Microsoft Edge could be headed to iPad soon

Microsoft launched its Edge browser for iPhone late in 2017, but iPad support was notably missing. Now, it looks like Microsoft could fill that gap relatively soon.

Sean Lyndersay, a product manager on the Microsoft Edge team, revealed in a recent Twitter post that an iPad version is currently in internal testing and is "looking great." Further, Microsoft is hoping to start testing Microsoft Edge for iPad with TestFlight users early in February (via OneTechStop).

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That's good news for beta testers who already own an iPad. There's no projected timeline available for a wide release to everyone, but that will depend on how things go during testing.

This also comes after Lyndersay recently revealed that Edge for iOS and Android was released or in the process of rolling out to most English- and French-speaking markets, along with Germany, Austria, Portugal, and Brazil.

Microsoft Edge is intended to bridge the gap between devices for heavy Edge users, allowing them to easily sync their passwords, favorites, and reading lists between mobile and desktop. The mobile app also includes a "Continue on PC" feature, which lets you pick up where you left off on your mobile device.

If you want to check out Edge for iPhone now, you can grab the app for free now from Apple's App Store.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • While this is good for Microsoft and those who use Edge it ultimately will not be worth it on an iPad. Apple doesn't let you changeteh defualt programs on iOS. So yes you can use edge, outlook, one drive etc, but when you start to use the OS and try and share or save a file you are immediately directed to their program not the one you wanted to use. 
  • In a perfect world Apple would see millions using Firefox, Chrome, Edge on iPhone and iPad and think that letting you change default would be a good thing. But in Apple land I guess they only see what's at the end of their nose.
  • Except that Firefox usage is going down, currently at under 6%.  Edge is hovering around 2%.  IE is 3.35% In fact, all browsers are losing share worldwide, except for Chrome (55% up 4), Safari (under 15% up almost 1), and Edge went up slightly, 1.6% to 1.9%.  UC Browser (whatever that is, about 8.5%) held steady.    Everyone else - Firefox, IE, Opera, Samsung, Android, etc. - are in a death spiral. I’m sure there ARE millions using chrome on iOS and OS X.  The point is, Firefox usage is dropping fast, and not many people are using edge on anything.   
  • iPad can run iPhone apps, so I'm not sure why this is news other than the app being properly scaled for the screen size.
  • iPhone only apps used on iPad are terrible. It's 2018, it shouldn't be a thing at all.
  • I have Edge for iPhone running on my iPad. You are correct that it can run, but like you said it's not properly scaled, leaves black borders on every side, and the keyboard takes up 2/3rds of the screen. Images are the wrong resolution, text is the wrong resolution, videos are never fullscreen, etc. This is the case for all iPhone apps on an iPad. Scaling in iOS is not like UWP where the language and design tools are made to more easily accomodate a wide variety of form factors. It is surprising that Apple even allows an iPad to run iPhone apps given how awful an experience it is. All screen elements are out of proportion because they are designed for a 5" device rather than a 12" one. I'm still using the bing app on my iPad as my browser. I can't wait for Edge to be a true iPad app.
  • I would also love a MAC version
  • Good news to anyone who relies on Edge and iPads! Hopefully it has ePub support out of the box.
  • Edge browser is terrible.  Stick to Firefox!
  • I'm running Edge currently on my iPhone X and it's actually pretty good.  I've been using it more often than Safari, with Chrome coming in a distant third.  I look forward to the iPad version.
  • If they'd used modern iOS development methods, they wouldn't need to build separate versions. It would just scale. But then, I'm getting pretty frustrated with the native Windows 10 Edge too. I'm trying to set up my bookmark bar and the drag/drop sucks, and the damn thing crashes WAY too much.