What's new in Cortana? Microsoft has just detailed a few changes and additions they've recently made to your favorite digital assistant. We've already covered a few of them, like the new NFL game predictions, but it's nice to see Microsoft give Cortana a "changelog" of sorts.

What's new in Cortana:

  • NFL predictions
  • Dictionary
  • Health and fitness
  • New interests in Cortana's Notebook
  • Do more with apps
  • Say what?

Cortana can now predict the outcome of NFL games. Here's how you can trigger the response: "Who will win the [team name] versus [team name] game?" Or, just ask about your favorite team and say, "Who will win the [team name] game?"

We also recently detailed how Cortana is now a dictionary. All you need to do is say something to Cortana like, "Define nudiustertian."

Cortana Fitness

You can also ask Cortana fitness related questions and get answer that open up the Bing Health & Fitness app. A nifty trick if you're getting into shape.

The ability to 'do more with apps' is Microsoft highlighting voice interaction with a few apps. For example, the ability to ask "Facebook, what's up with Todd?". And 'say what?' is Microsoft pointing out a few of the cool chitchat sayings that have been added, like "Do an impression".

What's your favorite thing to do with Cortana?

Source: Microsoft Via: Windows Blog