Microsoft Edge could soon let you hide its title bar while using vertical tabs

Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature
Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Canary now has options to hide its title bar in settings and a context menu.
  • Previously, the option was only available through edge://flags.
  • Hiding the title bar of Edge provides more space when using the vertical tabs.

Microsoft Edge Canary now has options that make it easier to hide its title bar when using vertical tabs. You can now set the browser to hide its title bar through a context menu and through the browser's settings. Until recently, you could only enable this functionality through an experimental flag through edge://flags.

The new options were spotted by Leopeva64-2, who shared them on Reddit. Edge Canary features generally arrive through controlled rollouts, so you might not see the options yet.

Vertical tabs are a relatively new experience for the Edge browser that Microsoft is still perfecting. Initially, vertical tabs weren't designed to reduce how much screen space the browser's UI took up, but many people requested the option to hide Edge's title bar. When vertical tabs are enabled and the title bar is hidden, Edge has a clean browsing experience.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Vertical tabs also allow you to easily jump between different tabs. You can see website icons for each tab and then hover over the panel to expand it. Because you can resize the vertical tabs panel to show full URLs, it's easy to distinguish between different pages of the same website.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The fact that Microsoft has added the option to hide the title bar while using vertical tabs to Edge's settings could be a good sign for fans of the feature. While the option is only available on Edge Canary, it could be a sign that Microsoft is warming up to the idea.

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  • It'll look like window-in-window.
  • Wow, it really is behind a flag in Edge Dev. Here you go, for anyone interested:
    edge://flags/#edge-vertical-tabs-hide-titlebar It's awesome.
  • This is good but also cqn the title bar be the same color as it is with regular tabs
  • Always wondered why even use vertical tabs.
    They did not give you more browsing area and they made it harder to see what you had open in each tab. At least now we will get more screen space so I might actually try using them!
  • Main benefit to me, is all the tab titles can be seen at the same time when you hover over the tabs. You don't have to look through each one to find the tab you're looking for.
  • Definitely this is a good usability feature. I also like that for wide screen users it makes more sense to have them vertical, to make use of the screen space. Many sites like Facebook, center their content leaving large gutter space of nothingness.
  • Agreed. It's not primarily for saving screen space, but easier to navigate through a bunch of tabs. I've only been using vertical tabs for a few months now. The ability to change the width of the vertical tabs and hiding the title bar will be great additions.
  • Exactly. It's also more natural when your 16:9 monitor is in landscape mode.
  • When you have 20+ tabs open, horizontal tabs become a mess, impossible to find anything. With vertical, you can see all titles (resize if you want) and scroll away.
  • How would you grab the browser to move it around? I don't think I would use this.
  • The top pixels are draggable (obvious in full screen), also some empty spaces near the end.
  • The empty space between the minimize _ and the … on the right side never goes away. It's designed to always be an area where you can grab, no matter how many tabs are open (or, in this case, because the search bar and extensions are taking up so much space).
  • This is awesome. I'm loving vertical tabs and I am now wondering why I was so turned off from the idea in the past (was it Firefox? Can't remember). I don't think hiding the title bar is particularly useful when full screen is just a tap of F11 away (I also have a custom gesture for touch). But to each their own. It's good to have options. Speaking of title bars, when is OneNote going to have a better title bar experience? The window itself is labeled "OneNote for Windows 10" as if that's useful, and the title in the taskbar item is the name of the notebook, not the page you're on. This needs updating in particular due to one of OneNote's most awesome features, seamless multiple instances.