Microsoft Edge for iOS gets iPhone X support

Updated December 12, 2017: The update is now available for everyone on iOS. The story has been updated to reflect this.

The update allows Edge to fill the entire screen on iPhone X, embracing the device's signature "notch" at the top of the display. This is a theme we've seen recently with Microsoft apps, with both Skype and Outlook receiving similar support in recent weeks.

Microsoft Edge exited preview on iOS and Android at the end of November, and has since gone on to cross a million downloads on Android. Both versions offer desktop Edge users a way to sync their passwords, favorites, and reading lists between devices. The mobile app is also equipped with a "Continue on PC" feature, which lets you pick up where you left off.

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  • Hopefully iPad support soon to follow. 🤞 I use my iPad so much more than I use my iPhone.
  • Same here. I installed it on my iPad mini but didn't realise it was iPhone only so I'll wait for the proper version.
  • Yes please, I have an iPad and an Android phone. I want my Edge using my iPad.
  • Fck you MS!!! Iphone x support so important??? Fix the fcking inking you fcking morons so I can do my business oriented tasks again and don't need to carry around fcking mouse, because you imbeciles decided to destroy it with CU fall update!!! I am really sorry, but this truly triggered me. If they don't fix inking by the end of dec I am done with MS. Inking issue shows how they don't give a fck even about business customers...
  • Wake up call, they don't give a making love about you
  • It's not just me, but every pen user that actually used it for work. But you are right they don't care about us. Surface is heading the same direction as lumia phones. RIP
  • you better follow google...and uninstall this app😒
  • I've never seen such butthurt in a comment before lmao. There is nothing wrong with inking. 
  • Hi Cortana, you're Microsoft's personal digital assistant. Please help Microsoft get back on track!
  • You certainly never used it. Otherwise you would see how huge difference it is. How are your flick gestures after update?
    Working great huh? Touch with pen as mouse click is totally unrealiable. Text selection copletely useless. Drag and drop not working and many other issues based on particular apps. I can accept some degree of bugs, but inking is destroyed. The only thig you can use it for reliably is writing at the moment... But enough, pointing out that they broke core feature of windows seems to be a sin on a fan page. So yeah I will follow the advice and start moving my stuff to Google. MS new moto seems to be If it works we can kill it...
  • Start moving your stuff to the Web. Microsoft is increasingly becoming irrelevant. The 'little people' aren't important anymore.
  • This doesn't make any sense.  
  • You'd think they'd use a picture with an actual iPhone X in it, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • why would any of the readers at Windows Central have an iPhone X when there are better Windows Phone and Android Phone alternatives to buy.
  • I totally agree. I use a Pixel and personally think the iPhone X is totally overrated. I just don't know why Windows Central would use a different image than the headline references.
  • After I moved on from Windows Phone I couldn’t bring myself to supporting google, hence my iPhone X. I downloaded all my Microsoft apps and I’m good to go. 
  • Name one better Windows phone?
  • Better Windows Phone alternatives? Stop sniffing the MS glue.
  • I am not sure, but I know this happens on other app/sites:  there is an engine in the background that uses keywords from article to determine the banner image for an article.  I think Flipboard does this(?).  I'm afraid I can't remember where, but perhaps the same is true for Windows Central.  It's a nice to thing to ***** about, though.
  • Sorry to ask, isn't iPhone x gets edge support? Or it's just edge got iPhone x support? Did I miss something
  • Just go back to using you HP Elite x3 or Samsung Galaxy phone with edge support.
  • it a update to adapt to the screen layout of iPhone x
  • Nice. Anyone know how to refresh your favorites on IOS? I changed, added, and rearranged my favorites on my Windows 10 computer and the changes are not showing up on Edge on IOS.
  • Gave Edge a try and while I like the ability to sync bookmarks across all my devices I hate that it doesn't support ad filtering. I use AdBlock and allow unobtrusive advertising to try and support the sites I visit. It was quite dismaying at the deluge of in-your-face ads that started showing up when I used Edge. I almost thought I had a virus it was so bad.
    I went back to Safari until Microsoft fixes it.