Microsoft Edge to add support for Google's VP9 open-source video codec

Microsoft is going to add support for the VP9 and WebM open-source video codec in the near future to its Windows 10-exclusive Microsoft Edge browser. The codec was originally created by Google and is being used in its Chrome browser, along with Mozilla's Firefox.

Microsoft says that VP9 on Microsoft Edge will support both software and hardware decoding, depending on the device, and because of this, the support for the codec will be placed under "an experimental flag" while the company works with others to add more support for hardware decoding. It added:

"Our initial VP9 implementation in Microsoft Edge will support adaptive streaming using Media Source Extensions, and will be detectable using the MediaSource.isTypeSupported() API. It will be specifically targeted to meet the needs of websites that use VP9 to deliver video in combination with MP4/AAC or other audio codecs already supported by Microsoft. We are working on future support for VP9 for media tags and local playback, as well as considering support for additional audio formats likely to be used with VP9 such as Opus."

VP9 support will be added in the new future via an update for Windows 10 for the members of the Windows Insider program. Microsoft says that it is looking to expand support for more video and audio codecs in Windows 10, and is currently evaluating the OGG, Opus, and Vorbis formats.

Source: Microsoft

  • Who cares!
  • I wonder. Browser is even unusable, why would I care about its add ons. IE was way better.
  • Why is it unusable? It works great for me, I still use IE sometimes but I stopped using Firefox for Edge.
  • I hate when you close the browser and reopen it, old tabs are still there. Can't handle more than 5 tabs without slowing down. It constantly refreshes tabs.
  • "I hate when you close the browser and reopen it, old tabs are still there." That's a setting which can be toggled on/off...
  • Seems everytime something new comes out, the ones complaining the loudest are the ones that have no clue how to use it.  Happened with Windows 8.1, now with Edge browser.
  • Interesting, I use it every day without issue. Even did some web design tonight using Edge on my SP3....
  • Use it exclusively without issues
  • Pretty much my main desktop browser now.
  • Always
  • Ooo, OGG support in the thought stages? That would be cool. (Yes I'll mostly use it to listen to the old classic Unreal/Unreal Tournament Soundtracks.
  • if they just would add addblock lists or extension support first ... i hate having to use peerblock and other external block lists just so i can find the 5 lines of text on a page between a metric f***ton of add-spam. the massive amount of ads on some pages (yes i am looking at you windows central) actually slows down the page considerably. block it off and the page loads in a fraction of the time (and i am on a 75mbit line here so i can only imagine how bad it must be for people on adsl or worse). no wonder people use adblockers all the time, trying edge has once again taught me that most pages are close to unuseable without them.
  • I use read mode....
  • I don't know why people whine it's unstable, I have used it on my shityy dual core laptop without hiccups, lighter than chrome.
  • For the most part, Edge works fine. But it has a bad bug where Edge becomes a single white window after waking your laptop up from sleep. Super annoying as I lose everything I had been doing previously in Edge.
  • Reading View rocks.  It shows you just how little the average 'article' is. 
  • VP9 is what google uses for 4K content correct?
  • 4K Streaming is dead, the future is UHD Blu-ray discs. Samsung already announced a player last week which will support this awesome format. It will use H.265 codec and HDMI 2.0 UHD compatible TV is needed for getting 60fps.
  • Can I get a source on this? Seems like 4k streaming would be more likely as internet speeds quickened. Occam's razor says this doesn't hold up.
  • Now that we have a lean mean fighting machine slimmed down browser, lets start adding back some bloat.
  • It won't be a very effective fighting machine if the orders of its generals are alien to it.
  • H.265 was a big announcement for WIndows 10, however due to Internet slow speeds, this codec will be used exclusively by UHD Blu-ray discs and about 0.01% of people which download a 80GB movie in UHD definition from the cloud which is ridiculous, we have better things to do with our bandwith. That's why I think I'll stick to UHD Blu-rays for the next 10 years, until we have Internet speeds perhaps in 2025 that can let you download a UHD 80GB movie in 10 minutes which gives you enough time to prepare your popcorn, go for some soft drinks to your near grocery store and setup your Home Theater.
  • Sweet, sweet Web.m come homeeeee
  • WHOOPIDEDOO!!! Maybe figure out random browser crashes on vanilla sites before branching out into new and esoteric/idiotic frontiers. Edge is fucking TERRIBLE compared to mobile IE. None of the cross-platform sync, all of the flimsy "whatthefuckjusthappened" crash. MS is determined to roll out feature regression along with its functionally inept new products, and this is why it is doomed to fail. If any other product sucked less, I'd switch immediately.