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What you need to know

  • Microsoft today launched the new Edge browser for ARM PCs in the Canary testing channel.
  • A native ARM64 version has been in testing internally for some time, but wasn't available publicly prior to today.
  • This release should mean better battery life and performance for Surface Pro X owners, and anyone else with an ARM PC.

After some gentle prodding, Microsoft today released the native ARM64 version of its new Edge browser for testing. Available initially in the Canary channel, the browser should offer better overall performance and battery life for Windows 10 on ARM PCs.

Previously, without a native version of the browser publicly available, ARM PCs could only run the new Edge through emulation, which means the code isn't optimized for the platform. The native ARM64 version of the browser has been in testing for some time internally at Microsoft, so it was puzzling when this version of the browser wasn't released for testing alongside the launch of the Surface Pro X. With its entry into the Canary channe today, that's no longer an issue and it should give Microsoft time to get plenty of feedback on the Dev and Beta channels when it hits them in the coming weeks or months.

The new Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge is set for release on January 15, 2020, on Windows and macOS. It's unclear, for now, whether the ARM version will be a included in that initial launch. However, it's a positive sign that it has officially entered public testing.

You can download the Microsoft Edge Beta, Dev, and Canary channels from the Edge Insider site now.

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