Microsoft To-Do now works with multiple accounts on Android

Microsoft To Do on Android
Microsoft To Do on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft is shipping out a relatively small update for To-Do on Android today, but it's likely to be a welcome one for anyone juggling work and personal tasks. The app now supports signing in with multiple accounts, making it easier to keep them separate and averting the possibility of sharing a potentially embarrassing set of tasks with your boss.

Switching between accounts works much as it does in Microsoft's other apps. You'll be able to see which account you're currently viewing from the hamburger menu, thanks to your profile icon and email address appearing at the top of the menu. Simply tap the drop-down menu, and you'll be able to select from any other account that you're signed into and switch views to the tasks associated with it.

You can also add more accounts and manage the ones you're signed into from the same drop-down menu.

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This update is rolling out on Android with To-Do version 1.45, which should be available on Google Play relatively soon.

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  • Needs to work with on - premise Exchange accounts.
  • Why? This software was made for the Microsoft cloud.
  • Because us on-prem Exchange customers would find significant value in it.
  • Not for me, but great advancement!
  • I'm using google keep and pretty happy with it.
    How does this product compare?
  • I thought Google keep was more of a competitor to OneNote? I think Google tasks or whatever it's called is comparable to to-do
  • I've just submitted the first bug. The widget always revert to one account. That said.. Finally!! About time.