Microsoft To-Do brings 'Planned' smart list feature to Windows 10 Insiders

Windows Insiders are getting a taste of an upcoming feature for the Windows 10 version of the Microsoft To-Do app today. Initially debuted alongside the web revamp of To-Do, a new "Planned" smart list feature is now available in the Windows 10 app for Insiders (via Aggiornamenti Lumia).

To recap, the "Planned" section sits right alongside you "My Day," "Important," and "Tasks" smart lists in the left menu. The section gives you a brief overview of your upcoming tasks for the next five days, along with a look at tasks that are scheduled later down the road.

In addition to the new section, the update packs a fresh settings icon, along with a link to pen settings for adjusting your inking experience. Of course, the usual smattering of bug fixes and improvements are also tagging along here.

The Insider update follows an update that was recently pushed out to the release version of the apps, which brought with it support for inking. Microsoft To-Do also recently picked up closer integration with Outlook on the web and Skype, allowing you to send To-Do tasks from both apps.

If you're a Windows Insider, you should be able to check out the new sections, settings icon, and pen settings now by upgrading to version 1.41.1810.1001 from the Microsoft Store now.

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  • I also like that they're adding to do features to outlook very seamlessly...
  • No nested ToDo / hierarchy still
  • Doesn't it have "Steps"? That are basically nested To-Do items? Or are you referring to somehow linking ToDo items in a way similar to a gantt chart where certain items aren't due until others are completed first, etc.
  • <broken record> Please align MS ToDo with Launcher (Android) Card.
  • <also broken record> ToDo should be one universal cross product/platform synced service. Outlook, Cortana, MS Launcher should all pull from the same list.
  • That is exactly what is needed!
  • I've also been harping on this but I think the signs point to exactly what you're talking about. Which is great. But what a rocky start, huh? How many to-do services do we need from one company?
  • It's been on the windows phone app for a few days. I like it a lot. Todo is getting better and better.
  • The recently updated Windows Phone app is interesting. It's feature to log into Wunderlist and transfer all the data seems to have worked seamlessly. I hope they develope it into a sophisticated app able to prioritise many many business tasks.
  • Does anyone know if To-do or Wunderlist offers a way to auto insert sub tasks for specific lists? I have certain tasks that always have the same 4 sub tasks and it's a pain to continually enter all of them for each new task.
  • You could always copy a task with those four sub-tasks and change the name/title of the main task to suit the new need.
  • So basically they are finally after a glacial delay putting in some of the Wunderlist features without which the To-Do app (written by the same folks, unbelievably) has no viable workflow. For 'Planned' read 'Week', an indispensable smart list that Wunderlist had had for ages. And for 'Important' read 'Starred', likewise. The only way it could take the passage of endless months to achieve this 'breakthrough' is if someone who hadn't the faintest clue how to use a task management app had put a block on it until someone hammered some sense into him or her. Perhaps they can finish off by properly implementing the 'Today' and 'All' smart lists and add an 'Overdue' list while they are at it. Then they can dispense with the gimmicky lightbulb AI crap that just gets in the way. Of course they still need to reproduce the subtasks feature of Wunderlist. How long will THAT take? Who knows, by the end of the decade, they may manage to match the capabilities of Wunderlist, albeit perhaps with better sync. I hope they solve the screwup of dates for repeated tasks when importing, as that has hit me twice in the past, causing me to give up each time, as I saw reminders for renewing insurance policies etc ending up with completely wrong dates, making me too scared to switch over to this app. Instead I have gone with TickTick. I had to switch to SOMETHING, as I am told Wunderlist is going to go away.
  • AFAIK, Wunderlist isn't being developed anymore but the app itself is sticking around until To Do has all the same features. I switched from Wunderlist to To Do without any issues. The "gimmicky light bulb" is one of my favorite features.