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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is testing a feature in Edge that would search for related terms on PDFs and websites.
  • The feature is available in a controlled rollout on Microsoft Edge Canary.
  • The choice to find related matches can be toggled on or off.

A new feature in Microsoft Edge Canary allows you to search for related terms on websites and PDFs. The option is in testing as part of a controlled rollout, as spotted by Leo Varela on Reddit. When enabled, it allows you to search for a term and to see any related text throughout the PDF or webpage.

This feature could come in handy when someone remembers the general idea behind a term they need to find but not the exact phrasing that appears on a website or PDF. For example, someone could search "start" and see results for "begin" and "first."

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Edge Related Matches SearchSource: Leopeva64-2 via Reddit

In some cases, it's important to find an exact match rather than related text. You can toggle the option to see related matches on or off, allowing you to find specific text on a page.

When a feature is in a controlled rollout, only some users will be able to try it out. Even if you're on Edge Canary, you may not see the choice to search for related matches.

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Microsoft is testing a feature in Edge Canary that allows you to search for related matches on PDFs and webpages. You can try that feature out and other experimental options in the preview versions of Edge.

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