Microsoft Edge to add virtual reality browsing support with WebVR

Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 will be adding support for WebVR in the coming months, which will allow users to view web-based virtual reality content in the browser.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

WebVR is the next frontier in web graphics, enabling developers to create a wide range of truly immersive experiences for a variety of devices. Innovative and immersive WebVR content is already showing up on the web, and we expect to see even more coming as developers turn WebGL experiences into WebVR experiences.

Microsoft added that it is working with other companies such as Oculus, Mozilla and Google to help develop and advance the W3C WebVR specification. More info on the software and hardware details for Edge WebVR support will be revealed in the near future.

John Callaham
  • I am baffled. They keep adding features but cannot get basic web browser functionality, like not crashing on websites with videos embedded or even youtube. STOP ADDING FEATURES MICROSOFT AND MAKE EDGE FUNCTIONAL AS A WEB BROWSER FIRST!!!!!!!
  • Don't worry. Coming months is codeword for never.
  • *thankyouforyourinput.gif*
  • It mostly works fine for me, although after a week or so of not closing the browser it starts to behave slowly.
  • Most of win 10 features become slow after some times. Edge or the apps, notifications and even Cortana. Do not why
  • I have only noticed in Edge but every other app is usually closed by me after I'm done doing whatever I was doing. Although I have noticed that Skype preview closes itself sometimes.
  • Knowing is half the battle.
  • Sounds like anything related to the runtime that is responsible for UWP and UI components new on Windows 10 like the Start menu (which said to be a newer XAML-based ones, different from Windows 8.X DirectUI Start screen and all other UI from it). I've been reporting this similar issue back then, sadly the issue seems still persist. Thing is this issue isn't universal so even posting it on Feedback Hub will be just mostly unheard, thus low vote count. The issue do exist but not consistent that some even older PC than mine have more stable experience. The only workaround I can share is restarting the Runtime Broker and other related process (which I forgot since the issue is less apparent on AU). Still because of that, Edge is (sorry to say) crappy to use not just because it lack certain features, the real issue is I can't seem able to use Edge on certain sites and somehow the longer I use it, the more its becomes resource hungry for whatever reason. Heck sometimes it just straight crash the tab or the whole app. Even Chrome that is known to be memory hog performs fine and no problem. It seems not just Edge is to blame here, but possibly also the foundation of runtime for UWP on Windows 10 that I had experience with Start nor Cortana unable to work properly that I have to restart the system with no choice, since the system only allows to restart. I'm really hoping that the architectural design of UWP is all fine since this is the new foundation of future of apps and OS component on Windows. Heck, Start menu for example is based on that which is used by all Windows 10 users regardless the type of user.
  • This happens to me on chrome when I don't close it for a while. But yes edge works well for me most of the time too. No big complaints.
  • I try to restart daily but for sure I never leave it a whole week without a restart. It's just good practise to restart frequently as a basic maintenance task, helps keep things clean so the last thing I want is for Microsoft to focus on making sure you can keep Edge or anything else open for weeks or months on end without a restart!
  • It blows my mind that Windows fans actually down vote truthful comments like yours Jared. I deal with "Not responding" issues with Edge on a daily basis to the point that I'm used to it. This is on a Surface Pro 4 & a custom built Core i5 desktop with 16GB RAM & SSD.
  • Horrible browser. It's the sad, simple, and irrefutable truth.
    Many consciously lie, are in denial, or their requirements and/or quality criteria are very low.  
  • Those are fanboys, not fans. Fans usually provide constructive criticism, and call BS where it is. Fanboys just can't hear anything negative about their object of fandom.
  • IKR? Even to simply copy an address from the URL bar 'causes it to hang, plus, it lacks the key function restoring the previous session! It just isn't worth my time anymore, it's years behind the competition in so many areas. I switched to Opera on my Surface Pro 2 and will keep using it until the next major OS update.
  • Basic functionality and not crashing - Coming Soon.
  • I guess I can keep Edge issues aside and see things for what this really is. This is the best one of its kind feature yet.
  • Msft fu**** an entire country with Edge, by restricting all websites that implement ID Card security, and instead fixing it they play around with VR. Gread decision making...
  • You all confuse me. You act like building a new browser is easy. You act like Edge should be better than Chrome in every way while being like eight years younger. You act like you think Microsoft is only working on one thing at a time. It's not like the Edge team went "Let's just do webVR and nothing else."
  • Please go read a book or something. You really have no clue what you are talking about. And that is why everyone confuses you. The simple fact that you think one team is working on everything MS does, or that MS comprises of a handfull of people who are struggling with tasks from one team to the other  proves my point.  MS is one of the largest employers in the world with way over 50.000 permanent employees, and over 20.000 partners/freelancers. Literally hundreds of teams. If not thousands. At least you learned something today. But please do not comment about things you have no clue. This one team in particular, sucks big time. Possibly one of its worst ever, if you exclude the old marketing team.
  • Hahahaha and you completely missed the entire point of my comment. Jesus Christ why don't you actually read what I said, skip the book. MY point is that Microsoft ISN'T working on one thing at a time but you're obviously not capable of understanding basic English. Oh wait, it doesn't feel good to be spoken to like you're an absolute moron? That's strange, I figured this is what you like to do.
  • +1 Zach..
  • Why so desperate about Edge. Look at IE. It is at it's best when it came to death. Let Edge get the sarcasm, Chrome downloader joke. One day when it will come to an end, Edge will be the best of it then too. For that time, just use Opera with IE. /sorry for my English, but I hope i was able to express my words.
  • i still wait my lumia 950xl to support 360 facebook videos
  • WebVR is a good step forward for the browser, and furthers the commitment to support latest Web standards. At the same time, I agree with the grieving commenters here, in that Edge should really focus on stability and usability, as of now. Being 8 years younger than the competition does not justify delivering a rough browsing experience.