Surface Pro X: Hands-on with Microsoft's thin and sleek ARM device

Surface Pro X open on table
Surface Pro X open on table (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

Microsoft's new Surface Pro X made a big splash at the fall Surface event today. The 2-in-1 tablet is the first Surface to run Windows 10 on ARM, and it does it all on a custom Microsoft SQ1 chip developed with Qualcomm. Further, the device represents a massive overhaul of the Surface Pro design language, with an incredibly thin and light design, slim bezels, and the addition of USB-C ports for all connectivity.

Check out our hands-on video above for our full hands-on from the event, including a look at how the new Surface Pro X Keyboard works with the rechargeable Surface Slim Pen.

Surface Pro X is now available for preorder starting at $999 and is set to ship on November 5.

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  • Daniel had so much free time before Ms came back to phones that he grew some ARMS of his own.
  • k, i lol'd
  • Super excited about this for work computing. I tested the Lenovo in a weaker chip and it was pretty good relative to my expectations, but this should put it in an acceptable i5-ish rang with a nice screen amd inking.
  • I'm such a fanboy I came back to this video again today. (Great video btw, DR.) The more I think of it, this new device makes perfect sense. It's what the iPad Pro is pretending to be. If what Qualcomm is saying is anything near the truth, this will be a killer device: Realistic 12+ hours of battery life (I think they said 13.5), always on/always connected, LTE built in, 8th gen i5 U-series performance ... there are no compromises here. This would be an amazing device for most working people (that is, people who don't need to be running SolidWorks or something) who are working on the go. I thought the Surface Pro (2017) (which greatly improved battery life over the SP4) was attaining near perfection in the 2-in-1 category, but this blows it away. The next generation should smooth out the edges a bit, just in time for my next PC purchase ...
  • Yup, they did a lot right with this device, should be the most fun to test out. Glad you liked the video, we were under a lot of pressure with time/crowds/noise.
  • I really like the design but the lack of x86-64 emulation is a bummer. I have software that I use for work and we purchased one license for me, it's 64-bit. We would have to buy another $5000 license to get the 32-bit version for me to use the Pro X (I also doubt this software will ever be available for Windows ARM but that would be another $5000 license). Even then the university I go to runs some Chrome plugins and I doubt they'll ever be ARM compatible. As much as I could personally use the Pro X, I could never get away with it for school or work. Guess I'll go with the SP7 until the Neo comes out. That's also where I'm split. If MS wants ARM on Windows to succeed, but the Neo represents the future of the Surface line (which is powered by an Intel chip), then where is Windows supposed to go? Equally support both with full developer backing? Or will ARM be more for their home users with Intel for their more "pro" users?
  • Daniel,
    Is the X the replacement for the Surface Go? If it is does anyone want to buy a Go with 8gb RAM?
  • There's a pretty significant price difference between the two, doesn't this thing start at $999 (or maybe it was $749). I can't see it replacing people's Surface Go's any time soon, but if the Go doesn't seem to be suiting your needs, then you could get one.
  • Surface Go is slow. I gave up a Surface Pro 3 for it. Big regret!!!
  • Note the test to determine battery life in the specs has changed. Before the test was a video playback, now the description shows it's a mix of things. So therefore you can't compare anymore last year models with this year models.
  • Perorder placed.
    Odering the keyboard and pen was a pain in the touches, though.
    Looks like the bundle is the only one that includes the keyboard with the pen cradle. The keyboard for 140 bucks, does not appear to have the cradle.
    Overall, I can't wait to get this unit.
    While it is pricey, I hope it will allow me to leave my 15 inch specter x360 at home a lot more in the future.
    That is until Neo arrives, then the Surface Pro X will probably stay at home :)
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