5 reasons Microsoft's Outlook on iOS is annoyingly better than Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile

I've used Outlook on iOS, and it annoyed me that it's better than Outlook on Microsoft's own platform, Windows 10 Mobile. Shouldn't it be the other way around? I'll show 5 reasons why Outlook for iOS is better than Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile.

1. Formatting

I'll start with my biggest issue with Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile. The formatting is terrible. Most of the emails don't look right with odd formatting. Sometimes emails show up zoomed out, or there's an insane amount of padding.

Take a look at these screenshots below. iOS on the left and Windows 10 Mobile on the right.

Notice that the image of the boombox looks normal on the left? What happened on the right? Here's another example:

2. Focused Inbox

Outlook for iOS has a cool feature called Focused Inbox. It automatically detects important emails and show them in your Focused Inbox, while the rest remain easily accessible in another tab — but out of the way. If you move email in or out of your Focused Inbox, Outlook learns this about you and gets even more tailored to your priorities. This is very useful for those who receive an insane amount of emails. Focused Inbox is not yet available on Windows 10 Mobile.

3. Files

Outlook for iOS lets you easily attach files to your emails using your accounts from the cloud on OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile is more exclusive, letting you attach files from your OneDrive account, but not other cloud services.


Outlook on iOS can automatically detect emails with event invitations. The "event" icon appears in these emails that you can RSVP right from your inbox. This feature is currently not available on Windows 10 Mobile.

5. Alias address

Outlook on iOS lets you send messages from an alias. For example, I give a different Mobile Nations email address to Public Relations (PR) companies depending on what I'm covering. If it's Android-related, I tell them it's mark@androidcentral.com. If it's Windows-related, I give them mark@windowscentral.com. If it's Apple-related, I say mark@imore.com. All the emails go to one account: mark@mobilenations.com. When I create work emails, I like being able to change the email address in the "from:" field in Outlook. I can do that in Outlook for iOS, but I can't do that on Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile.

Outlook Mail iOS alias

Why is this happening?

Why is the Windows 10 Mobile version of Outlook not as good as Outlook on iOS? Part of it is history. Whereas Outlook on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile is very new, Outlook on iOS is technically an older app (Acompli) rebranded. Many of those features had existed on iOS before Microsoft took over the app, so the hard work was already done. In other words, many of these characteristics will likely come to Windows 10, but as usual, they have to catch up first.

Even if you have no use for alias address, Focused inbox, or attachments, it's inexcusable that the formatting on Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile does not align properly.

How do you feel about this? What is your biggest pet peeve about Outlook? Let us know what you think in the comments! Also, don't forget to use Microsoft's Windows Feedback app found on your phone. Remember, it's not enough to just complain here, let them know too!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • We'll just have to port all of MS's apps to WP to have equal apps.
    Btw I like the wp app but maybe because I don't use IOS I don't know what I'm missing. :/
  • Yes! With islandwood they could port outlook mail, Cortana and Age of empires from ios to WP. That way we'd have quality apps.
  • Why in the world would they port Cortana from iOS?
  • Because on iOS and Android Cortana is a better experience. Lol but it's the truth. Welcome to windows for phones.
  • Cortana on WP 8.1 is still in beta form.
  • Microsoft has little respect for its own fanboys.  That's why. 
  • You should thank that Microsoft is upadating Lumia 520 a 2013 phone does android OEMs do that. If so then I am badly informed
  • Unfortunately, this is exactly why I had to abandon Windows Phone.  I've recently purchased the Nexus 6P and was AMAZED at the difference in the app functionality.  Facebook on Android has twice the functionality as WP.  Word with Friends offers so much more on Android.  Twitter has more functionality on Andorid.  Even the MS Office apps are better on Andorid (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Calendar, OneDrive, OneNote, Translator), heck, I even have Cortana on Android (although it's the one app that isn't as good on Android).  And the fact that ALL of these Microsoft apps are available on my Android phone, really! (NOTE TO MICROSOFT HERE), what exactly am I missing by getting an Android phone over a Windows phone if I can get all the Microsoft apps on my Android phone and access to millions of other apps not available on Windows Phone?  I found it extremely irritating as a Windows Phone fanboy that I can get all these Microsoft apps on an Android device, yet I can't get any of the Google apps on my Windows Phone.  I don't see how Microsoft doesn't get that.  People won't buy Windows Phones because they can't get Google apps, yet Microsoft throws their apps at Android.  Why doesn't Microsoft pull all their apps from Android like Google has with their apps on Windows Phone.  I would have stayed with Windows Phone if I wasn't able to get the MS apps on Android.  As it is now though, I can't see anything I've really lost by switching to Android from Windows Phone.  But I can sure see a LOT of apps and functionality I've gained.  Sorry Microsoft, but you really need to rethink your business practices.  Instead of trying to pull buyers from iOS and Android by giving away your apps, maybe you should work harder on your own devices and making them the BETTER device and people will come based on that alone (and the exclusivity of the MS apps only on MS devices as well).  I mean think about it, people buy PCs because programs are better (and only available) on Windows devices than on MacOX or Chrome devices.  Do the same with the Windows Phones and maybe people will switch to Windows Phone by word of mouth.  Even I might come back to Windows Phone once all this mess gets straightened out.
  • I don't ask for much.  We still don't have voice calling on Facebook, on WP.  Until we can get that much I'm not sure I care much for what else happens on this platform. It is aggrevating.  I really love WP UI, but I hate the apps. 
  • I agree with your post 100%. APP gap is a problem and so is Feature-Parity in apps that do not fall in the gap. Hoping and Waiting is the name of the game here in Microsoft land.
  • I totally agree. I just switched to a Nexus 6p as well from my 1520 and I don't regret it. The difference in quality of the same apps is astounding. Besides cortana all of the MS apps are more feature complete on Android. I'd love to come back to windows phone but until MS can get their basic apps equivalent to the other platforms I'll just keep android and my surface pro. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows 8.1? That's *so* last year! Oh sure, Microsoft will support it untit 2020, but if you're expecting they'll keep on supporting the apps or improving it, think again. As an example, compare the Maps app in Windows 10 and in Windows 8.1. For more on this see Windows Phone 7, where they'v essentially stopped updating the apps as soon as WP 8 was released.
  • id agree on that with every other app thats on both platforms but Cortana for ios. The ios app doesnt even have the same amount of features or capiablity, Maybe on android tho
  • Cortana is way better than siri Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Only on rooted android. Otherwise Cortana on Android is more limited than Cortana on Windows Phone. Not all of us Root our phones.
  • No, it's not.
  • Absolutely disagree re: Cortana on Android. Nowhere near as good as on WP. Using both (work/personal)
  • I see what you did there! Well if ever actually happens(though looks like it) it would be a boo... To Microsoft. GUYS BIGGEST JOKE IS THAT EVEN INTERNET EXPLORER CRASHES IN MY LUMIA...!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL LIKE FUUUUUUUUUCCCCC.....
  • Huh? I didn't do anything. MSFT did it themselves. Im a die hard MSFT fan for life. In fact Im buying the 950 soon. I dont why but i will. But lately I hate what MSFT is doing. Truth is Apple and Android rules mobile. And it is evident everywhere that MSFT is throwing up the white flag on mobile. "Look I said Mobile". Doesn't mean MSFT is out businesses but meaning mobile is on MSFT back burner.
  • Android only wins on sales volume. On experience its way below WP and iPhone.
  • "ONLY wins on sales volume" I know right?! What business should care about sales volume?!  Pfft!  
  • Well, the key part is *margin*, not volume. Volume is important if you have a small margin. And if you have a negative margin, high volume will kill your bussiness. Remember those online shops that sold stuff at a loss but argued they'd make it up with volume? Yeah, me neither. (And if your're wondering how Amazon does it, the Amazon online store isn't their money maker, the money makers are the logistics services and, especially, the cloud services.) Of course, if you can combine high volume with high margin, well, then you've found a license to print money. But that's incredibly rare, the iPhone is one of the few products to do that.
  • Skinned Android is below iOS and Windows but stock Android on a Nexus is up there with iOS and WP. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Subjective.
    You should try an Android phone.
  • I got a email from outlook about their app on iOS and Android. There was no mention of windows phone or mobile
  • "MSFT did it themselves". Yep, also have been WP proponent, however seriously considering leaving for Sony Android (despite my distaste for nefarious Google). So many relevant apps I have been twiddling my thumbs waiting for that have never materialized. And one final straw is to see MS own apps on other platforms. Life is too short for this.
  • Lol... Edge is so much more annoying than IE ever was, for mobile.
  • Edge is terrible.  Microsoft never should've released it in the unfinished, unpolished form that they did. Edge makes IE seem great. lol
  • Exactly.. They should've left IE, and added edge as an option..
  • Edge is not yet ready.. I was happy with IE11 .. And they took it away..and I'm left with nothing... Idiots..
  • So far, they've released a lot of unfinished products to the point where they apologized (I'm sure they're really sorry) for the software flaws with new surfaces.
  • It is a cluster F#$@k to save anything from edge. Hello! Save to default folder!!! Wtf! And where is Here Drive? The built in navigation SUCKS!!!
  • But, if you speak the truth around here,,,, you shall be shunned..
  • Truth was they had a true following with WP8. Takes a special group of people to believe W10M is superior to iOS and Android. What do you call delusional sheep?
  • IPhone users
  • Islanwood is a no go for Outlook Mobile. The reason being, at the moment Islanwood is made to port mobile apps as mobile apps and the Windows version is a universal one. For me personaly the windows version does pretty good job. I stopped using my work e-mail on the phone and have more time for me (instead of checking it every 30 mins....).
  • Project Islandwood is to port iOS apps to Universal Windows Platform, both mobile and PC.
  • "at the moment Islanwood is made to port mobile apps​"
  • I give up with phones i don't want to be an ad like they showed in south park!!gonna have my new 950 til Iget bored and then I really don't care!!
  • i think Project islandwood port supports very old APIs set of IOS, like of IOS 6 APIs whereas current IOS apps can be using the latest APIs provided in current IOS 9.2
  • And what about Skype? Skype on Windows Mobile is joke compared to iOS version.
  • Outlook, Skype, there's a lot that's better on iOS
  • Yeah Skype.... Still the worst app. No notification to slow.. Worst app
  • It's also joke compared to android and android people are switching to Viber and Imo....
  • Look what days have come.....Microsoft needs to port their own apps from some different OS,to thier own OS!and that too from Apple.Isn't it horrible for windows phone?And we expect from other devs
  • I agree with the MS concept of their apps on all platforms. Still waiting for them to deliver on the best experience is on their platforms...
  • If MS wants people to buy the new phones, there is no excuse how bad the formatting is in mails
  • Try yahoo webmail. Recently they fudged it up now I have to look for the html address(if included) to see a non-zoomed in html e-mail
  • If only yahoo could port they w8 app
  • The formatting in Outlook is because it uses the Word engine instead of an HTML renderer to display email. They thought this would be a great idea so that people could insert tables and do columns in stuff in their phone email program. Who cares about things like proper layout, linked inboxes or good UI if you can run Word macros???
  • There is sooo much **** broken in Winmo10 it's not funny.
  • Agree upto an extent.