something regrading the "files" mentioned in the article; if you install the dropbox app then you will find this option in the attachment.
  • *sigh*  regardless of this article, I've had WP for 4y now but I'm seriously thinking about jumping the ship. seriously, the quality of apps is just plain bad, the browser is crap (at least in WP8.1) and the email client is just terrible. I'm not an app guy, but it's lacking the appeal. What I've loved and still love about WP, is the uniformity and simplicity of the OS.
  • I sure hope someone from Microsoft will read this article closely and forward it to the folks responsible for W10 Outlook. There's work to be done guys!
  • As an iPhone 6s and Lumia 1520 user, I woud say Microsoft makes the best apps for iOS. I have a a dedicated folder of all MS apps on my iPhone. Literally, every app is so much more polished and much much better on iOS than windows phone, which is very sad. Skype, MSN News, MSN sports, Bing search, Outlook, Wunderlist, Office Lens, Sunrise Calendar, MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Sway and even MS Groove and Cortana work great. This is very sad to see such great quality MS apps on iOS before hitting their own platform. Then why someone would switch to Windows phone when they can get the same apps in a better quality including all Google apps and Apple Apps. 
  • Lol this is SO TRUE! ahahah